how to cook eggs sunny side up

Last week, I put this photo up on Instagram. I loved the ooze, the way the window is reflected in the yolks, and all that color.

Several people only wanted to know one thing: “How do I make eggs like that?”

Well, let Danny show you how.

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  1. Mary

    Many thanks for this great video run on eggs. It’s been fantastic. Thankful for every bit of it. Soaking it all up! One question: Why don’t you salt the eggs?

  2. Sirena

    I love it Shauna! Your website has really become a great resource of super instructional and often humorous videos plus the beautiful writing and recipes we’ve all come to rely on. Thanks for sharing you guys!
    PS, Danny’s expression at the end should be patented for pricelessness! Love!

  3. Maggie

    Great video, very helpful. Not meaning to drag you down, but I’m concerned about you using a Teflon pan! You know that kind of non-stick coating releases toxic fumes and chemicals into your food? Especially at higher heats. I have an Earthchef ceramic non-stick pan that I use for eggs and I looooove it. No worries about chemicals anymore! Just want you to stay safe and healthy and all that 🙂

    1. Theresa

      They’re not using it at a high enough heat to release the fumes. I would be more concerned about the use of the metal spatula on the teflon over time. I suspect Danny is on top of it.

  4. JeanELane

    This sure is a healthier way that how I learned. I learned from someone that liked eggs fried in bacon grease. That is yum. But sunny side up he used lots of grease and spooned it on top of the eggs to get the whites to set up. I never cared for sunny side up, so I never had to deal with all that grease 🙂

    Love, love, love all the instruction! Thanks Chef (and videographer!)

  5. Ada

    Mmm you’re making me crave eggs now… The thing is, I always hated sunny side up eggs because of the membrane coating the yolk. I honestly haven’t had them in years because that little membrane always made me gag. That said, my parents never made the *best* eggs, so I have to ask, do your sunny side up eggs have that membrane? I know it’s silly but I feel just squeamish enough about the potential of a membrane that I don’t want to try them out.

    And, a nerdy biologist note – they’re not coagulating, the albumin (which is the protein that whites are mostly made of) is denaturing. The same thing happens to the albumin in milk when you make paneer or other non-melty cheeses! (Cheeses using rennet denature the casein, which can remelt.)

    1. Annemarie

      If you put the lid on you pan for a bit, the membrane will stiffen and become opaque. Don’t do that too long though, or your yolks won’t be runny anymore! just, a minute or two on medium heat…

  6. Jennifer Sherman

    Shawna and Chef, this video brought joy to my day. :o) I love how chef references the life of families and doing things simultaneously. That is what I usually do whereas my better half focuses and usually ends up with a better result. However, it takes him twice as long. :o) Your banter is also very uplifting. Keep sharing.

  7. Gary Legard

    Oh no! Now I have a craving for eggs at work with no hope of getting any for at least two hours… I know what I am having for dinner tonight 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,

    – Gary

  8. Kristi

    I just made my first ever sunny side up eggs! PERFECT!!! I figured it was sunny side up egg week since I watched your video AND then saw a pic of a pizza with sunny side up eggs that looked so delicious! Thank you for all you do to inspire us and keep our mouths and bodies so happy!

  9. Ruby

    Dear Shauna and The Chef,
    Just wanted to let you guys know that I made the perfect sunny-side up today, many days after the video and it turned out as perfect as the ones on your picture. It was nicely browned at the bottom and the whites sets, leaving the yoke orange-yellow, and runny.

    Thank you for teaching us how to make the perfect sunny-side up 🙂

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