braised fennel

Lu grabbed the bulb and ran to the porch shouting, “Fennel! Fennel!”

I laughed as I walked behind her, remembering how many bowls of fennel salad I ate when I was pregnant with her. By the middle of the afternoon, as I moved from my first trimester into my second, I stood in the kitchen slicing fennel bulb on the mandoline. I grabbed the pile of white slices and combined them with good olive oil, kosher salt and pepper, a bit of champagne vinegar, and a sprinkling of the fronds. On the couch that felt like release as I sank into it, I ate fennel salad and waited for spring to arrive.

It’s fascinating to see how many foods Lu loves that I ate when I was pregnant: fennel, chard, pasta and cheese, yogurt, breakfast sausage, quinoa, carrots, everything green, cheese, popcorn, ice cream. (She doesn’t tolerate cow’s milk well, however, so she’s only ever had sorbet and coconut milk dessert. She doesn’t know. She loves to shout “Ice cream!” in glee.) I must have passed on some of these enthusiasms to her.

She’s also not afraid of new tastes. The other day, while in the middle of her favorite game — “I play in the refrigerator!” — she had condiments down from the door and arranged on the floor. She knows the names of them all. Like every kid, she loves ketchup. She also likes to talk about siracha and hot sauce. Without warning, she took off the lid of the Worcestershire bottle, tilted it toward her mouth, and took a sip. Danny and I both watched to see what she would do, not saying anything.

“Yum!” she said. “That tastes good.”

While I was pregnant, I ate everything I loved. This meant I enjoyed many Ethiopian, Thai, Mexican, and Indian meals, complete with fiery spices. Lu doesn’t crave heat but she isn’t afraid of it either.

We are lucky. So far, she shares our joy about food.

* * *

Sometimes people ask me, “Has your life changed since you had a child?” I don’t know how to answer that question. Yes. But that’s not even accurate. It’s not that our lives have changed. It’s that we have entirely different lives. Something tilted and we fell into this life of sleep-deprived laughter, the temporary frustration of trying to convince a toddler to walk faster when we have a boat to catch, and flashes of the most enormous love that Danny or I have ever felt. It’s a little like being in a pinball machine sometimes. I never knew I could survive this long without solid nights of sleep. I also never knew I could feel this much joy just sitting on the couch reading books called Ladybug Girl and Rolie Polie Olie.

The more pertinent question comes out too. “Has your food changed since she was born?”

Yes. Oh yes.

When Danny and I opened the first copy of our cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef, we both grew teary and hugged each other. All that work. All those years of recipe developing and testing. Here in our hands. We are still so happy with that book.

However, after flipping through it for about 15 minutes, we looked at each other. “That’s funny. We don’t cook like this anymore.”

We wrote that cookbook to show gluten-free folks everywhere: you can eat a thousand great dishes without gluten. Gluten schmuten. How about duck confit? Or blue cheese cheesecake with a fig crust? Looking back, we realize that the cookbook was clearly intended for food lovers who like to spend long evenings cooking and trying new ideas. That was us the first few years we knew each other. We reveled in food and wanted to share every joyful discovery together.

Now? We all have breakfast together, right after Sesame Street, a few hours earlier than we used to eat. Lu and I share lunch after she wakes up from her nap, simple snacks packed with nutrient-rich vegetables and proteins. She and I have dinner at Danny’s restaurant a couple of days a week, at the counter, watching him cook, sharing roasted vegetables and seared salmon. She loves the french fries too. However, the other days of the week she and I make dinner together. Mostly, she wants “Pasta cheese!” After she fights sleep then finally relents, I work and work until nearly 10. Most nights I look up at the clock and think, “Oh crap! I haven’t started dinner yet. Danny’s on his way home.”

It’s quite different than the years we wrote about in our first cookbook.

I like the sound of that. First cookbook.

Danny and I have been wanting to share this with you since November. Now that contracts are signed and this was announced in a publishers’ magazine, we can finally tell you.

We are writing a new cookbook. It will be called GLUTEN-FREE GIRL EVERYDAY and it comes out the winter of 2012 (possibly the spring of 2013).

We think of this as the companion volume to our first cookbook. In that book, we tried to entice you to make fresh pasta by hand, braise pork belly and wrap it in bacon before roasting, and reduce carrot juice to a flavorful dribble for an incredible carrot cake. We’re still making food from this book and we always will.

However, we’re excited to write a cookbook about how we eat now.

Living on a rural island with a toddler means we’re not out late at night in restaurants, inspired by ingredients we have never seen. Instead, we eat fruits and vegetables in season from our favorite farmstand. However, sometimes Lu demands grapes and we buy the organic ones from Mexico, out of season, to keep her happy. We need a nourishing dinner on the table for her. We want to share how we do that, with new dishes every day, in a kitchen without a microwave and no gluten.

Rather than a collection of recipes gathered around the stories of our lives, this next cookbook will be a series of strategies we have learned for how to cook satisfying food that is good for our bodies. We have a team of friends and family helping us test recipes, folks who love food but have picky eaters or too little time on their hands when they return home from work to make an elaborate meal. They’re going to keep us on our toes. If our friend Quinn says again that a recipe made him feel “….more anxious than going to bomb school. And I went to bomb school!” then it’s not going in the book.

The cookbook will be filled with main course recipes — more than 100 ways to make dinner — filled with interesting ingredients and simple preparations that make you want to move into the kitchen and start cooking. We’ll show you how we have learned to set up a pantry filled with accessible ingredients and cook from that instead of idly going to the grocery store every morning. We will share some of the tricks that Danny knows as a chef for how to run a kitchen more efficiently.

The recipes will be based in solid basic technique with the chef’s twist to make that meal more memorable. We will offer suggestions for a few simple kitchen projects you can do on the weekend to make cooking during the week easier and more delicious. We will be playing with the pressure cooker and rice cooker and freezing everything we can.

Quite a few of the recipes will be vegetarian. Almost all of them will be milk and cream free, since Danny and Lu can’t eat either. And there will be bread recipes scattered throughout — pita bread; naan; flaky biscuits — that will make those meals even more satisfying.

We want this book to be practical. We hope it will encourage you to move into the kitchen with your daughters and sons to make dinner together. We hope it will be open in your kitchen every day.

We are so excited to be creating a cookbook together again.

If Lucy has any say in this — and you know she does — somewhere in there will be some fennel.

p.s. We will give you updates on the new book here every few months. We will be posting photos of tested recipes and ideas that arise on Twitter and Facebook as we go. We would love to hear about the kind of book you would like to read.

Braised Fennel

Braising is not just for meats, you know. The low heat and slow simmer method turns crunchy vegetables into something more pliable and yielding. This is such a lovely late-winter-oh-but-it’s-spring-but-it-doesn’t-feel-like-it-yet dish. The warmth of a braised dish, so necessary in the cold months, meets the tiny high note of anise in fennel. It suggests those warm days coming, at least to me.

This dish only requires five ingredients, six (or seven) if you count salt and pepper. Good food certainly doesn’t have to be complicated. The addition of the fennel seeds (we like the ones we received from McCormick Gourmet) to the braise and the fine-chopped fennel fronds just before serving give this dish layers of taste you wouldn’t believe possible with this little fuss.

And if you want to use boxed stock instead of fresh-made, go right ahead. We like Pacific Foods or Kitchen Basics brands when we are out of homemade stock, especially because they state they are gluten-free.

2 large fennel bulbs
4 tablespoons grapeseed oil
Kosher salt and cracked black pepper
2 cups stock (chicken or vegetable)
5 to 6 sprigs fresh thyme, chopped (or 1 teaspoon dried thyme)
2 teaspoons fennel seeds

Preparing the fennel. Cut the stalks from the fennel bulb and discard them. Chop some of the fennel fronds fine and set aside about 2 teaspoons of it. (Discard the rest or save it for a later salad.) Cut the remaining root from the bottom of the fennel. Quarter the bulbs.

Preheat the oven to 350°. Pull out a 9 x 12 baking dish.

Browning the fennel. Set a large sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add the oil. Put half the fennel bulb quarters into the hot oil. Brown the bottom of the fennel, about 2 to 3 minutes. Brown all sides of the fennel the same way. Put the browned fennel into the baking dish. Repeat with the rest of the fennel.

Preparing to braise. Season the browned fennel with salt and pepper. How much is up to you and your taste, but we use a healthy pinch of each here. Pour the stock into the baking dish. You will not have enough stock to cover the fennel bulbs. It will come only partway up the bulbs. Sprinkle the thyme and fennel seeds over the top of the fennel.

Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil. Slide the dish into the oven and cook the fennel until it has a bit of bite remaining but a knife goes easily through it, about 30 minutes.

Plate up the braised fennel and sprinkle it with the chopped fennel fronds. (We didn’t do that in this photograph.)

Feeds 4.


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  1. kickpleat

    Sounds like my ideal cookbook because I pretty much live by eating simply and preparing good food simply. It’s the only way I really know how to cook. As for the fennel, it looks amazing. I only tried fennel for the first time this year when it arrived in my csa and I now seek it out – eating it raw, braised, roasted. So good! I love your double dose with the fennel seeds too.

  2. Alison St. Sure

    Congratulations — I am sure you will have a large audience for this book, including me! I would love to see some recipes with egg substitute suggestions since my daughter is severely allergic to eggs. I know you can’t please everyone though!

  3. Christan

    Your next cookbook sounds exactly what I may have been looking for. With four kids, going to college, and a busy lifestyle, our diets have slid into the easier and less healthy path. I would love to freezer cook, but majority of the meals are casseroles and oh so unhealthy. I would also like to see some quick and simple lunch ideas for kids in school.
    I am excited to hear more about what may be included in this cookbook as I am desperately trying to get our diets back on track!

  4. Denise

    Hi- I read your books and adore them. I love that you are a good writer. I like your stories and philosophy as much as the recipes and ideas they give me. I keep wondering if you have spent much time looking into Weston Price philosophy. So much of how you eat goes hand and hand with it, with the exception of your use of fats. I often substitute what I think are more nourishing fats in your recipes – like coconut oil for example. I am getting away from canola oil (Canadian oil) I am more interested in fermented food benefits. I also have realized that what I once thought was an aversion to dairy is actually only an aversion to pasteurized dairy. I need the full fats and live cultures available in dairy in order to digest and wildly benefit from dairy. It is a topic I would LOVE to see you explore. You are so inline with how they view food I could see you loving it.

    Thanks for all the inspiration. I really enjoy you and your writing. I can’t wait for the family friendly, kid focuses recipes. HURRAY!

    Smiles from a gluten intolerant, Weston Price loving, Milwaukee, artist and creative director.


  5. C. Janelle

    Congrats on the upcoming book! 😀

    Quick question: is the grapeseed oil used in this recipe for it’s flavor, or can, say, olive oil be substituted? I’ve never cooked with grapeseed oil, and so I’m just curious. 🙂

  6. Cheryl Arkison

    That’s fantastic! I loved the first book, loved it. This one will certainly be another treasure. If my kidlets had their say, they would certainly ask for bean recipes. Preferably baked. Enjoy the process.

  7. Beth W.

    Great news! Especially since I got your current book and am in the same boat — toddler, no time to cook long, labor-intensive meals. I know the next one will be stellar, too. 🙂

  8. Emm

    Congratulations on your second book! I waited with so much anticipation for the last one, and will do the same for the next. My one request, is lots of desserts & baking recipes, I have the sweetest tooth 😉
    Our eating has changed so much since having our two kids. I am a chef too and was always too tired and over the sight of food to cook much more than a simple stir-fry, after a long shift in the kitchen. Having kids has changed my whole view on food and eating. Both my kids love food as much as I do, and cook with me when ever they can. It’s the least I can do, to show them true, honest home cooking, made with love.
    Well done again, and good luck for the coming years of greatness! Xx

  9. Laura

    Hmmm! Looks lovely, I just did a milk-poached fennel in the pressure cooker (the recipe asks for flour but I don’t see why you just couldn’t just leave it out!).

    I look forward to reading about your pressure cooker play!


    hip pressure cooking
    making pressure cooking hip, one recipe at a time!

  10. Harsi

    What exciting news!! Your new cookbook sounds like it might be more my speed… I’m sort of at the stage in my culinary evolution where I really want to be able to make tastier things to eat, but often feel intimidated and get cold feet at the last minute. My husband and I are vegetarians, so I’m happy to hear that you’ve included some dishes for us.
    On a personal note, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. Like many others, I was instantly attracted to your writing style and warmness. No one in my life is gluten intolerant (that I know of!) but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating your site one bit.
    We live in California and had been planning a trip to Vashon for quite some time now — our family has friends who live there and we wanted to visit some place beautiful. When we finally arrived on the island at the beginning of last month, I knew exactly where I wanted to go to dinner. He doesn’t know it, but Danny made our first night so enjoyable with the scrumptious food he prepared! Thank you. We were so impressed by all of the staff at The Hardware Store and by the high-quality of ingredients and care that went into the food preparation. We ended up eating there for at least one meal on each day of our week-long stay! Should anyone else be so lucky as to visit Vashon, I sincerely recommend that you make time to eat at this great restaurant. I think I actually suffered a bit of “hardware withdrawal” when we finally had to return home. (*grin*)

    Oh, and as always, beautiful photos of Lu. Thank you for sharing your life and your loves with all of us.

  11. Gemma

    Congratulations! I’ve been braising a lot of vegetables over the last few months and braised fennel is addictive and so easy, I’ll definitely be adding some fennel seeds next time.

  12. Lucy

    Great news. I am sure this book will inspire in many ways and I look forward to reading it. Just headed into the kitchen to get some of this braised fennel going.

  13. Allison Day

    I absolutely love your first book, even if it is a little hard for me to find time and occasion to cook from it – my schedule has become so busy (in such a wonderful way), the only thing I don’t like about being so busy is that I hardly get to cook anymore! So I’m definitely looking forward to your second cookbook… it sounds like it will be perfect for anyone with a packed schedule. 🙂


    Congrats Shauna and am looking forward to the new book – love that i will include vegetarian dishes as well as those that are dairy free. And you know I am completely knocked out by Lu – she has such a zest for life – oh to capture and bottle that enthusiasm!

  15. Sarah

    Awesome news!!! I love your cookbooks, and this new one sounds perfect for where I’m at now. I am gluten intolerant, and lactose intolerant so can’t eat milk or cream either. Although I have no problems with butter or hard cheeses, stilton, brie, camambert (apparently they’re virtually lactose-free, happy days!). Looking forward to following you on this new part of your journey.

    lots of love x

  16. Angel Cutsforth

    I’m not officially diagnosed with celiac, but I’m 99% sure I have it. I’ve been gluten free for around 3 weeks now (there was one slip up in the middle but the pain afterwards kind of proved the point). I knew about your blog from when my mum got diagnosed… I started looking for stuff for her and it has been the best resource over the past few weeks. I also got your cookbook and I’ve chosen the recipies I feel I can make and will work my way fromt here.

    But I’ll be even happier when I get your next book and see how everyday cooking works (quick questions: can I freeze the pasta dough (or other doughs) in your first book? And what is a substitute flour for Sorghum flour? I can’t find it in Israel).



  17. Erika

    I am so excited! My mouth is already watering!!!! You have helped me immensly as I take my family gluten free, and your first cookbook- well I read it in one sitting and was so thrilled!!!! I cannot wait!

  18. Jenn Sutherland

    Congratulations, Shauna & Danny! I can’t wait to read the new book. I adore the first two books, and I know the next one will get lots of use in our kitchen!

  19. Rmmc

    I am looking forward to the new book. I have only recently found the energy to enjoy cooking thanks to going gluten free. It has been exciting and my two little ones keep me on my toes so I can relate to your life style as well.

    I have been obsessing over fennel lately. I never ate it before and all of a sudden, I want it every week! I love the photo of your daughter holding it.

  20. Jennifer

    The new book sounds great! I absolutely loved the stories and the lovely writing in your first cookbook but with two kids (including a little girl born within a few months of your Lu) and a picky eater husband, I’m afraid I won’t cook many of those beautiful looking recipes. Simple is what I need…doesn’t have to be a “30-minute meal” but anything much more than a 45-minute prep is too much for a weeknight.

    I’d really love to know how you guys get so much cooking done at home with a 2-yr-old. Mine gets antsy at about the 30-minute mark, even if she is playing with water in the sink and watching me cook. Perhaps Lu is more interested and more patient than my little whirlwind is.

  21. Jen Maraia

    As much as I love your first cookbook (which I do very much), this one sounds even more fantastic!!! Congratulations! Sometimes complicated recipes can overwhelm me, as I’m not a very experienced cook (only being in college), and especially on campus I need simpler recipes that can fit in between class, homework, and other commitments. Also, I LOVE the idea of the book being mostly vegetarian. I am not a vegetarian, but it’s better for the environment not to eat meat, and I’m not a huge fan of most meat anyway. This sounds so exciting and I cannot wait to try gluten free naan!!! Thanks so much Shauna 🙂

    Also, I have a question. I’m not sure I’ve ever really had fennel, at least not as a main part of a dish. Do you know if people who don’t like the taste of licorice like fennel anyway? Or is that a very strong flavor in it? I would love to do something like the above recipe but am not sure if I would like it!

  22. MoniCue

    Loved reading your first cookbook–but didn’t buy it for the very reason that it was too “fancy” for me….raising a 10 yo, we still go for fast and healthy cooking 99% of the time. The upcoming book sounds like a keeper! Hurrah!

  23. Kristin

    I am SUPER excited for both of you, but also for this cookbook as it already sounds like one I need in my collection. I cook from scratch gluten free everything my family eats so I can’t wait for this book!!!

  24. Nan

    Oh, Shauna! You have been my go-to expert since I was diagnosed last year. You and Danny have taught me so much, and I love your books. Never before had I “built” a sauce with layers of flavor. Now, I am ecstatic to read that there will be a daily fare cookbook. You and Danny are my heroes, and I applaud the way you are raising sweet Lu. Thank you for making such a difference on this Earth!

  25. Ruth

    Congratulations, Shauna, Danny and Lu! I love the sound of this new book. I’ve been a fan of your website for over a year, and have both of your books already — and there’s certainly room for a third on my bookshelf. Can’t wait to hear more about this project.

  26. jen @ the baked life

    soooo excited for the new cookbook!!! Congratulations on the new adventure.

    I love braised fennel. Well I love fennel in general, I’m not pregnant but your pregnancy fennel salad would be extra delicious right now.

  27. Bri

    Everything you just described is exactly what I want to see in a cookbook. I love the technique heavy, labor of love type recipes, but I’m rarely able to get them done on a weeknight. I need simple, wonderful, real food for everyday life. You two are more than qualified to deliver all that and more. Congratulations and best of luck! If you need recipe testers, I’d love to help!

  28. Diana

    Lots of great news in this post, but two words made my heart skip a beat: “pita bread.”
    This gluten-intolerant (but happily and gratefully gluten-free) Arab girl hasn’t had pita in 7 months. An Arab not eating pita is like a panda not eating bamboo.

    If you’re going to post a few recipes from the book, please make pita one of them, because I don’t think I can wait 2 years! And now I’m just going to be greedy and ask that it’s as close to Arab pita as possible: fairly thin, with a pocket, and pliable for scooping delicious Arab food.

    Let me know if you need any resources on pita! 🙂 Thanks so much for the good work you do. 🙂

    1. shauna

      Diana, I would love to see your resources on pita. We’re not going to be done developing that recipe for a long time. If you have family recipes or suggestions on technique, please send to me in an email. We’ll be sure to thank you!

        1. Caneel

          I also became very excited to read “pita bread” in the post and look forward to that one. The closest thing I’ve found so far is taking the Udi’s pizza crust and baking for five minutes and then cutting into wedges. It’s not pocket pita and certainly doesn’t compare to genuine pita bread, but it serves very well for eating with hummus. I would love a good pita bread one day!

      1. shauna

        Thanks for the suggestion. I love Cybele and the work she does. However, her recipe uses xanthan gum, which we don’t use anymore. We’re working with ratios and understanding how pita bread is constructed and creating our own recipe!

        1. cathy longwood

          Shauna, I thought you said you can just use flax or chia seed slurry instead of xanthan gum?

  29. Cookin' Canuck

    Fantastic news, Shauna! As soon as your new book is available for pre-order, I am ordering a copy for my dad (oh, and me too, of course). The “everyday” approach is exactly what he needs to branch out in his gluten-free diet.

    I loved the story about Lu and the Worcestershire sauce.

  30. Karla

    I am so excited about your next book!!! With boys growing so fast, like sand slipping through my fingers, we are off and running daily after school. Nutritious, delicious meals are getting harder and harder to pull off. We can’t wait for your voice and inspiration to touch that part of our world.

  31. Melissa

    Congratulations. That sounds like a wonderful project, can’t wait to take a look a the fruits of your labour and hear about the updates along the way.

    Wishing you continued success and creativity.

  32. Shelby Carland

    Funny that you mention your cravings for fennel during your pregnancy. I had limited exposure to eating the fennel bulb (seeds, yes) until a couple of years ago and I instantly enjoyed the fresh flavor and began incorporating it into my meals here and there. But when I became pregnant last summer I suddenly craved fennel all the time! I couldn’t get enough of it and was constantly looking online for more recipe ideas, so I could enjoy fennel almost every day. I found another braising recipe, but it was far more complicated than this, so I’ll be giving this one a try very soon.

  33. Christine

    So happy for you! I love your first cookbook and this one sounds perfect for the way we eat everyday in our house. Can’t wait 🙂

  34. Amy

    Congratulations! I was just looking at your book last night and I have to tell you I really enjoy the Variations and Suggestions blurbs. Please include those in the following book if you have the opportunity, they add so many chances for creativity in the kitchen. Let us know when it goes up for pre-order and happy recipe writing.

    1. shauna

      Oh those will definitely be in the next book! We want to inspire you to cook your own food.

  35. ssm

    How exciting! This is the kind of cookbook I’ve been wanting, having a wheat allergy and two picky eaters. Thank you!

  36. Liz

    I am so excited for y’all!

    Also, I am so ready to be out of work for the day–I have big plans for the green market and some fresh fennel salad!

  37. Alison

    If the recipes in the new book are anything like the recipe you posted not long ago for gum-free whole grain bread – with a photo of how the dough should look after mixing, and assurances that the volume won’t change much during the rising, the kinds of details so often included when you learn to cook from your parents and so rarely included in cookbooks, the details that actually make the cooking both fun and successful – it will be my dream cookbook. I already can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  38. Jean Layton

    Wonderful news! Can’t wait to try out more of the recipes, heck I even want the ones that scare Quinn. Love how your work is evolving and growing along with your family.
    Seasonal and local is incredibly important.
    Enjoy the idea of fennel too.

  39. Lisa T

    Yea!!! Congratulations! And thank you in advance!! (A lot of exclamation points I know, but I’m excited.)

    My husband and I have a similar story. We both love food and when we were dating and first married we cooked elaborate meals and eating in restaurants was a fun form of entertainment. Eating late in the evening was typical. Now? We have a 1 year old and a 5 year old. We both work full-time jobs. We need to be able to get a healthful and delicious dinner on the table at the same (much earlier) time every night. If a dish takes more than 30 minutes to prepare, it won’t get made on a weeknight at our house. We do make more involved recipes now and then on the weekends. Our oldest loves to help in the kitchen. But even on the weekends we want to spend the majority of our time enjoying both of our boys and the youngest isn’t terribly helpful in the kitchen just yet. He does however like to rearrange the pots and pans.

    Can’t wait to see what you and Danny create this time.

  40. Danielle

    YIPPEE!! As much as I love your current cookbook, I have small children and as you said, “We don’t eat like that.” I was really hoping you would come out with another one with your newfound love of whole grains, too! So excited for you and for us!

  41. Sarah

    I can’t wait for your next book. I love the way you write. If the world were perfect and you could write a book just for me… 🙂 I would love to see the folowing things… I need to eat gluten free and I have a very picky, spunky and very willful 3 year old and I am a full time working mom. So, if you could incorporate all of these factors and include whole foods that will provide vitamins and nutrients and comfort and convince my willful, spunky and picky 3 year old daughter to eat and do it all in a short amount of time when I come home from work each day I would have to kiss you. If anybody could do it….you could. Thanks for your site.

  42. Caneel

    I can relate to so much in this post! And the longer I read, the more excited I became. Congratulations on your new cookbook! It sounds fantastic! I also love the first photo of Lu in this post. So sweet.

  43. Janet NZ

    Oh Heck! I need another recipe book like I need a hole in the head… but I WILL be buying this one 🙂 Good luck with the writing of it – I can’t wait to read it x

  44. Aryn

    Yes! This is the book I want. I read your current cookbook, but only found a few recipes I wanted to make/that fit into our lifestyle. The chicken stuffed with goat cheese was fabulous, by the way. I’m so looking forward to a GF cookbook for busy people.

    I still plan to make the homemade pasta, but that will be my weekend project. 🙂 For weeknights, Tinkyada it is.

  45. kellywknits

    Thank you, THank You, THANK YOU! I love your first cookbook, but having 3 kids means I don’t cook too much from it. I’m so excited for the next one, and now I have to be *very* patient.

  46. Angie Halten

    Fennel bulbs…can’t say I’ve ever tried them. You have certainly sparked my interest with this recipe. Also, looking forward to seeing your new cookbook in the future!


  47. Catherine

    Reading your post makes me feel very wistful. The days with young children are the best. Snuggling while reading, making a big mess in the kitchen and the bond that is so strong. I know everyone says it, but treasure it, it passes by in a flash and suddenly they have their own lives, filled with wonder of its own, but it will never again be like the magic of when they are small. The exciting thing about writing a new cookbook is that when it is done life will probably be changing and it will be time to begin another! It is almost like a biography in food of your lives at different stages. enjoy.

  48. Kristi

    Mmmm… fennel in my fridge just waiting to be used, will be trying this for dinner tomorrow!

    Congrats on the new cookbook. I can’t wait to read it, it sounds like exactly what I need right now as a busy mom trying to make healthy meals for my husband and I and our three, three year olds–including one who is gluten intolerant and allergic to dairy, eggs, and soy. I second the comment requesting recipes that are egg-free or have substitutions, where possible. For me, going egg-free has almost been a bigger challenge than gluten.

    I am another Weston Price fan, and I too have wondered if you are familiar with his research. I find it completely fascinating, and your philosophy seems very consistent with his focus on “real” (unprocessed, chemical and hormone free, local) foods. I also absolutely love the book “Real Food” by Nina Planck. Just somehting you might be interested in!

    Thanks again for all you do!


  49. Amy

    If everything comes in threes, the theme of this post is JOY! Gorgeous braised fennel, a new book for everyday use (LOVE the current book for special occasions, though! :)) and a picture of that sweet baby girl! PLEASE smooch her cheeks for me!

  50. Jen

    My God, thank you THANK YOU! I love your first cookbook, but with our hectic lives, I just can’t cook like that as often as I’d like to. I’ve made some of them, and they were amazing, but I need…quick and easy and kid-friendly, all while being gluten free and possibly dairy free. This new cookbook is a gift, and I can’t wait to rip open the wrapping. 🙂

  51. InTolerantChef

    This next book sounds like something to really look forward too, It is amazing how much your life habbits change when there’s a kiddie in the mix isn’t it?

  52. Nicole

    Congratulations, Shauna and Danny! That’s so exciting!!! 🙂
    I am looking forward to it! It sounds wonderful, and I especially love the idea of simplicity in the ingredients and cooking process. Often, when I see a long list of ingredients I find myself overwhelmed before even starting. Simple, nutritious, family-friendly, everyday meals that are delicious too? Sign me up for that! And more bread recipes? Yum! I’m also excited for the mostly non-dairy aspect, since I cannot tolerate cow’s milk products. And lots of vegetarian options? I’ve been meaning to sneak more vegetables into my life 🙂

  53. Becky

    *YAYAY!!!!* Oh my, am I excited for that book! I love your first cookbook-but I look forward to everyday type dishes. For those days in the future when we start our own family and I don’t have time to really play and innovate. Another gluten free cookbook that I can pull out and make delicious meals by…*spins around in delight* And dairy free too?! Shauna, those words are music to our ears! Best of luck writing it and working on it this year! (and feel free to get ahead of schedule too…) ^_~

  54. Brandi

    Congratulations on the new book! I’m definitely excited to see it come out, and for us, it’s perfect timing. My fiance and I just got engaged, and are hoping to plan the wedding for summer 2013. It will definitely be one of our purchases for our married life, and I can’t wait to tell him about it. 🙂

    Thank you for your continued inspiration. I’m constantly saving recipes from here and filing them away for when I finally have my own kitchen, as the one here is consistently covered in gluten. I’m ready to start using them.

  55. Melisa

    Have you ever tried Lu on Raw milk? Look into it…you may already have but thought I would plant a seed and see how that might help Lu with her milk issues…I just started putting my family and myself on the Nourishing Traditions diet or Weston A. Price diet and it has tremendously helped in so many ways. Just one mom to another in that we care sooooooooo much about how we eat, making sure it tastes good but that it is also healthy for our kids and ourselves! (with all of our food allergies that is)…..

    Thanks so much for you blog!


  56. Meg

    YES! So excited! And you’re making pita!? Naan!? Thank you! I still salivate with extreme jealousy every time I see the episode of ‘Baking with Julia’ on pbs where she bakes breads from the middle east and India.

    Thank you for what you’re doing!

  57. Julia Stuble

    I’m so excited, like everyone else, to hear of this new book! While I love your first cookbook, I do rarely cook from it – an occasional weekend, if there’s time! I look forward to less dairy, more baked goods by weight minus the gums as well. I keep printing recipes from here, like the muffin or AP flour blend and can’t wait to see it in a book! Thanks and enjoy writing and creating it.

  58. Ally

    On the way home from work last night I informed my love that your new cookbook needs to be in my hands the moment it is available for purchase. He laughed and said “Bread girl?” which is his affectionate nickname for you from his first taste of the bread in your first cookbook. He requests it as often as I will make it, and EVERY time we have company over. I, of course, oblige for the pure joy of watching wary gluten eating folks consume it hand over fist. 🙂 I love the tips and tricks, and the way you tell us how to do our own thing like how to make a vinagrette. I often flip to your cookbook just for the tips. Yes, the recipes are best suited for a Saturday afternoon in the kitchen, and I will be oh so happy when I have second cookbook to fill in the other days of the week. As much as I adore the labors of love in the first book (and we still do make your gf pasta even on busy nights – it’s so fast!), I will cherish the quick and easy/healthy version too 🙂 Thanks for writing, despite the critics and for inspiring us to branch out and cook. You have been an amazing blessing to my life and given me courage to gather people around my table once again.

  59. Sherry Harrigan

    Please have lots and lots of pictures like your last cookbook. I would rather pay more for the book.

  60. Jo Ann

    Can’t wait for your new book, although the title will be very similar to a book I already own. I have your other books and am looking forward to the new one.

  61. Bethan Jade McIlroy

    Braised fennel looks and sounds fantastic. We have braised leeks on a regular basis and with a roast we tried Nigel Slaters Onions with cream and parmesan which went down a treat and we’ll certainly try again. It’s interesting to hear how your cooking has changed over time and more towards the seasonal.

    It’s also great to hear of a child so young that tries so many things. I live with a 22 year old ‘man’ (a housemate of ours) who refuses to try anything I bring home from the allotment. It’s frustrating when he takes out frozen chips, sausages and beans for dinner but that’s what he was brought up on and he refuses to try anything else. Luckily my other half loves vegetables otherwise I would far too much surplus! So the moral is, Get them whilst they’re young! Many eating different things while you were pregnant helped as well?

    Looks as though many people can’t wait to see the new cookbook!

  62. Sandy

    Fennel is sooooo expensive! I have had it in a restaurant, yum! Tried to grow it, got lots of fronds, no bulb! I won’t be buying any, just too much $$$$$.

    Enjoy that Lu now, just wait til she hits those teen years.

  63. Amy Shelf

    I’m a long-time reader of your blog and good friends with the author/illustrator duo behind Ladybug Girl, so I was delighted to see that you’ve discovered their fabulous series. As things work in this crazy wonderful world, they are a gluten-free household and I sent them to your blog ages ago (and again a few times over the years when you’ve featured a recipe I thought they would appreciate.)

    Congrats on the new book!


    1. shauna

      Oh my goodness, really? Please do tell them that our Lulu ADORES Ladybug Girl. It’s such an incredible book, with a strong, fierce little girl full of her own adventures. Our Lu identifies with that girl so strongly. I love how small this world really can be.

  64. Lynne

    I picked up your cookbook yesterday and fell in love with it. I look forward to the second one. Congratulations to you and your chef!
    Last week we started our 17 year old daughter on a gluten free diet to see if that would help with her acne, so I’ll definitely be checking your blog quite regularly for recipes.
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  65. Coach Laura

    Congratulations on your new book, Danny and Shauna! The new book sounds like the way that I cook and I can’t wait to read your next cookbook!

    I’m also in awe of how you’ve been able to combine motherhood (and fatherhood in Danny’s case) with writing and making a living as a writer: Combining work and parenthood is one of my research areas and I’m always interested in how it works for various folks.

  66. javabrain


    You have definitely gravitated toward the way I eat now – both gluten and casein free. When I finally gave up milk products I was shocked at how the brain fog disappeared; how my sinus issues and tummy issues cleared up;…I cannot wait for your new book!

    To be honest, I did not buy your last one. But this one is MINE.

    I stopped reading your blog for a while. I never REALLY left; I peeked in now and then. Now I’m back to stay.

  67. Sericea

    I am so excited about your new book. I love food, but with a 7 year old and a just turning one year old I definately don’t cook in the same way. I’m especially excited to read that you will include tips for freezing, as that is one way I am able to move forward with eating and feeding us the way I would like with little ones under foot or on hip at dinner prep time! Thanks for the inspiration and for taking the time to work out some of the gf kinks!!

  68. Mandi

    Yay! I’m so excited for the new cookbook! My mom took one look at your last one, salivated over the pictures, and then said it was too complicated for her to actually use on a daily basis. Keep the lovely graphics in your next one but it will be so nice to have recipes that we can throw together to make memorable (but quick) meals together! Thank you for all that you do for the gluten-free community and everyone!

  69. Lucy

    I know how ridiculous this may sound, particularly given the simple, everyday nature of your lovely post, but I often do this one extra step with braised fennel. I put those stems through a juicer and replace some of the stock with the resultant, frothy, herbal juice. It’s extraordinary!

    Looking forward to the next book. You two are unstoppable (in a wonderful way).

  70. molly

    Shauna, this is such a fantastic account of how (and why) lives (and meals) change with small kids. It doesn’t stop. I love that, too.

    Can’t wait for the next book. Everyday’s where it’s at. Congratulations, to all three authors.

  71. Anna Visscher

    Hooray! I am so excited for your new cookbook! Reading your first one was an absolute joy, but I did crave simpler, quicker fare without gums or dairy. Sounds like this new one will be a perfect fit! Thanks for all the joy and hope you bring to us gluten free girls and boys.

  72. Shanna

    YAY! I’m so happy to hear you guys are writing another cookbook. I confess I’m a horrible cook, BUT always looking to get better. When I found out about my gluten intolerance I had no idea what to eat. I soon found out that I felt better away from gluten, but my tastebuds always wanted more than what the gluten free packaged foods had to offer (though they are getting better and I certainly do appreciate the dedication of those companies). In order to satisfy my tastebuds AND stay healthy it’s pretty clear that I need to work on my cooking skills. I admit that you pros intimidate me. I don’t even know half the ingrediants sometimes! haha. Life is all about learning though. 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work! Much love, Shanna

  73. Karen

    Yeah! I’m looking forward to your cookbook. I’ve made several recipes from your first, and I admit, the ones I return to are the quick and delicious ones, like the fish with black rice. This will be a great edition.

  74. Layla Payton

    Because you are so sweet to share with us, I wanted to share one of my recipes with you. ~HAPPY BAKING~
    Gluten-Free Cinnamon Oatmeal Dream Muffins:

    4 t. baking powder

    ½ c. millet flour

    ½ c. sweet rice flour

    ½ c. sorghum flour

    ½ c. buckwheat flour

    2 t. xanthan gum

    ½ c. brown sugar (add 1/8 to ¼ more, depending on how sweet you like your muffins)

    ½ cup granulated sugar

    1 t. salt (kosher, or sea salt is best)

    1 and ½ teaspoons Saigon cinnamon

    ¼ to 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (Omit if you don’t like really “spicy” flavors)

    ½ teaspoon ginger

    ¼ teaspoon nutmeg

    2 cups oats (gluten-free)

    1 1/3 cups milk

    2 eggs (I prefer brown, cage-free eggs…they just taste WAY better)

    1 c. vegetable oil

    Add-in suggestions: Nuts, berries, apples, choc. chips, carob chips, seeds, raisins, etc.

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix together all dry ingredients with a whisk. Add wet ingredients and stir with a spoon. Fold in any extra add-ins that you like. Spoon batter into paper lined muffin tins (this should make 24 muffins). Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Slather with REAL butter….ENJOY!!!!

  75. Susan Burke

    Oh Shauna! I just teared up with happiness reading this! Über excited!!! I KNEW you would write more! I knew it! It just seems natural to continue the flow!! SO HAPPY for you three and for we three here in our litte home in NH where two are gluten free ( Lochlann- our 7 year old daughter, and me) Hubby happily eats what ever we cook though, so he is mostly gluten free!! BIG HUGS, HUGE SMILE, Happy song in our heart here today!!!!

  76. Melisa

    I am so glad to hear about your upcoming cookbook. I bought your first one days after it sunk in that I was probably going to have to be gluten free….forever….. but I confess I don’t often have patience for the complicated recipes therein. It’s a great book for inspiration, though.

    I love the idea of a real life, every day cookbook. My particular challenge these days is that it’s such a pain to eat on the go when you’re gluten free and Lara bars can only take you so far. I’d love ideas for portable snacks (other than nuts/cheese/hard cooked eggs) for busy days.

    Enjoy Lu’s open mindedness towards food. It’s really a gift and one that, sadly, had an expiration date with my kids. As my oldest approaches 18 he’s finally slightly more adventurous which gives me hope for the younger ones.

  77. Paul

    Everyone has favorite meals and favorite restaurants that they like to dine out at. Eating out several times a week at restaurants can be very expensive, particularly with a family to feed. As good as it is to eat out on occasions, there is nothing like cooking at home for yourself.I’m very excited about your new cookbook.

  78. June

    Great to hear about the new cookbook. I love the pictures of your daughter; I really enjoy hearing about her growing up and the stories of her first few months after birth. Thanks for the great recipes.

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