how to make gluten-free breadcrumbs

Someone wrote to me recently to ask, “Do you know where I can buy gluten-free breadcrumbs? I can’t find them in any store.”

When I read it to Danny, we had the same reaction: “Oh honey, you don’t need to buy them. They’re so easy to make.”

If you were wondering how to make breadcrumbs, we’d like to show you. In a video.

Danny particularly cracked me up in this one, so expect a lot of guffaws.

Also, we hadn’t charged the camera we have been using for the last six months, so we had to go back to our old camera. (No naming names here, but we’re not flipping over this camera anymore.) So the sound is a bit hard. Lean in.

You’re going to want gluten-free breadcrumbs for tomorrow’s recipe. So make some as soon as you watch this.

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  1. lis0r

    I don't know if this technique will work as well for gluten free bread crumbs, but I often bake my bread crumbs after I've made them to give them the golden finish you often find on shop bought breaded food.

  2. Laura at Gluten Free in the 713

    So glad you posted this! I think bread crumbs, like stuffing and breadpudding or strata, is one of the items that gluten free bread does great in.

  3. tracy

    Hi Shauna and Danny —
    I just made some breadcrumbs last night for Risotto Balls using leftovers from the risotto recipe in your book! 🙂 I should have toasted my yummy Udi's a little bit longer since one of two pieces were a little less crispy. So, after whirling them in the food processor, I just popped them back in the oven for a few mins. I put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. That makes it really easy to pull them out when I need them.

  4. gfpumpkins

    Rather than use a 'fresh' loaf of 'good' bread, I prefer to use ends and/or messed up bread. I save every shred of bread that I don't eat as is. I'm not fond of eating bread ends, so I freeze them. Any bread flops also go into the bag. Eventually I have enough usually to make at least 4 or so cups of bread crumbs. I've just been following the directions in the Joy of Cooking for regular bread crumbs and it's worked fabulous.

    Now I have a way to make bread crumbs in a pinch. Thanks!

  5. Gluten Free Nomad

    Here's an alternative for bread crumbs that I use all the time: Instead of using bread, grind up some rice cakes in the food processor, or roll them with a rolling pin. They work great!

    I only use unsalted Lundberg rice cakes, but I imagine this would work with others. Just be sure to leave out the salt in the recipe if you're using salted rice cakes…


  6. Carla Spacher

    Very entertaining! Absolutely loved it! I used to put my bread in the oven. Now I just toast them.

  7. Anonymous

    Wow! After reading this post I HAD to have some Mac & Cheese! I only had one hour until I had to leave for work, and I only had less than 6 oz. of pasta in the house…it didn't stop me and it came out delicious! I just cut down the amounts of the cheeses (I used Feta instead of the cottage cheese) and baked it in 3 small bowls. Each a perfect serving size. I had it prepared, baked and a serving eaten before I left for work! My husband enjoyed it for supper tonight!! Thank you!!

  8. Allison the Meep

    You two are so adorable. That whole video was so sweet and funny.

    Like gfpumpkins, I also save the ends of loaves of bread and use them for breadcrumbs. I call them my bread butts. Butts = awesome crumbs

  9. sweetpea

    Made these bread crumbs today using my Udi's bread for a cauliflower gratin! They really are easy to make and I love gfpumpkins idea of saving all the ends to make them! After the breadcrumbs I measured out everything to make your oreo's only to discover I was out of eggs and without a car . . . so sad. Of course I have saved the mix of dry ingredients and will recover tomorrow.

  10. Jackie

    Very timely! Was just looking for a gluten-free breadcrumb recipe. And Danny just cracks me up! HAAAAH!

    Thank you! Will make this tomorrow.

  11. Mel M. M. McCarthy

    Fabulous! Thanks for posting this. I use g-f panko often, but sometimes I don't want that texture. I can't wait to put these to use in the recipes outta your fab book! Sorry to hear about your camera troubles; what a pain for you, but the sound and everything was great on my end. Thanks again, :o) mel

  12. Alicia Korten

    Loved the video. Very funny.

    You actually can find gluten free breadcrumbs at Mary’s Gone Crackers. They come in original, caraway and savory. They are great. So much better than regular bread crumbs. They have the crisp of panko breadcrumbs except so much more flavor.

      1. Julie

        Just so you know, that link goes to a video called “Danny making crepes.” Which also sounds amazing.

  13. healing

    How to make bread crumbs? Yikes, no video. WHenever you get a chance 🙂 We would enjoy if you through us a few crumbs and tibits of what makes a good recipe for bread crumbs. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Deanna

    Hi Shauna, You have a wonderful site! I’ve been perusing for months now but this is my first comment. I am excited to make crab cakes… so I was hoping for the recipe or video for these bread crumbs… but the YouTube link you posted about halfway down in the comments goes to Danny making a crepe. Could you re-post please? Thank you!

  15. dustin burns

    Please bring the video back or put up text with the directions! Love your stuff. SO helpful and inspiring. Thanks!

  16. Andrew

    I found this article searching Google for a good GF breadcrumb recipe. I’d love to see the video or a writeup of the recipe if you could post it.

  17. Chelsea Turrone

    Where is the video? If you can’t get it back up, could you write out instructions for GF breadcrumbs? You are my inspiration.

    Chelsea Turrone

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