would you like some recipes from our book?

seared shrimp with garlic-almond sauce

Would you like some of this? It’s seared shrimp with garlic almond sauce.

(It’s especially good if you have Marcona almonds in the house.)


How about this? It’s gluten-free pasta with lemons, anchovies, pine nuts, and olives.

(This particular shot, taken by the incredible Jen Yu, uses store-bought gluten-free spaghetti. However, we’ll send you the recipe for the fresh pasta too, if you want it.)

The sockeye salmon wrapped in prosciutto is optional.

chocolate peanut butter brownies

And these? These are peanut butter brownies, gluten-free.

(If you want a decadent and comforting treat, cut one of these brownies in half, spread on some great jam, and put them back together again. Peanut butter and jelly brownies.)

You could be making all of these tomorrow.

Want to know how?

All you have to do is make the food, take photographs, and tell people how much you liked them. 

Want to know more?

Send an email to glutenfreegirl2010@gmail.com. All will be revealed, shortly.

Addendum: Thank you to those of you who have written. So many! We’re thrilled to think you’ll be cooking from these recipes soon. A lovely young woman at our publishers is responsible for sending out the recipes from that email address. This morning she informed me that Gmail sent her a notice that she had sent so many emails they shut the account down, worried it was spam! It should be up again tomorrow. You’ll all get your recipes within the week. Thank you for your patience!

36 comments on “would you like some recipes from our book?

  1. abbie

    oh goodness yes! These look scrumptious! I am counting the days until your book is released…what is the day again in September? 🙂

  2. Neva Hanson

    Tempting pictures you have posted, can't wait to see your book, Have sent you an email…..

  3. Naomi

    Your website has been amazing for me!!! My young daughter is gluten-free. Nothing harder then telling a 5 year old she can't have a cookie! Now we have TONS of options. Thank you, thank you!!!!!

  4. glutenfreeforgood

    That salmon dish was amazing (as was the salad and dessert that went with it). Thank you! Jen's photo is gorgeous, much (MUCH) better than mine. =) You all did a wonderful job.
    Peace, love and red cowboy boots!

  5. Crystal

    Sign me up!! I can't WAIT for your beautiful book and the scrumptious recipes! I can just imagine the yummy smells in my kitchen. 🙂

  6. Carrie

    I am SO in my dear!! Just emailed you! The foods you & Danny made at IFBC were absolutely amazing! I can't wait to try them in my own kitchen!

  7. *Diana*

    Today was my first day gluten-free. I just looked at the photos on your first post and began to cry. I can't wait to read your blog and I'm eager to read your books, as well! Thank you!!

  8. baby cribs

    All the foods that you post are so good. Every dish has very different tastes. But what I love the most is the shrimps. I really love sea foods.

  9. Campbell

    I've just sent my email away, as I'm in New Zealand I'm hoping I can offer something 'out of season' to the mix, thanks Shauna

  10. Jane Haeffele

    Made your Carrot cake wihginger frosting. There was no way I could get the cake out of the pan doing exactly as the recipie stated. I just put frosting on the two layers and had two cakes instead of a layer cake. Cake was very good, good texture. Help with getting it out of the pans. Love your book.

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