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I still miss Gourmet.

I know that it has been gone for more than a year, and I’m supposed to have moved on by now. And frankly, it’s not as if I had time to read every article those last couple of years, or even most of them. With a newborn, who became a toddler, my reading time has diminished to the point of thin sadness. Creating recipes on our own means that I have less time to cook in a leisurely fashion, from magazines cracked open on the counter, food stains on the pages. I should be grateful I have one fewer magazine that I cannot read, right?

I still miss Gourmet.

Everything about it appealed to me. The recipes always worked. The photographs inspired me, over and over again. And the writing? Ay god, the writing was incredible. Actually, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’m growing sad.

Thankfully, there’s a bit of Gourmet brightening this holiday season: The Gourmet Cookie Book: The Single Best Recipe from Each Year 1941-2009. This book is not only filled with ridiculously-good-looking cookies (shot in the magazine’s style), but it is a history of American baking from World War II until last year. You can learn a lot here.

Oh heck, who cares about their learning when there are date bars, chocolate meringue biscuits, Brazil nut crescents, and brandy snaps. Plus, these little jam tart cookies, from 1993, called Aunt Sis’s Strawberry Tart Cookies.

They are like little tarts, because you work with cold butter to form the dough, almost like you are making a pie crust. However, it’s a much more forgiving process. All you need is a stand mixer (or good biceps if you are doing this by hand). There are only a few ingredients and the dough takes about 6 minutes to put together. The hardest part is waiting for the dough to chill in the refrigerator. The wait is worth it, however.

(Just as an aside, every single cookie recipe we will be giving you in the next few weeks does well with some time in the refrigerator as a dough. The refrigeration gives the flavors to mix and meld and build fully. When you bake freshly made gluten-free cookie dough, sometimes all you can taste is the starches. Wait overnight and you taste the cinnamon and vanilla again.)

Also, there is jam in the middle.

candy cane thumbprints

However, if you want, you can follow Lu’s suggestion and fill the little well with crushed candy canes.

When she and I were in the grocery store, buying the ingredients for the baking extravaganza, she reached for the new display of candy canes hanging down. Last year, she was too little to take any of this in. This December, she recognizes Santa on gift bags. (Wait until she meets Santa tonight, at the island tree lighting ceremony!) So those candy canes called to her, like dangling jewels. I bought a few. And then she dropped one on the floor when we were unloading the bag at home.

No point in throwing it away. Let’s use it.

Good idea, kiddo. These may look a bit janky but they are delicious. The little butter tart cookies that melt in the mouth meet the crackly crunch of candy cane. Sign me up for more. Thank goodness it’s only the first week of December. There is still time to bake more of these jam tart cookies and linger with the goodness that is Gourmet.

Would you like more gluten-free holiday cookies to bake after this one? You are in luck. We’re baking at a hilarious, frantic piece around here. We have plans for you. Make up a batch of the all-purpose mix we published last night and start baking.

We’ll be publishing a new gluten-free baked good every weekday between now and December 23rd!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jam tart cookies

Monday, December 6th

Gingerbread babies

Tuesday, December 7th

Pistachio cranberry cookies

Wednesday, December 8th

Chocolate roll-up cookies

Thursday, December 9th


Friday, December 10th

Pine nut cookies

Monday, December 13

Honey-spice madeleines

Tuesday, December 14

Ginger lemon bars

Wednesday, December 15th

(we have a surprise for you this day)

Thursday, December 16th

Spritz cookies

Friday, December 17th


Saturday, December 18th


Monday, December 20th

Swedish cardamom cookies

Tuesday, December 21st

Russian tea cakes

Wednesday, December 22nd

Coconut spice fudge

Thursday, December 23rd

Round-up of all that we have done, plus a few surprises.

Sound good?

It grows better. We’re giving away a copy of our cookbook on each of those days. It’s the holidays. You’ll need crusty bread for sandwiches and breadcrumbs, curried red lentil dip for party appetizers, fresh pasta for a quick evening meal, and the blue cheese cheesecake with a fig crust for holiday celebrations.

Today, we’re also giving away a copy of The Gourmet Cookie Book: The Single Best Recipe from Each Year 1941-2009. You can use our all-purpose mix for any recipe in the book. Some of them are naturally gluten-free!

If you are interested in winning either of these, leave a comment here about what your favorite filling for these jam tart cookies! Or what you loved about Gourmet. Or why you would like a copy of our cookbook.

Then, start baking!

Winners of the giveaway, chosen at random:

Winner of a copy of our cookbook

Melissa Davlin, who wrote: “Nothing fancy here: I love raspberry jam in the middle of cookies. At the newspaper I work at, we’re running a cookie round-up next Wednesday with a recipe for shortbread cookies with raspberry jam in the middle, drizzled with white chocolate. They look divine.”

Winner of a copy of The Gourmet Cookie Book: The Single Best Recipe from Each Year 1941-2009

Mary Ann Wong, who wrote: “i wonder if it would be possible to make a matcha/black sesame paste to put in the centre of these cookies? nom.

thank you in advance for all those cookie recipes to come. i see a few there that i’ve been struggling to create, hurrah! my spouse will not thank you for the extra inches she’s going to acquire from my experiments, but I will πŸ™‚

Gourmet was a part of my childhood, just as Julia Child was. the loss of each of these things hurt my heart. I’m glad for the cookie book, but still wish for the magazine back.

*le sigh*”

Can you two lovely ladies please send me an email with your name, address, and telephone number to glutenfreegirl@gmail.com? Thank you!

jam thumbprints


JAM TART COOKIES, GLUTEN-FREE, adapted from The Gourmet Cookie Book: The Single Best Recipe from Each Year 1941-2009

The beauty of these cookies is that you could make them again and again, with a different filling each time. Lemon-rosemary curd. Chocolate ganache. Strawberry jam. We were lucky enough to have Sean Timberlake‘s apricot jam with bourbon and nougax. Oh my.

Since there are so few ingredients here, it helps to buy the best version of each that you can. Superfine bakers’ sugar rather than the grainy kind. Good European-style butter, with a higher butterfat content than the regular grocery store type. Organic farmers’ eggs.

If you don’t have access to any of that, however, these cookies are great with what you can find at the store. The point is to bake.

420 grams gluten-free all-purpose flour mix
1 teaspoon psyllium husk
1 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
345 grams (3 US sticks) cold unsalted butter, cut into 1-inch pieces
2 large egg yolks, beaten lightly
1 cup jam of your choice

Making the dough. In the bowl of a stand mixer, whisk together the AP flour, psyllium husk, sugar, and salt until they are well combined. Add the butter bits and turn on the stand mixer, at low speed. Mix the butter and dry ingredients until the mixture looks like coarse meal with pea-shaped pieces of butter. Pour in the egg yolks and mix until combined.

Refrigerating the dough. Take the dough out of the mixing bowl. Wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least two hours, preferably overnight.

Preparing to bake the cookies. Take the dough out of the refrigerator and let it soften a bit. Preheat the oven to 350Β°. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a Silpat.

Baking the cookies. Measure out a teaspoon of dough. Roll it into a ball in the palm of your hands. Put it on the baking sheet and continue until the entire baking sheet is filled. (These cookies will spread just a bit, so leave about 2 inches of room between each cookie.) Make a small indentation in the center of each cookie with your thumb. If the outside edges of the cookie dough start to crack, start over. Do this gently.

Fill each center of the cookie with about 1/4 teaspoon of the jam. (I’ve yet to make one that didn’t spill over the edges in the baking, but I’d rather have more jam than less!) Bake the cookies on the middle rack of the oven until the edges are pale golden, about 12 minutes.

Let the cookies cool for 2 minutes, then transfer them to cookie racks. Let them cool to room temperature before eating.

Makes about 8 dozen cookies.

198 comments on “jam in the middle

  1. Grocery Alerts Canada


    My favorite filling would be raspberry jam.

    I also use this when I make crostata.

    I would love another copy of your cookbook to gift to my friends!

  2. Catie

    My favorite jam-cookie pairing would likely be crabapple jam with the cookies – my mom used to make cookies shaped like perogies with jam in the middle. Soooo yummy

  3. Amanda on Maui

    Oh my, I am so excited. Thumbprint cookies are my absolute favorite. I remember as a child there would always be the blue tin of cookies at every holiday party, and I would eat all of the thumbprint cookies! They were always strawberry jam in the center, so I think I'd go that route just for some nostalgia.

  4. Mia

    Love your blog! My son is already asking for GF cookies for Christmas. "Mom can we make gingerbread?" We need to find some good recipes!

  5. Veronica

    Yummy!! I think I would go with the raspberry jam, although adding the candy canes looks quite yummy too!

    So glad that I have discovered your site

  6. JHDavido

    Y-U-M! I have a batch of your flour all made up.

    I grew up with "Thumbprint" cookies every Christmas. We would roll the dough in chopped pecans and fill the baked cookies with homemade pomegranate jelly. (Filling after baking allows for easy transportation–fill when you get there–and ensures fresh filling.) I recently tried them with lemon curd, and I may never go back.

  7. The Katzenberg Family

    I am going to try them with the vanilla bean peach jam I made this past summer. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes! Please keep them coming!

  8. JHDavido

    Y-U-M! I have a batch of your flour all made up.

    I grew up with "Thumbprint" cookies every Christmas. We would roll the dough in chopped pecans and fill the baked cookies with homemade pomegranate jelly. (Filling after baking allows for easy transportation–fill when you get there–and ensures fresh filling.) I recently tried them with lemon curd, and I may never go back.

  9. GenevaK

    I think some nutella would go amazing with this cookie. Or maybe just because nutella is so good with almost anything.

  10. jen

    I just found your blog and am excited to actually be able to eat normal tasting food again.

    I would love the cookbook since I'm so new at all of this.

    I think my favorite Jam would be raspberry. Yummy!!

  11. Melissa Davlin

    Nothing fancy here: I love raspberry jam in the middle of cookies. At the newspaper I work at, we're running a cookie round-up next Wednesday with a recipe for shortbread cookies with raspberry jam in the middle, drizzled with white chocolate. They look divine.

  12. Kitchen Witch of the West

    The apricot jam since each bite tastes like sunshine on a mild August day. Would still flirt with other fillings, but there can be only one classic craving.

    Why your new cookbook? Because it is full of good food recipes, a love story, and the joy of creating, cooking, a life together. Finances are the only reason I don't own it already.

  13. R

    My grandmother always gifted my mother her Gourmet subscription. When I got married my mother gifted me my subscription. We would chat about what looked good, what we had to cook immediately and compare results. After my mother died, reading Gourmet was a way to still be with her in that tradition.

    There was a Thanksgiving issue (always the best issue!) from the late 80s that had so many great recipes it came out every year. We still have it. It's falling apart and food stained. I could draw the cover from memory. It's not the holidays without Gourmet.

    That all being said, have you seen Donna Hay? First magazine I've seen that even comes close to the "oh my god, I have to make that now" feeling from a good issue of Gourmet.

  14. Fiona

    Mmmm – I'd put home-made lemon curd in these cookies! Or maybe lemon/lime curd – that would also be fantastic.

  15. onewetfoot

    My favourite filling for a thumbprint cookie would be my mother's homemade jams and jellies. Often, strawberry freezer jam, but also apricot, huckleberry, blackberry…well, the list goes on.

  16. Adrienne * Tough City Writer

    Mmmm, how about a tiny dollop of Nutella? I'm usually not a fan as I find it too sweet, but I think a little blob would be nice.

  17. Miss. Ashley

    Hello! I would love a copy of your cookbook because I can't find it anywhere in my town! Oh, and have I been looking!

  18. ellen

    I haven't tried any of your cookie recipes; but I plan to, as I'm newly gluten-free. So what I can comment on is how much I miss Gourmet. Even if I didn't cook everything cover to cover, I enjoyed having the magazine come into my life each month. It was as much inspirational as it was aspirational.

  19. Anna Lear

    I just got a stand mixer and was looking for GF cookie recipes when I saw this post — THANK YOU. A friend gave me some prickly pear/lavender jam that I'd like to use in these cookies, and I might also throw some chopped pinon nuts in the mix.

    And oh, how I miss Gourmet; I was crushed when I read that it was being shut down. I still remember a summer pasta issue in 1989 or so that knocked my socks off, especially a Thai peanut sauce for angel hair pasta that took me deep into Philly's Chinatown for the ingredients. Anyhoo.

  20. Hallie

    I think fig preserves would be delicious in these cookies. I'm super excited for your cookie marathon over the coming days…you guys are so inspiring!

  21. Lorraine

    Well I have the dough chilling, but I just wanted to make sure that these cookies don't have any sugar in them besides the jam. The dough seems pretty sticky but it is always humid here in FL even in the winter.
    I'll assume that I can use more of the baking mix to keep them from sticking when I roll them into balls.

    Love your blog and would love your new cookbook!

  22. Allison

    My favorite filling would have to be my grandmother's strawberry jam. I swear by it. It's my favorite jam in the world. ^_^

  23. zebe912

    You have a smart little cookie, upcycling her broken candy canes! That sounds really yummy. I think I'd like to try these with some Sour Cherry Spoon Fruit that's made here in my state. I think the sweet & sour would be really yummy!

  24. Meredith

    My 90 year old mother used to make these every year with currant jelly in the center….can't imagine Christmas without them. Now that I am gf, I need a new recipe! Finding and reading your blog a few years ago was one of my inspirations for fianlly going gluten free and I thank you! I have your first book, I need your second book! Happy Holidays!

  25. Ellen

    oh, i love thumbprints and all the possibilities they open up! i have a fig and ginger jam that would be awesome in these. or how about some homemade nutella? divine.

  26. Kyle

    Is there truly any reason better than another to want a new and exciting cookbook? The best part of having new recipes now would be all the opportunities to share with friends and family over the holidays. I'll note, my favorite jam is raspberry, although many in my family would prefer lemon (or mint! Wonderful idea!)… I could easily be persuaded to make a mixed batch.

    Wishing you wonderful holidays, and sending many thanks for your amazing blog!

  27. Dr. Jean Layton-GFDoctor

    These deserve my homemade raspberry jam. They look amazing and we will let you know how they come out when we bake over the weekend. I was looking for a good jam thumbprint cookie to add to the tray for the Bellingham Gluten Intolerance Group cookie exchange on Tuesday. Yum!

  28. SusieQ

    I would love a copy of your cookbook! (Or the Gourmet Cookie book). I am so enjoying the holiday season this year, after 3 years of grad school (later in life). It's such a joy to bake and decorate again for my family, without feeling rushed. Bring on the GF recipes!!

  29. theater simpleton

    Joy joy JOY of the cookie season to you!!!
    Ahhh – apricot or raspberry jam… or my grammie's nectarine jam, that I haven't had since she passed – that would be heavenly! (hmm – perhaps on the extreme level!)
    I can hardly wait until these chill! (and gosh, I hope to win a cookbook – even though, frankly, these cookies are pretty great gifts…)

  30. Janet

    Hi Shauna
    A year ago when I was first diagnosed celiac (something I had not even heard of) I found a copy of your first book, which was SO useful – so THANK YOU! At the back of that book was a mention of food blogs….. I hadn't even heard of blogging!! Now I'm hooked! πŸ™‚ I am really looking forward to the cookies that are naturally gluten-free, because there are some flours I simply can't get here in NZ. Thank you for all the work you and Danny (and Lu)have put in to these and all the other recipes. Thank you for sharing your lives and experiences. All that effort is very much appreciated.

  31. Nina Laden

    Okay Shauna- we have to get together before the 17th. I have to tile a shower and some floors on the island, but let's talk timing… we have cannolis to make.

  32. brooke

    For filling, I would waver between my grandma's apricot-pineapple jam or my mother's spiced blueberry butter or her cranberry butter. Yeah, I think we will be making these very, very soon!

    I love the idea of the Gourmet book since reading it on your top 12 list. There can never be enough cookies in the world.

  33. sg

    Justin's Nut Butter – Chocolate Hazelnut…kinda changes the whole cookie, but sounds A-Maz-ing. I think i have some baking to do….

  34. Lisa

    I think these cookies are just what I need to make tonight – the hardest part will be deciding between fig jam or currant jam (brought home from my first trip to France this September!)

    Looking forward to your 2010 Cookie Extravaganza!

  35. Beth

    My mom subscribed to Gourmet magazine for years. In the 8th grade I remember my word for the spelling bee was Gourmet and I tried to picture the cursive title of the magazine in my head. I'm also sad it is gone.

  36. Lea

    I discovered your blog by becoming a fan on facebook and I have to say it's been an inspiration after going gluten-free! I also put off the cookie baking when I noticed you were going to give us some recipes as I was hoping for one like this πŸ™‚ Our family has always had melt-in- your-mouth raspberry jam filled shortbread cookies for Christmas, but I'm going to give this recipe a go. A huge thank you for making GF baking easier for those of us who aren't (yet) huge fans of baking, but love to eat πŸ™‚ I would love to have a copy of the cookbook as well. Happy holidays!

  37. AJ

    I love this recipe, it reminds me of my family's day of baking. We made our version…rolled in crushed nuts, then bake, & add the Yummy goodness of real butter cream frosting. Red & green of course πŸ™‚ thank you for the GF cookie recipes.

  38. bethany

    Oh, wow. I didn't have any holiday baking plans but I feel a sudden urge to stock up and get organized.

    If I can follow through, my fingerprint cookies will be filled with fig jam. Yum.

  39. Mr. Jackhonky

    i SO miss Gourmet. Every year, their December cookie issue was amazing. I was HEARTBROKEN. Truly HEARTBROKEN when Conde Nast stopped publishing it. The photography, the writing, the whole kit and caboodle.

    *sigh* You had to bring it up didn't you? Rubbing salt in the wound.

    No magazine has come close to replacing it, and I still mourn it's passing.

    That said, those cookies, with Lu's adorable thumbprints on them, are SO cute! I might have to go and get that cookie cookbook. Because, you know, I need another cookbook on my shelf.

  40. Brenda

    My Grandma Myra makes a blueberry rhubarb jam that is the bomb…I think I will introduce these two! Thanks for all of the GF wisdom you impart to the masses..My daughter would be hungry without you!

  41. christine

    I think the lemon curd sounds divine… perhaps with some ricotta. My partner is gluten free for 2 years now. My daughter is lactose intolerant. Making meals/snacks/treats can be a huge challenge! I could use some new ideas! Thanks for all of your hard work.

  42. Wanderlust and Veggie Burgers

    yuuuuum Shauna I want to make everything. I really really need one of your cookbooks. lol if I don't win one I'm going to have to march my butt down to a bookstore and buy one (along with Plenty & The Urban Pantry, those sounded fantastic!).

  43. Nikki V.

    I am new to your blog and am feeling SO inspired. I was just diagnosed with an auto-immune disease myself and go no longer eat gluten. I cannot wait to try many of your recipes and cannot WAIT to get my hands on a copy of your cookbook! As a sidenote to my kindred spirit here- I also loved Gourmet magazine and was so sad to see it go. Im definitely going to look at the Cookie cookbook next time Im browsing at Barnes and Noble! Thanks for all the fun cookie recipes the next couple of days! Its like Christmas already!!!

  44. Leigh

    I would love to have your cookbook because you have taught me to make gf pizza dough & yummy bread. I am going to buy a digital scale so I can really learn how to bake correctly.

  45. Pam

    Oh, those look so good! I want to try my hand at baking (& cooking!) GF next year. I would totally love to win a cook book!

  46. Clea Danaan

    Aw, the tree lighting ceremony is tonight? That is one of my fondest memories of being on the island as a child, standing in a circle around the tree, singing, as the lights were switched on. And hot chocolate in styrofoam cups. So fun.

    I'm sad we missed your trip to Denver, which is where I am now. I would love to get a copy of your cookbook for so many reasons, the biggest being I love to cook and have been so sad lately with my gluten free baking.

    I hope you enjoyed the lighting ceremony. Also please say hello to the view out over Gold Beach. And thank you so much for the cookie recipes. They will inspire me to finally go out and buy that kitchen scale.

  47. Andrea

    I loved the Gourmet December issue. I have two of their cookies in my must-make Xmas repertoire. I certainly would love to have an entire book of such deliciousness!

  48. Amy

    Thank you, thank you for everything you do. I'm newly diagnosed with a whole host of food allergies, but thanks to you, our holidays are looking pretty bright.

    My favorite jam to put in this cookie? I think I'll use my homemade cranberry-orange marmalade.

  49. Michie B

    My Grandma use to make these for us and she always put strawberry or raspberry jam in them. Mmmm!

  50. Molly

    You are so not alone. I am still grieving Gourmet. Surely, someone, somewhere, will revive it?

    BTW, I'd been meaning to e-mail and tell you that Alice Medrich's latest (Gooey, Crunchy, … something … all about cookies) includes a bounty of gluten-free recipes. You're probably all over it. But in case you haven't picked it up as it's not marketed as such, fyi, there are an easy dozen, probably two, with the usual Medrich stamp of excellence.

    Happy baking. Looks like there's a parade of goodness on its way!

  51. mama p

    Ohhh, my grandma & I would make tons of jam tarts on her pie-baking days. It's where I lost my fear of dough! ~strawberry jam~ was the only filling for me… unless there was grape around πŸ˜‰ Grandma's fave was marmelaide. And I'd LOVE a copy of your cookbook– still new to GF cooking for my little boy; & it turns out, another dough-fear I'm steadily losing. Thank you for this great blog!

  52. Amy Conley-Samuelson

    Glad I found your site as I learn to bake gluten-free.

    I want to decrease the sugar and pair with cheese and homemade quince jam to make a fancy savory appetizers. Do you think that would work?

  53. Salena

    My favorite thumbprint filling is apricot jam.

    I loved your last book and am excited to read your new one!

  54. spinyfern

    I'm 100% behind the raspberry jam, although I, too, have been known to sneak some crushed candy cane into my cookies. Delightful!!

  55. Anna

    I'd try Ginger Preserves. My husband made me biscuits from your recipe a couple of weekends ago for brunch. They were scrumptious! We buttered them and added Ginger People's ginger preserves. Yum! I think the ginger on the cookies would be festive this time of year. Your blog is a bright spot in my day. Thank you.

  56. sheila d

    Thank you for all the inspiration over the years. I rely on your recipes for luscious GF everything. We are also casein/corn/soy free, but I have had great success adapting our recipes. Your chocolate chip cookie recipe is my year round favorite.

  57. Me

    … filling would be chocolate Hershey kiss perched on top
    … Gourmet took us away to so many places via foods, pictures and words.

  58. Karen

    my favorite jam-cookie filling would be homemade blueberry or raspberry jam… or what about a mint jelly or a hot pepper jelly? hm… i like this idea.

    i'd really like this cookie cookbook. i miss Gourmet too.

  59. Mirranda

    I already have your cookbook – and love it! I've spent so much more time in the kitchen since I bought it! But I'd love the Gourmet cookbook, or a copy of your book for my friends!

    My favorite jammy fillings are damson jam or blackcurrant jam. Yum!

  60. Shuku

    I had one Gourmet magazine and loved it. As for filling…I'd actually put home-made pineapple jam. My aunts and I used to do that for Chinese New Year to make pineapple tarts. I wouldn't mind putting some Nutella on either – or even some of the persimmon jam I make once in a while.

  61. Ann

    I would love a copy of either cookbook!

    I might have to try nutella in the jam cookies (although maybe it needs to go on after baking … ?)

  62. Iris

    Oh wow, these look just like my grandma's cream cheese cookies that she makes every Christmas. I love all the Christmas cookie recipes everywhere right now!

  63. mary anne wong

    i wonder if it would be possible to make a matcha/black sesame paste to put in the centre of these cookies? nom.

    thank you in advance for all those cookie recipes to come. i see a few there that i've been struggling to create, hurrah! my spouse will not thank you for the extra inches she's going to acquire from my experiments, but I will πŸ™‚

    Gourmet was a part of my childhood, just as Julia Child was. the loss of each of these things hurt my heart. I'm glad for the cookie book, but still wish for the magazine back.

    *le sigh*

  64. bfkoontz

    On Friday I put together two batches of cookie flour, so I am ready to go! I suppose since I went a bit overboard with my peach preserves making this summer …I will use peach preserves. And might roll some balls in crushed pecans as well–since I am a southern girl!

  65. Caitlyn

    Hmm, I love anything lemon, so a homemade lemon curd sounds especially good, or maybe some of the jam we make during strawberry season. Yum! Happy holidays!

  66. Ang

    I think I may have to try them with the candy cane filling! I would love to have your cookbook – it is on my Christmas wish list this year! Thanks so much for these wonderful recipes.

  67. Jessica

    I wonder if you could just use coconut flour and almond flour mixed for these. They remind me of my grandma's Polish jam cookies!

  68. Casey

    I think Nutella would be great in the center of these cookies. Or a drizzle of melted white chocolate. Or both.
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes…your writing always reminds me to slow down and enjoy food.

  69. Casey

    I think Nutella would be great in the center of these cookies. Or a drizzle of melted white chocolate. Or both.
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes…your writing always reminds me to slow down and enjoy food.

  70. dome sweet dome

    Oh, man! I can't wait to bake some cookies. To be honest, even though I used to bake a lot, I've never been a foodie until I became wheat intolerant and started following your blog. Now I am busy reorganizing the kitchen so I can really use it.

    Anyway, raspberry jam will be my first filling. Then chocolate – ooh! Maybe both! Yumm…

    Thanks for sharing so much!

  71. Jennifer Jo

    I miss Gourmet like you wouldn't believe. I get Bon Appetit, but it doesn't even come close.

    The jam cookies look great. I'm thinking of doing my own version, but with lemon curd.

  72. alexis

    Jam filled cookies are my favorite! I have attempted these on my own a couple times, but they haven't ever turned out quite right.. spread too much, still yummy though. My favorite combination so far has been raspberry jam with a drizzle of almond glaze on top =)Thanks for posting, these look amazing!

  73. BoogaJ

    I am so happy you are posting these recipes! My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease only a couple of months ago, so this is our first Christmas going gluten free.

    As for the contest — I would love to win either cookbook! I definitely need more gluten free baking resources. (And for the cookies — I might add some caramel to the centers.)

  74. Johanna

    Shauna, thank you for all the effort and excitement you put into this blog. And please thank Danny for me, too. I'm really looking forward to all the new treat recipes to come.

    I love the candy cane idea (that clever Lu!). I think I might make some homemade marshmallows with candy cane pieces mixed in, and then fill each cookie with a marshmallow and let it melt all over the top. I'm not sure if that will work, but I must try! Maybe with a little drizzle of chocolate. Oh, boy.

    And I, too, miss Gourmet. Can you say 'phantom limb'? I made two of their cranberry sauces–one with tangerine and ginger, the other with wine and cloves– for Thanksgiving this year, and they were the hit of the dinner, much to the chagrin of my turkey. Ha.

  75. leedav

    I've been making peanut butter and jelly thumbprints at work with homemade concord grape jelly. Nom! Love the crushed candy cane idea…

  76. Sara Pugh

    My favorite jam filling is the blackberry-peach jam that I have in my fridge which was homemade in West Virginia. It is delicious – and after going gluten free in September I haven't had as many opportunities to eat it! But I'll try it with this, and with a biscuit mix that I just found! Hooray!

  77. Colette

    I would make these cookies with a chocolate ganache center rather than jam. Or maybe a raspberry filling with a dollop of chocolate on top!

  78. Shawna

    I really think that homemade strawberry jam would be amazing in these.

    They look amazing. I'm looking forward to all of the upcoming cookie recipes.

  79. Laurie P.

    Well … frustration again last night as I tried to adapt the rotis I used to make for Indian meals to a gluten free version. I'm new at this πŸ™‚ I would love a copy of your cookbook because I appreciate your experience and insights into living gluten free and using gluten free flours. Looking forward to making cookies this month! I might have to host a gluten free cookie exchange!!

  80. fallingintofavor

    My favorite filling would be raspberry jam! I love love love raspberries πŸ™‚

    A copy of your cookbook would help ease my mom's transition into gluten free cooking.

  81. Redhouse

    Six months I picked up Gluten Free Girl for inspiration to go gluten free. I've been happily relying on old favorite recipes that are gluten free or easily adaptable. The holidays of baking and tradition are making it glaringly obvious I need to figure out how to bake gluten free and need more then one bag of rice flour in the cupboard. I cannot think of any book better than yours to inspire me to the next level. And I have high hopes if I send you enough notes you might help me figure out how to make Swedish coffee rings by next Christmas in the spirit of family tradition. I love a good book, so much I put my nose in them and only come up for air at the end. With two little active squeaky noisemakers, I would so appreciate a good book I can hold, touch and enjoy that will inspire me to put it down again and again. I look forward to possibly bumping into you on one of our Vashon excursions.
    P.S. I love apricot jam in my thumbprint.

  82. William Joe

    My favorite…here is an idea to really add some flavor. Add a spoonful of Smuckers Red Raspberry, seedless to the top. Or a spoonful of Traverse Bay Farms pumpkin butter or apple butter.

  83. William Joe

    My favorite…here is an idea to really add some flavor. Add a spoonful of Smuckers Red Raspberry, seedless to the top. Or a spoonful of Traverse Bay Farms pumpkin butter or apple butter.

  84. Allison the Meep

    I love Gourmet. Every recipe is so perfect. My ultimate score was getting a huge stack of Gourmet magazines from an estate sale that were saved from the late 60s and early 70s.

    Thank you both so much for being the rock stars of the gluten-free world and featuring these awesome cookies in GF form.

  85. MrsVJW

    I miss Gourmet too. I think the problem was the name… scared too many people off, even though the recipes were usually the most approachable/adaptable of some of the more foodie-type magazines.

    I'm usually not a cookie-baker for the Holiday, but having to now avoid wheat I apparently have no choice but to make up some of my own cookies this year. And I get the added fun that for the hubby's side of the family, I have to go nut-free for another member of the family.

  86. shornrapunzel

    I would fill the cookies with fig jam. They would be like homemade, updated, improved Fig Newtons! Figs are one of my renewed favorites because I love the crunch and pop of the seeds in my mouth when I crush them between my teeth.

  87. Stacey Jo

    Shauna! You have been such an inspiration to me. The kitchen has always been my safe haven, my home; and you have helped me recreate that now that I'm gluten free.

    Favorite filling: plum jam (although I am definitely trying Lu's brilliant suggestion!)

  88. Sasha

    I'm thinking of filling these little cookies with homemade prickly pear jelly from prickly pear I harvested this fall. It's a gorgeous "this color appears in nature?" hot pink color.
    And I miss gourmet too! Not just for the amazing recipes (especially the 30 minute section) and photographs, but because they started addressing food ethics with articles on the environmental impacts of the reaction to the salmonella outbreak, and other issues, no recipes at the end. I really admire that they chose to take on the non-glamorous side of food and bring some thoughtfulness to our choices through these articles.

  89. Megan

    I'm not picky about cookies, I like them any which way they come! But I think I would like to try them with some blackberry jam.

    We'd absolutely love to have your book! Just recently became gluten free and with our first baby due in just 6 days, it would be nice to have another book to aid in cooking safely for our new daughter.

  90. The Picky Foodie

    When I was pregnant, I made a vaguely Middle Eastern raw, vegan version of thumbprint cookies with lots of calcium and iron-rich foods.

    Your cookbook / Gourmet's cookie book — where do I start…

    I live in London, England where being gluten free (as well as dairy and refined sugar free) is different from in the States. When you announced your book would be coming out, I was so happy — the love you have for great food is so wonderful, I can almost taste you recipes from a million miles away. We were planning to spend a couple of months in CA so I immediately put it on my to buy list. Low and behold, I shot to B&N day 2 of our trip, excited to pick up a copy. The pages felt rich and delicious already! But it was not to be — as you know, travel with a six-month old is an adventure in and of itself and I had to give up much of my space to rattles, diapers and other paraphernalia for my wonderful baby girl.

    We got back a couple of days ago and I've already ordered a few copies of your book. Because it's going to be my Christmas present to people I love.

    Why would I love a copy sent by you guys? Because it would be from you guys, and I although I love buying cookbooks, I think there is no greater gift than a cookbook — especially from its authors.

    Regarding Gourmet, what breaks my heart is that like in high school, when a guy dumped you when you still liked him, I was only just getting started with it — it could have been the beginning of something beautiful (for me anyway) πŸ™‚

    I hope the three of you have a wonderful Holiday Season

  91. michelle

    My favorite filling would be homemade blackberry candy. But my kids would like(believe it or not) a single chocolate chip topped by a marshmellow.
    I would love a copy of your cookbook for me,but for my 6 yr old that swears he will be a baker for his profession, I would love the gourmet cookbook (actually I may get it for his Christmas present-thanks for the great idea!).

  92. Laurie P.

    fyi – I think the sugar that was listed on the ingredient list was left off in the instructions – there only seems to be one person who said something about not adding sugar so most probably added it with the butter … I'm making these now – can't wait!

  93. Krista

    This will be my first Christmas gluten free baking. Previously, I was one of the crazed Christmas cookie bakers. I would make at least 10 different kinds and give them to all my friends. This year will be different. I will only be baking a few and it will be for me and the family. Your blog has been a lifesaver for me and I cannot wait to try all of your Christmas cookies recipes!
    I think I will fill these with raspberry jam and then give them a slight dusting of powdered sugar. Just like ones I used to make pre-gluten free:)
    Thank you!

  94. The InTolerant Chef

    I think fig jam would be the perfect filling for these cookies. Thankd for doing all the hard cookie work you guys are doing!

  95. Michelle

    Yay, GF shortbread cookies. Thank you! I'm looking forward to each post and recipe. Raspberry is so expected and yet so yummy. I think for my first batch we'll try some homemade concord – chardonnay grape jam, though.

  96. EponaRae

    Well! I had been casting about for what to take to the holiday party at work next week…really wanted to do a spritz cookie, but only have a wheat-y recipe which would require laborious adaptations. And along you come with Thumprints! Perfect! I have a ridiculously rich shelf of jellies, jams and desert sauces and a penchant for variety. I can see making a double patch of this dough (storing it in portions) and creating a rainbow that doesn't quit. I could so be ahead of all the last minute must-have-a-delicious-and-cuter-than-heck-cookie-NOW situations.

    Gourmet, Gourmet, how we all mourn you–maybe we could all bring together our favorites in dish categories and create our own remembrance/tribute/Best Of…?
    I would love to have that cookie edition~how fun would that be?

    Oh and I WILL check back in with you on Spritz cookie day πŸ˜‰

    Thank you, again Shauna!
    Love to Danny & Lu.

  97. Artemis

    Mmmm jam cookies!! I like the idea of crabapple jelly, but I also have a spice blackberry and cardamom apple jam that I think would rock these.

  98. zebe912

    I'm wondering if you edited the post since last night to include the sugar. I cut & pasted the recipe last night & made up the dough. After baking today they were a terrible flop. I was trying to figure out what I might've done wrong & I didn't remember putting in any sugar. I went back to the recipe twice & there's no sugar listed. But then I came back here just now and there's sugar that isn't on the ingredient list from last night. I'm bummed, because the current batch is so floppy I don't think there's any way to eat them. I'd tried about 5 different flavors of filling too! πŸ™ I've never had a baking failure this bad & to think it had nothing to do with anything gluten free at all.

  99. Laura

    I am curious about adding raspberry jam and a few bits of dark chocolate. I am also thinking about taking half the dough and adding a little peanut butter to it them putting dark chocolate in the middle.
    I would love a copy of your book! I only recently found out it existed so I haven't gotten a copy yet.

  100. Laura

    I am curious about adding raspberry jam and a few bits of dark chocolate. I am also thinking about taking half the dough and adding a little peanut butter to it them putting dark chocolate in the middle.
    I would love a copy of your book! I only recently found out it existed so I haven't gotten a copy yet.

  101. joyful

    I would love to have one or both of the cookbooks.

    I'm fairly new to gf baking, although I've been diagnosed with celiac for almost four years. GF baking was just too intimidating for me for a long time. But reading your first book was truly an inspiration.

    Earlier this year, I started gf baking, and I'm having fun. I'm learning to convert recipes. I've recently purchased a bunch of different flours. I'm experimenting. I actually came tonight looking for a snickerdoodle recipe, but I see I'll have to wait until ?Thursday? for that. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I want to learn as much as I can. I think those cookbooks would be a wonderful start….

    And thanks for your blog. I always enjoy it.

  102. Amy

    I'd try some of these cookies with our homemade crabapple jelly and some with our homemade saskatoon berry jam. (But salted caramel?- seriously – WOW!)

  103. Amy

    My favorite jam-cookie would be orange marmalade. πŸ™‚ Sweet and refreshing. I love to have a copy of your book because one of my friend's son (in Hong Kong) was diagnosed of having celiac disease. A gluten free diet is not as common in Asia compared to the U.S. My friend asked me if I can provide her with more gluten free recipes and I refer her to your blog. I hope to win the book and give it to her as a Christmas gift. Hope I can help her out. πŸ™‚

  104. mehayne

    I would make these with sour cheery jam from the farmer's market. Total yum!

    Thanks for everything you do. You are definitely putting the joy into a post-gluten holiday season!

  105. mehayne

    I would make these with sour cheery jam from the farmer's market. Total yum!

    Thanks for everything you do. You are definitely putting the joy into a post-gluten holiday season!

  106. Hannah

    My favourite filling for these cookies? Definitely kaya, the pandan coconut spread. It's my new addiction πŸ™‚

  107. rustictart

    My favourite filling for the jam cookies? The blueberry jam that my mom still has lined up on the shelves in the pantry. Although less jars this year, it still fills me with warmth to visit and sit by the woodstove with tea, knowing the woodshed is filled with the efforts of autumn labor to keep the house warm throughout long Maine winters. . .

    and to go in to the pantry and see that jam reminds me of when I was little and we would spend entire days picking blueberries by the ocean and then bringing them home to pick over sitting around the table with the summer breeze and sounds of crickets. . . the biggest treat of all being able to have bowl of blueberries with fresh milk and a pinch of sugar for dinner! It felt like heaven just before the approach of school began. . .

    and then the canning. .. even on hot August days, it was still so much fun to stand in a steamy kitchen over pots of boiling water and the smell of sweet blueberries is still etched in my olfactory system along with the feel of the green handled tongs used to lift the jars in and out of the kettle.

    So blueberry jam cookies it is . . . simple, filled with memories and absolutely delicious.

    Oh and I'd LOVE a cookbook- the blue cheese cheesecake with a fig crust: say no more. . .

    I think that would make a perfect winter dinner.

  108. Tracee

    I would love a copy of your cookbook. I've been reading your words for years, and watching you grow and change into a wonderful mama. Having a copy of your book on my shelf would be like having you in my kitchen to cook with, an old friend, as it were.( even though I don't need to eat gluten-free. Sometimes its more about the process of cooking with love, then the end result.) Have fun this holiday season, hold onto every moment you can.

  109. Claudia

    Hello I've only recently found out I' gluten intolerant and finding your blog has made transitioning to a gluten free diet so much easier! Getting through the holidays gluten free seemed especially daunting so thanks for all the yummy recipes! I'll definitely have to make these thumb print cookies, I think I'll try folding in chopped walnuts in the batter and using fig preserves to top them off.

  110. The Golden Papaya

    Well, just about everything's been said by now. Rather than try to be original, I'll go with fig preserves. Or apricot.

  111. Patricia Langevin

    Shauna, since being diagnosed with celiac disease two years ago, I have made an extra effort to cook and bake delicious food that don't leave me feeling deprived. Your blog has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me and I love trying out the recipes you post. I would love to have a copy of your cookbook to try new recipes that make me feel inspired and alive! Congrats on the book, all the best to your family!

  112. Victoria

    I'd use damsom jam i made this summer. It set super firm, like quince paste, so I'm enjoying it with Manchego cheese instead! But it would be great on these cookies.

    Thank you for writing recipes that travel so well in grams. (Hope you ship to the UK!)

  113. Autism Mom Rising

    Sign me up. I never got to know Gourmet. I got into baking (but always loved cooking) only when my Autistic son developed a passion for it. We have many food sensitivities. My favorite magazine is Living Without because it shows you how to adapt recipes for your own unique allergy profile (we have gluten, dairy, nuts, corn, and soy!)

  114. Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

    I used to bake cookies for Christmas — oh, I baked cookies for Christmas! We had a dozen or so family recipes. Eventually I became the baker of the family, and I always tried at least one new recipe a year — more, if the time could be found.

    Then I starting having troubles with my health…with food. Wheat was something I lost, then corn — then dairy. I had moved away from family, so it wasn't too painful on the family cookie front. But I had friends who knew my recipes, and they clamored for those cookies. So I baked…and no longer ate, because they didn't even taste good anymore.

    I'd actually decided recently to give away all my old specialty cookie cookbooks, because wheat-free attempts were not working out — only the Viennese bakery items worked, and then I needed to save for a nut grinder.

    Then I found your site. And tried the 36 hour chocolate chip cookies, with a brown rice substitution for potato. And they were wonderful. And people raved about them.

    So I will put that cookie cookbook on my Wish List, because I have hopes that you can teach me enough about new flours and starches that this can be fun again. That giving up all gluten will make me able to handle kitchen math again.

    You've given me back Christmas gatherings! And I am now thinking about black sweet/red tart cherry or strawberry/rhubarb jams as fillings….

    Thank you.

  115. Jess

    Ahhh… I love cookies and canΒ’t stop thinking about them as soon as I put up my Christmas tree. I think that I might try and make these lovely looking things with a pomegranate citrus jam. Yes. IΒ’ve never made pomegranate jam… but why not right! And I want your cookbook because it was sold out at the bookstore buy my house. πŸ™‚

  116. Elaine

    I'm a pastry chef and I know almost nothing about gluten-free baking. And honestly haven't wanted to know anything about gluten-free baking…until lately. My father was diagnosed with wheat allergies in late middle age, and I really can't be a good daughter and pastry chef if I ignore the situation any longer. Also, we've just built a bakeshop on our farm and I have been quite surprised at the number of requests for gluten-free products in our relatively rural area. Thank you for lending me your enthusiasm for gluten-free baking…with a toddler at the counter, no less (I have one of those, too)!!

  117. Brittany

    Mmm, these look so good! I have a whole quart of delicious cranberry sauce (thanks shauna!) left over from Thanksgiving, we've been using it as a wonderful tart jam at breakfast for days now, but now I think they'd make an amazing filling in these! Mmm….cranberry tart cookies!

  118. Erin

    Your approach to parenting, described here, is wonderful. I'd absolutely love to read your cookbook, it sounds like it a story with recipes and I love those!

  119. Summer

    I would fill the cookies with dulche de leche.
    I would love a copy of either cookbook to fill the gap where there won't be presents this year.

  120. Ashley Bennett

    I love the way those candy cane filled ones look, yum. I would try a lemon curd filling for a little extra zing, and my mom loves lemon! Also, my grandma makes a similar cookie with an apricot jam filling, miss those.

  121. ella@lifeologia

    I just found your blog and I think it's just plain luck that you're having such a great giveaway.
    I need help. I need this book to guide me.
    I've only been gluten free for almost 2 months and I need way more guidance, please.

  122. somecallmemom

    Christmas includes cookies … My mom's cookies that I can't eat anymore. But, this gluten free version is good enough to share with her.

    These would definitely be the best with my brother's homemade elderberry jam. A deep red color that would be perfect for Christmas with a rich flavor that would take the cookies up a notch.

  123. ashley-in-chains

    I love homemade raspberry jam for thumbprint cookies with apricot as second choice. Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait to try them:)

  124. VivΓ©

    Oh, I miss Gourmet, too. I felt such excitement when it appeared in my mailbox and I got to flip through, imagining what great things I was going to make. Last winter break I pulled out stickies and marked recipes in the stack sitting on the kitchen chair.

    I think the reader who said Nutella as a filling wins. But I'd also have to try the ginger orange marmelade I love on my toast.

  125. Adrith

    I don't know if it would hold up in the baking, but I imagine those thumbprint cookies would taste divine with a nutella center.

  126. Velcromom

    I'd definitely splurge & use the last jar of homemade ollallaberry jam in the pantry for the filling!

  127. kip

    I am new to gluten-free, after having such severe pain for the past 2 years that my doctors had no idea why, I thought I would give this a try…it worked. And the first thing I found was your site when I started researching GF on the internet. Thanks so much for what you and the Chef do, it has helped me keep my love of cooking and baking. And, I do to miss Gourmet.

  128. Laura

    I just made these and they are great!! I made them with raspberry jam, then some with raspberry jam and dark chocolate, then some with just dark chocolate. I took half the dough and added about 1/4 cup of peanut butter then added dark chocolate to the top. I learned that good dark chocolate melts really fast so I started adding it in the last 2 min of baking. I also tried a few with nestle mini chips but they don't really melt πŸ™ I say go with the dark chocolate! All of them turned out great! Thanks

  129. April T.

    Shauna, It was wonderful meeting your family in Boulder…
    I would LOVE to try mango curd in these yummy treats!!! I don't have a copy of your cookbook yet, but I dream about owning it one day! I am so in love with your blog and recommend it to everyone. Happy baking!!!

  130. Catherine

    My favorite filling is raspberry jam. Or blackberry jam. I really miss Gourmet magazine too. I got a whole year's worth free from our local library that was discarding them. I've been reading them little by little. Also, I bought your cookbook and love it. I would like another to give as a gift.!

  131. Rachael Brown

    Hi Shauna,
    I made your cookies yesterday for a Christmas party and they went down a treat. They were so light and fluffy, not heavy like a lot of butter cookies and shortbreads are. I had loads and loads of compliments on them and every one was surprised when I said they were gluten free. I put ginger marmalade in them and it really suited them perfectly. I am going to try make some with gluten free jubes in the top with the last of the dough tonight.Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!
    Canberra, Australia
    PS. For the Aussies out there – I used Orgran Plain Flour Mix rather than Shauna's mix as I had run out of sorghum flour and it worked perfectly.

  132. Sonnet

    These look amazing! I love the candy cane filling! I would probably fill mine with a chunky cranberry sauce, yum. I would love a copy of your book because your recipes are always delicious. πŸ™‚

  133. Anne

    Hands down home made raspberry jam would be my favorite filling, although lemon curd is sounding pretty tasty!

  134. Sarahem321

    You have to do TWO filings to get the best combo. Filling one: seedless black raspberry with plain old vanilla glaze drizzle. Filling two: lemon marmalade with LEMON glaze drizzle. You have to do both. It is just downright fabulous.

  135. Eileen

    And here I thought I was a bit odd mooning over my back issues of Gourmet magazine! Looks like instead I'm in lots of very good company.

    Our fave thumbprint jam would be blackberry, I think, and maybe cherry. We're looking forward to reading your newest cookbook. Its' recipes, stories and life all rolled into one our idea of an exciting life.

  136. Rachel

    I would love some raspberry jam too but with some cream cheese icing also. Decadent!
    Your cookbook is amazing. I bought the digital version because I couldn't find it in book stores up here in Canada. But nothing beats a real, live book and there are no pictures in the digital version πŸ™
    So I would sure love to win your cookbook!!
    Thanks for the fun giveaways!

  137. atursini

    I would make these with fig jam. I'm recently in love with everything fig and I think these would be delicious this way! In fact, I'm going to stop and get some on my way home to make these tonight.

  138. Corey

    My goal is to give my mom some of her favorite thumb print cookies with raspberry filling and her not think they taste gluten free! While my 4 yr old celiac loves different cookies I make for him, we all enjoy them in our house, but when I try them on others like my mom, they just say, mmm, they're good, but you really know they don't like them! I want to woo her with them, thank you for the recipe!!!

  139. Kim

    -thank you so much for your blog/recipes! It keeps me encouraged and inspired! Keep em coming! Thanks! Kim H:-)

  140. Lisa Z

    I've got jarrrrrrs of homemade raspberry and strawberry jam to use up on these! And of course it's a snow day today, so two kids in need of some jobs. Time to break out the flour grinder!

    Lisa Z.

  141. Amber

    Favorite filling? Oh it is so hard to pick just one! But strawberry is my absolute favorite, so probably a nice strawberry jam. Yum!

  142. Chandlers

    I would love a copy of your book. Since going gluten-free, finding bread and cookie recipes that didn't turn out disastrous have been few and far between. Help me help my family enjoy my cooking again. Thanks, Mom of 4 hungry kids!

    PS I love raspberry jelly for my filling.

  143. Sissa

    I think my favourite jam-cookie filling is, my Mom's homemade peach jam spread. That or the Raspberry Rhubarb jam I made this past summer with my 3 year old daughter!! She loves it on everything.

    The reason I'd like another copy of your book is to keep it at my office. I'm forever bringing up your blog and discussing recipes i've tried at home with patients. If I had a copy here it would be easier to show them the recipe, the pictures, and also give them the visual of what your book looks like so they can go to Chapters and pick it up themselves! I can't ever loan mine out.. it's already dog eared, and has SOME stains!
    Ah.. life with a 3 year old haha

  144. trace`

    firstly this recipe reminds me of my mothers roll out dough that she used at christmas. it was from an old betty crocker cook-book, the tried and true red checkered one. she used the jam shortbread thumb print recipe and would chill the dough overnight then make an array of holiday shaped cut-outs. best part was always the butter creme icing piped along the edge. these were my grandfathers favorites as he enjoyed the shortbread version over a sugar cookie any day. since i have had issues with a gf conversion of bettys'… you can guess what i will be 'filling' with mine. i would love a copy of the book, too.

  145. Allison

    I'm looking forward to using your cookie recipes in my Christmas goodie tins! So thank you in advance for sharing them! πŸ™‚ For the jam tart cookies, I love the idea of using leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving instead of a traditional jam. Your cookbook in on my Christmas list … but it sure would be nice to win a signed one. πŸ˜‰ All the best…

  146. Helen

    Please let me win a copy of your cookbook or the Gourmet Cookie Book you talk about. The reason I'd like one is that your writing is so fun and upbeat, you've actually convinced me to try cooking again after years of failed GF attempts. And I think you've identified my main problem. I'm going to try the jam cookies with Brandied Peach jam and Heavenly Jam (a mixture of peaches, pears, oranges and other fruits) made by a local gourmet farmer. Next I'm trying your pine nut cookies and your shortbread cookies. (Please hurry and post the recipe.) I was dreaming about them the other night but didn't realize it until I browsed your web site for ideas. And what an idea. Thank you.

    — Helen Delp helen.delp@gmail.com

  147. moonsword

    i would love to see these with a brandied fig filling
    i am soooooo looking forward to your cannoli recipe…yipee!

  148. tracy

    You inspire me to try new recipes and go beyond my baking comfort zone. Thank you for all the delicious recipes and the beautiful writing and photography that surround them. I can't wait for the Russian Tea cake recipe!

  149. Jen

    These are great cookies! I should know, because my kids and I ate half the batch in 2 days. The rest I put in the freezer. I thought maybe the dough would also make really good short bread, and I was right. Tender, flakey, but with just the slighest crispness. Mmmmm…

  150. Nori

    thanks again for the recipes. these jam tart cookies look great. I’m sure my kids would want to just like the jam, but they would definitely enjoy it.

    We also avoid egg in our house. do you think the cookies would turn out as well if you use Ener-G Egg Replacer? Not sure if you have tried that.
    Gluten Free. Allergy Free. Be Free.

  151. claire

    Hi! I think they look great so I tried to make them, and when I put them in the oven to cook they melted. Like literally melted.. It was so weird, could you tell me what I did wrong?? πŸ™ I was disappointed!!

  152. Taryn

    This was such a gorgeous little cookie. The thumbprint cookies that I grew up with always had a softer texture. But these little guys reminded me of shortbread.
    I made some with some beautiful Northern Ontario raspberry jam and another mini batch with arequippe.

    Better late than never with the holiday baking….

  153. Becky Alatorre

    My favorite fills are raspberry and apricot, but I’m very interested in trying the candy cane filling!

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