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When these Glow Gluten-Free cookies arrived at the house, Danny and I opened the package with trepidation. After all, we receive a lot of packages here, packages filled with gluten-free food. Companies who are trying to break into the market send us samples, hoping we will like them. We’d love to recommend them all. After all, we like supporting family-run businesses who are doing good in the world.

However, we also love great-tasting food. We only recommend what the food we truly love, the ingredients and packages that we would buy for ourselves at the grocery store, again and again. Sadly, almost all the food we receive doesn’t pass our test. (Frankly, Lu is our best taste tester. If she doesn’t like it, and we don’t either, we don’t recommend it.)

This is why we are thrilled to share with you how much we love these Glow Gluten-Free cookies.

Remember those grocery-store cookies you loved as a kid? The thick gingersnaps that broke with a crisp snap? The chocolate chip cookies with chips studding the surface? Snickerdoodles sweet and laced with cinnamon? They weren’t very good, or healthy, but they evoke such powerful childhood memories that many of us still sort of long for them.

Now, imagine those cookies made with real ingredients, ingredients you have in your kitchen and you can pronounce, and no preservatives. Imagine these cookies — crisp and lightly sweet, evocative of childhood, studded with chocolate chips — but gluten-free. Not only that, but imagine them delicious, with no hint of bitterness or thick-as-a-brick texture. Imagine eating packaged gluten-free cookies and wanting to eat more and more.

That’s what Glow Gluten-Free cookies are like. We love them.

This is why we are happy to announce Glow Gluten-Free as our latest sponsor.

(For an explanation of sponsorship on this site, please see this post.)

Jill Brack runs Glow Gluten-Free, a small business that makes incredible cookies. We’d like to let her tell you a bit about them:

“We’re a tiny family company — just me and my husband and I totally LOVE what I do (and working with him)!

We’re the only gluten-free cookie out there using 100% Bob’s Red Mill garfava flour — not a lot of white starchy flour.”

(I have to insert here that the garfava flour might give you pause. Bean flour?  Could they really be good? I’ll admit that I pretty much hate bean flour in most baked goods, except some garbanzo in breads lately. However, these cookies? We couldn’t taste the bean flour at all. They’re tremendous that way.)

When I was diagnosed, the gluten-free packaged food was sitting on the back dusty shelves of the funky smelling health food store and I thought I could do better. We’re now the first “gourmet” gluten-free cookie that’s crossing over into mainstream retailers like Dylan’s Candy Bar and Todd English’s place at the Plaza Hotel. The cookies also inspired a young entrepreneur in LA to market gourmet gluten-free ice cream sandwiches with our cookies (ala Chipwich).

But I guess the most important bit is that these cookies are my daughter’s favorite — made exactly the way she likes them — and in small part because of them, she and her friends think being gluten-free is cool.

(Jill’s daughter, Stella, is 14. We had the pleasure of meeting both of them at the potluck picnic we had in Central Park. This mother-daughter team is something special.)

These cookies have been praised by Real Simple, New York Magazine, and the Martha Stewart show. Amidst that kind of stellar recommendation, consider this one more voice singing the praises of Glow Gluten-Free.

We know you’ll love these cookies too.

p.s. As they are packaged now, the Glow Gluten-Free cookies contain xanthan gum, which means I can’t eat them at the moment. However, as Danny says, “More for me!” Also, Jill told me that she’s starting to experiment with making the cookies without the gums! So stay tuned for updates, those of you who are avoiding the gums.

21 comments on “Glow Gluten-Free

  1. Elizabeth

    Hmm, I wonder if I could convince my supermarket to carry these! I’m hesitant to order them online because of the cost of shipping, but in the meantime I’ll be on the lookout for them at the health food store. 🙂

  2. Heather

    I’ve bought this brand before and they are quite tasty! They have a nice crispness, but they don’t crumble to bits in your lap when you take that first bite. Glad to hear they’re trying to go gum-less also.

  3. Callie B.

    Yea! Thanks for the Chill Baby Ice Cream Sandwich link, Jill and Shauna! Glow cookies are the B-E-S-T! They go perfectly with handmade ice cream: Snickerdoodle with Peach Sweet Tea ice cream, Double Chocolate with Dairy Free Fresh Mint Chip ice cream, Gingersnap with Honey Lemonade ice cream and Chocolate Chip with Strawberry Brown Sugar (with a hint of sour cream!)

  4. Kathleen

    I love that you guys have sponsors who make awesome products. I probably never would have tried Udi products if you hadn’t recommended them, and their bread is unbelievably amazing! I will certainly keep an eye out for these cookies. It’s hard to figure out what products might be good to try, so I am grateful that you point us in the right directions. 🙂

  5. Archer

    This is so exciting! I can eat these! I’m allergic to tapioca flour & almonds and couldn’t have dairy for a while. There are very few gluten-free cookies available without tapioca flour! Thanks for telling us about them, Shauna.

    1. Susan

      The chocolate chip has a warning that they contain nuts, although there are no nuts listed in the ingredients. They could be calling coconut a nut. You might want to check with the company directly.

  6. Caneel

    Haven’t seen these in our store yet – I’ll ask them this week if they can get them in. I’d seen them advertised, but wasn’t sure about them. Can’t wait to try them now, thanks Shauna!

  7. kate

    I’m so glad you posted on these, I’ve been wanting to try them, but was hesitant as always about splurging on something that might not be that great. Now I want to go try some…

  8. Francesca

    For those of us avoiding soy, the chocolate flavors contain soy. Gingersnap and Snickerdoodle, don’t so I will have to try those soon.

  9. Kathryn


    I’m sure that they are good, but for those of us who can’t beans as well as gluten, it’s a bit disheartening to have another bean flour based product. sigh

  10. Alison

    Thanks for recommending these! I’ve been eyeing them in the store for a while, but am so reluctant to try new store-bought gluten free goodies, because they’re usually not any good. These are totally worth it! Best store-bought gf cookies I’ve tried! (Not counting macaroons – Mrs. Crimble’s chocolate – dipped in chocolate, not flavored with cocoa – macaroons are another of my new *favorites*…and they’re quite inexpensive compared to most store bought gf products!)

  11. Emily

    Yum! These look delicious! Any chance they are sold at retailers in Canada?

    ?Emily from

  12. Katy

    I happened to run across these in a natural food store a few towns over. Remembering this post, I picked up three boxes! I knew I could trust you guys to do the taste-testing. So far, the chocolate chip and double chocolate are delicious! Thanks for sharing.

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