Jovial pasta

See that pasta there? It’s gluten-free.

You wouldn’t guess from the look of it, the way the individual strands stay slightly separated from each other, not clumping together like frightened seventh-grade girls along the walls of the gym at a school dance. It’s robust pasta, full of flavor and a real bite. It’s not gummy or spongy, not falling apart at the first touch or too tough to chew for longer than a moment.

This is pasta.

There are several good gluten-free pastas on the market. Danny and I have been cooking and eating them for years. This, however, is by far the best gluten-free pasta we’ve ever shared.

No one can detect that it’s a gluten-free pasta. It’s not speciality pasta or special-diet pasta. It’s good Italian pasta.

This is Jovial gluten-free pasta.

As you may know, we work with sponsors on our site instead of running ads from an ad network. We made this decision over a year ago, after much deliberation and worrying about money. In the end, Danny and I both decided that we wanted to work with companies whose food and work practices we love. This means that we turn down at least three times as many companies as we accept. This means that all those photos you see on the right-side of our website lead you to companies whose gluten-free foods we use in this house, food we believe is delicious and good for us. Food we think you will like too.

We are truly thrilled to announce that Jovial pasta is our latest sponsor.

Jovial gluten-free pasta is organic, whole grain (made only of brown rice flour and water), and made in a dedicated gluten-free facility in Tuscany.

It’s also the best gluten-free pasta I’ve ever tasted.

Do you need to know more about why we’re happy to be working with this company?

Well, here’s more. As always, we like to share the words of the people who create the foods and companies with whom we choose to work. These are some thoughts from Carla Bartolucci, one of the founders of Jovial.

(For those of you reading who can eat gluten, Jovial also makes pasta made from einkorn, an ancient form of wheat. This pasta is produced in an entirely separate facility from the gluten-free pasta.)

Why did you start the jovial pasta line?

I started the jovial pasta line because I knew we could make a great product and that… it would be what I wanted for myself- 100% organic, whole grain, no starches, no corn and absolutely no mono- and diglycerides. We wanted just one wholesome ingredient, grown and milled by people we knew and trusted and manufactured with the best — not the most modern — techniques. We wanted to use bronze not Teflon dies to shape the pasta because the surface of the pasta is coarser and can absorb more sauce, despite them being harder and slower to work with. We also knew we would dry our pasta very slowly at low temperatures for the best flavor. I was once told in Italy “It is not worth making a product unless it tastes great because even if something is healthy, in the end, people won’t eat it for very long unless it’s good too.”

We are very proud of our product and when we hear it brings pleasure to someone who can taste the difference, this is something we are proud of.

Why does gluten-free pasta matter to you?

I grew up in a family of incredible cooks and our house was always the place where everyone wanted to be because of the amazing food. I remember seeing a boy from my neighborhood years later who said he literally could not control his excitement on his way over to play with my brothers, because he always found my mother offering something delicious on the kitchen table.

When my father was diagnosed with cancer, I was just sixteen and a few days after, I remember my lip swelling up after dinner. That is when my own food intolerances started. My life from that time forward for many years was marked with more battles against cancer and unexpected tragedies. During these years, my health worsened and I went from getting a sense of joy and love from food to feeling that finding the right food was an incredible burden. Along the way, my husband and I had children and for my oldest daughter, eliminating wheat was the key to her well-being, even though she is not celiac.

Everyone deserves to eat well and to feel great without feeling overwhelmed.

What is the factory like in Lucca? Paint us a picture.

The pasta factory is a short drive away from the city of Lucca, in a mountainous area that is very different than how you would imagine the typical Tuscan landscape. The water used to make the pasta comes from a mountain spring and they say is one of the many key elements to making superior pasta. The street is lined with Mediterranean pine trees because the coast is not far away. The factory is absolutely a family affair! There are siblings, cousins, uncles and fathers always present, even on Saturday and Sunday. They literally work all the time because they love what they do. Their commitment is timeless, having passed down the traditional knowledge of artisan pasta production for over a century.

Over thirty years ago, a doctor asked them to develop low protein pasta for people with kidney disease. Low protein essentially means no gluten since gluten is protein. This step into the unknown is typical of Italian ingenuity, especially for a very traditional pasta factory. This segment of their production grew rapidly and many years back, they were able to construct a dedicated facility for gluten free pasta production. All of these years of hands-on experience and a constant desire to increase quality are what makes our product so unique.

What are some of your favorite pasta dishes?

I am allergic to tomatoes, believe it or not, so I do not eat typical tomato sauce. The cooking I have learned in Italy from the older generation is usually quick, so first you start boiling the water and your sauce is done before you drain the pasta. I learned to use a bit of the starchy cooking water to thicken sauces, especially if the recipe is without tomatoes. I have unusual favorites because I love bitter vegetables, like broccoli rabe, artichokes and greens. I love pasta with thinly sliced artichokes, sautéed with olive oil, garlic, parsley and a splash of white wine. I also love pasta and beans, soaking and cooking heirloom beans and making simple sauces with herbs like sage or rosemary and greens. I often chop and whisk fresh herbs, like chives, parsley, cilantro, dill or basil with olive oil and drizzle over the sauce after it has cooled, but before mixing with the pasta.

What would you like people to know about your company?

Our company is family-owned and my family and our employees are incredibly dedicated to our mission. I come from a very modest background and feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to supply organic foods to consumers each day. In return, when my husband and I develop a product, we do exhaustive research about every aspect of farming, production and packaging, so we can feel we are making a product with integrity. We respect the fact the food starts from a seed and we are actively involved in organic farming too. We are working each day on new products and are very excited about the future of jovial.®

We hope you can read Carla’s dedication to great gluten-free pasta in her words. This is one of the reasons we wanted to work with her company.

Also, the pasta is fantastic.


There’s more.

To announce the release of Jovial pasta into the world, the good folks there are having a contest.

Would you like to go to Tuscany in May?

To a villa outside of Lucca for a week?

And cook with me and Danny?

(I’m still sort of pinching myself at this.)

There are two ways to win.

Click on this link to the Jovial website and fill out your name in the form there. Hit submit and you’ll be entered into the contest!

Or, you can like Jovial Foods on Facebook and write about your favorite food memory. Write one by November 15th and you could win a week in Tuscany.

(Please visit this page for all the details on the Italian getaway.)


As you can imagine, Danny and I are thrilled to bits that we will be returning to Italy, this time with Lucy. However, I want to make this clear: we didn’t agree to the sponsorship with Jovial on this site because they are flying us to Italy to teach cooking classes in an 18th-century villa. That part’s pretty darned great.

We are proud to work with Jovial because we share the same ideals about food and working in the world.

Also, this is tremendous pasta.

We think you’ll agree.


There are a few tricks to cooking great gluten-free pasta.

1) Choose a good pasta, like Jovial.

2) Cook the pasta until it is just shy of al dente. (The cooking time specified on many packages of gluten-free pasta seem terribly far from the mark for us. Go by your senses instead of the timer.

3) When the pasta is done, immediately drain it and run cold water over the pasta. This stops the cooking, thus avoiding the mushy mess that gluten-free pasta can be.

4) Drizzle a little olive oil over the pasta and let it sit until your sauce is ready.

Roasted tomatoes have a deeper flavor than raw tomatoes. Now that we’re coming into the end of tomato season here, we aren’t going to have the luxury of truly transcendent tastes soon. Roasting just-okay tomatoes makes them sugary-sweet and full of tomato taste.

This sauce is a basic template, the backbone of what could be something even more stunning in your kitchen. Play with shallots along with the garlic, a bit of sherry vinegar for even more flavor, maybe some ginger for a slightly unexpected taste. Play.

10 plum tomatoes, sliced in half
4 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves peeled, sliced garlic
3 sprigs fresh chopped basil

Preheat the oven to 500°.

In a large bowl, drizzle 1 tablespoon of the olive oil over the tomato halves. Toss to coat. Line up the tomato halves on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Put the baking sheet in the oven.

After 10 minutes, pull the baking sheet out of the oven. Turn the oven down to 350°. When the tomatoes are cool to the touch, remove the skins. Put the tomatoes back in the oven and roast until they are slightly withered and starting to ooze their juices, about 45 minutes. Set aside the tomatoes.

In a large saucepan set over medium-high heat, heat 1 tablespoons of the olive oil. Cook the garlic, stirring frequently, until it softened, about 3 minutes. (Be careful to not burn the garlic. That will ruin the taste of this sauce.) Add the basil and cook until it releases its fragrance, about 1 minute.

Add the roasted tomatoes to the saucepan and cook until they start to fall apart, softly. Don’t be afraid to push them around in the pan.

Pour ¾ of the sauce into a blender, along with the remaining 2 tablespoons of olive oil. When the sauce is smooth, pour it into the rest of the sauce and stir.

Add the cooked pasta into the warm sauce and combine it all with tongs until you have luscious pasta.

Feeds 4.


99 comments on “Jovial pasta

  1. Samantha

    I work at a natural foods store and about 10 minutes ago, I stocked our gluten-free section with this pasta, thinking, “Oh, I wonder if this is any good…?” Now I know! Thanks! I’ll definitely be buying this for dinner tonight!

  2. Nina

    Our heirloom black plum tomatoes just ripened finally. I picked a dozen yesterday. Now I know what I’m eating tonight. And what a great thing for you! I want to win, but I’m happy that you have won already. You so deserve it. May it be your second honeymoon.

  3. Monika | windycityvegan

    Oh, I love love LOVE Jovial pasta! We actually tried Jovial’s spaghetti before we tried any spaghetti or other shapes from another well-known and highly touted brand, and then we tried the other brand’s spaghetti and it was so *not* like Jovial’s that we waited several weeks before trying anything else. And then our daughter discovered the other brand’s bag with a zillion fun shapes in it, and, well . . . now we have different brands for different shapes and uses.

    But, to get back to Jovial – my husband grew up in a restaurant/bakery in a very traditional Italian food-centric family, and even he loves Jovial. (He’s not the one who cannot have gluten in our family, so he has no qualms about being picky.)

    So glad to see that they’re one of your sponsors, because I recommend their pasta to everyone! Now, I need to scroll back up and see what this contest business is all about.

  4. Hannah

    I am very happy for you! Cooking in an Italian villa…I’d be pinching myself, too. I love your roasted tomato sauce…this will help us say good-bye to incredible heirlooms and slip into fall very well. 🙂

  5. Leslie DR

    Ha! I just made a big batch of roasted tomatoes for the freezer, to chop into sauces, make into pesto and so on for the winter, but now I know how to get rid of the skins! And although my entire family has willingly given up regular pasta here at home, and there are good gluten-free pastas out there, we are excited to try a new brand. One thing I’ve not been able to do is to make truly acceptable gluten-free pasta salads – have you tried that yet with Jovial? If I don’t win the trip, I look forward to reading all about it!

    1. merrie

      I too have been disappointed in using rice pasta for salads. Cold rice pasta has a rubbery texture that is downright unpalatable. If I make the salad and serve it while the pasta is still room temperature, it’s fine. It’s the refrigeration that kills it. I doubt that this pasta brand would be different since none of the various brands of rice pasta has worked (Tinkiyada, Trader Joe’s, others), but it would be worth a try.

  6. Kristi

    I’ll be seeing you in Italy! 🙂 My grandpa was from Lucca, and I have always dreamed of exploring my Italian heritage. What a great way to go, winning a trip to cook with my favorite gluten free inspirations!

  7. Megan

    I just discovered Jovial a few months ago – it is wonderful! My husband and I are off to Tuscany for our honeymoon in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

  8. gluten free gift

    Shauna – I’ve been eating gluten-free pasta for four decades… and to date I’ve only ever had ongoing luck with the shorter pasta varieties…I am going to check out Jovial – grazie mille!

    Also: I just posted on my blog and listed yours as one of the top 5 must-go-to blogs for people with gluten intolerance… that like to cook 🙂 Please check it out by clicking on my name/link! or visiting

    I’m building a link love list and would be honoured to be on yours if you like what you see.

    Finally – I’m jumping on that Jovial link to see if I can get myself to Italy next spring. I’ve lived there twice for a year at a time – and have to say you won’t find finer gf goodies anywhere else in the world. A presto! Claudine

  9. Bodi

    Will have to check them out- we’ve got a few options here that aren’t too bad, but always open to trying something new!

    Sadly, much as I *love* the idea of spending a week in Tuscany and meeting both yourself and your family, the contest is not open to Canadians … ah well!

  10. Diane-thewholegang

    Wow how cool is this! I’m up for a vacation and cooking with you two would be the best. I liked them on facebook but have to figure out where to leave my food memory story. I also went to their website. It would be so great to go back to Italy and not get sick. I was lucky enough to go to Milan for a long weekend with my husband. It was wonderful except I didn’t know that gluten was my problem. I thought I just got sick from traveling or drinking the water or who knows what. Now I could really enjoy Italy. Fingers crossed!

  11. Katy

    Yes! I have had this pasta and it is amazingly good. I first had it had a relatives house and I made my husband go look for the packaging in the garbage because it seemed like “real” pasta, not gf. I get it at the local food co-op when it’s on sale. Delish.

        1. Buffy

          On the box of spaghetti I have in my pantry, it says a serving size of 2oz has: 43gms of total carbs (2gms fiber, 0gms sugar), 5gms protein, 2gms fat (0gms saturated and 0gms trans fats), 0gms sodium.

  12. Lindsey F.

    I just heard about Jovial GF pasta last evening in an article in the October issue of Cookling Light where they named it the best GF pasta. I have never seen it in my local stores but you can be sure after your endorsement and Cooking Light’s that I will be on the prowl for it!

    1. shauna

      It is just being released now. Brand new to the market. So you should be seeing it soon! You can also order it online. But ask your store for it.

  13. Sallie

    I am in!!! I have been looking for a good g/f pasta for a long time. And, I am going to RUN to Earthfare and get some today. Thanks and by the way, I would make a great travelling companion to Tuscany. I will even babysit with Miss Precious (Lu). Love, Lal

  14. pamela

    Just when I decide to give up on grains completely, along come a product that amy be my one exception. Thanks for the wonderful description and the glimpse into Jovial’s philosophy.

  15. Dena

    Your recommendation was enough for me….I went to Jovial’s website and ordered some of their pasta AND a box of their gluten free fig filled cookies. I was amazed that they are offering free shipping during this Italy trip promotion! A triple win….great pasta, a chance to dream of a trip to Italy, AND the rarity of free shipping to try a new product. Thanks Shauna. 🙂

  16. Norah T

    Can you buy this pasta in Canada????? This looks like a fabulous recipe and I can’t wait to try it!!!!!

  17. Michele

    I have been eating only italian gf pasta for many years (yes I lug it back in my suitcase, the first time, 43 bags of it!!) and think it is the absolute best!! Glad to see that there is something offered that I can purchase locally.

    There is nothing like the food in Italy….how do we take your class even if we don’t win? 🙂

  18. Bernadette

    I laughed when I clicked on your site tonight because I had just received a large box from Jovial a few weeks ago. I had talked with them to share how much I loved their pasta and wanted some samples to give out as I teach a gluten free cooking class (which happened to be last night). In the class I was raving about Jovial and I see that I’m not the only one. I can now only pray that I win that trip to Lucca. My dream has always been to meet you, Danny and Lucy….but in Italy? Cooking? That would be a dream come true….

  19. Linda Veasman

    I have just recently learned that I have a wheat intolerance. I am looking for palatable food that I can have to eat. This sounds encouraging.

    Linda Veasman

  20. T

    Is this competition open to people outside the US? It doesn’t seem like the form allows entries from any other country but I can’t find any terms and conditions to say it’s only the US…

  21. Melissa Kennedy

    I love the idea of ‘hearty’ and ‘good natured’ pasta! It’s a wonderful name for a pasta company. I will try to find their product in Australia. Thank you for a lovely post.

  22. Rachel Stone

    Yum! We’ve been all into Tinkyada–which seemed to us the best GF pasta–for the last 10 years, but I’m sure my dad will be delighted to try this! Fabulous!

  23. Ana

    Hi Shauna, long-time lurker here. Jovial is GREAT pasta. I’ve served it to so many people, and, when it’s hot, no one can tell it’s gf. In a cold pasta salad, to me, it has a delicious, faintly rice-y flavor. The texture is perfect hot or cold! Love, love, love this product.

  24. Ann from Montana

    Congratulations on the Italy trip!! I confess I just discovered “corn” pasta and love its taste and consistency, but wow, that spaghetti looks wonderful and I will absolutely give Jovial a try – thanks for the heads up!

    Also recently discovered roast tomatoes and my “play” is also adding roast broccoli, cauliflower and carrots – pureed – to my marinara. I use just a bit of cinnamon (plus typical italian spices) and don’t need to add any sugar other than what is in the carrots.

    1. Ann from Montana

      Just a small caution. Just returned from my grocery where they had Jovial Whole Grain (wheat) pasta in with the Tinkyada…and Tinkyada has a whole grain (wheat) as well. I’m pretty careful reading labels but sometimes I get on automatic.

        1. Ann from Montana

          I wasn’t very clear in my comment making it seem like a Jovial issue more than a shelf stocking issue.

          I have spoken to this store about how they put things on the shelves as flour and flour mixes are combined also. IMO, the gluten-free items should be clearly separate. In this case, there is no reason that the gf pastas can’t be on one end of the shelf and the other organic and whole grain together – at least, I don’t see why they can’t :)! Now, most of the health food stores and many grocery chains I’ve been in have entire GF sections with everything or most GF things together, making it more difficult to bring home the wrong thing.

          I will say that most gluten free items have GLUTEN FREE large on the package.

  25. Karla

    We are Jovial pasta junkies! Even our son Luka, who does not need to eat gluten free, can’t get enough. He’ll be thrilled to hear it’s made in the town that shares his name. Congratulations on your hosting the trip to Italy. You and your family deserve it!!

  26. Joan

    I haven’t found this at any of my markets yet. Will be looking for it but I have tried their chocolate filled chocolate cookies which were very good.

  27. MSz

    Your post couldn’t have come at a better time! My PNW tomatoes are on their way out and I went searching your site for THE sauce recipe for tonight. Cheers!

  28. Karista

    Absolutely the tastiest gluten free pasta I’ve ever eaten! My entire family loved the pasta and it was such a treat to prepare one type of pasta rather than two! A lovely company with delicious products. And the gluten free cookies are fabulous!

  29. melanie

    Hi Shauna,

    I was reading with great interest about the gluten-free pasta as we are always looking for a good one. I lead a mindfulness retreat in Lucca each year and this year it falls on the same week as the prize from Jovial. Wonder if there would be a way we could somehow connect our groups? Interestingly enough, one of our returning participants is gluten intolerant and last year was pleasantly surprised at the availability of gluten free pasta in Lucca. No wonder!

    Thanks for all of your good work,

  30. Julialuli

    I’m looking for this pasta! I’ve seen their cookies at a few stores, but maybe I passed over the pasta. I *love* your headshot on the Jovial page! It’s gorgeous.

  31. Pat

    I cannot believe how timely it is that I read this post. My son is on the soccer team and they have pasta parties every week. So he won’t feel left out, I make homemade meatballs and sauce with spaghetti. It’s alot of work but important to him that he can eat what his friends eat. For whatever reason, one of the moms of the players felt compelled to tell me that her son liked the sauce and meatballs but thought the noodles tasted “so different”. My heart sank, hoping her son has more tact than his mom and doesn’t say anything.

    I will definitely look for this pasta. Congrats on the sponsor and thanks for sharing!

  32. Rebecca Tien

    Congratulations on the Italy trip – sounds amazing!! I’m racking my brain for my favorite food story to enter the contest. Italy is definitely at the top of my dream list of places to travel and it would be even more incredible if I could come and cook with you and Danny. My husband and I had a deal when we got married. If we got married in my hometown, than he could choose the honeymoon location. We ended up in Thailand and two of my all time favorite memories of food come from this trip, but I also got really sick for about a week when we were there and at one point I woke my husband up at 3 am and said to him “Effing Thailand! Next time you’re taking me to Italy”. We still laugh about it.
    I’m super excited to try Jovial’s spaghetti. I have a whole list of recipes that I’ve given up on because no matter what I do, gluten-free spaghetti turns in to one disgusting chewy, sticky lump on my plate. No one should have to eat spaghetti with a fork and knife for goodness sake. I’m dreaming of spaghetti carbonara….

  33. Melissa B.

    Wow, what a great contest! I entered, and ordered two boxes of pasta from the site while I was there. I am super excited to try it this weekend! I also have an overabundance of tomatoes from my CSA, so I plan on making your sauce recipe to go with it.

    By the way, I am a new reader on your site, and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your writing and your recipes. I’ve been poring over everything since I discovered your blog! Thank you so much for what you do!

  34. Heather

    Jovial is hands down my favorite GF pasta!! I can only find it in one of my co-ops here in Northern VT, so I buy a lot when it goes on sale. My husband loves it too, and he’s not GF! Hooray!!

    1. Maryann

      Heather–there are a few places in the Burlington area that carry Jovial in several shapes. They are wonderful pastas!

      Shauna, thank you for featuring such a wonderful GF food. I have served it to plenty of people who are not GF, and they had no idea that they were eating rice pasta. I made a tuna & pasta salad this summer with Jovial, and I actually had tears in my eyes because it tasted like my childhood, rather than an attempt at a substitution.

  35. Cat Alexandra

    Hi Shauna, this looks amazing. I have been trying different noodles to find ones I like. So far the Quinoa has been my fave because they come out more al dente than the brown rice noodles I’ve tried, but I definitely plan to try this!

    I looked at Jovial’s site to see if they have any GF lasagne or conchinglioni (large shells), but no luck! Do you know of any good GF lasagne or conchinglioni? I’m on a mission to find them!

    1. Ann from Montana

      Tinkyada has a lasagne. I think it is just ok. Tinkyada GF is brown rice and I agree with you that the other (I have not yet tried the Jovial) brown rice pastas don’t do al dente well. Additionally, they seem to get a bit mushy and break down in a baked dish. And you cannot do with the Tinkyada what you can with wheat pasta – make the lasagne with uncooked noodles, refrigerate and bake…they do not cook. But, they are ok in lasagne. I have been using corn pasta and finding that texture very good. The brand I’ve been buying does not have the large shells or lasagne but I saw a different brand in a wine store of all places …so if you can tolerate corn, you might find something.

      I intend to try the homemade pasta Shauna posted here as lasagna noodles.

      1. Julie

        I always have to cook my tink lasagna before assembling, but Orgran mini lasagna noodles work great uncooked. I just rinse them in hot water first! If you can tolerate the ingredients, give them a try!

  36. jordanarae

    I am so sad this contest is not open to Canada. I actually cried at my desk when I realized.

    Okay I’m feeling hormonal in general, but I really did cry.

  37. Pamela

    I make daily forays into the kitchen for myself (GF) a veggie girl and the the two boys in our house that are carnivores. We have been loving Jovial pasta for 6 months or so now – FINALLY a great gluten free pasta that tastes and has the texture of regular pasta.
    I think I will roast up all the late summer tomatoes I have sitting on the counter for pasta tonight!

  38. Anastasia

    I love you! I’m so happy to have found you! Thanks for being here and sharing all your wonderful knowledge.

  39. Kristi

    What am I supposed to do with all the other brands of pasta in my cupboard…because after having Jovial…for the first time tonight…there is no going back to the old stuff!
    OMG, WAY GOOD!!!!

    1. Marilyn

      Kristi – I’m in the same boat! Maybe we could pool our old pastas & have a yard sale. Jovial is the only pasta I’ll buy from now on. Thank you, Shauna!

  40. Megan Sundberg

    We just happened to get a free sample of this pasta the same day you came out with this post and I have to agree. This pasta is wonderful. I am not Celiac but my husband is so I eat mostly gf stuff. We’ve bought Tinkyada pasta for years and it’s good. But this stuff is better. More expensive than what we’ve been buying but we will definitely be bringing some home again soon!

  41. Kat

    Jovial donated pasta and cookies to Camp Celiac in North Scituate, RI this summer (my son and I go every year… he is a camper… I am a counselor with the teenagers! yikes! just kidding, they’re awesome). It was SO generous, the pasta was definitely a favorite meal with the kids and the fig cookies were to DIE for… DIE I tell you… I felt an instant nostalgia for Fig Newtons (which I know you’ve talked about here before).
    I’m so glad your partnering with them because they make an incredible product. Thanks for the recipe too, do you have any suggestions for pasta pairing when your kids won’t eat red sauce? I’m just not crazy about putting butter on it for them and calling it “dinner”.

  42. Jonathan

    Thank you for bringing our attention to this product as well the interview with one of the founders. Healthy food choices are about so much more than what we put in our mouths – it’s also about where that food comes from and who it supports. Good food comes from good people with good intentions.

  43. Caryn

    We LOVE Jovial pasta! Wow – used it for a birthday party feast last night and it was a huge hit. Usually when I pre-cook pasta for a crowd, the GF pastas get yucky and don’t reheat in the saute pan well. Jovial’s pasta is the only one I would use to feed a crowd, as it’s not as temperamental as others – and the texture pleases even the most discerning Italian grandmothers I know. 🙂

  44. Karen Scott

    thanks for this post — I’ve been a pasta junkie my whole life, and just found out I have developed a gluten intolerance. I’ve been disappointed more than once with gummy, mushy or gritty pastas and had about decided one of my favorite foods was never going to taste good again. (*sigh*) I just ordered a variety of boxes of this pasta online…and threw in two boxes of the cookies they sell, for good measure. Can’t wait to try it with home made marinara from my tomato garden.

  45. Kendra

    I’m so excited to see your discovery of Jovial!!! My Dad introduced it to me and we’ve just been thrilled with it! I’ve been meaning to write about it myself. I think it’s THE best gluten free pasta next to the quinoa pasta. The cookies look amazing too but they do have dairy, which I can’t have. I did try the fig cookies and I thought they were pretty yummy. Italy has some amazing gluten free dairy free resources.

  46. Ina Gawne

    Wow Shauna – what an amazing opportunity for all. I have not heard of Jovial, but, I do trust your and Danny’s opinion – highly! Hope Jovial comes to Canada – yeah for Pasta, yeahhh for Italy! 🙂

    1. Olga B

      I think you can order to Canada through their website– it’s very convenient ( i just ordered and received 10 boxes). I recommend you stock up!!

  47. Olga B

    This pasta is absolutely delicious!! If cooked according to the directions and properly rinsed, I believe this pasta tastes BETTER and is healthier for the rest of my family! Thanks!!

  48. Camille

    Before filling out the entry form, I went immediately to the official rules & sadly, as it is with so many contests, saw that this trip is only open to residents of the US. This trip would be so wonderful, not only to be able to meet & cook with you but to do so in gorgeous Lucca….one of my most favourite Tuscan treasures! I know you will have a fabulous time!!

  49. Alicia

    Sounds like perfection! I asked at our local New Seasons grocery store and they had not heard of it yet. Is it available here in Portland Oregon? Thank you!

  50. giulia

    Well Hello! I typed luna di miele into google (was looking for a miele company-honey) and your blog popped up! so glad to have ended up here because your blog looks amazing!! im italian, but i was born in australia and currently studyingin scotland!! its so nice to meet english bloggers cause ive recently decided to open a parallel blog in english so i have to start building up some “english speaking” food blogger friends!!
    this pasta looks amazing – i have to admit i know nothing about gluten free but i’m sure i will be learning more from your blog!!!!
    if you fancy taking a look at my blog i would really appreciate it 🙂
    hope to see you there!!

    giulia <3
    o and ive not had time to read all your luna di miele experience but i will do asap!!! 🙂

    1. shauna

      Thanks for being concerned! We’re good. We did the photoshoot for our cookbook, then went directly to New York. I thought I might have time for a quick post in between, but no such luck! We just arrived home this afternoon. I’m working on something for tomorrow.

  51. Merideth

    Same here- just checking on you and hoping all is well. In fact, I hope you are enjoying a lovely break or something like that, but selfishly, I miss your posts! I’m needing the encouragement that I get from your site- got up this morning feeling like I’d be making my kids’ lunches for the next 100 years (not being able to let them EVER eat school cafeteria food- which is not a bad thing on so many levels. It’s just that, well, sometimes… I wish I could be lazy. Sigh.). So, again, miss you!

  52. Kelly Ellis

    What an incredible dream come true!! I wish you all the best in your trip with Lu!! We won’t be able to enter the contest, since we will actually be relocating to the Seattle area during that time! We will have to house hunt, which takes priority over trips to Tuscany! 🙁 Thank you for the tomato sauce recipe!! We’ll be eating THAT tonight!! 🙂

  53. Pam

    We are just starting to be gluten free in our house. I made this the other night with vodka sauce and I would not have been able to tell that it was gluten free. The kids loved it! Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  54. Gillian Eva

    how i wish with all my heart and sould that this competition was open to people outside the US 🙁

  55. Avi Belinsky

    Shauna, quick practical question; Where can I get Jovial GF pasta here in Seattle? Jovial’s website says PCC & WholeFoods carry it, but I’ve only seen the einkorn version. TIA.

  56. Lisa

    ooooh that pasta looks so delicious!!! I don’t really look forward to pasta anymore as it’s clumpy and not delicious! I so wish we could get Jovial pasta in Australia!!! I will not be able to stop thinking about these pictures!!!!

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