how to cook eggs over easy

Before I met Danny, the only kind of eggs I felt confident enough to cook were scrambled eggs and fried eggs. When he started making me eggs over easy, I sort of swooned.

I still sort of swoon at many of his actions but eggs over easy feel a little more mundane now.

You can do this too.

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  1. Ruby

    Did the Chef cook the egg on high high heat? So we won’t need to cook over n easy on small/medium heat?

    1. cathy

      Low to medium heat will yield a more tender white than high heat. It looks like he did the first one on very low heat or else just didn’t wait for the pan heat up enough first. Then the second one was on high heat after the pan finally got really hot.

  2. JeanELane

    This inspires me to buy a dozen really cheap eggs (which I never buy because I eat raw), and practice. I won’t mind tossing away if they are 12/$1! And if I want over easy eggs, scrambled just won’t do 🙂

  3. Beverly

    The video’s are fine but I really miss the post on your site. I hope that they come back! I notice I don’t usually want to watch a video but loved reading when you wrote.
    Hope you are settled into your new home and loving it.

    1. shauna

      Beverly, we’re going to be doing both. Of course I’m going to keep writing! But the site is Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef. Danny’s videos and my writing — that’s what we do here now.

    2. DamselflyDiary

      I agree with you. I have noticed that turning everything into a video is a new trend and I don’t really like it. For example, I have no interest in sitting through a commercial to watch a video news story. I would much rather scan the article, get the point and move on. Plus you can print and save stuff that is posted as text – like recipes and cooking advice.

      That said, Shauna, I really appreciate all you do for your followers. You are trying to empower us with knowledge and confidence in the kitchen. Danny’s expertise as a chef is certainly a key element of that education. I just think that with all you have been going through lately with moving, we really miss your prose.

      1. shauna

        You know, we receive dozens and dozens of emails every week asking us to please do more basic recipes, less “gourmet.” You can’t please everyone. We’re about to leave on a trip —— I’m teaching a food writing retreat —- and when we’re back there will be more prose. Goodness, folks, there are over 800 posts on this site! Certainly you have plenty of my writing for now.

  4. Val

    Did he use olive oil? Nice healthy touch. My over-easy method uses steam instead of flip — after sizzling for a few seconds (and getting some of the nice crispy edges) I add a tablespoon or two of water and cover for 30-40 seconds.

  5. Joyce

    Wow, cooking an over-easy egg on an electric stove is not easy. I am thankful that I have always had gas!

  6. Bri

    I always thought I hated over easy eggs, something about the runny yolk just didn’t sit well with my kid’s palate. Then I found the joy that is eggs benedict and decided that I had to learn to poach an egg immediately! My husband and I spent a rather enjoyable evening testing methods and tasting results until we found exactly what made us happy. But until today, I’d never made an over easy egg. It didn’t seem like the end result could be worth the stress. Boy was I wrong! I followed Danny’s method (thanks for the video, it makes all the difference) and served the result over a toasted english muffin to absorb any extra yolky goodness. All I could think to myself was “Why did I not try this before?” So thank you both!

  7. Melissa Vanni

    You guys are so stinkin’ cute. I love it when couples can have fun together while doing simple things, like cooking eggs! Keep it up you two, the chemistry is great!

  8. Kelsey

    I have been stalking your site for a while now, and when I saw the video I was excited! I just watched your video on how to make mayo, and I really appreciated seeing it first-hand. Thanks for all of your amazing recipes and how-to posts. I thoroughly enjoy it all and can’t wait to experiment more with gluten-free cooking/baking.

  9. Karen

    I’ve never seen eggs cooked this way until I saw it on Pioneer Woman’s website a couple of weeks ago. The idea of cooking an egg in oil like that seems odd, but hey, whatever works! 🙂

  10. Jenn Sutherland

    I love your videos – Danny has such joy in the kitchen, and I always learn something new – even when he’s showing the basics like cooking eggs. I’ve always been able to flip eggs, but I hadn’t scooted the eggs down to the edge of the pan before flipping…I think I need to go make a couple of eggs now, to try this! Thanks!

  11. Ada

    Heh, I flip my crepes with no problems, but I never considered flipping my eggs! Now I know what I’m trying out next time…

  12. Teresa

    jajaja! no teneis ni idea de hacer huevos fritos!!
    Se pone aceite e oliva virgen extra en una sartén, bastante cantidad , esperar unos minutos hasta que se calienta y se echa el huevo con cuidado para que no salpique el aceite y te quemes. Ah, no se le da la vuelta jamás! al huevo. Con una cuchara grande se va echando aceite sobre el huevo para que quede bien cocinado. Nada más, bón apetit!!
    Saludos desde Barcelona (Spain)

  13. Vicki J.

    Just found your site after my baby boy was required to go GF. We are GF and dairy free as well. Thanks for your story, beautiful writing and cooking inspiration. 🙂

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