Udi’s gluten-free

chicken salad sandwich on Udi's bread

You probably didn’t expect to see a chicken salad sandwich that looks like this on a gluten-free blog, right?

Roasted chicken with diced celery, onions, homemade mayonnaise, a touch of mustard, maybe a little horseradish, salt and pepper. That you probably aren’t surprised to see here.

Warm, toasted bread. Even slices. The pliable feel of white bread flecked with whole grains. Brown and soft. Not the kind of bread you use as a doorstop. In fact, it’s just bread. Good bread.

This is Udi’s gluten-free mulitgrain sandwich bread.

We buy a loaf of this bread every single week. Sometimes two. (We’re lucky. Our island grocery store sells it, as does Whole Foods and now QFC in Seattle.) Lu is growing up with peanut butter toast for breakfast some mornings, egg salad sandwiches for lunch some days, and French toast on the weekends. She doesn’t know it’s “special bread.” To her, it’s just bread.

Here’s how much we love Udi’s bread: I’ve stopped baking my own bread.

Oh, I’ll go back to it, when the fall brings cooler breezes, when the idea of having a 450Β° oven blazing in the kitchen doesn’t make me a little sick, when I want baguettes for dipping in stews and braised meat dishes. (By the time our cookbook comes out at the end of September, you’ll be in the mood to make our crusty bread recipe too.) Right now, however, I’m not as interested in cooking as I normally am. I just want ripe heirloom tomatoes in thick slices, sprinkled with salt. I want peaches so juicy they drip down my arm as I stand over the sink. I want big bowls of salad with soft avocado slices and sunflower seeds.

I want sandwiches. These days, every one of those sandwiches is on Udi’s gluten-free bread.

Udi’s makes more than bread. They make blueberry muffins that have saved us on long car trips. They make cinnamon rolls, granola, double chocolate muffins, bagels, and pizza. They’re all good.

(The bagels taste like good grocery-store bagels. They’re not like the dense soft bagels I bought in Manhattan at Absolute Bagels. I don’t know if those are possible without gluten. But Udi’s bagels are as good as any bagels you’ll find in stores outside of New York or Montreal.)

As you might know, for a long time I focused on all the foods I can naturally eat, not the pizzas and pasta and bread. After a few years, however, I realized that I missed the experience of eating a great sandwich Β— roasted pepper, prosciutto, and mozzarella, for example Β— on bread that tasted good. That’s why you have seen so many baked goods on this site the past year: I threw myself into the challenge.

However, as much as I like the sandwich bread recipe I have on this site, I prefer Udi’s bread. Their multgrain bread is always in our kitchen. Often, it goes with me if we’re going to the city. You never know when you’ll encounter a picnic.

All of this is to tell you that we are proud to say that Udi’s Gluten-Free has joined us as a sponsor of this site.

As I wrote back in April, about our decision to open the site to sponsors:

“What felt really important to me and Danny both is that the ads you will see will be of use to those of you reading. If you wonder how to find a flour we mention or a food we really love or a place to buy kitchen supplies that has made our lives easier, you’ll be able to click on the links of our sponsors and find them immediately.

You should know that we will be limiting the number of sponsored ads here, keeping them only to companies we truly love, the ones who make food we eat happily and do business in a way that makes sense to us.

We are all a community here. We’d like you to support the companies that help make this community feel well-fed by clicking on the links over there to the right when you can.”

So welcome, Udi’s Gluten-Free. We’re so happy you’re here.

Let there be bread.

106 comments on “Udi’s gluten-free

  1. momma rae

    mmmm….udi's is delicious and i feel blessed to have this bread available at ALL of our local grocers! i was absolutely tickled to have a grilled cheese with pickles again. it's the little things. πŸ™‚

  2. Christine

    I love Udi's! Their bread has a sourdough-like flavor that I adore. Great with hamburgers, too, even though it looks kind of weird.

  3. Jamie

    We love this bread in our household too. My husband had to recently join the family on our Gluten Free bandwagon. He is very used to regular old wheat bread. This was a huge hit for him which is saying a lot!

  4. Katherine Gray

    I'm a little crazy about Udi's bread. I found it for the first time in Austin and kept reading the label to make sure it was gluten-free. I was so excited to find it at Whole Foods and now at New Seasons in here in Portland, OR. I buy about 6 loaves at a time since my two kids eat a lot of sandwiches.

  5. Sho


    I was introduced to Udi's sandwich bread in Fairfax, Virginia, at Jason's Deli. I was so happy that I could get a sandwich instead of ordering bunless. It really is good. If anyone is looking for a Jason's near them, click into the link on the front of this blog. You will NOT be sorry. I am not a breadlover and am very critical of bread.

    It is funny, Shauna, that there is a restaurant here called "Choices by Shaun." 90 percent of it is gluten-free. Shaun Warner owns it and is the chef. She started cooking gluten-free at the request of friends. She makes her own GF bread and pancakes. Her carrot cake and chocolate cake is ONLY served gluten-free. It is such a treat for me to go there. Choices by Shaun is a must-eat for anyone traveling through Fairfax, Virginia (near D.C.)

    I also want to wish you a belated Happy Anniversary and a belated Happy Birthday for Lucy and congratuations on your soon-to-be-released cookbook.

    Take care,


  6. Jenny

    I LOVE UDI'S! I found thier Pizza crust at my south Seattle PCC and LOVE IT! Not just because it tastes great, but it's so affordable! 2 crusts for under $5! Gluten free is rarely affordable! πŸ™‚ I will definitely look for other products, including this bread.

  7. Γ„iti

    I never realized how *guilty* I felt about the fact that I have stopped making bread for our GFCF household since finding Udi's at Whole Foods…till I read this post!

    The instant validation and vindication I felt to hear *you* have stopped, as well…oh my.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Udi's for a truly great product πŸ™‚

  8. Maggie

    Seattlites: Roosevelt Ale House (88th and Roosevelt) offers the alternative to serve their sandwiches on Udi's gluten free bread! My first exposure to Udi's was the bagels. The best GF bagels you can find, I guarantee!

  9. Damselfly

    I am lucky enough to live in Denver and therefore Udi's is readily available to me. I eat in the Udi's Cafe often — able to enjoy sandwiches and pizza along side my gluten-eating friends.

    I am glad to hear that Udi's is now a sponsor of your site. Accessibility is essential for many of us and so while baking a loaf of homemade gluten-free bread is truly a treat (warm out of the oven – yum) for most of us, we need something well, faster and easier.

    Now, Udi's can I make a request? I love your bread, muffins, bagels and pizza crust but I really would like hamburger buns! I found some I like from Out of the Breadbox but they are so small that you can't put a portobello or veggie burger on them. What do you think Udi's — are you up for it?

  10. Estaire

    My gf sister discovered Udi's bagels at Whole Foods and they're so delish (I had one myself and loved it!) that she can't stop eating them now!

  11. C.L.J.

    I was astonished the first time I had Udi's – my friend pulled the slices straight from the bag, no toasting. And yes, the bagels. And OMG, the pizza crust.

  12. Stacy

    I have also stopped making my own bread. I buy about 4 loaves at a time along with bagels, pizza crusts and my fav are the muffins. The bread I buy every few week and one or two of the others for a bit of variety. YUM!

  13. Diane-The WHOLE Gang

    Oh to be lucky enough to eat rice. My boys however love the pizza crusts from Udi and the bagels. As for me, I'm going to have to get baking.

  14. Pathfinder Mom

    We love Udi's, too. It's made a world of difference to my son who can now have a sandwich any time. I love that life seems more "normal". Good stuff!

  15. paige


    It's a big puffy heart lovefest in my house. French toast has never made anyone so happy before!

    Shoshannah–I'm off to ALexandria next week, thanks for the tips about Jason's and Choices by Shaun!

  16. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli

    I've heard so many great things about Udi's. But it's not yet available in Canada. They tell me soon though. Something tasty to look forward to.

  17. La NiΓ±a

    UDI'S UDI'S UDI'S!!! We love Udi's…. Ballard Market has had Udi's for months and we've been thanking our lucky sandwich stars. This week they got the BAGELS!

    BAGEL'S BAGEL'S BAGEL'S! with my homemade smoked salmon spread… joy, love, happiness, and gratitude!!!

    Congrats on joining forces with Udi's! Now tell us how to pronounce it: is it Oo-dee's or You-dies. I hope it's the former, not the latter. πŸ˜‰

  18. Jenn Sutherland

    I love Udi's, too, and am so glad to see them on your site! Their whole grain sandwich bread is always in my house, too. The ability to make a quick and easy sandwich or grilled cheese is such a gift!

  19. Stiney

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Udi's. I never thought I'd be able to have a BLT again. Not to mention bread that I could smoosh down flat without it crumbling. I just found another loaf the other day. I can't wait for our WFs to get the bagels. Their stuff is amazing.

  20. Abbey

    I just found Udi's products at one of my favourite specality stores yesterday (Meyer's Drug's in Winnipeg, Mb, Canada) and I was so excited to pick them up. I haven't tried them yet, but based on your recommedation, I'm going to have to head back and pick up a few more things before I head up to northern Canada to teach in September.

  21. FuntabulousMami

    I love Udi's nothing is better! I just tried their cinnamon rolls. PURE BLISS I never thought I would have them again

  22. FuntabulousMami

    Udi's is the best! Their gluten free cinnamon rolls are PURE BLISS, I never thought I would have them again. LOVE LOVE UDI's

  23. ~semi-crunchy mama~

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Udi's. Their bread is great and the double chocolate muffins are better than most "regular" chocolate muffins I've had.

  24. Lori Beth

    Our local nutrition store just started carrying Udi's products. My daughter really, really likes them. She was so happy to have a blueberry muffin that looks like mommy and daddy's. (She's 3 and due to cost of gluten/dairy free, daddy and I eat regular and she has "special" but is totally fine with it) I taste everything she has and am very pleased with these products. I am not a good baker, so it's nice to have baked products that taste good for her to have.

  25. Jen

    I fell in love with Udi's years ago, when we first moved to Denver, and long before I was GF. When I discovered their wide variety of GF goods, I rejoiced. The pizza crust…crisp with a good chew, and fantastic on the grill. I won't make my own anymore, not when I can have this. I keep the bread on hand, and when it cools down I'll go back to baking. But the pizza crusts will stay. Udi's is fantastic.

  26. Lily

    My sweety points out Udi products every time we go to the store if he sees the display, whispering in a cute, conspiratorial whisper, "Udi bread!"

    I buy it every time. Mostly because it's freaking amazing. Partly because he's so adorable about being so happy when we find things I can eat.

  27. loverstreet

    we love udis! isn't it fabulous to eat pb&j again? i never even knew i liked/missed that old standby. it has revolutionized road trips and camping for us… so much easier to pack a loaf (or 2) of udis and jars of pb and homemade jam. yumo! i only wish they could make the loaves a little larger. but who am i to complain, i can have a sandwich on bread that doesn't require toasting to be edible.
    their bagels are an awesome texture treat too!

  28. kelly

    Udi's is awesome, we love the bread and bagels. i am just like you i try and just eat gluten free naturally but sometimes you just want a sandwich or a piece of toast but the great thing is that you don't have to toast this bread and it doesn't fall apart. kudo's to udi!!!!!!!!

  29. Happy Grama

    I live in Nebraska and have been buying Udi's at our HyVee Stores since last Christmas. Their bread and bagels are unequaled in quality, texture, and taste. I was sure I would never taste good bread ever again–until I had their's! I have stopped making my own bread, too!

  30. EatPlayLove

    Being from Colorado I'll share with you a little gem, Udi's has a cafe. Yes, it's just as delightful as you would imagine.

  31. Jenn

    Looks great! We've been doing the same thing with some gf baguettes that we get here en Suisse (until I get my new kitchen into a state where I can bake again), and a real sandwich is just such a satisfying treat!

  32. Gwendolyn

    our HyVee stocks it too and I routinely buy about 5 loaves at a time to throw in the freezer or have out on the counter. The thing I love about Udi's is that it can sit out for more than a day or two without turning to rock or completely drying out (like most other gf breads).
    The cinnamon rolls are to die for..and the muffins..and, well, everything they make. πŸ™‚
    I was so nauseated after giving birth that I lived on Udi's for about 24 hours…straight out of the bag. Was so nice to have bread that tasted like bread.

  33. GFree_Miel

    I've been hearing about Udi's for some time now. I keep seeing it as an ad on Facebook or someone will tweet about it. I want to try it so badly. I'll have to see if any food stores around me sell it! I understand the need for a simple sandwich. Just two slices of bread, some meat and condiments. It'll come in handy when I'm back at school and need something to make really quickly. Thanks for this post!


  34. Tiffany Hackathorn

    Well, considering I have inhaled two Udi's lemon streusel muffins within the past hour, I had to comment. Udi's have become all the rage in my little GF community of friends. How wonderful is it to have a nice soft sandwich on the go, without turning on the oven or using a toaster to thaw frozen bread. So glad to see them become a part of your blog! My new favorite is using Udi's pizza crusts as a fantastic substitute for nan when I go for indian food. Toast up a couple in a dry skillet and pack in foil to take with you, trust me it is worth the effort.

  35. inanoyster.com

    whenever you write, i always hear this warm, breathy, loving, motherly voice in my ear. i love your writing.

  36. Kelly Izzo

    Udi's is my favorite too!! It tastes like real bread and it doesn't crumble up like some other gluten free breads.

  37. Gluten-Free-er

    I've been hearing so much about Udi's but am disappointed that there are eggs in there – I'm not only gluten free, but also casein, lactose, and egg free. Did I mention vegan too (which makes the egg/casein/lactose thing easier to explain to people I guess). I wish there were something like Udi's that could work for those like me…

  38. Anonymous

    I wish we could get things like this in London! Does anyone know if they (or someone similar) do food like this in the UK…at a reasonable cost?

    Sainsburys supermarket part-baked baguette is about as exciting as it gets! :-S


  39. Tammy

    I drive an hour and a half to the nearest Whole Foods so I can get this bread several times a month. (Any chance that Martin's/Giant grocery chain can start carrying it in eastern panhandle of WV?) I've had their muffins and bagels also, but haven't seen the pizza crusts yet. I'm also a fan of them on Facebook and I see that they now have granola. I recommend Udi's to every GF person I know. I love you, Udi's!!!

  40. Krista

    I really wish us Canadian's had the opportunity to purchase great tasting, gluten-free foods such as Udi's or Greek Gods, at our local grocery store.

  41. E

    I LOVE UDI'S BREAD! seriously — I, too, have stopped baking my own bread temporarily in favor of Udi's. The texture and flavor is amazing — and the best part is, it's actually not ridiculously expensive. SOOO good!

  42. Anonymous

    I love Udi's. I stumbled across it at a Whole Foods (about 45 minutes from my house) about 5 months ago. Ever since that first loaf, I've made a bi-weekly trip to stock up. Who am I kidding? I've been hoarding it…terrified it was all either a dream or a mistake or I'm the only one buying it and they'll soon discontinue it. And I completely agree about the bagels and pizza crusts. So good!


  43. Dave

    Udi's rocks – love their whole grain bread, love their bagels, love their pizza crusts. Glad they're a site sponsor for you.

  44. Amanda Acton

    I haven't come across one gluten free bread in South Africa. Not one. I do at least have a flour mix that I like. πŸ™‚

  45. Sho


    Try the Jason's on Rte 7 in Tysons Corner/Mclean, VA. It is much closer to Alexandria than the Fairax/Fair Lakes location even though it is all still in Fairfax county. You will be very happy at Jason's considering it is in the same shopping center as Whole Foods, and it is across the street from Trader Joe's.

    Choices by Shaun is on Rte 123/Chain Bridge Road, not far from George Mason University. They have a Sunday brunch buffet, and Shaun will make you GF pancakes or french toast, or even both.



  46. Melissa

    Yup, Udi's rocks! Love their pizza crusts as well. I heard something about Jason's deli starting to carry it for a gluten free option – or am I dreaming that?

  47. Anonymous

    We can now even buy Udi's at our local store here in western Montana. Udi's has also made me give up on the idea of trying to bake good tasting gluten free bread. What is their trick? I think they are separating the eggs and beating the whites first. Anyone else know how they do it??

  48. Claudine

    This bread has enabled my 7-year-old to bring delicious, non-soggy, soft sandwiches to school! When you're in elementary school, fitting in like all the non-celiacs is very important. It's been a God-send for us. (And it also means I don't have to turn my oven on in the summer!)

  49. Andrea

    We love it in our house, too! Works fantastic in the pannini press. Next to try will be their pizza crust-can't wait! We find it at PCC and also Thriftway-feel so lucky to have easy access to such great GF bread.

  50. Rachel

    I love that other people have the same unhealthy love for Udi's bread that I do! When I found it in WFs, I too was suspicious of the 'gluten-free' label because it looked, smelled and tasted like…bread. Proper, squishy, delicious bread. Not a dense brick like the stuff I had made myself get used to. REAL bread. I almost cried when I ate some, toasted with Marmite (I'm a Brit who lives in NYC, so I adore the stinky stuff).

    I haven't tried their bagels but I'm gonna get some ASAP, because I live in New York and it SUCKS to not be able to eat a bagel. Thanks Udi's for being seriously awesome!

  51. amy m

    Udi's bread is real bread. It is just normal wonderful bread…something I thought I would never have again without a ton of work. I just open the bag and make a sandwich…luxury!!!

  52. Maggie

    Oh, I love this post! I just recently heard about Udi's about a month ago and quickly found it at our local Whole Foods and am absolutely in love. So far I have just tried their white sandwich bread, but I'm heading to the store to pick up the whole grain to try today after seeing this!

  53. EponaRae

    Hee, change the names and that could easily have been my post about what Udi's has meant in my house. And yes I too am looking forward to cooler weather and baking again. Don't want to get too out of practice!
    Oh, and I second Damselfly's request for hamburger buns–and add hot dog buns and how about chibatta rolls, eh, Udi's? Whaddaya say?

  54. Heather

    I just bought my first loaf yesterday, and I agree that it's fantastic. I was hoping that it would cost less–the price is really high at $5.70 for a small loaf. We will still be keeping sandwiches infrequent at that cost, and I will still be baking, but it's nice to have an easy alternative on occasion.

  55. cdrushin

    Ilove UDI'S bread, it makes awesome paninis and grilled cheese. I would before gluten-free just have a sandwich for lunch and now I can agian without having to bake bread which I never have time for. glad they are a sponser of something else I love(your blog).

  56. Courtney

    Love Udi's too – I think the pizza crusts especially are really nice for a quick week night dinner. The bread is delicious, too. Happy to see them as a sponsor and looking forward to buying your cookbook!

  57. Linda

    I am so with you on the Udi's! I think it's better than wheat-based bread. It was such a relief when our whole foods store manager said to me one day–'hey, did you try Udi's yet?' and over to the GF freezer we went. I've been in love with it ever since. Then they started stocking the bagels, muffins and cinnamon rolls–the rolls can't hold a candle to yours, Shauna dear, but they make some wicked good bread pudding! πŸ™‚

  58. Anonymous

    I feel the same way about Udi's. I love their muffins, bagels and pizza crust too! The first time I tried their bread, I toasted it up with butter and cinnamon sugar. I couldn't believe how wonderfully normal the bread tasted! You know, like the old normal. What I also love about Udi's is that it's also soy, dairy and nut free!

  59. M.Y.

    OH. MY. GOD. I just bought my very first loaf of Udi's multigrain bread, and first just warmed one slice in the toaster and spread it with butter. Amazing! Then, I made my first "real" grilled cheese since going gluten-free… oh my god, I think I died and went to heaven. SO GOOD.
    Thank you so much for posting this and getting me to try Udi's!!!!!!!

  60. gfe--gluten free easily

    Udi's is amazing. Now if I could just get some local stores to carry it! Great sponsor for you guys! πŸ™‚

    See you soon … hugs,

  61. Creative Mom

    I have also drank the Udi's kool-aid. When I first found it a few months ago and had my first sandwich I was so happy to have a sandwich bread I didn't have to toast! Then I made french toast with it YUMMM not gummy at all and held up to being soaked in the custard YEA!! Also I like that I don't have to pay a fortune for it.

  62. Rita

    Udi's is wonderful bread – whether you need gluten-free or not. Rita and I found sandwiches at Jason's Deli near the Arboretum in Austin, TX and then Udi's for sale next door at Sprout's Farmer's Market. Everything you wrote about the quality is 100% true!

  63. Laurie Ann

    My Daughter just introduced me to Udi's bread. In 46 years of being gluten intolerant, I have never found a better tasting store bought bread. I'm hoping my local co-op will carry it.

  64. Everton Terrace

    Bandwagon joined earlier this year. I go through a loaf a week just myself! When I first tasted it I almost started crying. I blogged about it right away. I'm an Udi's fanatic. Now that I've read about their restaurant in Denver (here in the comments), I'm considering a vacation there!

  65. Lovesgarlic

    Based on your post, I went to Whole Foods and bought the White and Whole Grain bread, the blueberry muffins and the cinnamon rolls. So far, all of the muffins have been consumed and were SO GOOD!!! I am so happy you recommended them.

    How about CUPCAKES???

  66. Merideth

    Thanks for the heads up that they have Udi's at Whole Foods! I had just been contemplating ordering some and wondering how bad shipping would be- hooray I can drive to Whole Foods instead! My mom actually introduced me to Udi's, which is weird in more ways than you can imagine- she looks a wee bit askance at the whole gluten free thing with my kids, and lives in a tiny little town in Texas called Lindale, with pretty much only a Wal-Mart and a little health food store. Lo and behold, Udi's is at the little health food place (The Granary, in case anyone lives near Lindale, TX)! And my kids ate more grilled cheese sandwiches this summer than they ever have in their whole lives. Well, off I go to Whole Foods… As usual, you have made my day!

    And I can't wait for your cookbook to come out.

  67. Fiona

    We just discovered Udi's, thanks to our nearest PCC Market (Redmond, WA). Like many, we had to check and re-check to make sure it really was gluten free. The texture is just like real bread, and it tastes great even without toasting it first. Amazing!

  68. missbarns

    Hello! I'm a fairly new follower of your blog. Love it πŸ™‚

    I've been looking for a bread that I actually like, and I can't wait to try this one. Thanks for the suggestion!


  69. Anonymous

    O. M. G.
    Thank you Udi's, for giving me back bread that smells like bread, and for allowing me the opportunity to make a grilled cheese sandwich again.

    Thank you, Shauna, for this post. I'm so happy.


  70. marla {family fresh cooking}

    Congrats on finding the perfect bread for sandwiches, grilled cheese & french toast galore! We need to try Udi's πŸ™‚

  71. Wendy

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE UDI'S!!!!!!!!!!

    It was so exciting when I went to Jason's Deli the other day and ACTUALLY HAD A SANDWICH on Udi's πŸ™‚

    Udi's makes me very happy!!!!

  72. Merideth

    Oh yes- by the way, thank you to whomever mentioned the gluten-free restaurant near DC- my kids and I are heading there in a few weeks to welcome my husband/their daddy (!) back from Afghanistan. I'm going to look up that restaurant- it will be such a treat. What a wonderful community of sharing has been created here. Much, much appreciated.

  73. Anonymous

    In Northern Michigan, we like our chicken salad with dried cherries. It's an alteration I'd suggest very highly. I very much enjoy your blog although I have no dietary restrictions. =)

  74. Marianne McCament

    I SO wish I could eat Udi's breads – of any kind!!! Our Whole Foods carries them and I drool over them every week…however, they ALL have corn of some kind in them, and my body won't tolerate wheat OR corn, actually corn is the worst…I am wishing someone out there would make a luscious bread like this without any kind of corn starch or corn syrup!Anyone have any ideas?

  75. Jennifer Carden

    My all time favorite!!! PB and Nutella toasted in a pan is my favorite treat. They have a pizza dough too, add light sauc and a sprinkle of sheep's milk parm, yum!! I buy the bread, Food Save and freeze it so I always have it on hand.

  76. Brandi

    We picked up some Udi's a few weeks ago after a friend suggested it. Strangely it was very dry and crumbly, not at all what I had been told. Perhaps it was just a bad loaf?!?
    Is that what they are serving at Jason's Deli now? My husband liked that bread.
    After your endorsement, I will try again. Thanks!

  77. seabold vintage market

    oh my gosh . . . this bread looks amazing!!!

    . . . just so you know – you and you blog and your first book are just what I have been looking for!! You have changed the way I feel and I relate so much to so many things you have mentioned here and there . . . the food brands of my childhood, the grocery store scene when I walked away with 2 or 3 things in my cart . . . my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving and how to handle it . . . the years of feeling miserable and the doctors and tests without answers . . . and most recently – making some of your chocolate cupcakes (from your blog) for my daughters 6th birthday – and when I had one, then two . . . I knew you had changed my life!!

    I want to personally "thank you" for that and all that you share!!! You are a true blessing to me and others!! . . . πŸ™‚ liz

  78. Anonymous

    Udi's is such a treat. The thought of baking in the summer months is such a turn off – now I just tell my husband to toss a loaf of Udi's into the grocery cart – no regrets.

  79. I Am Gluten Free

    Udi's has gone mainstream. I saw a full page ad for it in the latest Eating Well magazine! Next to making homemade bread from a Breads From Anna mix, Udi's is my fave.

  80. Joanie

    Like many I have found Udi's bread and other products and am really glad. It is really great that the cinnamon roll have 2 packets of frosting but I prefer plain frosting instead and so make my own. The only thing think I have ever found to complain about with Udi's.

  81. Meaghan

    Thanks Shauna, I just bought my first loaf of Udi's White Bread about a week ago, and was planning on a trip to the store for another. The ad on your page with $1 coupon was just the reminder I needed!

    Like so many others, my first endeavor was grilled cheese. It was the first grilled cheese I've had in the year since I went gf. It was wonderful to have one with roasted red pepper and tomato soup. I usually use corn tortillas, so they're actually quesadillas, which just isn't the same.

  82. Teresa

    @Gluten-Free-er – Silver Hills Bakery is making a chia bread that you might be able to have and has begun to distribute it in the States. It's really, really good (and it's my partner that's gluten-free, not me). It's hard to find any gluten-free breads that Kevin actually likes, so this was a real win.

  83. Deana

    So very happy to find out Udi's is now a sponsor! I love their white sandwich bread, but now I have to try this multigrain. I have ordered 2 cases of pizza crusts!(After buying about 14 single packages…)

  84. Gree

    You know, I saw this bread in an ad on "Living Without" and it looked so good. So glad to hear it actually is! My Italian carb loving daughter van now have her bread and eat it too!

  85. Rhonda

    My daughter compares eating Udi's white bread to "eating soft white pillows". The first time we tried it we just ate it plain right out of the bag. Never have we done that with any other premade GF bread. And it is true… you can really make a sandwich with this bread. It does not need to be toasted! Haven't gotten to try the other Udi products. Hopefully some come up here soon.

    Yeah Udi's!

  86. mrs. mcd

    After your recommendation, I went and bought a loaf for kicks; we prefer making out own too. My husband bit into a grilled cheese and peppered turkey sandwich on the bread and really liked it! He's a cook and has a particular sense of taste. I used it for a plain sandwich the next day and it was still bread like, like eating a real sandwich once again.

    Thank you! Our household appreciates the plug.

  87. Anonymous

    We LOVE Udi's too! Funny – your omment about not baking during the summer resonated with me. I usually bake my own sourdough but have had NO motivation since summer hit, and I found Udi's. My husband even likes it…which is saying A LOT. I love that I can pack a sandwich for my daughter to take on a picnic or on the road…and it looks the same and tastes SO similar to wheat bread. She can look like everybody else eating their sandwiches!

  88. Lilliana

    Udi's is fantastic! the first time I saw that dusty flour bottom, I smiled. It's real bread. I go through at least one loaf a week and their pizza crust is fantastic. I ate cappicola and mozzarella pizza 4 days in a row because it felt like I was eating a real pizza. You'd never know the difference. Bless them!

  89. s.s

    After reading all of the GLOWING comments on this bread, I had to try it. Maybe there was something wrong with the loaf I got? This bread was horrible; dry, thin, falling apart, and the crust was really nasty. The date on it looked ok…Wasn't worth eating something with eggs in it.

  90. Bean

    This bread is expensive at my local store and I haven't bought it because I'm worried it won't taste like bread. I'm less nervous about buying it now – I hope I don't ruin it by toasting it too long.

  91. Anonymous

    I bought Udi's last week to try I have had other glutens free breads not much tast on them. The first bite was good but by the 3rd bite my mouth startted to sting and my tongue swelled? What is different in this bread compared to others?? I have not figured it out? I will not try it again

  92. Ann W

    In response to the people asking about Udi's hamburger buns: try using the bagels. Sometimes I trim off a bit on one of the cut faces if it's too thick but taste and texture-wise the bagels are perfect. (I think they make better burger buns than bagels.)

    Personally, I'm not much of a meat eater and could probably live on Udi's blueberry muffins. Oh man.

  93. Three Frees

    I agree – we tried a LOT of bread and look forward to getting your recipe, but udis is soo good, my whole family eats it. The Granola also is DELICIOUS

  94. Joelle

    I just found out how wonderful Udi’s bread is, but I would still like to find a recipe that makes similar. With a large family, it would be hard to afford to buy a loaf every other day!

  95. Wendy Barry

    Udi’s is the best! I’d like to petition all ski resorts in the US to start posting ingredients and provide at least one GF options at each food operation on the mountain. People with allergies, celiacs have active lifestyles. Please give credit to Vail Ski Resort for providing 3 GF soups and a GF cornbread that is so delicious… even though it has butter in it…. that everyone in line buys irrespective of allergies. However, iIt would be great to be able to get a sandwich at a ski resort!
    MY REQUEST: Whether you have allergies or not, please fill out comment cards on the mountain, write a letter or post on the ski resort web site if they have the option to do so.
    I personally spoke to food folks at 10 resorts on our recent month long ski trip through Utah and CO, and make regular recommendations to every grocery store I visit because Udi’s provides a great product. If you are reading this, your help is much appreciated.
    I should note our local Puget Consumer Coop reports that Udi’s bread is the single largest selling item in the store! Krogers stores in WA have started carrying it… because it sells!

  96. Bellingham Barb

    Just came home from three weeks in Italy. My SIL is in the nutrition business there (publishes a trade magazine) so she gets all sorts of GF samples she saves for our visits. While there are AMAZING GF items in Italy, not one of the pizza crusts even approaches Udi’s, which really pretty closely resembles the honest-to-God authentic Italian crust. Love that stuff!

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