Lucini gluten-free chickpea frittata mix

Lucini chickpea frittata

We receive a lot of food via UPS in this house. Companies with good intentions send us their cookies or pancake mixes to make, hoping that if we like it, we’ll tell you about it.

We don’t tell you about most of them. In fact, I’d say 90% of the food we get ends up at the food bank or in the hands of friends. We’re picky. We hope you know that means you can trust us.

Last week, a box of goodies arrived at the house again. At this point, I don’t expect much.

This time, however, we want to sing it to you here. This box full of food made up part of Lu’s dinners for the week, our pastas late at night, and is still drizzling on top of our risottos and flatbreads.

Lucini  imports foods from Tuscany to the United States. “Our passion is creating authentic, handcrafted gourmet foods inspired by the culinary traditions of Italy.” Well, as you may know, Danny and I spent our honeymoon in Italy and we are still smiling at the memory of our meals. (I also sigh at how easy it was to live gluten-free there. We’re still working for that here.)

One of our favorite bites of food during la luna di miele was a chickpea crepe. Now, granted, it was spread with truffle butter, rolled up and dolloped with chestnut honey, but still. It was outstanding. (Being with Judy Witts Francini as our food guide didn’t hurt either.) Never having eaten anything like it before, Danny and I both talked about it for weeks. In Florence, or at least at the restaurant in Florence where we ate, that crepe was called cecina. In the rest of Italy it’s farinata.

They make something similiar in the south of France, apparently. There, it’s called socca. It’s street food, cooked on big cast-iron pans, sometimes in wood-burning ovens, meant to be eaten immediately. David Lebovitz posted a recipe for socca on his blog last year and I have made it frequently after reading his guidance.

However, it wasn’t until this week that I realized I have not been eating quite the same food as what we ate in Florence. I had to make it from a mix to have that Italian feeling again.

Lucini makes a farinata mix they call Cinque e’ Cinque, which refers to the five cents the chickpea crepe cost on the street in the early 1900s. The chickpea flour is milled until it is extra fine. The flavors are wonderful — bold without any musty bean taste. And the directions, specific and clear, yielded a great crepe every time.

My only note about the mix is that the instructions call for making a full batch and pouring that into a hot pan. We preferred pouring half the prepared batter into our hot cast-iron pan for a thin crepe that still had body, instead of a thick frittata. But that’s no problem. You get twice as much mix for the same price!

Every Lucini food we tried was wonderful. The red sauces come in easy-rip pouches. With that kind of packaging, you’d expect them to be thin and tasteless. Instead, these sauces come roaring out, full tomato slow simmered with good olive oil and salt. Pasta was easy and delicious this week.

The Lucini olive oils taste of olives warmed by the sun. And we loved the fig and walnut balsamic vinaigrette.

We will definitely be buying these mixes on our own. That’s why Danny and I feel comfortable recommending them to you. We think you’ll love them too.

Of course, they’re all gluten-free.

The good folks at Lucini were thrilled we wanted to tell you about their foods. They will send a box full of sauces and oils, plus a few versions of the Cinque e’ Cinque mix to one lucky reader here. Just leave us a note about why you’d like to try these foods and we’ll pick a winner at random this weekend. Also, you can enter a contest to win a year’s worth of free Lucini foods by clicking here.

213 comments on “Lucini gluten-free chickpea frittata mix

  1. Beth Ward

    OMG, everything sounds so awesome. I have been meaning to make socca, and this sounds very similar!

  2. Allison

    My husband is going to try going gluten-free as a possible solution to some ongoing digestive woes, and it would be *great* to have some easy, delicious foods to help ease our way in while we figure out how to cook gluten free. thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Marci

    Wow…such a great review, my mouth is watering right now! I would love to try the fig and walnut balsamic vinaigrette, I would probably use it on everything!

    marci2 (dot) miller (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. creativecookinggf

    Wow – those oils sound fantastic. I am always looking for good olive oil – you know the ones that actually taste like olives and I am sad to say they are kind of hard to find.

    And being Italian I am very picky about my gravy – so I would be interested in trying theirs. The fact that it comes in a pouch is very intriguing.

    I am happy to hear that you enjoyed these products so much that you shared them with all of us. – Jenny

  5. Debra Mc

    I love chickpeas, with a vegetarian daughter, they are a staple for us as a form of protein.

    I've been gluten and egg free for 10 months and am excited to think of using chickpea flour! The frittata looks amazing! What I miss most is baked things – bread, muffins, pizza – not easy to find alternatives when both gluten and egg are eliminated. This looks like it could become a staple for me!

  6. RH

    I'd like to win that mainly because I have so little free time these days (in Seattle we make the most of the sun when we get it) and I find that I keep reaching for unhealthy snacks rather than taking the time to prepare nourishing meals. Short cuts would definitely help!

  7. Jennifer

    I can't wait to try these!! I'm new to the gluten-free world and I'm getting so frustrated finding food that tastes good (without having to make it myself)!

  8. Debra Mc

    I love chickpeas, with a vegetarian daughter, they are a staple for us as a form of protein.

    I've been gluten and egg free for 10 months and am excited to think of using chickpea flour! The frittata looks amazing! What I miss most is baked things – bread, muffins, pizza – not easy to find alternatives when both gluten and egg are eliminated. This looks like it could become a staple for me!

  9. Sarah Spitz

    I cannot tell you how much I love chick peas and chickpea flour. My first taste of the flour was courtesy of a Persian market and some utterly indefinably addictive cookie they sold there, made w/chick pea flour. Fortunately, our local Coop sells it in bulk. I've used to make wonderful chick pea TUNA patties and have played around with other uses. Where do Californians find this product? I wonder if the Claro Italian Grocery stores carry it…Thank you for posting to Twitter!!

  10. notbrunette123

    That looks amazing! I was diagnosed w/ Celiac last Monday , and I'm still learning how to cook gluten free, lol it's not simple!

  11. Jennifer

    I just recently had to go gluten free due to health issues, even though I don't have celiacs. I'm getting so frustrated and the lack of yummy food out there but this sounds amazing! i can't wait to try it!

  12. Lulu et Phoebe

    Lucini has been our favorite olive oil for a while now – we save it for the drizzling. I also use their balsamic. I've never seen the other packages and that makes me sad. I'd love to make that crepe. And pasta sauce in a pouch that is both gluten free and great tasting? I believe you, but I've never been lucky enough to have that happen. Thanks for posting this review. I will be on the lookout for the stuff in the store. Someone has to have it.

  13. Beth

    It sounds delicious, I would love the opportunity to try it! I'm always looking for ways to branch out in what I eat…your blog is so helpful!

  14. Alison

    Amazing! I currently live with my gluten-eating parents and we have very few culinary things in common… but we all love Lucini brand oil and salad dressing. Since this is from a brand they already know – and since they recently (finally!) took their trip-of-a-lifetime to Italy and absolutely loved it – this could actually be another food we'll all happily eat! Amazing!

  15. Letitia

    This sounds amazing! I have always loved chickpeas and crepes hold very special childhood memories. I would love to combine them! Your writing makes me feel as though I can taste your cooking, it's fabulous. Thank you for helping me to love food again!

  16. Jenny

    I'm so suprised to hear you say it was easy to eat gluten free in Italy. I have never been, but I generally avoid Italian restaurants because of my limited options here in the states *though local Lombardi's restaurants offer many gluten free options!* Your review is convincing and I would love to try these products. Are many of them doable for dairy free folks too? Also, where can we purchase them locally? πŸ™‚

  17. Anonymous

    These products sound GREAT. It is so hard to find GF food around here that is good. It would be so nice to be able to try all these items

  18. dramatic ballads

    i miss crepes. a lot. the thought of a full flavored yummy crepe makes me feel a little teary.

  19. Margaret

    I can't remember the source but a couple of years ago Lucini Olive Oil was picked as one of the best "supermarket-available" olive oils, so I've used it a lot. But I didn't know they made other products, much less something yummy that's also gluten free. And your description of the tomato sauce makes me want to run right out and find some. Thanks!

  20. Saltedbreeze and Family

    Excellent Review =) I can't wait to try this, we could use a fresh new flower in our ever growing garden of delicious gluten free foods! Thank you for your great inspiration =)

  21. Alicia

    My dream has always been to open a cafe and cook wonderful food for my guests. I am newly diagnosed with Celiac and so my passion now is to open an gluten/allergy free cafe and bakery in my neighborhood (West Seattle) where it will be "safe" for those with celiac to dine out, (there are not enough options). I am also very passionate about natural health and healing the body through the food God created for us to eat. My hope is that my cafe will inspire others to seek health through food. I would love to try these products to be able to recommend yummy alternatives to others. Thank you for your consideration.


  22. SLColman

    I would love to try some of these amazing products! Gluten Free is hard enough and it sounds as if these make it super simple!

  23. Sara Kelly

    What a terrific find! We're heading to Italy for our first trip there (with hopes of many more in the future) and I've been researching how to eat in the country. I'm amazed how easy it appears and am more and more excited with each day. I've added this to my list of food items to look out for. I'd love to try it before we go!

  24. Lisa

    I made crepes last night from an online recipe. Heinous barely describes them. These sound divine! And bean flour will be low-carb for the diabetic in the house. Better yet. I'm making these every night, as soon as I can track down the flour!!!

    Lisa in Ontario

  25. cupcakesandyoga

    I can't wait to try this! 4 months ago, I had to go gluten free as well as dairy, egg, sugar, soy, and rice free. Boo! It has been a journey and I am slowly finding my way and finding myself as a little "chef" but hard to find "fun" foods to eat outside of the regular meats, veggies, fruits and nuts. This will be such a treat! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Keri

    I've been gluten free for almost 2 years now. My first thought after my Naturopath gave me a long list of foods not to eat was "what am I going to do if I can't eat itallian food?" I love pastas, lasagna, manicotti, herbs, rosted tomatoes, mushrooms, polenta, cheese, etc. and would love the opportunity to try some new yummy GF foods without breaking the bank or ending up with expensive trial and errors hanging around the pantry. Thanks for having such an awesome website!!!

  27. Kate

    I have a great friend whose birthday is coming up – she's recently had to go both gluten-free and dairy-free, and as she's on a pretty restrictive budget, she's still lamenting the loss of her favorites, good pasta and sauce included. A variety pack like this would give her joy.

  28. Sirena Shamounki

    Oh, goodness. The chickpea crepe sounds amazing! I can't wait to try it – looks so healthful and delicious πŸ™‚ thanks for the recommendation!

  29. Sarah

    That chickpea crepe sounds wonderful! I am a huge fan of chickpeas but I haven't been able to completely win over my fiance. I have a feeling this product would do the trick!

  30. Rosie

    I've recently moved back in with my parents, and it's difficult to find food that I can eat that they enjoy as well. I'd love to try Lucini with them!

  31. akalife4me

    Oh I'm looking for some quick but meals to fix my honey who is due home fairly shortly from his year long deployment! Rich wonderful foods have been in short supply half a world away! I also want to show him just how delicious the gf living he's stuck with now can be πŸ™‚

  32. akalife4me

    My sweetie will be home from his year long deployment and is walking into a gf world since my diagnosis. I would LOVE some extra goodies on hand to throw meals together πŸ™‚

  33. Sharon M.

    If I can't win, I would at least like to know where to find Lucini products. I don't think I would be able to find them in Champaign and I would especially like to try the cinque a cinque. A year after my diagnosis and I still find it difficult to find interesting things to eat.

  34. Aryn

    I read Dave Lebovitz's post and I so wanted to try chickpea flour, but I haven't been able to find it! I'd love a mix to try.

  35. sweetpea

    Yes! So obvious. Please! Especially since I recently pulled honey off my hive to drizzle over the crepe.

  36. Anna M

    I'd love to try the mixes because I live in a town of 1000 people and shop in a town of 5000 people. Finding gluten free food is very difficult in the far northern region of Vermont. I can mail order but usually by the case so trying just one product before I buy a case is preferable.

  37. ebeth707

    Thank you for another great suggestion. I am traveling the country for a year and have gotten a little tired of some of my gluten free staples. These Lucini products sound like a great addition for my travel trailer pantry. BTW I just picked up some Udi's bread. It is fantastic! But of course we all know by now that GFG only recommends the best for her community! Thank you.

  38. laurfi

    This sounds so good. I've had socca's here in NYC but when I try to make my own w the regular chickpea flour from the store, not nearly as good. I would love to try this flour created in Italy. I love Lucini's Lentil Soup which I already buy and doctor up w some chicken italian sausage for a complete meal. I would love to win some of their products!

  39. CJ

    It would be intriguing to try these products! I hadn't heard of them. I've made an attempt at socca, it was ok, but seemed a bit lacking. Just received some chestnut paste (?) from a friend in France. I have a suspicion butter and some of that would be good on a chickpea crepe.


    Wow….wow….wow!!! It would be such a treat not to have to make dinner from scratch every night! I love to cook and bake, but I also love to live life and spend time with my husband and sons, and although we do all spend time in the kitchen together it would be fabulous to be able to make a nutritious, gluten-free yet delicious dinner with some help πŸ™‚ I do not believe that being in Canada we are eligible to win the freebies offered here, but I will be contacting our health food store to see if we can track down some Lucini products! (they are currently on an Udi quest for me…gotta love 'em πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  41. Jenny

    Oh I've wanted to try a chickpea crepe or socca since watching a travel show about Southern France (not the same as the Italian I know). I can't wait to visit there again and be able to eat one from a street vendor! I'd love to try Lucini's foods!

  42. Sorcha Cavanaugh

    I've been a long-time reader of your blog but have never commented until today. You always inspire me to live each day more fully and appreciate what I have instead of get caught up in the hustle of life with two VERY active young boys. These days it's pretty challenging to cook as much as I'd like to, so having a safe, tasty mix handy sounds heavenly.

  43. Kathy

    This is a great review. Your desciptions sound wonderful. No wonder so many companies send their products to you! I would really love to try the chickpea mix and the sauce. And the oil! Thanks!

  44. Fiona

    We also went to Italy on our honeymoon and again for our first wedding anniversary. all before I had to go gluten free. I would love a taste of Italy again!

  45. Gina Perry

    Why would I want to try these? How could anyone not after reading your review and seeing that picture. Sounds like a great new company – thank you for sifting through the not-so-great gluten-free products, to share the gems with us here.

  46. jackie

    Your review of Lucini products makes my gluten-free mouth water! My parents were both born in Italy, so there was lots of homemade pizza, pasta and cookies at home. When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease nearly nine years ago, that all came to a disappointing stop.
    Last Fall I travelled with four other ladies to Italy and watched with envy as they ate squares of all sorts of delicious looking pizza. A green salad had to suffice. I had done some research and knew that I might find farinata in Cinqueterre. On our last evening in Vernazza I spotted a bakery with a sign for farinata. Just my luck, they were sold out. So, I hope that I am selected for the Lucini sample products and can't wait to try them. I loro prodotti sembrano essere molto deliziosi!
    P.S. Like you, I love the chestnut honey in Tuscany.

  47. Anne

    These products sounds wonderful and would do wonders to get me out of the rut of same old dishes I've been making.

  48. Anonymous

    My husband and I had an amazing culinary experience in Italy just weeks before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I would love to try anything and everything Italian that wouldn't make me sick! It sounds wonderful.

  49. Megan

    That sounds incredible!

    As a mother of 3 young children I could use some more easy meals full of flavor in my life.

  50. Natalie

    Everything looks fantastic!
    Definitely cinque 'e cinque! I too am searching for that Florentian feeling after a trip there earlier this year (in the meantime, I'm making do with Negronis).

    natct2112 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  51. rivka

    I've always wanted to go to Italy, but haven't had the chance yet. I'll definitely look into these products to get a taste of it! They sound amazing!

  52. Shannon

    I love Italian food and think this would be a great addition to the season, homegrown foods that routinely grace our table.

  53. Iris

    I'll try pretty much anything you and Danny recommend! I think you both know your way around gluten free food more than the average person!

  54. Teresa

    Italian food is one of the things we thought we'd be giving up when my partner was diagnosed with celiac disease. We've discovered Tinkyada pasta, which has made things much better, but there's a world of other choices that we'd like to have available. Your description of these products gives me hope!

  55. Callie B.

    I just found an Italian importer in my neighborhood that sells a few gluten free products. It makes sense that Italian people would not take going gluten-free lying down! All the Italian G Free pastas I have tried have been great and I am dying to try more!

  56. Anonymous

    Hi – Is there something odd happening with the blog (or is it me?)

    When I click on the main blog link (I have you bookmarked), I see the post beginning with "Our passion…"

    When I click through ("read more"), I see the article actually begins with "We receive…"

    Just checking – your blog is WAY TOO GOOD to miss even a few words, much less whole paragraphs!

    And I would love to try some of the mixes and samples – my experience is much the same as yours: most of the mixes / prepared things I find just aren't that good. I write down the ones that are and take them to the store with me! (and since I agree with your assessment of Udi's, I bet I'll like these folks, too).



  57. heidi

    I spent a few months teaching in Italy several years back and fell in love with it lock, stock and barrel. The land, the people and the food (I gained about 15 pounds while there) stole my heart. Now that I'm gluten free it's harder to recreate that food but I will definitely be looking for these products!

  58. Jade

    I'm always down to try new olive oil, and its always nice to have a couple of easy meals in the cupboard for when you just can't get inspired!

  59. WillaBean

    Oh, wow, this all sounds so delicious! I love crepes and have been wondering how to go about achieving the proper gluten free crepe consistency, so this is truly exciting. The Fig and Walnut Balsamic Vinaigrette sounds absolutely divine!! I bet it would be fantastic for dipping gf focaccia in to and soaking up all the goodness. I hope I'm able to find these great sounding products in my area!

  60. Brooke

    I would love to try the foods from Lucini! I was diagnosed with celiac disease recently and have thrown myself into the world of gluten free cooking and baking. I am enjoying everything I am learning and have yet to try cooking with chickpeas or chickpea flour. If I receive the samples I will share what I think with all the Boulder County Celliacs in our CSA chapter here in Colorado!

  61. mnms

    We can't run into the North End and easily find GF Italian so what we want we have to make at home. I'd love to be able to give my daughter even more delicious gluten free food.
    And thank you for all the wonderful recipes you have posted! I'll be making your graham crackers this week to take on a camping trip.

  62. Kristina

    I would love to try some of their foods! Chickpea crepe…I've never had anything like it! I wish I had known how easy it is to be GF in Italy- when I was there, it was roast chicken and vegetables night after night- I couldn't wait to leave the country after the first few nights! Granted, this was in 1998- maybe it wasn't so easy back then. I'll have to get back there some day!

  63. Emily

    I have recently had to give up gluten after being diagnosed with Hashimotos disease. I am still in the mourning faze I guess, missing all the foods I use to be able to eat including pasta. I would love to try this selection of stuffs that are delicious and just happen to be gluten free.

  64. Jenn Sutherland

    Wow – that crepe looks amazing…I'm definitely going to have to find some of the mix! I've tried making them on my own, but never gotten them quite right! I hope Luchini can help me perfect my crepe-making!

  65. Ruth

    OOOh — can I be entered into the draw too?! I swear, in a former life I was Italian! And it's been challenging going without really good pasta now that I'm gluten-free (and I live right in my town's Little Italy neighbourhood!). I hope your random pick falls on my email!


  66. Kim

    I would love to try these! I've only been gluten-free for just over a year so I'm still trying to find gluten-free versions of my favourite foods. I love pasta so I'm going to have to try them

  67. Guinnah

    I definitely trust your recommendations – always spot on! We don't have to be gluten free but we often are. I love being a good resource for my friend with two celiac kids πŸ™‚ One of them is housesitting for us this weekend and you can bet that most of the food I leave for her will based on your past recommendations!

  68. M.Y.

    I would love to try these foods because I LOVE good food and am still trying to find foods that are GF and taste really good! I would so appreciate these goodies!

  69. Dee

    Wow! these sound lovely!
    I would love to get some to try! I am also very intrigued by the Idea that going GF in Italy wasn't that hard! I've always wanted to go!
    I had to go Wheat-free/Gluten Free almost 2 years ago to alleviate debilitating joint problems – and am so excited whenever I discover new foods to try!
    Thanks so much for your great Blog! You are an inspiration!

  70. Jodikerr

    Busy school dinners are coming…gone are the days of bbq garden fair.Can't wait to see what lovin' from the oven with a tuscan flair can bring to ABC's and 123's.

  71. The Vaught's

    These sound so yummy! Believe it or mot, I've never had a crepe so I don't know what I missing, but I also love Italian and miss it so much. Rice products just aren't the same!

  72. gfcfdiet

    I've been a gluten free home chef for over 15 but never a big fan chickpea or bean flours. This seems like it would change my mind and I've love to try some. It's been awhile since a great new product has wowed me!!!!

  73. La NiΓ±a

    The Lucini site is great- I want the chickpea frittata mix to make pizzas with! It seems so simple, and what a delicious protein-filled "crust" that would make.

    The GF future looks brighter every day. You are the torch bearer. I'm trying to run to keep up…

    Take me to Italy next time, okay? (with Booth, Danny and Lu, naturally.)

  74. The Conscious Cook

    Yum! I have enjoyed Lucini's olive oils in the past and it looks like I have to expand my knowledge on their other products.

    This is the second post I've seen on this fabulous looking crepes and I now must try it, especially since we recently went gluten free and am looking for some new dishes to try.

    Thanks for the review!

  75. alice

    This sounds SUPER tempting. Definitely happy to see that they ship, as I was just going through the grocery store's paltry offerings and was rather disheartened, so this is a nice introduction.

  76. Meagan

    Are you kidding me, chickpea crepes?!

    Seriously though, I'd love to win the box of goodies, as I can't even remember what convenience food tastes like at this point (2 years in)!

    Actual artisinal olive oil would be delicious, too; sounds like everything is just chock full of awesomeness. πŸ™‚

    I've noted the company name too, and will keep my eyes peeled in fancy-shmancy stores!

  77. Christa

    This post made me so wistful for the summer I spent in Italy last year. I had farinata for the first and only time in Vernazza, but haven't forgotten how good it was!

    Being a celiac, I was so happy to be able to easily eat gluten free in Italy. My dream is to return – soon! Until then, I will satisfy my cravings with the Lucini mix. Thank you for letting us know about this!

  78. Summer

    I dream of going to Italy someday. It would be lovely to have an authentic gluten free taste in the meantime.

  79. Lily

    Matt, the love of my life, is a huge fan of Italian food. If we won new Italian goodies, I could feed him some truly amazing things when he gets home after his shift (he works nights, and I stay awake to cook dinner with him when he gets home.)

  80. Nicole

    Oh this post — and the prospect of these products — made me beam! I'm so eager to try them and return a bit closer to my roots.

    For me the hardest part about being gluten-free was having to give up all the delicious dishes made my beloved (and now departed) Italian grandmother, who — at 92 — simply could not make sense of her curious granddaughter who suddenly (apologetically!) eschewed most of her delicious handiwork. Sadly, by the time I began attempting to rework our heirloom recipes with alternative ingredients, Grandma was no longer able to comprehend much and couldn't talk me through the process or taste-test the results. I miss her every time my kitchen experiments are of the Italian variety. And even though I'm not a lover of oregano, I put a pinch in my sauces to remind me of her.

  81. Nicole

    Oh this post — and the prospect of these products — made me beam! I'm so eager to try them and return a bit closer to my roots.

    For me the hardest part about being gluten-free was having to give up all the delicious dishes made my beloved (and now departed) Italian grandmother, who — at 92 — simply could not make sense of her curious granddaughter who suddenly (apologetically!) eschewed most of her delicious handiwork. Sadly, by the time I began attempting to rework our heirloom recipes with alternative ingredients, Grandma was no longer able to comprehend much and couldn't talk me through the process or taste-test the results. I miss her every time my kitchen experiments are of the Italian variety. And even though I'm not a lover of oregano, I put a pinch in my sauces to remind me of her.

  82. j

    Sounds amazing!! I'd love to be able to try some, because I adore Italian food and naturally the Italians do it better than anyone, even gluten-free!

  83. Natasha

    That sounds wonderful! Italian food has always been my favorite, and it would be great to have some easy, delicious ingredients around to spice things up a bit on busy days.

  84. Cheryl

    I was very excited to see this post because I'm always looking for new options since I have a particularly limited diet…mostly vegetarian, gluten free and the most difficult…soft foods. Whenever I can find something new that I can actually eat, it's a miracle and it makes life much more enjoyable.

  85. mama without instructions

    Sounds delicious. I love how food can bring back such powerful memories. I have been in such a cooking rut lately, it would be great to have some new food to play with!

  86. Lindsey

    Tastes of Italy. Gluten free. I'm there. Thanks for sharing information about these products.

  87. Anonymous

    I LOVE Lucini's organic olive oil– it's the only kind I use now. I lived in Florence for 3 years, so I'm picky about oil and Italian food. I had no idea Lucini made anything other than oil– that's exciting!

    Love a good cecina!

  88. Jan H

    Oh. Yum. Can't wait to try the Cinque e' Cinque — tomorrow! I'm curious to see if it resembles Indian dosa.

    GFGATC readers: Lucini products can be ordered at the company's website, which also has a store finder.

  89. Canadian Twentysomething

    Wow! I wonder if these are/will be in Canada?

    As a student, free food is ALWAYS appreciated. As a gf student at a small town campus, free gf food is something I dare not dream about! Especially when it's pasta/Italy-related food…my favourite!

    This would be amazing.

  90. Susan

    I was just recently diagnosed with Celiac last month, so I am still a newbie at all this. I would love the chance to try anything that tastes like real food, not just food trying to taste like something it's not.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  91. Dana

    We've been gluten-free for about six months and my daughter and I are starving! We'd love to find some new foods we can eat.

    Thanks for being such a great resource for us.

  92. celeste

    Always looking for more fun gluten free items to add to our diet. Our little man is just about a week older than Lucy…and he is a champ at trying things (not as lucky to have two foodie parents, so his exploration hasn't been as extensive as Lucy's though).

  93. Crystal

    I love trying new gluten-free products, and I frequently help others figure out how to go gluten free.

    I'm particularly interested in trying the chickpea mix for socca. Sounds yummy (and while I don't have chestnut honey, I do have some amazing New Zealand honey in my pantry that could be substituted…)

  94. Reika

    I also love Lucini's products, especially the olive oil (makes *great* pesto!) and balsamic vinegar. I haven't found too many of their products in my local markets and would love to try more.

  95. Tatian & Tamara Greenleaf

    We like to watch the crepe-makers at the Berkeley Farmer's Market each weekend. We always wonder how hard it would be to make crepes at home.

    I'd love to try it with the chickpea mix… please enter me in the contest.

    Thank you.

  96. Tatian & Tamara Greenleaf

    We like to watch the crepe-makers at the Berkeley Farmer's Market each weekend. We always wonder how hard it would be to make crepes at home.

    I'd love to try it with the chickpea mix… please enter me in the contest.

    Thank you.

  97. Tatian & Tamara Greenleaf

    We like to watch the crepe-makers at the Berkeley Farmer's Market each weekend. We always wonder how hard it would be to make crepes at home.

    I'd love to try it with the chickpea mix… please enter me in the contest.

    Thank you.

  98. Hettar7

    Why would I want to try it? well, fig and walnut vinaigrette…. hello tummy. I'm not usually a fan of anything chickpea, but your description is so glowing and good I'd give it a go. It's nice that you've found a good company and want to share. thanks for the heads up.

  99. Anonymous

    Thanks for telling us about Lucini. I'd love to try them because we usually give prepared foods a pass. You make me think there might be such a thing as convenience foods that are not just edible, but even good and interesting.

  100. donna

    My 2yr old son has gluten allergy and this is a great way of introducing him to chickpeas. Thanks for sharing!

  101. Sharon

    This sounds yummy, and I'll definitely check it out. Nutritious, gluten-free, easy to make, artisan food — perfect! — Sharon

  102. Krista

    I would love to win because I have spent the summer in Europe and never made it to Italy – the place I was most excited to visit.

  103. Lisette

    I've seen many (and bought many) of the Lucini bottled pasta sauces at Whole Foods. The tomato basil one is simply wonderful! I didn't know they offered other products, so didn't look for them, but I certainly will now!

  104. Andrew, Erin, and Audrey in Alaska

    This would be so fun to win! I would like to any of the items and get out of my food rut.

  105. Susan

    Wow that sounds awesome. I wonder if that would work to make a pizza. I havent had pizza since I stopped the gluten…and I love chickpeas! I have to look into mail order because I dont think Ill find this in Pennsylvania!

  106. Denise ~ Paper Ponderings

    I'd LOVE to get a taste of Italy. I haven't traveled outside of the US except where one can get by car! It sounds absolutely delicious by your descriptions…yummy!

  107. Kristen

    Absolutely dying to try them. Will be scouting for them in the dusty aisles of the Italian markets!

  108. MoniCue

    I use very few mixes and prepared foods…I've been wheat free for three years and cook from scratch. I appreciate your food info–so would be interested to try these products. (p.s. The readers wondering where to find chickpea flour might want to know that it also is called garbanzo flour and gram flour; a garbanzo-fava bean mix is in the Bob's Red Mill offerings.)

  109. Pat

    I also remember the fantastic food I had in Italy, although it was many years ago. I'd love to try these products!

  110. Amy

    I just recently started living Gluten Free and feel great. I just finished your book and I'm looking forward to trying new foods, being adventurous with my cooking.

  111. Amanda Tarrant

    My husband and I spent some time in Italy a few years ago and it was absolutely wonderful. I would love to try these foods to bring me back there :).

  112. Erin Jackson

    I would love to try it out! I just recently took your recommendation on the Udi's bread and am already on my second loaf! Can't wait to try out this stuff!

  113. marla {family fresh cooking}

    I have been enjoying making crepes lately—-always thought they would be difficult, but now I know how simple they are. It has been fun and flavorful experimenting with gluten free products & you have wonderful recommendations. Please count me in on this great Lucini giveaway.

  114. yogini

    I just visited my travel consultant to plan my winter-spring Italian sojourn. Odd time, but it will be spectacular and good food is timeless and without season. That and watching ELP last night have me savouring such treats. Grazie and buona fortunata a mia!

  115. Carla

    My 96 year old Italian Nonna came here from Lucca, a small town west of Florence, and still lives alone on the south side of Chicago. Once a month I take my children over for an amazing lunch… The loaf of crusty bread is gone now, we have "ceci" or "castagna" (chestnut flour) flatbreads instead…
    Have you also tried Bionaturae brand GF pasta from Tuscany? Fab as well…
    Would love to try these selections in my Nonna's kitchen…

  116. Holly Bruns

    Oh, I'm intrigued. I've made farinata, but with grocery store chick pea flour and it didn't work out so well for me.

  117. kirsten

    I've reached a point where I feel I need to make a change in what I'm eating, and what I'm feeding my husband. Eating well together is important to me. Unfortunately, we're also at a point in our marriage where I work a regular 9-5, and he's leaving at 6:30 to work an overnight shift. This doesn't leave us much time to eat together, let alone eat WELL together. I'd be interested in trying such good quality food that is quick to prepare so that we can enjoy our few minutes together over dinner.

  118. Rebecca

    You are so lucky to have access to wonderful mixes like this! I have to go into major research mode to even find the staples I need to make my foods. I am so envious! And this sounds so good!

  119. Stephanie

    Thank you for the recommendation! I am wheat-free and vegetarian, and try to make meals as local and from scratch as I can upon getting home from work, without keeping the kids up late!
    This seems like just the type of pantry staple that we need. Something beautifully delicious, easy, and high quality.

  120. Best Wishes, Marie

    sounds great. sometimes it is nice to try something packaged. and then after …. make it from scratch. we do not all have tuscan grandmas to give us the baseline. i would love to taste some of these sauces.

    some years ago, i bought a basket full of slow cooking sauces at williams sonoma. after i tried those, i was able to play a little with the ingredients and make sauces from scratch.

    many of the flavor combinations are not things that i would have thought of on my own.

    bestwishesmarie (at)

  121. Jill

    I've been using Lucini EVOO for a few weeks now and LOVE it. Unfortunately, they sell no other Lucini products in my area, so winning a basket full of their goodies would be amazing!

  122. brandergal

    I would love to try the chickpea crepes. I have tried to make socca unsuccessfully and am trying to keep my 12 year old celiac interesting and loving foods from around the world.

  123. Addler

    This sounds delicious!

    I'm moving next month and would absolutely love to show my new roommate how delicious gluten free foods can be!

    And I would love to share this with my boyfriend's celiac mother!

  124. Linda

    I should know better than to read your blog before I have eaten breakfast! I am so hungry now! With a husband who is gf, and myself being dairy/soy free, cooking has become a whole new adventure. We live in a tiny town, where the A&W is the biggest restaurant in town, so whenever we go to the big city to eat, we take as much pleasure in just reading the menu as we do the meal! Your site is like that. It is such a pleasure to read about good food, and know that it is within my reach. Can't wait to try the Lucini products.

  125. Dorian

    WOw – that sounds amazing! I'd never heard of chickpea crepes before now and have zero chance of ever leaving this country, but I love to make a meal from somewhere in the world and watch a travelogue, try to get a feel for what it would be like to be there.


  126. Robin

    I've wanted to taste the chickpea crepe for some time now (perhaps since the same Lebovitz post you mention?) and this could be just the opportunity! But of course, I'll also have to try making it myself…

  127. silly aunt sarah

    again you have opened my eyes to more good food. thank you! i hope they are sold in the portland area!

  128. Cynthia Sims

    I love chickpea flour (besan) and I have made socca. I love it. I am gluten sensitive. This box of goodies would be a wonderful treat. Don't forget, Everyone, to sign up on Lucini's website to win a year's worth of Lucini gourmet food products.

  129. Norby

    It's amazing the variety of food that is out there in the world that we Americans are never get exposed to. I half-wonder if we'd even taste a quarter of what you did visiting Italy on our own. Given how busy our lives seem to end up with our two boys, we'd love an opportunity to try new things, as it's too easy to get stuck with making what you know again and again.


  130. kristenvacek

    My husband and I visited Tuscany in June and we tried Farinata as well- it was amazing with mascarpone! I'd love to try some Lucini products- I have not heard of them. You might also be interested in trying testaroli pasta- from the Lunigiana region (sort of where the northern tip of Tuscany meets Liguria)- it's a chewy, flat pasta made with chestnut flour. We picked up a bag of flour to bring home and have tried re-creating testaroli- it's sweet and has an incredibly unique flavor.

  131. Pearl

    that sounds amazing!
    i am so happy that you found something prepackaged that you truly love and is gluten free.

    i am cooking for a friend who is severely allergic to gluten. i started baking gluten free brownies for her, which she adored, because whenever we had parties, she couldn't eat a lot of foods. one time, we were at a catered dinner event and she pointed at this salad she wanted to try. we were both told that it was gluten free and she ate it, then was sick for days afterward. it was not a good experience for me to witness and for her to go through.

    i think this would be absolutely fantastic for dinners.

  132. Rachel

    Sounds amazing! Meal time is getting stale, and this seems like just the thing to make it interesting again!

  133. oriordan

    Great to see more GF options that are easy to prepare and sound delicious. Thanks for the recommendations!

  134. Meaghan

    These sound great! As a cash strapped student working two part time jobs and taking a full course load, I have neither the time nor the money to put into my cooking this semester. I made a quick chicken parm today with left over breading mix I'd put in the freezer and served it over maifun rice noodles. They're cheap and quick, but this and other substitutes I've been making in the name of speed are far from authentic flavors. I would love to try these great new mixes.

  135. JRae

    My boyfriend and I keep talking about visiting Italy in the future when we're more established in our careers (a.k.a. pocketbooks). This would be a nice way to experience the country on our meager budget.

  136. Kristin

    Wow, I'd like to try this because it sounds delicious! There's a crepe shop down the street from me that I *used* to visit before I was diagnosed, and I'd love a nice savory crepe again.

  137. Dawnjo

    Wow…I would love to try these products, I just went gluten free this spring and my daughter went to Italy this summer to work at a small family owned stable in the Tuscany region (Iano, to be exact). My conversations with her seem to revolve around all the wonderful things she is eating and learning about cooking. She is living with the family and taking all her meals with them. Needless to say my daydreams are filled with thoughts of Italian food, but dismay hits when I return to reality and look at all the gluten loaded recipes served at our local restaurants. I realize that I will have to begin cooking again and this company looks like they have lots of products to vanquish my fears of never eating Italian again.

  138. Ellen

    i am going to have to look for this company! i had the pleasure of studying abroad in italy (studying food no less) but that was when i was still eating gluten. i am so grateful for that experience (i will never forget the pizza i ate in naples!) but it makes me thrilled to read about how easy they make eating GF.

  139. Carrie

    While we do not eat gluten free, we also have a busy household with adults and children and are continually searching for GOOD, HEALTHY meals that you really can 'whip up' with some pre-mixed add-ins. These products sound like the type of thing we would readily add to our weekly repertoire, if we could try them out.

  140. Elizabeth

    I've experimented with socca/farinata and while every attempt has been edible, it hasn't been quite right (even using the David L. method). I suspect that my problem is more the lack of a cast-iron skillet and/or huge flat copper pan over open flames in a Tuscan alleyway, but just in case it's my chickpea batter, I'd like to give this mix a try.

  141. D

    I'd love to win this food because it will be like a taste of Italy, taking me back to my wonderful trip there almost 30 years ago!

  142. Shuku

    Gluten-free sauces and -oils-. Oh lord, that's hard enough to get here, but it is SO wonderful that there's a company like that out there! Chickpeas are some of my favourite food, it would be -lovely- to be able to try some of that.

  143. jenmarie

    i just started eating gluten free pastas instead of the wheat ones, which always made me feel crummy. Generally — though I'm not allergic — I find I feel better cutting out almost all gluten. Would love to try their products!

  144. Anonymous

    Something different! How exciting. I'm so stuck in my gf vegetarian rut. I'm going to make it my mission to try it this weekend. Thank you!

  145. Melissa

    Looks so good! I'd love to try it by bringing it to one of my Papa Vito's big italian family Thanksgivings b/c we always have a frittata the next morning and I'd like to share great gluten free Italian with all my wonderful family!

  146. J

    Oh my goodness. Well, if I don't win, I will have to buy. We love making crepes, and, well, I just love trying new things! This site is such an inspiration to me, not only to eat happily gluten free but to expand my diet into healthier and bolder directions. Thank you!

  147. Megan

    I love, love, love chickpeas and am so happy to hear about GF foods that are full of flavor! I don't do a lot pre-made, but having a 2.5year old and a 15 mos. old makes some mixes and packaging necessary!!! As you well know! πŸ™‚ Thanks, Shauna!

  148. Tracey

    Just read your review of Lucini products and they sound wonderful. I'm Italian and always on the lookout for yummy Italian products. I love great olive oil and the chickpea crepe is something I know I would love! Thanks!

  149. Binnie

    I would LOVE to try Lucini's gluten-free goodies! Recently I enjoyed a short stay in Tuscany, and I'm sorry to say I lost five kilos for lack of safe GF food in the village near where I stayed. But what I did eat, I loved with every tastebud! It sounds as though Lucini's is onto something great.

  150. MaggiePeg63

    Your Blog is such an inspiration and a joy for me! I would love to try there products, I was not aware they had gluten free items and am soooo excited! Love, Love, Love Italian food! Yay!! Sweet!

  151. Heather

    I never would have imagined that it would be easy to eat gluten-free in Italy. I had a bit of a pity party for myself while watching because I still haven't found a pasta that I love…these products sound amazing!

  152. Redshoes

    i know how you feel, i've been experimenting with soccas and farinatas but the chickpea flour i have disagrees with my stomach! i would love to try again with this amazing mix and make sure my reaction is due to contaminates and not these delicious treats! i'd been making them daily up until recently and wish to do it again!

  153. Ghislaine

    I've made socca but it didn't turn out so great and I haven't repeated it. I'd love to try this!

  154. MonsterAteMy

    Sounds very intriguing. I'm always hesitant to purchase new sauces/oils because of the expense. We've had some bad ones and tend to stick with what works.

  155. lilly

    Hmmm well here I was just day dreaming about my very own honeymoon this past July… We spent it in the cote d'azur and socca was one of those things I miss the most. I have M. David Lebovitz's socca recipe bookmarked to try but this Lucini stuff would be SO much EASIER! πŸ™‚

  156. Theresa

    I love chickpea flour. Bhajia is my favorite Indian snack. You'll never miss regular onion rings again.

  157. Cristine

    What a great find! I started playing around with chickpea flour just a little while ago and I love it. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I couldn't wait for the giveaway so I got online and ordered from Lucini. They are currently offering 20% OFF ONLINE ORDERS right now. Don't wait, peeps! Do it now!

  158. Johanna

    After having to go to too many Italian restaurants for work and only being able to eat a house salad, no dressing, I'd love some REAL Italian food!

  159. Torey

    Wow this sounds amazing. . . and we definitely need to add some variety to this gluten-free menu around here.

    toreycervantes at gmail dot com

  160. Charlie's Girl

    Mmmmmm- chickpea crepes with truffle butter and chestnut honey.
    I so love finding these gluten free treasures. While I won't say it hasn't been an adjustment- for without corn and gluten my cooking took a major turn- I love finding yummy "exotic" foods to prepare. And bonus- it's a mix! Flavored oils, tomato sauces ready to use and savor. Quick and tasty.

  161. Anonymous

    The Passionate Vegetarian is a great cookbook even for non-vegetarians, and has some gluten-free recipes in it, although that's not its main purpose. She has a recipe for a chickpea-flour crepe. I think Bob's red mill makes the chickpea flour I used for it.

  162. sarajhoffman

    why? Because they sound heavenly. I am the only one in my family that eats GF, my husband and 4 boys are lucky. But I would love this slice of heaven for myself!

  163. Melanie

    This all sounds so delicious! living gluten-free, it's easy to fall into a flavor-rut, eating the same foods over and over again. I think a box full of these yummy products would break me out of that rut!

  164. Jodi

    Wow — this sounds amazing. I have been working on significantly decreasing my gluten intake (feeling much better) and this sounds like a delicious way to keep me going.

  165. ~Kat~

    Okay- so I would love to try these because I feel like I've been eating the diet of my ultra picky children… bland, simple, kid-friendly (hello… Bell and Evans chicken strips, need I say more) I would love for once, to have GROWN up food that seems incredibly easy to prepare (in fact, it may take even less time to make than those damn chicken strips!
    Awesome giveaway!

  166. WendyKoz

    My husband and I also spent our honeymoon in Italy (on bicycles, which allowed me to eat even more of the incredible food we found there!), and I'd love to try to bring a taste of that back to our kitchen! I do not eat gluten-free, but I very much enjoy your site and cooking ideas. Thank you for the great blog!

  167. Harriet

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Venice next year. I was just talking about how difficult I think it will be to be gluten-free in Italy. (The last time I was in Italy was pre-Gluten-free, and I came back unwilling to eat Italian food in the states for a year, because I knew it wouldn't have been as good). I can't wait to try these products.

  168. Pat

    A simple concept: finding gluten-free food readily available. Especially food that doesn't have gluten in it to begin with. You and others like you who create really excellent recipes that, oh, by the way, don't include gluten, are helping us toward that goal — thank you so much!

  169. Kristy

    The chickpea frittata mix sounds amazing! As does the fig and walnut balsamic vinaigrette. When I was in Italy I hadn't been diagnosed with Celiac yet, and I've always wondered what it would be like to go back being gluten free. One of the most amazing things I ate there was foccacia bread from a small town on the Adriatic Sea. And of course all of the gelato. Thank goodness most gelato is gluten free! Look forward to trying these products out – thanks for the recommendation!

  170. yoga addict

    whoa! Am I too late to enter this contest? It sounds amazing! I have made Socca, with varying results. But this sounds amazing. And mixes and pouches that are worth eating? Priceless! I am an avid cook, newly gluten free, and looking for any wonderful products and inspiration to keep me going! Never mind that my husband is deeply skeptical and needs to learn that gluten free can be tasty too!

  171. Sidi

    I've never heard of this brand! πŸ™ All the comments make it sound so wonderful and the fact that Shauna is feeding to Lu really emphasises how good it must be. I'm diagnosed celiac (3 years), my daughter's test came back negative but she stopped eating gluten recently on her own and came to me and said "Mummy, all the things that have been hurting in my tummy since I was 9 are going away!" And I'm pretty sure my husband is gluten intolerant at the least, but he won't go get tested. I would love to be able to take (empty) packages to my grocery store managers and say "Bring this in, please!"

  172. Chez Us


    You are so motivational. I really enjoyed your session at IFBC and you have provoked me to make our diet better. I was just telling Lenny that I want to try eating gluten free for a month, this package would be a great addition to get us started!

    Again, thank you for motivating me to be better in the kitchen!


  173. Anonymous

    Oh yum! I"m in love with italian GF pastas (the best out there in my opinion), and have been making socca for my kids, who love it even with onions on top. I'd love to try more italian goodies!!!

    cam226 ((at)) hotmail ((dot)) com

  174. Anonymous

    I am excited to try the products. Pasta is really hard to live without and the GF kinds I've tried have been mostly blah. It would be fun to win the giveaway but I will try them anyway because you have recommended them to us all and you know what is good food.

  175. TheBroad

    Trying some of these mixes would be great. I'm currently in SW China where my options are limited and I'm going a little crazy. I go home in a couple of months and can't wait to start experimenting again!

  176. Jessica

    I've used Lucini extra virgin olive oil for years. Thanks for letting me know about their other products! Now if only I could get my hands on that box of goodies….. πŸ™‚

  177. Jos

    reminds me of faina…a sort of chick pea flat bread that they eat in argentina on pizza

    i used to eat it solo with tomato sauce and have been trying to replicate (unsuccessfully) since with bob's chickpea flour

  178. Shauna

    Thank you to everyone! I loved reading all these commments.

    We have a winner for the giveaway, chosen at It's Mama Without Instructions! (I love that blog title.)

    So we're closing comments on this from now on.

  179. Kristie

    I would love to be able to eat some quick but tasty foods… I am not much of a cook anymore since it is just son and I but this stuff sound delicious! please .. for me ???

  180. Melissa

    I ordered the Lucini mix , all 3 , a weeks ago & I just made my first flatbread with the recipe on their web site. It was fantastic! I made one in a 12"cast iron pan & one in a pizza pan. Cast iron wins hands down. My fiance loved it.

  181. Beth (email:

    The gluten-free mixes look great! As someone starting out on the gluten-free foods, it would be make the introduction all that much easier.


  182. Kristie

    I desperately neeed and want to try this. there is so little variety in shops around me… everything seems to be the same couple of things made by different companies..
    I would love to show my local grocer what kinds of things they could get in to really make GF happy to shop in the store!

  183. carrie

    Just tried the mix (found it at Fresh Market) and found your blog afterwards. We made it thick and it was delicious, but I had been expecting something thinner and crispier. I think I will make it thinner next time just to see, but the thick was wonderful. BTW, the Passionate Vegetarian cookbook has a recipe for a chickpea-flour crepe–a thin, French-style, rollable crepe. It’s in there b/c it’s vegan, but I bet it’s also gluten-free. Worth a look.

  184. PJ

    I would like to try this because I’m looking for more interesting, easy-to-prepare GF foods, and I LOVE crepes.

    (BTW, I tried to click on the link to enter the contest for a year’s worth of Lucini foods and the link does not work – at least not in Safari or in Chrome).


  185. Rebecca

    I bought this a few weeks ago, planning to make it today. Thanks for the tip about using half the mixture! I am so glad I found your blog.

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