how to make almond butter

Dear lovely people,

Today’s video taught me a few things.

1. Homemade almond butter tastes infinitely better than the stuff in the jar. It’s cheaper, too. And, it’s fast. Once you make it, I can imagine that you’ll be making it again and again.

2. Plus, there is cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, pecan butter, and hazelnut butter. (That one might be my favorite.) It’s the same process every time.

3. Now I know that if I film these videos on the iPhone, I shouldn’t shoot it in vertical mode.

4. Because, when I do, and I transfer the little movies to iMovie, they will be sideways.

5. Seriously? Why is that?

6. I can rotate them in iMovie — I found out after frantic searching because I’m pretty clumsy at this still — but when I do, I have to crop them. Why? I don’t know.

7. Therefore, much of this movie is a big shot of Danny’s head. It’s a lovely head. But I would also like you to see what his hands are doing. I don’t know how.

8. Somehow, and I don’t know how, the iPhone ate the last two little movies we made, where you see the final almond butter and Danny wishes you a fond farewell. Why? I don’t know.

9. So this movie is imperfect. As Danny and I like to say, quoting Mary Oliver, “What in this world is perfect?” I thought about scrapping it and re-doing it. But Danny and I both have many other things to do.

10. Besides, you can still get the gist. And you’ll hear us both being goofy and laughing. This might annoy the heck out of some people. Some of you seem to like it.

So, I give you the imperfect “The Chef Shows You How to Make Almond Butter.”

p.s. It would be nice if there were a professional film crew in our kitchen. But it might also be a little crowded.

Untitled from Daniel Ahern on Vimeo.

68 comments on “how to make almond butter

    1. shauna

      Olive oil would be a strong taste, but maybe you want that. Mostly, you want a neutral-tasting oil, like canola or sunflower. But play with the tastes.

  1. Gayle

    Better an imperfect video than no instructions for homemade almond butter at all!
    I have to ask, once one has made the hazelnut butter you mentioned, how far away does that put you from homemade Nutella? I’m hoping is a matter of “make a sloppy ganache, mix,” but what do you (and Danny) think?

    1. shauna

      If you added some form of chocolate while you are making the hazelnut butter, it’s not far from nutella. Cocoa powder blends the most easily. But let me ask Danny and I’ll get back to you!

  2. kario

    Ooh, methinks this is a perfect task for the first day of Spring Break. I’ll set my kids to making it and they’ll have a ball! And, I seem to remember that you met Brene Brown at BlogHer last year – she loves “imperfection,” so I’m certain she would approve! Thanks for the tip.

  3. Jordan

    How much oil do you add? Is it just enough until it starts to get creamy? BTW I love almond butter. I have never tried making it though which seems silly now.

    1. shauna

      We didn’t specify an amount because Danny and I disagree. He likes chunky almond butter, with bits of the almond still detectable, a butter that barely holds together. I like the butter to be super creamy, almost like liquid. Sometimes I’ll make two different batches to suit each person.

  4. sheila

    Thanks for the inspiring video. you guys are cute. btw, oilier is a word, just not with more (oilier)… that’s what ya call bad grammar. which is charming 🙂

    1. shauna

      Oh Sheila, he said that to get a dig out of me. As a former English teacher, I’m easy to mock irritate.

  5. Lezlee

    I love how Danny started the microwave instead of the timer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Do you use organic nuts?

  6. Ana

    When I worked for Dole’s almond packing division (many years ago) in California, they used to sell the almond butter and make almond butter milk-shakes on the spot. Talk about AMAZING!!!
    In making Almond flour, I’ve made almond paste a few times, so I figured I wasn’t far off… Thanks so much for the video…
    And I LOVE your blog. Found it not too long ago… Congrats on the new book, and the new house, and the even better part of the new house – the having room for the new baby!!! congrats again!!!

  7. Ana

    My comment wasn’t kind. It was real. 🙂 I live in Venice (Italy). I was at aiport picking up my mom last year (she came to visit from CA) and there was this HUGE family there, waiting for the baby to arrive with the parents. From China. I fell apart. It was beyond beautiful and amazing and very humbling to see it all unfold. I am thrilled for you to know that you’re giving love to someone that SO needs it!!! Again and again and again, many congrats…

  8. patricia

    How can you do that to us ??? Mention almond-butter milk shakes and then run off with no directions or even a hint at a direction : – [

  9. Ana

    Patricia, if my recall is accurate, there was vanilla ice cream and almond paste and a blender…. Not much else. The ice cream was more of the soft-serve kind. But it was still impossible to drink with a straw. They were beyond amazing. I earned a few lbs thanks to those shakes…. Though I’m sure Shauna will break it down WAY better for us to make it a really nice way…. Ooooohhh…. and just image it with a Thermomix… Or a PacoJet… I’m getting WAY too ahead of myself!!! Gotta go make dinner now…. It’ll pale in comparison to the almond butter thoughts, though… 🙂

  10. Nia Sayers

    You guys! I can help with the video situation!! In my former pre-kid, pre-Celiac life I was a video editor. Seriously if you knew just a few little tidbits your video world will open up. I have a proposal for you. Please email if you’re interested — we live in Bellingham (and we’re totally normal ; )

    1. shauna

      Nia, if you’re reading this, I’d love to talk with you. But I can’t find your email address on your website! Please email me.

  11. Barrie

    I make shakes with almond butter, frozen bananas and rice milk. Yum.

    You can also use peanut butter, or any other kind you like.

    1. shauna

      oh my goodness, we do! (and thank you.) But since most folks don’t have one, we thought we’d show the food processor.

  12. InTolerant Chef

    So very yummy indeed! You have to try macadamia nut butter, its sublime. A lot of growers make it to use up their not-so-perfect nuts and its cheaper to buy by the kilo than the actual nuts. Lucky me!

  13. Patti

    Barrie, me, too. That’s my breakfast, except with a fresh banana (instead of frozen) and a little ice. Maybe a little raw honey. I also add a scoop of protein powder and sometimes……chocolate greens. No – seriously. Chocolate banana almod malt. YUMMM and healthy.

    Shauna – I LOVE how you so openly let us into your lives and home.
    Grateful for the crusty boule recipe, too…it was my FIRST try at a GF recipe. WONDERFUL results with salt/rosemary on top!!

  14. Jill

    Ah, almond butter…I make about a pound a week (seriously). We get almonds in 25 lb boxes, and they go shockingly quickly.

    I prefer to not roast the almonds, which is tricky. For those wondering about other methods: I use a Blendtec and do not add extra oil. It does not work well for raw almonds, and works okay for roasted, but it takes many cycles (maybe 10). I have their small jar too, and that works better (though it doesn’t stay raw due to the heat), but I’m still not loving it. I used to use a (small) food processor, but I heard that a food processor’s motor will burn out fairly quickly with butters. I wonder if this is true, and I don’t really need a $400 blender?

    Trader Joe’s makes a lovely, addictive roasted almond/flax butter…you may want to try making that.

    1. Anna F.

      I too am addicted to the Trader Joe’s almond flax butter. It’s pretty simple to copy, I just threw in a bunch of whole flax seeds and used coconut oil. Delish!

  15. Julie

    Perfection is highly overrated. Thanks for the nut butter tutorial – it’s funny how simple it is, and yet how seldom people make it! I made a batch of butter out of a leftover bowl of spiced mixed nuts once – it was divine.

  16. Amy

    Best part~
    Shauna: Like the gum when it loses its flavor on the bed post overnight?
    Chef: Oh, that’s DELICIOUS!
    LOL you guys are so stinkin’ cute. 🙂

  17. Lisa

    Thanks for this! I bought some expensive Almond Butter and it was rock hard, wouldn’t blend and ended up in the garbage. Now I will make my own nut butters!
    Once made, how long do you think it would last? Just in case my week goes sideways and I don’t eat it all? Should it be refrigerated?
    PS – Kept waiting for the sound of Lucy in the background 🙂


  18. Michelle

    Hi Shauna,

    I love your blog…I love that I keep coming across amazingly well-written food blogs and then finding out that the writers all live in Seattle, like me! 🙂 I had the same complaint with iMovie, but realized that it’s not true, you AREN’T required to crop. In the crop menu, simply click “Fit” instead of “crop” (at least I think that’s the word they use…I only have a mac at work, so I can’t check). If you have questions, feel free to shoot me an email!

  19. Sarah

    I love this video. And have been inspired to make chocolate hazelnut butter this week. Very excited for that!

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts, recipes, books, and videos. They brighten the world so very much.

  20. Rosy

    Not even a suggestion of how much oil? I feel like I need a half a cup plus 30 minutes in the FP to get it smooth… is that about right?
    I’ve only tried it once so far, and it was so solid the kids played with it like dough 😀

    1. shauna

      I’d go with that! It really depends on the nuts you are using, how old they are, how roasted they are, and the kind of oil you’re using. It’s a feeling, more than anything.

  21. Mikaela Cowles

    I just got off the phone with my mom. I called her to tell her I love her and thank her for cooking with me. Thank you for inspiring me to call her. The most important thing is those we love. What a fantastic pan of brownies!

  22. Toni

    Great video!! I’m going to try this!! For the highest nutritional value, leave the almonds raw. There is a little difference in the taste but they are so much better for you not toasted. I hope this saves me money!! Thanks. Ya’ll are the best!!

  23. lorrie

    Your videos are so cute but could you title them? It makes it easier to find them when you are in a hurry and would attract more people searching the list/archive of vimeo videos for instructions on how to do the things The Chef does on the videos.

  24. Mary@FitandFed

    Nice tutorial. I’m impressed that you did it on your iPhone. I make my almond butter and hazelnut butter in the Vitamix and have posted about that, but I agree it’s important to have Cuisinart directions, too. And honestly the Cuisinart does a great job of grinding the nuts, too.

  25. Jillian

    Hi…have you and Danny ever been approached about doing a cooking show? I think you would be GREAT on the food network! We need a gluten free cooking show.

  26. Patty

    I love the recipe and will use it from now on. I was wondering if you had a recipe using this almond butter to make the coating that is on granola bars? I love that coating but I can’t seem to find a recipe anywhere on the internet or elsewhere. Oh and by the way I loved the video but would like to see more of the product as you are filming. Do you toast the nuts in the oven without anything on them or do you add some kind of oil. I always use canola oil unless I am making a salad or want the taste of olive oil for frying with garlic such as garlic green beans. Thanks again for this wonderful recipe. How much of everything do you use?

  27. John

    A couple questions/comments please-

    1. About how much almonds to how much oil?
    2. What size food processor do you guys have vs. how much almonds do you put in the processor?
    3. If Danny wants chunky but you like it well processed, I think I read that you could put some almonds in the processor and pulse for a bit, empty that, and then go about making the butter with a new batch of almonds. When the butter is almost made just add back in the chopped almonds and you’ve got chunky almond butter!

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  28. Hannah Carlson

    If you wanted to add hazelnut oil to almond butter for praline-y sort of taste, would you need to refrigerate your almond butter. Do you think it might go bad with that type of oil? Thanks for the video, I’m so excited to try this!

  29. Dottie Geigley

    I just found this site tonight and have a few questions. My blender is not powerful enough to process almond butter. How high wattage do you reommend in a food processor? I have been wanting to buy one and don’t want to put out alot of money but I do definitely want one that I won’t burn out the motor. What food processor do you recommond? Almond butter stablizes my blood sugar overnight.
    Also does a pound of almonds equal about 16 oz. of almond butter? I like mine crunchy.
    One more question, where to you buy your almonds to make it cost effective?

    Thanks, Dottie

    Please email me these answers.

  30. Ina

    Just tried making almond butter in my food processor. Used 3 cups of toasted almonds and processed for 10 minutes! Almost burned out my processor and it’s a big Cuisinart one! The butter is definitely NOT spreadable or dippable even though I ended up using 2-3 Tbls of honey and probably 6 Tbls of coconut oil. It does taste great though. Any suggestions on how to remedy the consistency? Also, does it need to be refrigerated?
    Thanks for your help.

  31. Jenn Crenshaw

    You are both so adorable! Thanks for being yourselves and sharing your life as it is, not all film crew perfect and touched up. We love learning from your blog, books and videos!

  32. Michelle Moon

    On Jan 21, 2013

    I would like the recipe for your almond butter please.
    I am having trouble finding the pre made in any stores plus I saw online where they have peanuts in them and many have been recalled.


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