mushrooms and golden beets

It’s spring break here. Even though Lu is only 3, her two preschools follow the school calendar. Thus, every day this week has been a discovery, free from schedule.

My parents asked if they could visit Lu in the morning. Of course! My brother Andy, who teaches on Vashon, had the morning free. Turns out his wife Dana did too. Elliott, their son and my darling nephew, is much loved by everyone in the family. However, I don’t think anyone adores him more than Lucy does. She follows him around everywhere, traipsing behind him in our backyard, calling out “Brother! Want to play tee ball with me, Brother?”

Spontaneous visits work just fine around here.

But what to do for lunch?

We threw in some asparagus to roast. My folks ran to the store for some supplies. Quickly, the dining room table was covered in bright red and orange pepper slices, wasabi seaweed snacks, plates of salami and prosciutto, and marinated artichoke hearts. Hands reached.

Following the suggestion of something my brother had made the night before, Danny cut a hill of mushrooms in thick slices. A hot pan — butter and garlic, then fresh thyme. He cooked the mushrooms until they wilted, just a bit. Grated golden beets in next, followed by thin slices of the beet greens. Heat. Flip flip flip. More heat. Salt and pepper. Serve.

We all sat happy, eating this.

I love how meals come from suggestions, a little trigger of something sounding good. A recipe is just a permanent record of a moment of spontaneity.

15 comments on “mushrooms and golden beets

  1. elena corinn taylor

    spontaneity, the spice of life.

    there is something special about a group eating a meal (lovingly) thrown together. i grew up with lots of those and thank my parents for my ability to open a cabinet or fridge and just create!

  2. Sallie Tierney

    What a great time of year. Yesterday, inspired by your kale video, I tossed together some dandelion greens and Spring flowering broccoli with bacon bits and garlic. Yum!

  3. Ilke

    I love the meals thrown together like that. I cook the mushrooms the same way minus the beets. I will add next time and see how it transforms! So glad you can be with your family on a whim.

  4. Davina Lilley

    Just made this for dinner and used kale instead of the beet greens (what we had on hand). It was fantastic. Thank you for the inspiration- yet again!!!

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