pork medallions with dried cherries and spinach

It’s a Monday. What are you making for dinner tonight?

The weekend is the time for slower meals, for kitchen projects, for baking with friends. Monday arrives in most people’s houses as a hurried surprise. Dinner time — what the heck do we make after the long first day back at school and work?

Danny and I are happy to be part of a cookbook filled with recipes from food bloggers intended to make that question easy to answer.

Good Bite Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy springs from the work many of us did on Good Bite a few years ago. They’ve sort of switched away from featuring food bloggers on their site, but they accrued some good recipes along the way.

Danny and I are happy to have a few recipes in the cookbook, which is beautiful thanks to the photographic work of Matt Armendariz. We especially love this recipe for pork medallions with dried cherries and spinach.

Here! Watch this! Danny shows you how to make it.


See how easy that is to make? Maybe we’ve solved today’s dilemma.

Pork medallions with dried cherries and spinach. That’s what’s for dinner this Monday night.

Good Bite Weeknight Meals: Delicious Made Easy.

16 comments on “pork medallions with dried cherries and spinach

  1. Hanna

    Fast and easy. Thank you for showing us (or reaffirming) that cooking your own food is being good to yourself!

  2. Susan

    Thank you for this fabulous pork dish that takes just a few minutes to prepare. Yum! I can taste it already.

  3. christi

    Sunday’s my surprise night since I’ve usually planned dinners with friends on Friday and Saturday then Sunday night comes and it’s popcorn or cereal while we chill with a movie. But my Monday dinner is planned and about to be marinating…London Broil with Sauteed Chard and Polenta. YUM. By the way, I’ve been following you for awhile incognito, and even recommended your site and book to GF friends. But after an awesome weekend at Foodbuzz convention, decided I’d step it up and stop being awkward and just comment already.

  4. gluten free gift

    I’m always nervous about under cooking the pork – how long do you want to have it on the really high heat? Do you keep cooking it on low for a while after it’s seared – or just pull it out?

    British upbringing – no offense meant to my mum, but pork chops were like shoe leather growing up. Love the steps, the simplicity, the ingredients – a fabulous video. You guys rock. Grazie!

  5. Janae

    I’m new to your site and I really enjoyed this video! I usually don’t cook with pork, but this recipe is one that I would be willing to try. Thanks!

  6. ~Mrs. R

    Hey what a GREAT video! I have learned SO MUCH from your husband. In fact I have an entire post about all the things our son learned about cooking (OK, to be honest “I” also learned LOADS) from your videos. Our then-11-year-old-son had to do ALL the cooking, prep, everything when I broke my arm last summer. Great information. Thank you so much for all the hard work I know these must be. Danny’s teaching videos transformed me from a mediocre cook into a super cook! No, really he did! And with one video… the hot pan. Yup, that was my epiphany in cooking.

    Um, may I just say one thing… a simple constructive criticism? First, I love you guys! But you need to speak slower and emphasize your words more. This video was a great improvement since “the early days”, but it would have made it easier to understand what you were saying. Don’t be nervous… we love you! 😀
    ~Mrs. R

  7. Mary Claudine

    This is fun, easy and fast to do! thank you for sharing this. I love how everything comes together and I am sure to try this. Again, thank you for sharing. (must try to create accidents sometime as well)

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