gluten-free ice cream sandwiches

For awhile there, we were giving you recommendations here, of foods we like and products that arrived at the house that we would buy again. You can see the tab up there, the one that says RECOMMENDATIONS. However, we sort of tailed off eventually. This morning, I was trying to figure out why. Then it hit me: Twitter. Facebook. The days when all I wrote was in this space feel sort of quaint to me now. Danny and I are always sharing our recommendations and enthusiasms in those other spaces. We love recommending our friends’ work and good food.

However, thinking about it — and particularly after your wonderful suggestions on the airport post — we decided it was time for some more recommendations here.

(Each of these products was sent to us by the manufacturer. We made no promise of recommending them. In fact, we don’t discuss about 90% of the foods we receive, since we only talk about the ones we truly love.)

So let’s start with Two Degrees Food bars. Not only do these taste good but they do good.

These delicious bars — and I don’t like most bars — are packed with quinoa, millet, cherries, almonds, apples, pecans, and even some chocolate. They are pliable instead of stiff and taste like real food. Danny, Lu, and I truly loved them. We’re buying them again.

Buying these bars does more than give you a great gluten-free snack. For every bar you buy, Two Degrees donates a nutrition pack to a hungry child. In fact, their goal is to feed 200 million hungry people.

Really, how could you not buy one?

These Zip Chips disappeared fast in our house. Lu loved them. Danny made the sad face when he realized all the packages were gone.

Mostly available in Washington, Oregon, and parts of California, Zip Chips are also available online. Fuji apples, almonds, and flaxseed. Done.

Yes, we could pull out our dehydrator and do this ourselves. Do we? No. These we would definitely buy again too.

These are some of the best fruit leathers I have ever tasted. They actually taste like fruit. Most commercial fruit leathers seem to be strawberry or cherry — flavors I love — but these are made mostly of mango, banana, and other tropical fruits. There’s a chocolate one that was sort of dangerous — I wanted another and another.

Matt’s Munchies are gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and organic. Lu approved.

I adore this Gallo Lea pizza making kit.

We make our own pizza crust pretty regularly. However, we know that most folks, especially those of you who are new to this, would like a quicker path to dinner. Instead of frozen pizza, why not make whole-grain organic pizza in 30 minutes?

This pizza crust uses almost all whole grain flours — brown rice, buckwheat, and teff — with just a bit of sweet rice for the starchiness. It’s pretty similar to our pizza crust, actually. The sauce that comes with the kit uses only tomatoes, tomato paste, olive oil, garlic, sugar, basil, oregano, and other spices. No un-recognizeable ingredients. And they’re all organic.

And good. Lu devoured the pizzas we made with this kit, equally happy with this as our crust.


Most teriyaki sauces have gluten in them (that pesky soy sauce). There are a few gluten-free teriyaki sauces on the market but no other like Wildeberryaki.

If you have been to the Pacific Northwest,  you’ll know that blackberry bushes grow here like….well, there isn’t an analogy. Most weeds don’t grow as fast as blackberry bushes. They are lush green, filled with thorns, and worth all the hacking and scratches in August when they yield fat black berries that sing of summer. There’s something darkly sweet about blackberries. Until I saw Wildeberryaki, I would never have thought of pairing them with gluten-free soy sauce. Now it makes sense.

Get yourself a thick piece of salmon, slather it in this, and throw it on the grill. Dinner.


This is the most refined, beautiful-tasting almond paste I have ever found.

If you like the taste of almonds in your cookies, pastries, and other confections, you should try Mandelin almond paste. (It’s available on the Mandelin website, as well as Chef Shop, one of our favorite places to find great food.)

Salame. We have no problems admitting that we love salame around here. Lu knows how to say this word and ask for it specifically.

Columbus Salame is gluten-free. (Many others are as well. The best ones don’t use gluten as a filler.) They were kind enough to send us this salame tasting package and we’re slowly working our way through it. Everything has been a hit so far. Danny and I also like that these are generally available in grocery stores across the country, so you can find them pretty easily.

Let’s follow the cured meat with a raw vegan treat, shall we?

Hail Merry makes healthful, delicious snacks that we’re taking with us on our airport journey tomorrow. I’m a big fan of the chimayo chile pecans, while Danny prefers the rosemary orange. Lu likes the macaroons best. I have to admit that those took some growing used to — they don’t taste or look like my conception of macaroons. However, after I let go of that pre-conception, I started to really enjoy the clean taste of these little one-bite treats. If you’re vegan, raw, and gluten-free, I don’t see how you could resist these!

(Plus, someone from Hail Merry left a comment on the airport post to say these will be available at airports nationwide soon. They’re already at Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Boston and Newark!)

There’s no shortage of good gluten-free foods. Isn’t it amazing the choices we have? Even those of us who want gluten-free packaged foods that are made without preservatives, food dyes, gums, or un-pronounceable ingredients have more choices these days.

Feels pretty darned good.


Please leave a comment extoling the virtues of some of your favorite new gluten-free foods and brands. There are plenty more out there than we could cover in one post!

GLUTEN-FREE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES, adapted from BabyCakes Covers the Classics: Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes from Donuts to Snickerdoodles

Here is another recommendation for you, a whole-hearted excited one: BabyCakes Covers the Classics: Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes from Donuts to Snickerdoodles We’re big fans of Babycakes around here. We stop into the darling little bakery every time we go to New York. Their doughnuts, back in September, made us swoon. And I truly respect and adore Erin McKenna, who has somehow made gluten-free and vegan sexy to people who might otherwise sneer at both ways of life. She rocks.

We liked her first book. But this second book, the one with snickerdoodles, doughnuts, and chocolate egg creams? This one is already food stained and well loved. Whoopie pies!

A few years ago, you could not have told me that a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free chocolate chip cookie would make the best ice cream sandwich I had ever eaten. Remember It’s It bars? I grew up on them. In fact, when I was in high school, I think I might have eaten one nearly every day of the week. (The cafeteria food was wretched. That was lunch, sadly.) Erin has a recipe for gluten-free vegan It’s It bars in her book. She calls for peppermint extract and dips them in chocolate. We decided not to, and replaced her flours with our all-purpose flour blend, and that’s why I’m not calling them It’s It bars. But if you ate them, you will remember them through this.

Making these gave Lu the chance to eat her first ice cream sandwich. “Ice cream! Sandwich!” she kept chanting as I made them. Generally, you want to use enough ice cream to fill the sandwich to the edges. But she didn’t need that much ice cream. Nor did she finish this. However, as you can see, she approved.

420 grams gluten-free all-purpose flour blend
1 cup organic cane sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 cup melted coconut oil (we used Kelapo virgin coconut oil)
6 tablespoons applesauce
2 tablespoons almond extract
2 tablespoons vanilla extract
1 cup chocolate chips (we used the Food for Life chocolate chunks)
ice cream of your choice

Preparing to bake. Preheat the oven to 325°. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or Silpat.

Combining the dry ingredients. Whisk together the flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in the bowl of a stand mixer.

Combining the liquids. Stir together the coconut oil, applesauce, and almond and vanilla extracts with a rubber spatula until they are well combined.

Making the dough. Turn the stand mixer on low. Pour the coconut oil mixture into the dry ingredients, slowly, while the mixer runs. When the dough has formed a soft ball around the paddle attachment, turn off the mixer. Scrape down the sides of the bowl.

Baking the cookies. Grab a ball of dough about the size of a golf ball (about 1 ½ ounce) and form it into a ball between your hands. Put it on the baking sheet and smoosh it into a disk with the palm of your hand. Smooth the edges. Finish until the baking sheet is filled, leaving 1 inch between each cookie.

Slide the baking sheet into the oven and bake the cookies for 10 minutes. Rotate the baking sheet and bake the cookies until they are slightly firm to the touch but still soft, about 4 to 6 minutes more.

Remove the cookies from the oven. Let them stand on the baking sheet for 30 minutes before you attempt to remove them. At that point, carefully, use a spatula to remove them from the baking sheet to a cooling rack. Ignore the cookies completely. Walk away. Don’t touch them until they have completely cooled.

Making the ice cream sandwiches. Ten minutes before you are planning to make the ice cream sandwiches, put the cookies into the freezer and take out the ice cream. When the ice cream has softened enough that you can scoop it out, remove the cookies from the freezer. Flip one upside down. Scoop about ¼ cup of ice cream (or more, if you like) onto the cookie. Put the second cookie on top and gently, ever so gently, press down until the ice cream has spread to the edges of the cookies and you have an ice cream sandwich. Continue with the rest of the cookies and ice cream.

We like to put the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer at this point, for at least 30 minutes. (You can also keep them in the freezer all evening or overnight, individually wrapped in plastic wrap.) You want these to be a completely frozen treat.

Makes 12 to 15 ice cream sandwiches, depending on how big you make the cookies.

31 comments on “gluten-free ice cream sandwiches

  1. Selena Cate

    Although I don’t visit your blog enough, I still think of you often such as every time I am needing more murray river salt or the vanilla extract by Nielsen-Massey. Now I’m guessing I’m going to be adding the pizza dough mix and almond extract to the list. They look fabulous. Girl, you do cause me to spend more money on my monthly food budget but it’s worth every penny. My diet was so empty of flavor before reading your book and your blog. Thank you.

  2. Diane @ Balanced Bites

    I recently became aware of this totally grain-free granola called Paleonola. I work with clients to move them towards eating completely grain-free (so clearly this means gluten-free as well) so this company sent me some info on the product. Though I haven’t tried them myself yet, it looks phenomenal and the ingredients are fantastic.

    Keep rocking the blog, Shauna (& Chef!).
    Diane @ Balanced Bites

  3. The Yummy Mummy

    This is such a helpful post. I think half of the people on Twitter were feeling your pain during the airport layover. Ugh. But what fantastic companies here!

    That said, I’d love to hear a little about your dehydrator. Had delusions of getting one for jerky and the like, but wonder if it’ll just sit in the cupboard alone and neglected.


  4. Kristi Bowman

    Holy Moly so many wonderful things, I want to go shopping!!! I haven’t really been doing this long enough to have recommendations. I did have a pretty good frozen pizza crust last night but I don’t recall the brand off hand. I was surprised that it was that good. That mix looks awesome!! Thank you!

  5. Crystal

    I stumbled across Mrs. May’s nut crunches in the Phoenix airport, of all places, and have since made a few (large) orders through their website ( The coconut almond crunch and the cashew crunch are my favorites, but everything I’ve had from them in good, and gluten free.

  6. Heather Brandt

    I was seriously considering the Babycakes cookbooks but saw some amazon reviews that were talking about some of the recipes not turning out well…Still wondering & hoping that the cookbooks might be good & that those folks were the few who didn’t like it? ???

    1. shauna

      We love the book. I haven’t found a single book on Amazon that doesn’t have someone upset with it. We’re picky. It’s staying in our kitchen.

  7. Dia

    Isn’t it fun to see so many good GF goodies!
    I can relate to your comment on why you don’t post as many of these any more – I have noticed the same thing, the blog I so enjoyed sharing on has mostly fallen by the wayside – tho I sometimes quote IT on FB, etc …
    Have you tried any of the Betty Lous products? They are a great little bakery here in McMinnville OR, & have a very nice GF line, plus a philosophy of ‘food that tastes good & makes you feel good,’
    Thanks for all you share 🙂

  8. Patty

    Thanks for mentioning Babycakes. We are big fans of Babycakes and the baker cookbook in my house. In fact, I often recommend it to people who are starting out in the gluten-free world of baking. (Don’t worry, I bought your book the day it came out.) Keep up the good work, and have a good time in Austin tomorrow. It WILL be hot (100 degrees).

  9. AW

    BIG fan of Hail Merry here. If you haven’t tried their chocolate or lemon tarts…OMG…divinity on earth. The lady that owns that company is actually my husbands’ bosses wife, so we’ve watched her little company grow and grow and are so proud of it!

  10. Jennifer L.

    This list looks fantastic. I was curious about salame since we are just beginning to venture out into eating more animal products. While it is gluten free, some of the flavors seem to have other not-so-great ingredients–corn syrup, sodium nitrite/ name a few. I remember liking salame as a child, but I think I can now see why!

    That almond paste looks divine. Mmm. Thanks for the great list!

  11. Tammie

    These all sound wonderful and I’m going to definitely get a bottle of the Wildeberryaki Sauce! One thing that I have found recently (and at Costco too!) is The Real McCoy Potato Sticks. These are gluten free and may have been around for awhile but are a new discovery for me. Not only do they taste great as is, when they’ve been crushed they make and excellent crunchy casserole topping (green bean casserole, baked potato, etc.) that the kids and adults all like!

  12. Linda Logan

    Just made the cookies. You didn’t mention the chocolate chips but I assumed I was to add them to the batter. If I wanted to use an egg instead of applesauce would it be 2 eggs?
    I’ve made BabyCakes donuts and cinnamon rolls. The donuts worked for me but the cinnamon rolls were just ok.

  13. Kalai

    I would love to make these into chocolate cookies. Can I just add cocoa powder to the dough or should I substitute it for some of the flour? Thanks!

    1. Mary

      I’m guessing that since cocoa is a dry ingredient you’d want to sub it in for some of the flour to keep the ratios the same. Just guessing though- any thoughts from the experts?

  14. Kristin

    My all time favorite GF recommendation: Le Veneziane corn pasta. All varieties, made in Italy where they know how to do it right. Great texture, great taste, great color, doesn’t get mushy (unless, of course, you overcook), much better than any other brand I’ve tried. We stock up on these from Amazon.

  15. Elizabeth Kaplan

    I have been contemplating making gluten-free/dairy-free ice cream sandwiches for a while and finally took an afternoon to experiment. My kids were ecstatic! We made it easy on ourselves by using The Pure Pantry’s Organic Sugar Cookie mix, cut them with a large round cookie cutter, baked them until slightly crisp. We stuffed them with Coconut Bliss Chocolate Coconut ice cream. OMG– such a fabulous treat for a hot summer day!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Christina

    Thank you! I just made a list do you know off any gluten free expo in the NY area ! Would be great for a newbie like me to know what’s out there and where to go!

    1. Angela

      I just picked up some Hail Merry Blonde Macaroons for the first time today. Holy WOW. Makes my coconut taste buds happy and they’re not loaded with sugar. These little babies are awesome!

  17. Angela

    Thanks for the great recommendations. Here are a couple that are local to me here in Denver that I adore and are gluten free:

    – Fiona’s Granola: They make gluten free granola, cereals, and granola or quinoa bars. So delish!

    – Licious Organics: Gluten & Nut Free Raw Cookies in 100% compostable and non-GMO packaging made entirely from sustainably grown and harvested tree fiber!


  18. Ariel

    Thanks for all of the great recommendations. The only trouble I had is that I bought a two degree bar, and it is processed in a factory that also processes wheat 🙁
    I’m new to my celiac diagnosis but I thought that this meant I shouldn’t be eating it.

  19. Rebecca

    Your daughter is adorable. That picture of her with the ice cream sandwich could sell a million ice cream sandwiches 🙂

    I really like the “A craving’s place” brownie mix. Not only is it soy, dairy, nut, gluten, and refined sugar free, it’s amazingly delicious. There are chunks of chocolate that add a fun texture; it’s like going on a chocolate treasure hunt when you eat one.
    I also like it that this brand is from Bend, OR. I am partial to foods form the North west after having lived there for a while.

    PS: I found your recipe for muffin mix and have some quinoa/oat/corn flour cranberry and orange zest muffins in the oven. Thanks for your devotion to helping the world eat gluten free and deliciously!

  20. Eric

    I also make and sell raw gluten free ice cream sandwich in Oregon. If you find them in a store, please let me know if you like them. They are sold under the name Ratatouille for now, but I am changing the name of the company to Live Food Organics.

  21. Margaret

    Thanks for the recipe! Have you tried Amore di Mona’s vegan chocolate? I bake with it all the time. It’s also gluten free, but like it better than Enjoy Life. Unlike most of the other stuff, it’s low-glycemic, so it makes it much easier for diabetics like me and my father.

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