Firefly Kitchens fermented foods

“I want some of the pickled carrots, Mama!”

Believe it or not, I’ve heard this sentence quite a few times this week. Lucy has developed a true fondness for the sea salt and ginger-pickled carrots from Firefly Kitchens. Almost every breakfast we’ve eaten this week has been festooned with bright-orange carrot slivers.

She’s got good taste, this kid. These carrots — as well as the other pickled products from Firefly Kitchens — have a fresh, vibrant flavor. These taste healthy. They taste good.

If you live anywhere near Seattle, grab a jar of one of these fermented foods. Sauerkraut, kimchi, salsa sauerkraut, and these carrots — they’re staying in our refrigerator until they’re emptied. And then we’re going back for more.

These lovelies are fermented, a group of foods some folks swear bring better health from eating them. The probiotics in fermented foods can help damaged guts. After years of eating eggs when they were causing me havoc, I could use some probiotics. I’d much rather stir a couple of spoonfuls of these gingery carrots into a bowl of thick yogurt and top them with sunflower seeds than take any pills.

I love that Julie O’Brien and Richard Climenhage, who founded Firefly Kitchens, use produce from farmers of the Pacific Northwest. They involve the community in the process. And they have some tempting recipes on their website.

Plus, these foods are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and raw.

However, really? It’s the taste. I’m not at surprised that the Yin Yang carrots won a Good Food Award for 2011. They’re just about the best pickled thing I’ve ever eaten.

Lu approves. That’s enough for us.

Full disclosure: Firefly Kitchens sent us these jars, but we are buying more as soon as they are empty.

17 comments on “Firefly Kitchens fermented foods

  1. Erica

    I love these!!! So glad we are carrying them at PCC, so now I can still get them when I miss my weekly Farmers Market shop.

  2. Jamsby

    My 19 month old loves these carrots, too. We had just been talking about buying our daughter probiotics when we saw Julie sampling these, and thought we’d much rather have her get the good stuff from real food.

  3. Deirdre

    Really disappointed that this blog seems to have devolved to nothing more than plugging products from people who buy ads or send you items. Major credibility loss in my book; I don’t think I’ll bother visiting again.

    1. shauna

      Deirdre, I’m sad to hear you say that. I think many would disagree with you. There is a wealth of material here that has nothing to do with products. However, I will say that we have made the conscious choice to post this one for a reason. We’ve heard from a number of regular readers that they were sad that we let go of the recommends section of this site. People are always looking for food they can eat safely that tastes good. Along with this, we also focus on the small companies who are working hard to produce great gluten-free food. This is a very small company, looking for its legs. We know that when we recommend something we love, many people respond by buying that food. We feel like we can do a service to the companies that are trying to help all of us. It’s your choice as to whether or not you read this site, but I wanted you (and everyone else reading) that we do this for a very conscious reason.

  4. Archer

    I am actually thankful that you reviewed these! I have never heard of them and I have been looking for some raw fermented foods to eat. Sounds like my toddler will love them from all the talk about kids liking the carrots! Thank you, Shauna!

  5. Laura

    Thanks for the recommendation for the carrots and other tasty Firefly stuff – I checked the link and they are available at the Whole Foods in Vancouver! Looks like we’ll be getting some of those carrots very soon 🙂

    1. Julie

      Hi Laura,Sorry we are not yet in the Vancouver Whole Foods. We will fix this on our site ASAP.Thanks for you interest and hopefully we’ll be seeing you down in your area soon. Thanks Julie

  6. Ann from Montana

    Although I don’t have access to their product currently, I am grateful to be introduced to the fermentation thought and have been reading…. Thank you!

  7. Danielle

    As luck would have it, I just had some of the cranberry kraut delivered in my last Full Circle Farms box and I had no idea what to do with it – I just expected it to be delicious. I’ll be cracking that jar open tomorrow morning. And so excited to find your blog! I’m new to the GF lifestyle and sucking in lots of information while I cook and bake away 🙂

  8. jody

    I got into kimchi many years ago but about two years ago I started making my own. It is so easy!! And fun to play with. Sometimes I add broccoli or kale, or whatever I have a lot of in my garden. I recommend trying it. I use a recipe from “Wild Fermentation” as the basis and experiment from there. Every batch is different and I eat it almost every day for breakfast!
    It does do wonders for healing the digestive tract!

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