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gluten-free snickerdoodle II

Okay, I’m going to call an audible here.

(Is that a football term? I sort of have this vague feeling that it is, but I don’t want to google it and spend any time looking at football terms. I have to admit, I’m totally indifferent to football. I was going to type that I loath it, but that’s giving it too much of my time. Baseball? I could play that all day long. When it’s on the tv, my eyes are always drifting toward it. Soccer? Love that game. Lu will need to be on a pee-wee team soon, and I will love standing by the sidelines watching all the three-year-olds huddle around the ball, milling about aimlessly, and three of them picking their noses, oblivious. Sign me up. Basketball can be exciting, even if excessively sweaty.

But football? Man, I just don’t get it. I mean I understand the rules. I’ve had it all explained to me. I’ve watched the last 10 minutes of many Super Bowls. But wanting to watch an entire game, from start to finish, rapt with attention so that I don’t even move as someone in the house puts another beer in my hand? No way.

So, if “…calling an audible” is a football term, I apologize. I just want to talk about cookies right now.)

Here’s my audible. We were going to be bringing you chocolate sprinkle cookies today. Instead, it’s snickerdoodles.

Why? Well, we were Portland for the last two days. This morning we woke up in a crummy hotel, laughed at the crazy amazing news in our life, then started to drive home. Danny battled a dark monsoon rainstorm all the way up I-5. Lu read books and hummed to herself. I tried to do some work on the phone. By the time we all reached home, we were exhausted.

Danny just returned home from work (with a slice of that sweet potato cheesecake with a pistachio-cranberry crust in hand). Top Chef is on in 10 minutes. The roast chicken is almost ready to eat.

And those chocolate cookies deserve the light of day for photographs.

Besides, I bet you would like some snickerdoodles.

Snickerdoodles just sound silly, don’t they? They sound even sillier when you read that some sources insist the name comes from the German, meaning “snail noodles.” Honestly, that is just so damned funny to me right now that I would like to ask everyone to start calling these snail noodles. However, snickerdoodles is still a great silly word.

(Can I just say, in my sleep-deprived state where nothing is connecting directly in this piece, that we taught Lu to do some of the silly walks from the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch from Monty Python the other day? And that it was possibly the best thing I have ever seen?)

Carry on. Clearly, you don’t need to hear much more from me.

You need to get busy baking these snickerdoodles, which are literally the best snickerdoodles I have ever eaten. I don’t need no stinking gluten. Give me these cookies.

Good night.

gluten-free snickerdoodle I

GLUTEN-FREE SNICKERDOODLES, adapted from Irvin Lin’s recipe on Eat the Love

The recipe for these snickerdoodles comes from the inimitable Irvin Lin. I had to resist typing “jackhonky,” because that’s his name on Twitter. Poor man, that’s what we call him in this house. When I see him in Seattle next month, after the big hug, and before we bake together all day, I will have to refrain from calling him Jack.

Soon, more and more people will know this talented man, whatever we call him. Irvin is the most naturally talented baker I have ever met. Not only does he bake up an apple slab pie with dried fall fruit, or blackberry lemon chess pie with honey jumbleberry sauce, or chocolate pavlovas with chocolate mascarpone sauce on a moment’s notice, but he is probably the most talented gluten-free baker I have ever had the privilege to meet. And he doesn’t have to be gluten-free.

Irvin has a friend who cannot eat gluten. And so, with no fuss and all aplomb, he began playing with flours and trying to make his cupcakes extraordinary without all-purpose flour. This is how I’d love for the food world as a whole to think of gluten-free baking: not someone standing off to the side of the parade, waving forlornly, but someone who has dived into the crowd, wearing slightly different clothes than the rest of the marching band but fabulous.

We cook food. We make cakes. We use more whole grains than most Americans do. And if you love baking, how can you not be playing with gluten-free ratios?

(By the way, pastry chefs, I’m pretty well convinced that muffins, quick breads, and possibly cakes are better without gluten than with it. Chew on that.)

So instead of writing out the recipe for these snickerdoodles with the small changes we made, I’m sending you over to Irvin’s recipe.

We simply replaced the various flours that Irvin used with 465 grams of our all-purpose flour mix. Other than that, we did everything he did.

And we suggest you do the same.

Start baking.

We’re offering one of our cookbooks to someone here. We do believe you’ll learn a lot about gluten-free baking from it, plus you’ll love the focaccia and seasonal berry pancakes. To win a copy of our cookbook, tell us about someone who has inspired you to become a better baker.

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  1. Tami Hagglund

    You're adorable! Audible is a football term πŸ™‚ It's when the play has been decided but then as the guys line up they realize that said play will not work because of how the other team is in formation. Typically it's the quarterback, and so say they have a rushing play but the defense is ready for it, so he'll audible, or call out, a different play, say a passing play, and change the plan.

    And the cookies look amazing! Yum!

  2. The InTolerant Chef

    I love tha he made the gluten switch for friendship. When I bake for functions, I always have complaints that the gluten free goodies look so much better than the gluten filled bretheren. I WANT people to be jealous and realise that the alternative is exciting and wonderful- and delicious!

  3. Meadow

    My Mother inspired me, and she taught me that no matter how bad something turns out–if I learned from it, it was worth it.

  4. Catherine

    I know exactly how you feel about football. I have tried to understand and like it all my life. Just can't get it. Someone who has inspired me to be a better baker is you actually. I've always liked baking and did well with wheat flour recipes. It has been a challenge doing the GF ones as some of the recipes end up really oogy. Your recipes taste wonderful! I really enjoy them. Thanks!

  5. Jeanine

    We LOVE snickerdoodles at our house! What has inspired me to be a better baker? Celiacs disease! I might as well learn how to bake it now, and bake it right, because if I relied only on store bought stuff, I'd feel like I was missing out.


    snickerdoodles have never been a favorite of mine, but WOW you guys make them look so stinkin' good!

  7. Sarah

    The cookies look DELICIOUS!!! I'd LOVE a copy of your cookbook. My Mom is a great cook, baker, crafter… all around good example and I'd love to be more like her. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  8. Lori Beth

    In a sense, You have inspired me to learn and become a better GF baker for my DD. After your Thanksgiving roundup I made homemade GF stuffing, ended up having to make pie crust (b/c the GF pre-made one I thought I could use from our store had dairy in it)and mae mini pumpkin pies and pecan pie. I've never really stepped up and made things for Thanksgiving, but I wanted DD to be able to share in some of the yumminess

  9. Ann

    That's easy – my mom is my inspiration! Christmas always = cookies in our house. And when my dad was diagnosed with celiac's 10+ years ago, she jumped in and figured out how to make all his favorites GF.

  10. wanderluck

    More than one person has inspired me to be a better baker. My husband (or taste-tester), who gives me all my best feedback. My aunt, who gets up to cook and bake for her co-workers on a regular basis (I want to be like her when I grow up). My friends with allergies and restrictions, either from the blogosphere or in person – I want to bake for them, because there aren't as many folks who will but should. My boys at the sheriff's office, who light up every time I bring them a plate of cookies or a pan of brownies or a container of cupcakes. And of course, all the better bakers on the web, who show me what I could really do if I put my mind to it.


  11. Tina

    I'd like to give praise and thanks to Marion Cunningham and her Breakfast Book.
    This little book is delightful to read just for pleasure, but over time it opened a new world of baking pleasure for me. Not only do we use the marvelous recipes from this book (please try the yeasted waffles and the cornmeal griddlecakes), it led me to find other family favorites, like crepes and scones, that are so undemanding but so delicious. And before I realized it, I was comfortable baking regularly.
    Thanks again for the writing and the website! Happy Holidays

  12. BriannEm

    My mother. We're not a gluten free household, but in our quest to find out what my younger sister was/is allergic to… We've tried almost everything. And my mother always makes it taste delicious.

  13. havenmaven

    Oh, wow! I really needed a good laugh today and you delivered…not only a guffaw or two, but they came with SNICKERDOODLES. Such a fun post. Bedankt!

  14. Devon

    My boyfriend. He is a Master Baker and really knows his stuff, making bread at a world famous bakery. Which makes him the perfect taste tester for my gluten free experiments. He knows the taste of the best baked goods in the world, so I know when I get something perfectly on point as soon as he tastes it. He even has baked gluten free for me, even though it is like trying to read a foreign language. He inspires me with him craft, work ethic and skill as well as his love and support.

  15. OceanEyes117

    I would have to say both may parents inspired my love of cooking in general. They both were in the kitchen consistently throughout my childhood making breakfasts and dinners. Beyond that, the Food Network really jump started my love of baking. That, and our bread machine.

  16. Dorian

    First, my husband LOVES snickerdoodles, so this is going into my list of things to make this holiday season.

    That said…my biggest baking inspiration has been all of the great GF bloggers I've come across in the last couple of years. When I realized Wheat was my problem I determined to kick the allergy filled baking out of the house, but not being a very strong baker to begin with made it…trying, to say the least ;)You and Elania and Karina made my life so much less stressful!


  17. Tammy

    I actually don't need a cookbook, I bought one shortly before it was released. (Amazon). However, I wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to start baking and cooking more. Our daughter went gluten free last year in October (15) due to leaky gut problems. This year the rest of us have to do the same thing even though we are just barely showing symptoms of intolerance (not celiac). In the past two weeks, I have made bread, cookies, pie crust etc that taste amazing! Reading your blog posts, Twitter, following Cybele Pascal, fourchickens and all of the rest of the gang, I sincerely appreciate all of the time that you take to explore gluten free baking to make it perfect for the rest of us. πŸ™‚

  18. Kristie

    My mother…there was nothing better than waking up every morning before school to find fresh baked muffins, breads, cinnamon rolls, etc. With every bite, I just KNEW she loved me!

  19. Melissa

    OMG, my hubby made persimmon cookies last night–but these snickerdoodles look delish! As for someone who has inspired me, its my great grandmother. She passed away when I was in 7th grade, but everytime I start to bake I think of her old flour sifter and the kitchen we used to bake in together! She also makes me want to learn how to CAN!

  20. zonecoach

    My Mom was and is a great baker. I was inspired by her chocolate chip cookies. She also made a great gingersnap cookie. The neighbors would come for blocks to taste her cookies. She doesn't bake much anymore but in her prime…..mmmmmm

  21. rustictart

    I fee like everyone reading your words feels like you would be one of the BESTEST friends ever. . . Monty Python walks, loving the word snickerdoodle and finding out that it's German for SNAIL NOODLE (which is possibly one of the best word origins ever). . . man you are a fun girl. (and fun family to boot!)

    So another delicious cookie to make. Oh my.

    I made gluten free biscotti the other day. . with ginger chunks and coconut. Oh and lots of chocolate.

    Imagine a holiday cookie swap between all of us here- be still my heart (and tastebuds)!

    LOVE and warmth on this freezing cold Maine afternoon. . .

  22. Candy

    These are too yummy to pass up. And your "rabbit trails" are highly entertaining.

    Side note: the ONLY place I can find superfine brown rice flour is online and it costs more to ship than to purchase. Can I use regular brown rice flour as a substitute?

  23. Nikko28brass

    My husband. Because he has not faltered at all since I found out I was gluten intolerant. He is constantly giving me feedback (always the truth with little sugar-coating) and he has completely supported me in my endeavor to make baking fun for me again, even though I need to do it gluten free now. I owe my kitchen sanity to him and his constant encouragement, compassion, and nudging. He makes me want to be, and ultimately be not only a better cook and baker, but a better person. πŸ™‚

  24. SLColman

    I think that since I found out that I need to live dairy & gluten free that all of the other bloggers are the ones who inspire me to keep trying and strive to be a better baker!
    Those cookies look amazing and Snickerdoodles are one of my favorites!

  25. Cara

    No one in my family is a very good baker, so I think that kind of inspired me. My dad is an excellent chef, but everyone else is either just okay or terrible at cooking and baking, so I guess I was inspired to pick up the slack by all of them!

  26. blondevue...

    I cannot wait to get home and make some of these!! They look so yummy! My Mom has made snickerdoodles for years, but when I was diagnosed with Chrones I began a wheat free/ glueten free diet and now only eat them if I want the pain.
    So THIS, this is a great plan! Make them AND be able to eat them!!

    I'd love to see your book! My Grandma (a cook) inspired me to be a better baker when I was younger, something about watching her loving yet strong german hands pull pans out of the oven without mits on her, made me stop and really decide that I wanted to show my loved ones good food and especially baking like my Grandmother has always shown us.

    Wonderful blog!

  27. Allison

    I hope you get plenty of rest! I still need to get the rest of the ingredients to mix up a batch of the flour mix!

  28. Catie

    My husband's enthusiasm for baked goods is my inspiration. His love of cream puffs, for example, encouraged me to learn how to make them (from his mother's recipe) and then to find a GF recipe when that became necessary. It is also helpful that he will eat the majority of a batch of cookies so that I don't over-indulge. Oh and he tells me I'm a great cook regardless of the complexity of the meal.

  29. Jennifer Jo

    My family! Their affirmation (or, when there are flops, their turned up noses) helps me to hone my skills.

  30. Snacking S

    Both my twin sister and I are gluten free but no one else in the family is, she has no interest in cooking so I use that as motivation to keep us both fed well. I LOVE cooking and baking gluten free now and my favorite thing to do it push my baking on non gluten free folk to prove that often gluten free tastes better… and its worked, i've got a big following of friends who now request gluten free goodies!

  31. Bridgette

    Congratulations on your accomplishments with all of your hard work. I love your photos of the snickerdoodles and I absolutely love eating snickerdoodles… just have to start baking again.

    I love to give your book to a friend of mine who suffers far more from a gluten-allergy than me and loves to bake.

    Thanks for being such a bright and cheery voice in the gluten-free world.

  32. dramatic ballads

    i'm inspired to be a better baker because i think for a lot of us with intense food allergies, the world of food seems like a scarce place. i want to kick the butt of that scarcity and give us lots to celebrate and cheer about.

  33. Heather Scholten

    That's it – I'm calling them Snaildoodles from now on! ha! That's hilarious. Thanks for the amazing recipe and the snickers! Laughs, I mean.

    Heather (Farmgirl Gourmet)

  34. Anna Joy Holbird

    I can't wait to try this recipe! So excited!

    When I worked at a small cafΓ© in Wichita, KS we had two bakers. Let's call one Jane and the other Doris. Doris was, quite possibly, one of the worst bakers I'd ever seen. Didn't care when things got burned or didn't turn out or taste good. I was appalled because for a while my schedule only fell in line with her.

    Then I started to work with Jane and wow. She was knowledgeable about everything from bread to scones and she loved making things from scratch. I've never seen anyone pour so much love into cookies. it was incredible.

    Since then, I've strived to make the best breads possible – and I've even managed to get a little better. πŸ™‚

  35. Heather

    Poisoning my 2 year old son with brownies w/ peanut butter chips has led us down the allergen-free pathway. How do I back w/o nuts? Not to hard. Without eggs & glutens?? Well, we're figuring that out. I'd love more of your recipes/book to help feed our hungry little boy (and the rest of our family) with yummy, wholesome food!

  36. Samuel

    YOU have inspired me to be a better baker- before I found your blog, I gave up on baking anything gluten-free. You've taken the mystery out of gf baking AND made it delicious. I'm making my store list now so I can take some snickerdoodles to the cookie exchange Monday! ~Amber

  37. hoopyscoopsmom

    We taught silly walks to my daughter! Now every night when we are cooking dinner she wants to do silly walks, it's become a tradition!!!

    My inspiration to be a better baker, two words, Celiac Disease! Actually, it should read be a baker, period!!!

    And, thanks for another awesome recipe!!!

  38. RJF

    Nigella Lawson. I picked up a copy of How To Be A Domestic Goddess and instantaneously wanted to become a competent baker, a foothold toward her fabulousness.

    The exactness of baking often tries my patience – I want to be doing three or four things at the same time – baking forces me to do one.

    Once I learned to slow down, I made a ridiculously good Chocolate Guiness Cake. I've never looked back.

    Thanks, Nigella.

  39. April Fiet

    Snickerdoodles are my husband's favorite! Now that I'm baking GF for myself (and my whole family because I want us all eating the same food at meals), I bet my hubby will be thrilled for this recipe!

    My Grandma inspired me to be a better baker. I miss her lots – lost her almost 10 years ago to Parkinson's. She baked the birthday cakes (and pies) for almost everyone in our family, and she made a sour cream and raisin pie every year for my Grandpa's (her husband) birthday even though she couldn't stand it herself. For her, baking was about sharing joy and love with other people. It wasn't about winning a contest, or showing everyone her expertise (even though she had plenty!). It was about seeing the smile on the other person's face.

  40. dome sweet dome

    My mom wasn't the best cook but she was a fabulous – and frugal – baker. Snickerdoodles were always a favorite.

    She didn't like football, nor do I – but I bet I love these cookies.

    Thanks for giving so much of yourself! You're so damn real.

  41. The Chatty Housewife

    Someone that has inspired me to be a better baker is my mom. She always made perfectly wonderful looking and tasting treats this time of year.

  42. Kate @ Savour Fare

    Well, I thought I was a pretty good baker before I started my blog, but my readers have totally inspired me to push the envelope, be a little more perfectionistic, make that cookie a littl tastier, that cake a little lighter, that pie crust a little flakier.

  43. Nana Rogers

    I love that your personality comes through in your post… And I totally agree on your view of Football… Yuk! lol
    As for the snicker-doodles Oh I can't wait to make some. Yum!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing so much.

  44. alexis rose

    so wonderful to hear everyone's inspirations! (and by the way, these snickerdoodles look fantastic.)

    as a little girl, my grandmother would always be baking, and i was her little helper. she grew up on a mid-west farm and made everything from scratch. i loved being in the kitchen with her; our favorite was making sugar cookies. i stood in awe watching her make pastry bags out of parchment paper and adding various extracts to our standard powdered sugar and milk icing depending on our mood. it was our time together, and i wanted to be a part of the entire process. she was a wonderful cook, baker, and overall special lady. i still aspire to be as wonderful a cook as she was.

  45. dbowden

    To date, I've only been baking GF goods for myself, but if my 5yo son turns out to be intolerant as well (he got a blood test today, but we don't have results yet), then I'll be working extra hard to make him some baked goods he can enjoy.

  46. Joni G.

    I was always the baker in the family. My condition has inspired me to become a better baker. I don't know how many batches of things have gone straight into the trash after trying to make them gluten free. Yet I persevere and keep trying!

  47. Nana Rogers

    I forgot to post who inspired me to be a better baker in my last post… Kind of a duhh day today. I love kitchen company πŸ˜‰
    My Mom and GG. They taught me I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. We started in the kitchen around age 3. Now I cook with my grandson. I was recently wishing I had one of GG's recipes for cheese danishes. I opened my other Grandmothers recipe book I inherited and found GG's hand written recipe for Cheese danish. She wrote this out for me some 30 yrs ago. I thought it was lost. Now I want to make it GF so I can enjoy it to the full.

  48. OlwenIsis

    I made myself become a better baker and to go GF. I've tried for 4 years to conceive and it still hasn't happened. I've read sometimes gluten causes issues and so I've gone as GF as possible. I really need a GF cookbook to really get me going but in this economy, a cookbook of any sort is an expense I can't justify. For what it's worth, I freaking LOVE snickerdoodles.

  49. Tonya

    Shauna YOU inspired me to become a better GLUTEN FREE baker. Before I got sick, I was known for baking and cooking. That's who I was. I was sick for years with most doctor's just telling me there was nothing wrong with me, it was all in my head even though I could barely get out of bed most days. I lost more than 50 pounds. One day as I was googling my symptoms yet again trying to find an answer, I stumbled across your site. As I read, I thought, that's just like me! I bought your book and then decided to get tested.

    After my diagnosis I went on a month long pity party, I felt like I was losing who I was. I was the one who baked. A few months later my best friend was diagnosed as well so now I had motivation to get back out there and learn to bake again since now I would have someone to share it with since my family hated every gluten free thing I tried to make (which I don't blame them, most of it was awful!) I love the recipes on your site as well as those in your cookbook. This is my first holiday season without gluten. I am excited to try baking all of these cookies, but especially the snickerdoodles.

  50. Brenda

    Snickerdoodles are the one cookie that we make sure gets done for the holidays. My Hubby's cameramen get them every year and have started asking about them already! My Mom started my baking want to, but my neighbor/2nd Mom inspired me to always try something new…being GF has made that come to pass!

  51. fallingintofavor

    My sister has inspired me – she is always baking and I'm always cooking. Then my husband inspired me. I never baked before I got married πŸ™‚

  52. Dee

    Baking inspirations hmm…?
    Well I guess I'll start off with my Mom, I have wonderful childhood memories of baking with her, she's gone now, but whenever I make her recipes I think of her.
    I'll go on next to my children – it's so much fun (most of the time!) to bake with my kids! And it's fun to try things out and see how/if they work!

    Also, the challenge of having to live wheat free has spurred me on. Why should the wheat/gluten eaters get all the goodies? NO WAY! I can make great wheat/gluten free stuff!
    and my last inspiration? well it's you Shauna! You make it all seem very do-able! Thank you for that!

  53. sacha

    Actually, you have inspired me to be a better baker… I was just starting my serious foray into baking when I learned that I would have to cut gluten out of my diet for good. After that it took me a while to even think about baking again, since there were so many other new (and sometimes exciting) ingredients in my life. After stumbling on this blog I started to think about muffins and cookies and bread again… and how it was possible to make delicious, if not slightly better baked goods. Thanks Shauna!

  54. Mburger718

    The cookies look amazing! I'm hoping that I have time to bake at least several kinds of holiday cookies before Christmas! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes!

  55. katharinesalas

    Your post was interesting and funny no matter how tired and sleep deprived you are. Your snickerdoodles sound great. I would say that I have learned a lot about the craft of baking and been inspired to try various baking techniques by watching Martha Stewart shows for years as well as the Food Network. As far as for inspiration for GF baking, I have learned a lot from the babycakes NYC cookbook. I hope I win your cookbook! I would love to try out all your recipes. What a great holiday gift to me:)

  56. Melissa Davlin

    Those look delicious!

    As for your question: My husband inspired me to bake. When I first met him, he was obsessed with bread baking. He played with the same recipe over and over until it was perfect. Before him, I didn't have patience in the kitchen, but his love of food drove me to take the time to make sure what comes out of my oven is truly delicious.

  57. Jane

    While my Grandma is no longer with us, she has inspired me to become a better baker. I have all her old cookie tins, and now I just need to fill them with all your wonderful recipes. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your inspiration too.

  58. Clea Danaan

    Honestly? YOU have inspired me to be a better baker! I ordered my scale last night and I can't wait. (ha, ha, pun…)

  59. Ellen

    not being able to eat gluten has definitely inspired me to be a better baker. i have had many gluten free goodies that span the gamut from better-than-wheat to absolutely inedible. i know it's possible to make great GF baked goods and i like the challenge!

  60. Jennie

    What inspired me to be a better baker? Honestly, my sister's celiac diagnosis… all-purpose flour now just seems to be the easy way to do things. Baking with brown rice and almond flour is just the way to go!

  61. Wilsonamyd

    My mom is totally my inspirational baker. And I've been trying to adapt all of her yummy recipes to GF! Which is so fun, even when they don't turn out so well… πŸ™‚

  62. bijin

    A friend of mine who found out she was allergic to gluten and started baking gluten free goodies. The first time she asked me to try one her cakes I was like…hmmm….doubtful….but one bite and I was hooked….it was delicious, light and good for the spirit. I'm slowly transitioning to gluten free even though I'm not intolerant to gluten just because her cake was sooo good! Now I would replace half the flour or most of it with other flour or nut flour. It's so fun to experiment.
    Congratulations on the award!

  63. Marny

    Snickerdoodles are some of my husband's favorite cookies, so I'll have to try these out ASAP!
    My mother taught me to be a better baker by showing me that even if you follow the recipe to a T, nothing tastes as good as something made with love. πŸ™‚

  64. Joan

    Both of my grandmothers inspired me to become a better baker. I was so excited to receive a cookbook for my 13th birthday (Better Homes and Gardens). They were both patient with me which was much appreciated since I was the oldest of 6 children and my mother didn't have much patience. I guess, though, in a way my mother inspired me too, because she usually didn't have time to make desserts except cake mixes. So I learned that if I wanted something like cream puffs I had to make it myself. My 4 brothers and my father appreciated all the desserts I made!

  65. paisleyapron

    My husband inspires me. His adoring comments and embraces when I've filled the house with the smell of baked bread keeps me wanting to make him even happier.

    Thanks for the snickerdoodles. They are my favorite cookie and I can't wait to have some that are g-f!


    You know that now we need a video of little Lu doing the silly walks…since you mentioned it!

  67. Rita

    Irvin. Has inspired me to become a better baker. And has led me to discover YOU! This post is hilarious! ("Snail noodles!")

    Irvin improves my life all around. I am totally learning right now to live more gluten free.


  68. Sara Pugh

    For a year in New York City I lived with an incredible family – and the wife in the family truly inspired me to learn how to cook from scratch and to make things on my own. She had the incredible gift of hospitality and still hosts me willingly and lovingly today! Can't wait to continue to bake and cook with her!

  69. Wondering K

    This is completely random, but I thought of you on my drive home to West Seattle the other night. The N and A in the giant Luna Park sign are burnt out right now, so from the bridge at night it says LU PARK. So Lu's name is in lights in West Seattle right now πŸ˜‰ Take care!

  70. Lauren

    Both your version and Irvin's look gorgeous. I have to agree with all that you said. He's pretty amazing.

    So many people have inspired me to be a better baker, you included. My mom introduced me to it and encouraged my love for it, and my aunt taught me how to make pie. I'm constantly inspired though, that's what makes baking so much fun :).

  71. Bonita

    My oldest daughter has inspired me to have a passion for baking. She is a creative vegetarian who loves to cook and bake. Cooking gluten free was way out of my league! My daughter encourages me by pouring over recipes and giggling over some of the outcomes as we count down… 1…2…3…you first! Hahaha!

  72. Mr. Jackhonky

    Words can't express how much I love you Shauna! I can't wait for my visit up there. I want to see Lu's silly walks, I want to laugh and bake and laugh some more!

    And you can call me Jack. πŸ˜‰

    As for those who inspire me to be better bakers. Obviously my friends and family and loved ones, as I wouldn't bake if I didn't have people to eat and enjoy it (I almost never eat what I bake).

    But also the food blogging community. I thought I was a decent baker until I started my blog, and realized I was nothing compared to the talent out there. Connecting with them really made me push myself outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself and make a better product. I'm a better baker because of people like you.

  73. Bluencnxn

    Baking inspirations, I remember a great aunt who made Mexican wedding cookies, her two elderly Scottish friends who made amazing shortbread, and then baking gluten free for my mom. I still have a very tattered Tassajara Bread book on baking that I poured over to learn how to make bread. I remember huge wooden bowls full of the sponge. Of course there was the gluten free angel food birthday cake my younger brother caused to fall and become a hockey puck. Who inspires me now–all the small artisan bakers who are making a go of gluten free baked goods, and the broader gluten free blogging community who remind us that it is not only possible but probable to make better looking and healthier food. Kudos to you and all the others who inspire the rest of us!

  74. Sahnya

    My Grandma inspired me. She had three freezers that were always filled with homemade bread, pies, and good ole Yakima fruits, veggies, and meats. Christmas entailed dozens of all things delicious … all homemade. I never saw a store bought bread in her house, until she was really ill. I always think of her while baking … especially during the holidays!

  75. MK French

    My someday-children. I want to teach them that getting into the kitchen and rolling up your sleeves, making a mess and filling the house with wonderful smells can be not only satisfying but FUN.

  76. Tracy Chastain

    Kim made our second batch of these and we took them to a neighborhood party. No one knew these were gluten free! They were so good and such a hit. We refrigerated the first batch while we ate dinner. This batch did not get refrigerated. First batch was puffy. Second batch was not. They flattened a lot more. both were excellent! Thanks!!!

  77. Colleen

    My grandmother would bake @ 6 pumpkin chiffon pies from scratch, including pastry every Thanksgiving and host a wonderful dinner for her 6 children and their children about 30 of us. I was so inspired by her tenacity and wonderful demeanor and will never forget seeing the pies lined up on the table with freshly whipped cream … mmmmm! Thanks Grandma (Oma)!

  78. mommahawk

    Just found you this year. Why it took me so long I'll never know. That said, thank you thank you thank you!!!! We love to cook, we love to eat! And we LOVE Snickerdoodles!
    Thanks for your hard work and dedication, thanks for your love of cooking and sharing all your resources and yummy recipes. Thank you for what I know is going to be an incredible holiday baking experience ever. And thanks for many awesome years of GF cooking to come!
    Much love from Seattle.

  79. moonsword

    my grandma inspired me to be a better baker. my favorite memory of her is when she taught me how to make Sicilian Christmas cookies using the ages-old secret family recipes. she made me feel so special!

  80. Sactochick

    Thanks for the recipe, snickerdoodles are my husband and daughter's favorite cookies. I am the celiac in our family and the baker so I am trying to do all of our Christmas cookies gluten-free this year. I was just diagnosed in August so I have been frequenting your column to learn about gluten-free baking. My inspiration was a friend of mine's mother when I was a child. Her mother always baked (mine didn't) and the smells and comfort in that kitchen were so wonderful. I have always wanted to replicate that feeling of comfort for my own daughter.

  81. theunappreciatedbaker

    My husband inspires me to be a better baker. As unrefined as his palate is, he always encourages me to try harder and try new things!

  82. MonaRae

    Something that made me the cook I am today, was living a very impoverished childhood, but having the unique pleasure of a grandmother who baked bread every Friday, and would bring us our own little loaves with our initials scratched in the top. (Being the youngest of 6, this is the only way I would ever have gotten one. πŸ™‚

  83. Amanda

    Thank you so much for this. It takes me back to high school. It is one of the recipes that most reminds me of my favourite teacher and inspiration. Thank you also for being an inspiration as I learn to bake gluten-free! I am loving it, as I am also loving becoming an at-home-gourmet (for one) because life is too short to wait for someone else to cook for!

  84. Ann

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I grew up with snickerdoodles. I just made these. I find them to be a little too cakey; I'm going to drop the flour a bit next time.

  85. Amy

    Did you ever post the chocolate sprinkle cookies recipe? Did you mean chocolate crinkle cookies? (would love a GF version of those!)

    Made your oatmeal chocolate chip cookies today with raisins instead of chocolate. Came out great. Even my super-taster/super-nose daughter who hasn’t been fond of my GF baked goods (methinks she tastes the bean flour in the 4-flour mix I have been using) loved them (I made them using your blend).

    Thank you!

  86. Anastasia

    OMG. Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more… These are my son’s favorite cookies. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  87. Lisa Todnem

    Happy Sunday!! Your cookbook is one of the best and most beautiful books I have ever read, and I thank you for the experience. I remember reading at one point that you were also allergic to eggs. I am eager to try Irvin’s Snickerdoodle recipe, but wondered what you would use as an egg substitute? My son Zachary is allergic to gluten, eggs and peanuts, so baking around here has been a bit different that before his diagnosis. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the inspiration!! Lisa

  88. Renee

    My grandmother and mom taught me that baking equals love. I have baked my whole life but did not start baking gluten free until I met my husband. Because he has Celiac’s, he spent most of his adult life feeling left out when it came to baked goods. He inspired me to change the way I baked. Now my whole family is gluten free and no one feels left out at celebrations. They are going to love these snickerdoodles! Thank you!

  89. Sandra Cantrell

    I started cooking when in grade school a long time ago! My family lived on a farm so a lot of our food was home raised and preserved so I always knew what real food was. Mom let us cook anything we wanted and since I didn’t know at the time I had celiac I baked snickerdoodles, a requirement in 4-H, and loved raw chocolate chip cookie dough. I was making chocolate mousse, yeast bread and rolls, cakes, pies (with lard) the best for flaky, sweet crust, chocolate fudge cake and always baked during a thunderstorm. I guess that was because we knew dad would be in from the fields. The downside was that I weighed 180 in Jr. High, always felt tired, suffered with mind fog, had no social life, no ambition and my best and only friend was my dog, Dusty! Every year I had walking pneumonia and many other health-related issues. At 57 I was diagnosed correctly and immediately removed gluten from my life and with a great supplement program I feel better now than when I was 30. I do miss feeling excited about cooking and wanting to make an effort to produce good meals, especially baked goods. What I have tried has not been good and the prepackaged items contain a lot of sugar and are expensive. I would like to find a guide and some encouragement. Thanks

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