gluten-free honey-spice madeleines

honey-spice madeleines

All of Proust’s remembrances began with one bite of a madeleines.

I have a confession. I still haven’t read all of Proust’s books. Try as I might, several times, I could never make it past the first 60 pages. Well, you’re saying, most of us haven’t. I know. But I was a literature major, an English teacher, an avid reader from the age of 2. I’ve read Ulysses 4 times. Surely I can slog my way through Proust?

“It’s a translation problem,” a friend of mine told me. This is someone I trust. However, with an energetic 2-year-old, more things to do than I can even write down on a list, and more cookies to bake for you? There’s not much chance I’m going to brush up on my French enough to read it in the original. I’ll have to let it go until I am old and have nothing to do but sit in the sun and read all afternoon.

Wow. I never imagined I’d want to be old. Still, it sounds pretty good.

(Also, I still haven’t read Moby Dick. I’m going to need a lot of afternoons.)

Like Proust, I can dart from one topic to another without much warning. Unlike Proust, and his sentence cousin Faulkner, I am incapable of writing three-page sentences that somehow make sense if you shake your head and go back again to realize where he was going all that time.

In fact, right now, I’m feeling much more like William Carlos Williams than Proust.

I have eaten
these madeleines
that Dorie Greenspan

and which
we made gluten-free
for now
and for breakfast.

Forgive me
for showing a picture
so sweet
that you cannot eat.

(Danny and I both believe these may be the best baked good we have ever eaten. Make these. Now.)

Would you like to win a copy of our cookbook? It’s as much narrative as it is recipes. I promise no Proustian sentences.

Or perhaps you’d like to win a madeleines pan? You’ll need one to make these.

Simply leave a comment about what you would do with your days if they were a bit slower? Besides eating madeleines, of course.


GLUTEN-FREE HONEY SPICE MADELEINES, adapted from Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours

105 grams gluten-free all-purpose flour mix
1/2 teaspoon psyllium husk
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
pinch kosher salt
pinch cracked black pepper
1/3 cup sugar (I like the superfine sugar here)
finely grated zest of 1/2 large orange
2 large eggs, at room temperature
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 ounces (6 tablespoons or 3/4 US stick) unsalted butter, melted and cooled
powdered sugar for dusting the cookies

Combining the dry ingredients. Whisk together the flour, psyllium husk, baking powder, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, salt, and pepper. Whisk them well to aerate the flour.

Combining the wet ingredients. In the bowl of a stand mixer, rub together the sugar and orange zest until you have a beautifully perfumed sugar. Using the whisk attachment, run the stand mixer on low. Add the eggs, one at a time and beat them with the sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy, and slightly thickened, about 2 minutes. Add the honey and vanilla while the mixer is running on low speed. Turn off the mixer.

Making the batter. Gently, gently, fold in the dry ingredients with a rubber spatula and stir until they are just combined. Add in the melted butter and stir until combined.

Refrigerating the dough. At this point, you can either put the bowl in the refrigerator or prepare the madeleines pan and refrigerate it. We suggest you do this. So…

Butter the madeleines pan well, then tip a bit of sweet rice flour into the molds. Tap out the excess flour. Carefully spoon batter into each mold, until the batter is level with the top of the mold. Take care to not overfill them. (This is a problem for me. The worst that can happen if you go above the level of the mold is that you’ll have a puffier madeleines than the photograph shows. Eh. More cookie for you.) Put a piece of plastic wrap over the surface of the madeleines. Refrigerate the madeleines pan for at least 3 hours or overnight.

Baking the madeleines. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, then take the madeleines pan out of the refrigerator. Remember to remove the plastic wrap! Bake the madeleines until they are light golden and puffy and the cookie gently springs back at the touch of your finger. Take them out of the oven. Tap the edge of the pan against your kitchen counter, gently. The madeleines should release at the touch of your finger. If not, use a butter knife to release them. (I love that Dorie used the word “recalcitrant” to describe the ones that wouldn’t move.)

Transfer the madeleines to a rack and cool until they are barely warm to the touch.

Now, these are pure heaven when just out of the oven. However, they’re still pretty darned good the next day too. If they make it that far….

Makes 1 dozen large madeleines.


147 comments on “gluten-free honey-spice madeleines

  1. Karen's Monsters

    Those look delicious!

    With slower days I would walk more and garden more. But likely I would just fill it all up with projects, because I like projects and always seem to have a backlog of them.

    Also I've recently put Moby Dick back on my list of books to read. Maybe I'll actually do it one of these days.

  2. Jamie Macke

    What would I do if my days were slower? I honestly can't imagine. I am working full time as a mental health nurse, going to school online to get my master's degree, and am still trying to have some kind of a life, and honestly it gets really overwhelming (from your post I see you can relate). In a world where I had extra time,I would enjoy the simple things I used to take for granted. I'd cook dinner without rushing and cussing and experiment with new recipes. I'd read something I wanted to every day. I'd connect more with my friends, neighbors, and the people I see all around me instead of rushing through conversations. I'd be more active in my nieces' and nephew's lives before they grow up, and I'd have some children of my own. I'd also take time to finish some of those projects stuffed in the closet, or at least clean them out.
    As you can see, I'd have no problem filling up my time. πŸ™‚ I get three days off next week before Christmas and hopefully will be able to squeeze in a few moments to enjoy some of these things. Thanks for the lovely posts and delicious recipes. I bought a jar at the store yesterday and am going to mix up some of your flour tonight. Then, after I finish my final,I am going to make some cookies that will hopefully stop the comments about the "weird food aunt Jamie has to eat" by my nieces and nephews. πŸ™‚


    So pretty and yummy looking! And a very excellent spoof on "This is Just to Say" also. πŸ™‚

  4. Alison

    For those of us not in possession of a madeleines pan – and also not in possession of the cash to buy, well, much of anything besides groceries – can you suggest any alternatives? mini-muffin pans my mother owns for no apparent reason? Or will I have to wait until I get the pan to (successfully) make the cookies?

  5. Jess

    I would love to make these! If only I had a Madeline pan… πŸ˜‰ Man, if I didn't have a 3 year old running around and if I wasn't a full time student with two jobs, I would love to sit in a pool of winter sunlight on my bedroom rug and read Persuasion from cover to cover, again.

  6. alissa

    if i had slower days i'd bake more bread. and more bialys. I made bialys today. it involved hope, despair, poppyseeds, disillusionment, broken glass EVERYWHERE, steam, yeast, vacuuming, sauteed onions, tears, deliciousness and avocados. I'll leave the adventure to imagination.
    And I tried to read Moby Dick. Got halfway through, no sign of the whale, and therefore I gave up.
    I would adore that madeline pan. I had them when we were in Paris this summer and I would love to bake them as a remembrance!

  7. Sarah

    What would I do with a slower day? Grow more houseplants, cook more food, run more… and read, of course!

  8. Megan

    Oh my goodness, I came online today to hopefully find a gluten free cookie recipe (or two) for my Christmas baking, and I hit the jackpot! I haven't checked your blog for a few weeks so I didn't know about this exciting cookie extravaganza!!! I'm hoping to make most of them, tomorrow I'll be mixing up the flour (I need to run out and get some sorghum!). Thank you for such a lovely Christmas present!

    If I had slower days, I think I'd read a lot more as well. I love Susan Wise Bauer's The Well Educated Mind, and I'd love to work my way through the classics!

  9. Donna

    What would I do if my days were slower. Spend more time with family, be creative, read and cook.

    I have looked at Madeline recipes and thought – why get a pan, I can't eat them. Aha! now perhaps I will go out and get one and try them. They look lovely.

  10. Pam

    I would like to craft more – quilting, embroidery, cross stitch, scrapbooking, crocheting. Those are what I'd like to do. I'm lucky right now that I only have myself to worry about, and I work steady hours (I'm seldom done after 6pm), but at the same time, it doesn't leave a lot of time in the evenings to do things that I would like to do. Ah well, you can't have everything in life all the time, right?

    I would love to win a copy of your book – I have yet to see it in the city's bookstore (it's probably classified as a town – and I'm in Canada too!).

  11. DL

    With one child with type 1 diabetes and the other with celiac disease, I spend a good part of my days cooking gluten-free meals, baking gluten-free muffins, counting carbs and dosing insulin… in addition to my job working in a busy emergency room. I would love a few "slower days" to work my way through your new cookbook!

  12. Jessica

    I would read. Nursing school does not leave time for reading that does not involve medical terminology!! πŸ™‚

  13. Kim

    If my days were a bit slower I would read more to my kids, get involved in more of their art projects, and just relax a bit.

  14. Melanie

    This post reminds me of my favorite haiku:

    Nothing in the cry
    of cicadas suggests they
    are about to die.

    (There's no translation problem with Basho, evidently.)

    It also reminds me of John Updike's comment about Vladimir Nabokov: "Nabokov writes prose the only way it should be written, that is, ecstatically."

    As I approach my one-year anniversary of gluten-free life, I am thankful for the opportunity to live ecstatically, without fear of my own body. Your posts remind me that even the busiest moments can be ecstatic when they are enjoyed with loved ones, good food, and passion.

    This is the first time I have commented on your blog, though I've been reading for months. I'm not sure what precipitated it (Maybe my long-time desire for a madeleine pan!), but I want to thank you for your demonstration of ecstatic living.

    Oh, and I wouldn't ask for any slower days, just enough zest to make my busy ones as ecstatic as yours. πŸ™‚

  15. Amber

    If my days were slower, I would sit by the window with a warm cup of something delicious, gaze out, and soak in the moment. In these sweet escapes, my mind drifts to the things that bring me happiness, those that have been done and those left to do. When I leave that moment, I feel replenished, ready to return to the rollercoaster of life.

    Hi Shauna (and Ahern family)- this is my first comment on your incredible site, and I feel it quite a priviledge to add my voice to it. I have recently moved to Argentina and while I a)find a kitchen and b)locate the necessary ingredients, I am vicariously living through this amazing website. Thank you for filling my days with deliciousness.

  16. Buona Forchetta

    If I had slower days, I would walk outside more. I would cook and bake more. I would read more and I would write real letters, not just emails. Time!! I just need more time!

  17. MK French

    I would spend lazy, slow afternoons devouring everything from easy young adult lit to the Faulkner novels I've collected over the years and the (few) Rushdies I have not read yet. I would write on my blog every day instead of every few weeks when I can pull together enough time to say something worth reading.

    And I would be love to watch, enjoy and probably memorize every growing moment of my (someday) babies so that when I am old I can remember them 'when'.

    If only the days were slower…

  18. The InTolerant Chef

    Honey, Yumm… If I had slower days I would bake more. I bake at work, I bake for a cafe, I bake for catering orders, I bake for weddings and birthday orders…. I would just like to bake for me. Food I want to eat, not just the rejects or leftovers from someone elses delicacy.

  19. Zee

    Aaaah. Nice William Carlos Williams rewrite. One of my favorite poems.
    And how perfect for your blog, since it is about the joy in something as simple as a juicy plum. πŸ™‚

    If I had more time, I would move someplace warm, sit outside, and read all day long. I would go for a long long bike ride, go to the farmer's market, then come home and cook delicious vegan & gluten-free food.
    And I'd do it all with the love of my life, of course.

  20. Johanna

    You are truly not the only one to cease reading Proust mid-sentence. After my last attempt, I closed the book and said to my dearest, "Life is too short to read Proust. Let's make ice cream." I stand by that.

    If my days were slower, I would, of course, read and bake even more than presently. I would also learn Greek, take a dance class, and write letters to all my loved ones instead of emails.

    [Note: I would be thrilled to win the madeleine pan. However, if my name is chosen for the cookbook, please choose another, as I already own it. Thanks.]

  21. Paige

    If I had slower days, I'd take time to keep thinking about my own ongoing battle with perfectionism and a tendency to work harder, rather than smarter. This is very much my own battle, of course, but it's also one that my composition students face, and I'd like to find a way to keep on finding better ways to engage them in thinking about the balance between work and rest.

    And I'd also bake madeleines! But sadly, I lack a madeleine pan.

  22. annie

    yum those look good. a slower day would include a longer slower walk with my dog in a neighborhood outside of mine, more elaborate doll activity with my daughter, and looking out the window more at the chickens.

  23. Ellen

    OK that's it. i am definitely making these. i bought my mom a madeline pan but didn't get to eat anything produced with it, and here's my chance. beautiful. you've outdone yourselves.

  24. Courage Cooks

    With a slower paced life (the one I've been dreaming about for quite some time now)…

    First, I would devote time to meditation – or prayer, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. To take time to get centered, to breathe, to simply be in the present moment and allow myself to see the wonders and beauties of life without get bogged down in ephemeral stress or drama.

    Next, I would find more ways to help others. I want to live a good life, you know?, one that makes a positive impact in this world, even if in a small way. I would spend less time worrying about myself (tests! work! bills! plans!) and more time devoted to helping others. Volunteer. Random acts of charity and kindness. Putting my energy toward the greater good.

    One way I would do more acts of random kindness would be give away more delicious gluten-free baked goods. I love the process of baking, and I love eating tasty baked treats, but most of all I love other people loving tasty baked treats.

    I would spend more time in nature, in the mountains and lakes and oceans, gardening, growing, being connected to this earth.

    Shauna, thank you for posting this question. These past few days have been very, very stressful. You have helped remind me not only of what's important, but of how I need to be shaping my life. Why wait for when my life is slower paced? This is how I want to be living now!

    P.S. I wouldn't say not to read Moby Dick, but maybe just skip over the chapters on how to process whale blubber – unless, of course, you're curious πŸ˜‰

  25. Gretchen E. P. Halverson

    If my days were slower, I would read through the BBC's book list during the day, spend energized time with my family in the evenings and weekends, and SING as much as I could! Oh, and take long walks in the woods, camp more (like I used to), take my daughters on amazing vacations, BAKE up a complete storm and share with everyone in my world, and oh, so much more!

    Sigh… Now I'm kinda wishing I weren't a doctoral student…

  26. Gretchen E. P. Halverson

    If my days were slower, I would read through the BBC's book list during the day, spend energized time with my family in the evenings and weekends, and SING as much as I could! Oh, and take long walks in the woods, camp more (like I used to), take my daughters on amazing vacations, BAKE up a complete storm and share with everyone in my world, and oh, so much more!

    Sigh… Now I'm kinda wishing I weren't a doctoral student…

  27. April Fiet

    As the mother of a three-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter, my answer is simple and two-fold. If my days were slower, I would spend more time with my kids creating crafts, make-believe, and baking with them, and I would take a nap every day without feeling guilty for being "unproductive."

  28. The Chatty Housewife

    I would declutter. Lame I know, but the house needs it! Especially the stuff in storage.

  29. thepantryraider

    If my days were slower… aside from eating madeleines? More disc golf, more cooking for people I want to cook for rather than people I have to cook for, read more, learn Gaelic, eat madeleines, pick up a bass.

    This makes two gluten-free madeleine recipes that I have to make, and no pan!

  30. Jaymie

    I can't wait to bake goodies for my son. He is 9 and has eosinophilic esophagitis (wheat is one of his allergens). I am hoping to be able to make some of these cookies, but he is also unable to eat eggs so I am going to have to try an adapt. He is worth the effort.
    If I had more time in my day I would love to spend more time in the kitchen making healthy, delicious meals. I would reach out to friends and entertain more. I would slow down and enjoy my 2 precious children and my wonderful husband. I would also organize my house, make it more user friendly. I would take time to enjoy the beauty around me.

  31. Liz

    Hmm. I know i've got a Madeleine pan somewhere!

    If days were slower, I'd explore the wild edges of the park near my apartment. I'd read books, outside of the subway station. I'd sample some of these cookie recipes, and i'd perfect gluten-free breads. I'd craft, paint, draw, write, or express my heart's desires in whatever way seems most appropriate in the moment.

  32. mehayne

    If my days were slower, I would sit together with my mother in the warm winter sunshine in the afternoons enjoying each other's company, sipping warm tea, and playing with my brother's young girls until they fall asleep from their mid-day nap. Heaven.

  33. Allison

    I don't think I've ever read any Proust, although I did read Moby Dick. I hated it… but to be fair, I was in 7th grade when I read it (all the long passages about the intricacies of whaling bored me to tears). I'm sure I'd have a greater appreciation for the literary work if I read it now.

    If, for whatever reason, I could dance, and didn't need to work, and had all the time in the world (because you know, now, that all my free time happily goes towards ballet)? I'd read, and read, and read. I used to, always, when I was younger. Maybe I'd write a little, but mostly I'd read.

    And cook, and cook, and cook, for people I love and adore.

    And learn advanced math and physics. Just because I'm a huge nerd like that, and loved those classes, back in school. ;D

  34. Nikki V.

    This is perfect- I just booked a trip to Paris today and these madeleines seem like the perfect celebratory cookie! I cannot wait to make some!

  35. Ada

    If I had more time, I'd definitely read more, specifically something that's not my textbook. I'd also cook and bake more, and find more time to go down to the beach.

  36. MargieAnne

    If my days were slower I'd probably be dead.

    Joking aside I did more handcraft, more sewing, more baking, more gardening and definitely more exercise when my children were little than now.

    Now Time flies past before I get started,

    I'd love a copy of your book but I don't expect you to post it all the way out to New Zealand. I just couldn't resist telling you that now I have time to do things, I'm 71, nothing seems to get done. *smiles*

    I love your blog, the way you write and express your love for life, Lulu, Danny and baking.


  37. Kathryn

    My days are a bit slower being semi-retired and working on building a business. I have the opposite problem – I could use some more work – but not so much that my head spins.

  38. Karen

    I think I'm getting your book for Christmas but would love a madeleine pan! πŸ™‚

    If my days were slower, I would be able to spend more time with the one I love. Simply sharing a meal or conversation. Right now, we are both so busy that we barely ever see each other.

  39. inag

    Wow, slower days? Actually, I sit here wishing for more work! Those pans are lovely, and the cookie sounds divine!

  40. Castal

    Well, since I couldn't sleep I decided to get up and bake a surprise for my husband–fresh madeleines for breakfast. I assumed that you added the butter to the wet mix at some point, and to speed up the aeration and cooling I set a cold pack up against the side of the mixer–it added a definite fluff to the batter before folding in the dry ingredients.

    I will only have an hour to chill the dough, so we will see how they come out, but I think they will be delicious if the batter is anything like the final cookie!

  41. StΓ©fany

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and it has really given me hope. I even bought your cookbook last week! I just found out that I have a whole slew of allergies (from cow's milk and cheese, to wheat, sesame seeds and sugar cane eeeek!!)
    Before this, my life was surrounded by baking so it's been quite a nightmare to stay away from wheat and sugar!!! The theme for our wedding was even "She bakes, he eats". But as I said earlier, you and the chef have given me hope. Hope that I can still bake and make it taste good, and cook food for my husband that he enjoys. I love your writings and can't get enough of your recipes and your love story!

    All this to say that, if I had more time, I would bake bake bake! And I would walk to the market and get fresh fruits every morning and create masterpieces for my family to enjoy. I would also write. I used to write a lot of poetry in College and that has since taken the back-burned and I miss it. I would also do more ministry work and help out those in need. I really hope I win a madeleine pan hehe!

    In any case, I'm still hoping that my husband and parents will get used to my allergies. They don't understand yet how to go about it. I also hope one day to travel to Seattle from Ottawa and visit the chef's restaurant!

  42. Andrea

    Ok, I finally bit the bullet and made a google account because I really wanted to comment…really want a madeleine pan to be honest πŸ™‚ Slower days would give me more creative time. Reading is like breathing for me so I can't say I really need more time for it; however, I do need more time for all the things I don't do because I choose to read instead!

  43. Jenny

    If my days were slower. . . I'd watch by the window for the golden sun to rise above the treeline and onto my waiting face. . . and then I'd venture out into the wilds of the world, madeleines and earmarked copy of Ahab's Wife (even better than Moby Dick- the woman's perspective of that famous tale) in my back pocket and honey colored dog by my side.

  44. Sirena Shamounki

    πŸ™‚ What a beautiful post Shauna! Yet another one, of course. And, there's something to be said for living life in such a way that your heart even warms to a preview of being older, kids grown, free time and sunshine.
    That said, slower days and more free time would always translate for me, the way everything does, into spending more time with my husband, and fitting in more time to read, read, read! Series like Diana Gabaldon's Outlander and Paullina Simons' Bronze Horseman were made for slow days, plenty of time, and honey-spice madeleines. Thanks!

  45. csouthworth

    How I would spend my time if I had more of it, depends upon the weather. I might bundle up and walk the wintery beach with my dog, or make a tall lemonade and soak up the sun listening to my favourite tunes. It seems I am contemplating solitude now that I think of it. Hmm.. Maybe I would have girlfriends over for a glass of wine instead.

  46. Allison the Meep

    Oh, lordy. Those look amazing.

    If I had more time, I would definitely read. Parents of small children never get to read. Or go to the movies, for that matter. I watch everything now on Netflix, which I kind of prefer these days over paying $13 to sit in a theater next to a middle school girl on her cell phone.

    Also, I would sew more. I haven't sewn one thing since the newest Meep was born almost 10 months ago. And sleep. One day, I'll catch up on all that sleep I'm not getting now.

  47. Amy Conley-Samuelson

    I would kayak and hike and write and cook and play with my kids and kayak and garden and laugh and hike and write classical stories from minor character's point of view and cook and dance and enjoy my children becoming the people they are destined to be.

  48. Dr. Jean Layton-GFDoctor

    Been waiting with bated breath for this recipe ever since you posted that it would be one of your Christmas cookies. I have my grandmother's antique madeline pan that I've never found a good recipe to use.
    These will have to be on the weekend plans. Thanks

  49. Rachel

    With neither the pans nor the cookbook in my home to date…with more time & those additions…

    I would certainly dive into more adventurous cooking & baking with greater frequency…I would get down to some relaxing guitar & mandolin strumming & picking & singing…I would play in my garden more…I would curl up with a good book & a warm blanket & a hot cup of tea for as long as I want…I would be a better lover, friend, and family member to those I love and a better caretaker to myself.

    Ah, if only there were more hours to play with…that would truly be wonderful!

  50. Creative Mom

    I just had my first gluten-free madeleines yesterday and now you have a recipe for them!
    If my life slowed down I would be with the kids snuggling in bed reading books, sewing more, and in the summer gardening.

  51. beastmomma

    If my days were slower, I would cook more and read more. I would also relax with Partner and, oh, I would likely watch more television and see more movies. Of course, I would also build in time with friends and family.

  52. Courage Cooks

    @Jaymie – I can't eat eggs either, but I have found Ener-G egg replacer works just fine with most baking. I think it's mostly potato and tapioca starch.

    Good luck, and happy baking!

  53. Lady Jennie

    Wow! You've read Ulysses? More than once? I've only had courage to plug through A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, but was proud of myself of reading something Joyce.

    So. I shall have to get me quick to any old supermarket around here and pick up a madeleine pan. I've never had reason to before.

  54. Adrienne * Tough City Writer

    More time? I would paint. I try to embrace a "live creatively" credo and so, at almost 50, I have taken a painting course. It was so different from my day-to-day life and swept me away for an hour or two. It was the process I loved. The results? Who cares.

  55. fallingintofavor

    My days are already slow enough! I get to spend a lot of time reading, cooking and doing art projects. I'm also blessed to get to do a lot of volunteer work and visit with my family.

  56. The Urban Baker

    If i could slow down the days, i would read all my magazines, finish the three novels that sit by my bed, and simply lay in bed, with my three boys, enjoying the moment.

    i am going to make these right after i get new madeline pans (mine are 28 years old-and are a tad rusty)
    these, like all your goodies, look amazing! so glad to be a part of this with all of you! happy holidays, to you and your family, shauna!

  57. Crazy Radishes

    If my days were a little bit slower, I'd try to make Rick Bayless's mole recipe. It looks sooo good but there are so many components that it must take hours to make!

  58. BriannEm

    I'd have to say I might just sit still a little longer. Make breakfast more often. Take the time to do things myself instead of taking the manufactured preproduced route.

  59. Cheryl

    If my days were slower, I'd have more time to read. I've always admired the father/chauffeur character in "Sabrina" who took the job because he had all that down time to read.

  60. Christine

    My days are currently pretty slow, but somehow completely filled with moving to a new appartment and looking for a job. I'd love to spend more time cooking, gardening, reading, and painting. Baking Madeleines in an actual Madeleine pan would be awsome, as would be reading your cookbook and cooking from it!

  61. Lauren

    Oh my. A madeleine pan is definitely on my list of things to buy. Slower days? I think I'd much rather faster ones, or at least faster than my current pace. Lots of reading I'd love to do, and I'm really hoping to ski this season especially considering the wonderful snow they've been getting! Also, baking. Lots and lots of baking that I hope I can do in the near future :).

  62. Brittany Elizabeth

    If my days were slower I would simply go slower. I could say that there are tons of things I would like to do that I haven't been able to, get more work done, spend more time with certain people, etc. etc. but I would just do what I'm already doing (too much, like you I'm sure!).. just slower. I often wish I had more time to really take in the moment, to add a few more details, or to just breath and smile – so I would do the same, just slower, taking it all in a little more πŸ™‚

    happy holidays! so happy to have found you on twitter! πŸ™‚

  63. DeniseMarie

    I would talk long walks with my husband, would read Austen and the Brontes over again, would read lots more to my children, would perhaps act on my dream to open a cupcake bakery. And enjoy cooking more, enjoy the process, instead of whipping out meals for 7 in a rush!

  64. kelly preece

    With slower days, and more free time I would sit with my love on the couch. We would drink earl grey tea, and homemade chai. We would read poetry to each other like we did back in college. I would take up playing the harmonica. And write down the songs that I make up in the car each day. I would finish the quilt that I started last year. It has the most beautiful pattern. I would bake. I would master the art of gluten free bread making, building my muscles until stirring the thick dough by hand is no longer impossible. I would sit by the window and watch the trees wave their branches. I would read The Old Man and the Sea again. I would develop and frame the photos that are still on film in my old camera. I would visit my father out of state and make him dinner in his little apartment. I would spend time remembering how blessed I truly am. Maybe I will just make the time, instead of waiting for it to appear.

  65. The Golden Papaya

    Yup. I would read, too. Maybe even reread Proust in the original, if I could remember enough French.
    Even with all the time in the world, though, not sure I'd choose to spend it on Ulysses.

  66. elizabeyta

    What would I do with slower days: smile more, laugh more, garden more, bake more, sew more, plaster more, dance more, hang up side down more, build cob more, spin more, weave more, hold hands more, hug more, love more….

  67. Gabrielle

    IF my days were slower…I would spend all of them baking with my soon-to-be husband. We are beginning to start up a gluten-free baking business after many people commented on how delicious g-free can be! (thanks in part to tremendous advice from your blog!) We spend our days off baking and cooking – my soon to be husband is in culinary school. He loves the challenge of g-free cooking and has fully embraced it! I would also develop my garden and spend warm summers harvesting delicious veggies and fruit.

  68. beyondthewindow

    if my days were were a bit slower. i'd read more. i'm sure i'd find other things to do as well, of course, but reading would be a top priority…

  69. Megan

    Ha! Soooo many things- dinner parties with great food and great wine top the list! Sleep also ranks up there- our Daddy just finished his thesis on Friday and we are all very tired!!! Boys 2 & 1/2 and 18mos and a Mama who works full-time make for a full plate. Cookies always help, though! πŸ™‚ Thanks for all you do!

  70. Latinosunshine

    If I had slower days, I would spend more time with my kids and dogs. I would take long hikes and let the dog and the kids run until I can barely see them on the horizon. And then I would watch them run back to me full tilt and I would just laugh at them huffing and puffing.

  71. The Bendy Tree

    Delicious photo and the recipe had me at ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. Mmmm…

    And to answer the question, "If my days were slower I would" …definitely read more books, mostly cookbooks, but more books of any genre. I'd also cook more, explore more, and learn as many languages as my soul desired. And probably before ALL of that, I would sleep. Three wee ones leaves me extremely sleep deprived and my dreams usually involve me trying to sleep.

  72. zonecoach

    Let's see, since today is my birthday, I am definitely getting older….but I don't feel older. If my days could get slower, I would go for a long walk just about every day. I would meditate. I would read a lot more than I can get in today. I would travel and see the world. Lastly, I would bake more gluten free goodies like these madeleines. hmmmmmmmm. That sounds pretty good.

  73. Ashlie and Alfred

    I would bake every single day – being in the kitchen is the ultimate therapy if you ask me. On the weekends, I spend as much time in the kitchen as I can!!!! If only everyday was Saturday πŸ™‚

  74. Deelightful

    Oh my.. with slower days it seems there would be the time to enjoy the cooking process.. I do now as much as possible but it seems we get swept up in the hurry and get something on the table.. I miss the carefree enjoyment of it all..
    Thanks for all you do in keeping that alive keep up the good work!

  75. Mollie

    This is such a good topic to mull over! I think if things were slower, I would want 1) to explore more things with my husband and loved ones and 2) to focus my energy on being more present with the things I often rush now. Adventure is so important – it keeps you feeling alive. And I could be enjoying lots of things so much more, like a nice warm shower, going for a run, making meals, and even straightening up the house. These are the things I hurry up and get done so I can rest in the tiny amount of free time I have. I forget to appreciate that these are the things that keep me sane and that I want to do better.

  76. Leslie

    Madeleines sound wonderful with a cup of hot coffee! Thanks for sharing so many inspiring recipes.
    Your cookbook is on my wish list for Christmas πŸ™‚

  77. katie stone

    med school and a full time job (in a restaurant that i love and am blessed to be a part of) find me with very little time to enjoy the good things in life anymore…i long for days of having the choice to do whatever i chose, regardless of obligation. it's to the point where even on days off, i feel the panic of needing to catch up.

    if my days were slower, i would sleep in at least twice a week. i would walk to the tattered cover bookstore and purchase the new york times instead of hastily reading it online. i would get to know my neighbors; i would visit my friends in the evenings and develop relationships with their children instead of watching them grow on facebook. i would spend hours researching diseases that fascinate me and and how they impact the suffering beyond the straight facts available in a text book. i would volunteer.

    i would take more photographs and clean out my car on a weekly basis. i would start sewing again and make quilts out of my old concert t-shirts. i would meet my best friend for lunch and drink wine late into the afternoon. i would take naps and not feel guilty. i would brush my dog and floss my teeth everyday. i would write my grandmother letters and take more road trips into the mountains.

    i would smoke pot and listen to new albums in their entirety. i would learn how to cook the things that have always intimidated me. i would photograph food more. i would stage in the kitchen of the restaurant that i work in, and i would spend more time at the farm our chef recently purchased. i would fly home to visit my parents more often and learn gardening secrets from my mom.

    in the depths of stress and sleep deprivation, i sometimes wonder why i'm doing this to myself. this is a choice i made, i am not a victim of my situation–in fact, quite the opposite. amidst textbooks and flashcards and dirty laundry, i am constantly grateful that i have the opportunity to earn this degree and that it will one day help me to benefit humanity. although i look forward to the day that i no longer have to serve people food for a living, i will miss it–and i am grateful for a job that is inspiring and invigorating. my years in restaurants have enriched my love of food, and ultimately led me to this blog.

    despite all of this, i know one day my hours will slow down and i'll look back on this period of my life with fond memories.

  78. Chef Rachel

    I would get together w/my friends more often to cook and bake. I would go on more hikes and picnics. I would make more collages and cards from my photographs. And I would make madelines, which I've never made!

  79. Chef Rachel

    I would entertain guests more often, do potlucks w/friends on a regular basis, and try more new recipe.

  80. Megan

    I'd get back into yoga and finally take the time to hunt down all of the ingredients to make your AP gluten-free flour mix!

  81. Paige

    If my days were slower, I also would do more reading, probably more napping (with less feeling guilty about it), and, believe it or not, more exercising. That's something I was able to do a much better job of when I was only working part-time.

  82. April T.

    If time were to slow down, I would spend it baking cheesecakes and making jambalaya with my family and friends. I relish the time I get to make those two items…I would also read more cooking magazines and cookbooks.

  83. April T.

    If time were to slow down, I would spend it baking cheesecakes and making jambalaya with my family and friends. I relish the time I get to make those two items…I would also read more cooking magazines and cookbooks.

  84. Kate

    I'm not good at slow days. I always end up watching terrible TV or eating a bag of chips or looking at page after page of awkward family portraits. I like my busy days and the appointments and responsibilities that ballast my laziness.

    But every once in a while I can have a slow day filled with sweetness and pleasure rather than distraction. Invariably, on one of those rare days, I end up baking or cooking something that makes me feel accomplished and proud.

    When one of those rare days next comes, I hope to be making Madeleines. A pan would help πŸ™‚

  85. Catie

    Slower days – bake, knit, draw more – my days have been busy but i will have some slow time soon – i think i'll also sleep in more

  86. olympicweight

    If my days were a lot slower I would cook and bake more. I cook dinner most days of the week, but I would love to have more time to explore and make more complex dishes.

  87. Wilsonamyd

    If my days were slower? Hmm. I think I'd fish more often. I always throw the fish back, but I just get so much enjoyment out of relaxing on the side of a river and communing with nature…

  88. Meagan

    It's heartening to me that so many people would read — it always seems like no one does that anymore.

    I would read. But not Moby Dick.

    I would also cook without worrying about being rushed or eating by a certain time.

    I would enjoy languid mornings in bed with my lover and a pot of almond-vanilla rooibos tea.

    I would learn how to be a potter, finally and most importantly.

  89. Kendal's

    If my days were slower, I would fill them up with making things, especially experimental-new & exciting-possibility edibles. Much like what you do, but probably more in a possessed & slightly manic state, until I have to sleep. Sadly, I doubt there would be much if any writing about it involved. I very much appreciate your extensive communication and lessons on your culinary adventures!

  90. Sara Pugh

    If my days were slower, I'd take more time to play my violin, to read books, and to just be still. Really though – being slow is just a discipline and one that I must adopt soon!

  91. Jonell

    Well, my days are too slow since I just finished chemo and am beginning radiation. But when I have my energy back, I would love to work my way through your cookbook and bake your madeleines in an appropriate pan. πŸ™‚

  92. Michelle

    As soon as I saw the photo I thought, "that's what I need, a madeleine pan!". And then you go and offer one. Fantastic!

  93. Lisa

    What WOULDN'T I do if I had slower days!? ; )

    I would
    bake more,
    take cooking classes,
    and read.
    Take a photography class perhaps?

    Most of all, if the days were slower, I would take time to do nothing! Just sit for awhile, and breathe.

  94. Tara Barker

    Oh gosh, I love that poem. I always read it with Garrison Keillor's voice in my head.

    Although right now it's inconceivable to believe that one day I will have any time I can actually label as "free," I do still dream about it. Time to curl up with a book for an hour or two, time to drink my morning coffee without doing ANYTHING ELSE, time to finish projects around the house, time to drive aimlessly to unexpected destinations. But then I realize that when I finally do have such time, it will be because I don't have my boys living ecstatically (to borrow from Updike via Melanie) around me, and such a bittersweet time that will be!

  95. Daydreamer Desserts

    Gorgeous addition to the Share our Holiday Table dessert course! Sorry for the lack of adjectives and not so elaborate post comment, English is my second language. πŸ˜‰

  96. Amy

    If my days were a bit slower, I would definitely spend it all with my family…bake them something good to eat and we spend the whole day chatting, playing relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

  97. Nimble

    I would exercise more and take a dance class. When you finally get to that sunny corner, Moby Dick is wonderful…

  98. spicybohemian

    What a beautifil post!

    If my days were slower…I would spend some time meditating/in silence each morning to feel grounded and balanced as I start a new day, then I would go for a long walk outside in nature. I would fill the rest of my hours with cooking, reading, writing, dancing, and spending time with loved ones. And of course, lots of laughing. Business and stress have a way to steal away laughter. I'd steal it back.

    Thanks again for a wonderful post. I can't wait to try those madeleines!

    (Note: I already own your gorgeous cookbook, so please choose another name if mine comes up. However, I do not have a madeleine pan and would love one!)

  99. Alicia

    If my days were slower I think that I'd stare at my children more–watch what makes them laugh, what brightens their eyes. I do this now, but it seems like I'm always multi-tasking…

    Thanks for your delicious recipes!

  100. Shael Faber Wait

    yay madeleines! all I want for Christmas is a madeleine pan!

    oh man, if my days were slower I would definitely be reading more (maybe even Proust as we have plenty of classics around here since my husband is an English teacher too). and sewing. and drawing. these days it seems like an impossible feat with two young children home with me. we'll get there.

  101. christina hjort

    If I had more time– I would sleep later, read one of the books that always sits on my nightstand, walk through museums and corners of my city that I have never seen. But mainly, I would spend more time talking with people– really talking. To old men I see sitting alone in cafe's… to women struggling with their bags and children… to the homeless who I normally pass by without much more than a weak smile. There's something about being seen and being heard that is essential to being fully human. In our rush and rumble- we so often miss it. Then we wonder why we feel empty in places of our heart and soul. I;ve come to believe that we all have a "story"… usually more powerful and complicated than we presume. And I would slow down to hear more stories…

  102. Emily

    I would take more time to enjoy each thing. I tend to devour my days, my food, my reading – gulping everything in too quickly to really appreciate each aspect of it.

    And I would eat lots of madelines. These look incredible.

  103. Hettar7

    You've read Ulysees 4 times!?! How? I got through a little over 500 pages, still didn't know what it was about, and couldn't go any more. I'll revisit it one day (I too am an English major and thought it was a duty to at least try to read all the classics) but….. I can't imagine reading it, and enjoying it, multiple times. I wonder about you. I've never tried Proust yet. Methinks it's beyond me if he's worse than Joyce.

  104. Kari

    Slower days? I have a feeling those won't come for awhile, but a girl can always hope! I would read more, take time to visit my friends and family I haven't seen. Work on seeing more of my beautiful state. Cook more, finish my masters degree, and get all my cleaning done!

  105. Mariko

    You've read Ulysses. I think you can forget Proust. I'm guilty of focusing my entire literature track on American authors (and 1 modern Brit lit class). I'm going to need years of afternoons to catch up on Victorian lit.

    If days were slower I'd have time to read, cook, and play every game ever invented by a 4-year-old before the sun went down.
    Here's to dreaming the impossible dream.

  106. Diana

    I remember when my granddaughter was 8 months old. I had taught her sign language and she could sign about 25 words, couldn't speak a one of them, but could sign them! I was feeding her baby cereal while she sat in her highchair and she was signing the word "bird." I was laughing at her because there wasn't a bird in sight. I stopped, listened, and then realized she was hearing a bird outside our window. What a lesson she taught me that day. We all need to stop…listen…and be still, even if for a moment:)

  107. Clea Danaan

    My day runs on child time, which is both hectic and slow. If I had more time for me, which I will one day and mostly feel patient getting to, I would sleep more, read in bed, and spend time outdoors being alone. But really, I just have to remember to slow down and not worry so much about laundry or messes. I'm working on that this season. My baby is helping.

  108. hoopyscoopsmom

    If I had slower days, I would savor every moment, I would enjoy more time with my daughter, learn to cook and bake, and live life to the fullest! Of course, all with a cup of warm chamomile tea!

  109. dome sweet dome

    Slower days? Hmm… no doubt I'd be working in my studio making pots instead of working feverishly at the computer for the job that pays. Oh, and I'd bake more. I finally have collected all the different flours for your all purpose flour and can't wait to start baking. Tomorrow.

    Your Madelines look and sound so wonderful. What should I tackle first?!

  110. Natalie

    if days were slower, i would spend more time reading and trying out new gf recipes.

    if tomorrow was slower, i would take the bus down to the tattered cover and pick up an autographed copy of your cookbook. i've been saving for it!

  111. thepantryraider

    I just made these. I had to go out, and buy a pan. Thanks for helping me break in my new mixer. They were amazing.

    Thank you for what you do!

  112. Victoria

    I always wanted a madeleine pan. Wanted one for years. So, on a totally unrelated trip to the thrift shop, I spotted one!! I couldn’t believe it. Only $3.00, how could I resist. So now I have the pan and I am totally psyched to try out this recipe!

  113. Debbie

    These look amazing! haha, I needed a reason to buy this pan! My question is, will this recipe work without the gums? Thanks!

    1. shauna

      I should think it would! I’ve been subbing in psyllium husk for the gums and it works every time.

  114. susan

    I am taking your advice and I am “making these now”! Might tint them green for this weeks bake sale at our school! thanks, Shauna

  115. tracy

    Well…. I’d spend my days at my letterpress or doing something creative. Or baking at the stove. πŸ™‚ But I don’t have a madeleine pan! I think we need one. πŸ™‚ Oh to have the time to do nothing.

  116. Jabbara

    If times were slower I would travel more, spend more time in the woods and volunteer somewhere where I can bake for folks who need good healthy food. I have neither a madeleine pan nor your last book but I know my life would be enriched by both.
    Nice that the comments are back. Sounds like you guys are going through a midlife crisis sort of thing or maybe it’s just the rain…. Jabbara in rainy Portland

  117. Diane

    I haven’t had a Madeleine in over 10yrs. I still have my pan and plan on trying these as soon as I can. One of my very favorite treats and I’ve really missed them.

  118. R. Walker

    I want to make these. I had some gluten free Madeleines in Paris last summer, bought at a local health food store. They had a nice taste, but were a cross between pound cake and sponge cake. A bit heavy and not like the gluten ones that I used to be able to eat. These sound good. Thanks.

  119. gillian

    if my days were slower i think i’d stop and smell more. ok that sounds weird! but every so often while my mother is cooking she’ll stop in her tracks and tell us a memory that a particular smell evokes. the lamb roasting when she was pregnant with my sister and she had morning sickness, the day i lost my tooth in the gooseberry bushes and the jam she made that evening after promising that the tooth fairy WOULD find it [she did!]… i’d stop and smell more so that i have these things to share with my future kids.

  120. Ellen

    If my days were slower I would put down on paper the book I am writing inside my head. A book about triumph over tragedy, and reclaiming a life. But until I hemorrhage these words onto paper, I will continue to mentally rewrite the opening line while I stand in line, drive carpool, work, cook, pay the bills, walk the dog… you know, live my life!

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