how to dice vegetables

As you might remember, a few weeks ago we did a video with Danny demonstrating the basics of knife skills. Many of you wrote to say how useful you found it. That’s what we hoped would happen! Have you been practicing?

Here is the second installment of the knife skills series: how to dice vegetables. Specifically, Danny shows you how to do a large dice, medium dice, small dice, and brunoise. He goes as slowly as he can, but he’s still fast. You might want to watch a couple of times.

And then practice!

(You can also enjoy the sounds of Lu in the background, and then the Wiggles! Sorry to all of you parents who have heard your fair share of the boys from Australia.)

And there’s more!

As you might know, Greek Gods yogurt is one of the sponsors of this site. We’ve chosen sponsors whose food we truly enjoy and buy regularly. (There are more recommended food companies coming soon.) We have Greek Gods yogurt in the refrigerator all the time and we think you might enjoy doing that too.

Part of our sponsorship agreement includes giveaways. You want some free stuff? Here it is.

We’re always advocating that you play in the kitchen, instead of feeling serious and intent all the time. Well, the good folks at Greek Gods yogurt want you to play too. They’re giving away an All About You Play and Spa day, worth up to $250! (care for a yogurt facial with your massage?)

Hey, I want this prize.

Five runners-up will win Greek Gods yogurt t-shirts and coupons for the yogurt.

So enjoy this video of Danny showing you how to make a lovely yogurt dip for summer. Then, leave us a comment about why you would like a play day. (Don’t we all need one?)

We’ll choose the winners from the comments here, as well as on Twitter. Come on over to Twitter between 9:30 and 11:30 PST every morning next week for the chance to win this prize (and others!) by leaving me comments about how you are playing in the kitchen. We’ll use to choose the winners and announce them here next Friday.

Keep practicing those knife skills!

73 comments on “how to dice vegetables

  1. Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks

    I want a play day because . . . wait, I get play days all the time! Singing opera and cooking take up most of my days. It's a good life =)

  2. Anonymous

    Why would I like a play day? As celiacs we all face daily temptations with food we can't have as well as disappointments of watching other eat it. We learn to self-discipline ourselves and be patient with those uneducated. It's part of having celiac disease. But I wanted to take it a step further and I have taken on the role as a facilitator for the Celiac Foundation to help those in my area. I have sacrificed hours away from family and my own finances to give time and products to these newly diagnosed people. I would love to win a play date as a thank you to myself.

  3. Cajun Chef Ryan

    Shauna, you are so right! Practice makes perfect with knife skills, and dicing in particular takes practice to keep them uniform and consistent!

    Bon appetit!

  4. Rachel

    Thanks Danny and Shauna! I am slowly improving my knife skills and your tips are extremely helpful.

    Reasons I would like a play day: I'm an actor/musician, which means I work pretty much full time on jobs that pay my bills so that I can also work full time on making music with my band and auditioning for/acting in films. I generally get a day off every month or so (current record: 3 months, no day off). A whole play day to be pampered and treated with yummy yogurt products would feel like a week's vacation to me! I eat yogurt practically every day and love the stuff.

    Keep up the awesome work! Can't wait to get your cookbook!

  5. Andrea

    Hey I want this prize too! Did somebody say spa day?? Ahhhh. And a yogurt coupon wouldn't be bad either! We love Greek Gods plain whole yogurt. I just made my own granola last week and every afternoon that and some yogurt are the best snack.

    Thanks for the knife skills demo Danny. Can't wait to study and practice 🙂

  6. Laura Klu

    I would absolutely love a play day because I'm raising 2 and 1/2 year old twin girls! Enough said! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the videos. I hope I can find some time to practice my knife skills!

  7. Emily

    I love cooking and caring for my family, but I think I would also love to have a play day just for me.

  8. Deborah

    I want a play day because I'm starting grad school in a few weeks and will be working 2 jobs at the same time. I need some play in my life!

  9. April M

    Thanks for the yogurt dip recipe! I can't wait to try it and to practice my knife skills.

    Why do I want a play day? I'm a wife, mother of two teens, I work two full time jobs and I could use some rest 🙂

    A spa day would be a great way to start off the fall before the craziness of the holidays kicks in.

  10. Leahe

    I found your blog b/c of my sisters and parents, they live on Vashon too 🙂 Can't wait to get your book!

    I need a play day b/c I work at an office full time, and have 2 kids at home, and in my free time I volunteer. It's fun, however, so is a play day 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway! Viva La Gluten Free!

  11. Mandy E

    I would love a play day because for me cooking in the kitchen is hard work. I've never been a "natural" in the kitchen and it became even harder when my husband was diagnosed with Celiac disease. But I try my best to learn and have good food for him!

  12. Gwen

    Gosh I love that yogurt!
    I could use a play day b/c in the last 6 months I've moved twice cross country, had a baby and prepared for my husband's impending deployment along with all the routine things like cooking, cleaning and driving half an hour to the only gf friendly grocery for shopping trips. As much as I love my life, I'd give anything for a "me" day!

  13. Samuel

    That looks delicious! I've been thinking about trying GG yogurt- this is the perfect excuse.

    I'd love a play day because I'm a GF homeschooling mommy, which is my dream job, but sometimes I need a little peace, i.e, time away from the boys. ~Amber

  14. Katherine Turner

    . . . I would like a play day because I work six or seven days a week, M-F as a social worker working with food stamp folks, and on the weekends teaching and seeing clients for shamanic and psychic sessions. and may i share with how much my shoulders ache? or the weirdness that's happening to my skin from working in a cube in the middle of a veritable warehouse of social services with no windows or fresh air? i'm not complaining, not at all. i am so grateful to be able to have meaningful work, support myself and my four kitties. but really? a play day? that sounds freakin wondrous . . .

  15. Gina Perry

    I love these videos! Thanks to you and Danny for sharing your skills and creative approach to sustaining our bodies. I would love a play day. A break from the neverending tasks of mother/wife/freelance-artist-dom.

  16. Ellen

    Shauna, I love the yummy dip ideas, I can't wait to try it on grilled salmon. It will have to wait until I can walk, I am flat on my back with Achilles Tendon surgery. I think you are right about the lemon, I could smell it through the screen. I enjoyed watching Danny's finger's try it…jealous!! The background noises are endearing and true to real life…and that's what we do best…REAL LIFE!

  17. Cove Girl

    Why I want a play day! by Carolyn

    Seriously, I know it's not a report and I'm soooo out of HS. But as I can see my reason is not unique and falls in line with the rest of the people. I work full time, supporting myself, with little time to truly de-stress. The dream…to recline and smell the avocado mask while it molds to my face and feel the cool cucumber on my eyelids. Did I mention there is Ginseng tea in my fantasy as well? Well there is. Ahhh, in plain English I'd love to win a play day.

  18. Cove Girl

    Why I want a play day! by Carolyn

    Seriously, I know it's not a report and I'm soooo out of HS. But as I can see my reason is not unique and falls in line with the rest of the people. I work full time, supporting myself, with little time to truly de-stress. The dream…to recline and smell the avocado mask while it molds to my face and feel the cool cucumber on my eyelids. Did I mention there is Ginseng tea in my fantasy as well? Well there is. Ahhh, in plain English I'd love to win a play day.

  19. Cove Girl

    Why I want a play day! by Carolyn

    Seriously, I know it's not a report and I'm soooo out of HS. But as I can see my reason is not unique and falls in line with the rest of the people. I work full time, supporting myself, with little time to truly de-stress. The dream…to recline and smell the avocado mask while it molds to my face and feel the cool cucumber on my eyelids. Did I mention there is Ginseng tea in my fantasy as well? Well there is. Ahhh, in plain English I'd love to win a play day.

  20. Carol

    I'd like a play day because I've got a two-year old boy who is a pistol, and, if the gods are kind, we'll be adopting another infant boy by the end of the month. The uncertainty of the adoption process is wreaking havoc with my emotions right now. I would kill for a massage. (Okay. Not kill. But I would totally coerce someone. Blackmail, too.)

  21. Danae

    OOO I would love a play day!! I just got a mandoline so I have been playing with that so much this summer… my boy friend has also be trying to expand his kitchen horizons.. but has managed to perfect the art of slicing his fingers open on the mandoline… I should have taken up stock in band aids!! 🙂 (hes ok btw)

  22. Shelley

    why do I want a play date?, well it has been very stressful at work since we are merging with another place and many of our jobs are in jeopardy. Being Celiac and also having cancer, has stressed me out that much more.

    Danny, thanks for the videos, and it is wonderful hearing your little girl in the back ground. makes you seem even that much more real.

  23. DineInDiva

    Ahhh, a play day. Would love one. Have had a busy summer feeding other people and would love to have a mini break just for me.

    I love the Fig Yogurt – need to find a new supply of that soon.

  24. Anonymous

    Thanks for the videos, as always! I'd love a play day because I'm on week #8 of strict bed rest (can't sit up!), with 8 more to go… It would be something fun to look forward to, for sure.


  25. Anonymous

    A Greek Gods play day? That would be swell. I'm sure we buy/eat at least $250 worth a year, so it would be a karmic playback. Plus, I have side effects from my medication that affects my skin and nails miserably – I could use some pampering.

    Thanks – Stephanie S

  26. Swiss

    I work, commute and care for my Grandkids during the week- my weekends I try to do something at my own home and am there fo rmy sister (actually she helps me a lot too)

    I have to pack and drag stuff back and forth two times a week and it is getting very old and tiring.

    To have a day just for me would be absolutely heaven.

    Love the videos and Lu in the background!

  27. RH

    My birthday is coming up, and it will signify the end of a very stressful year. I could use an honest to god day off.

  28. Ada

    Awesome videos! I love the humour and informality of them, and that they're still quite instructive.

    I'd love a play day because I've been so busy with work and school this summer that I only had a weekend in which I could take a vacation. A day off before school starts again would be awesome.


    Yum! Love Greek yogurt! I eat it every morning. I need a play day because work is getting too overbearing and we are preparing to do some major home improvements in which we will be living out of our master bedroom and kitchen with two dogs and a bird. I will definitely need a spa day after that is over!

  30. AT

    i love love love the video of lu – what a charmed life!

    and I would adore a massage and yogurt anywhere but smeared down my shirt by my dear messy eaters – God love 'em

  31. Maggie

    I'd like a play day because some of the best inspirations and ideas come from playing! Most of us are just too busy and work-oriented to remember that. And Greek God's yogurt? YUM!


    oh sweetie pie – your husband is so handsome!

    i'd like a play day so that i can reconnect with the summer and regroup before heading into a steady workload again!

  33. Kathryn

    Actually, I would like to win the prize not for myself but my sister Jane. She works very hard, has gone through a transition and has less income than she did a year and a half ago. And, she loves yogurt – I haven't seen her yogurt in her refrigerator for a very long time – she lives in Chicagoland and I'm in the Boston area, but I remember her eating Greek yogurt.

    As for a spa day, I imagine she would have a facial, have a massage and have her nails done – you know the spa experience.

    So I would appreciate it if you let my sister have a spa day.

  34. Brianne

    I'd LOVE a play day! I don't have a reason like chasing toddlers around, but I could really use a day off.

  35. Shawna

    I want a play day because I'm starting grad school soon! I hear I'm going to be a bit busy. Hah.

  36. Sara

    I would LOVE a play day because I am a teacher, and around this time of year it's much more work, and way less play for the forseeable next 10 months. This play day would be a bright spot in the middle of the winter to come. Viva la yogurt!

  37. Kate

    A play day would be great. Life is a little stressful – and unpredictable – right now. My husband and I are separated (by choice) by three states. I'm working in one, he's working in another, and we're preparing on both ends for a very large move. I'm living with family for the time being and just started this job. Everything seems like it's up in the air and out of my control. I haven't cooked anything with my own hands in almost a month. It would be great to have just a day to relax and come back to myself.

  38. Ellen

    i need a play day because i have been having a lot of health problems lately. well, for my whole life, but the doctors appts have really stepped up in the past month… including a recent cancer scare. i'm only 21 and trying to juggle all this with work, school and managing my conditions is very stressful and challenging. contemplating cancer just put me over the edge! i would absolutely love a relaxing ME day of any kind. what a great gift.

  39. ccr in MA

    A play day would be wonderful. I'm working a temp job which ends in 7 weeks. The stress of job-hunting is upon me!

  40. Chrystal

    I want to play because I am 38 years old and just had to have my tonsils taken out last week. I deserve to play at this point!!

  41. Rosie

    I would love a play day because job hunting leaves my back in knots and my brain in jumbles.

    I can't wait to get my hands on your book!

  42. Ellie

    Thanks for the brunoise lesson. I feel smarter already. I would like a play/spa day because as a work from home mom, my life is crowded with stuff I HAVE to do. Fun is often neglected.

    Thanks for your post!

  43. ?¸¸.•*¨Skip to Malou¨¨*•.¸¸?¸

    you and danny are a great team. so perfect for each other.. i love the non-scripted au naturelle video clips that you guys do!
    thanks for sharing.
    why do i need to play? i travel 100 plus miles to get to work and the commute is killing me! i need to play sooooo badly!

  44. Willow

    I'm enjoying the videos. I need to get a better knife, though, so I can practice!

    why do I want a play day? it has been a tough year involving wayyyy too much prednisone. I have to believe that my luck is going to turn.

  45. GFree_Miel

    These videos are fantastic! You two are so pleasant to listen to and to watch cooking. I definitely need to practice my dicing. My pieces are always completely different sizes from one another.

    To be honest, I don't think I need a play day. About a month from now when I'm back at college I'll be kicking myself. But right now, there's someone else who needs a play day more than me. 🙂

    On a side note, I love Danny's shirt and I, too, know the curse that is The Wiggles. My youngest sister, Lily, is autistic and she mimics a lot of what she hears on television. When she used to watch the Wiggles, we would hear "Fruit Salad…Yummy Yummy" all the live long day.

  46. Jenn Sutherland

    Oooh, I want a playdate spa day to work out all my tight muscles from days sitting at the computer, and evenings and weekends putting the miles on my bike and running!

    And Greek Gods – I'm still looking for your Greek Yogurt in Chicago – can't find it anywhere! I love greek yogurt, and would love to support your business if you'd stock the Whole Foods in the area!

  47. Vanessa

    Oh wow, a play day would be heaven. I just moved 5 across 5 states to a totally new city and I'm finishing my dissertation. So between the sore muscles from schlepping, and the tight shoulders from writing, I could use a day off.

  48. Heather G

    I would like a play day because…hey, we all need play days every now and then. And most of us do not get them as often as we should. Good luck to everyone here!

  49. Lakshmi

    I want a play day because play is all about freedom, creativity, sharing, childhood and love.

  50. Deanna

    A play day? Of course I would like one. I "play" in the kitchen all the time, but the best play is when my kiddo comes in the kitchen and plays with me – usually to make some sort of delicious GF baked good. 🙂

  51. Livia

    I have no idea what they mean by a play day, but every day is a good one for a bit of fun. And I am, indeed, in need of a massage.

  52. Abbey

    I'd love a play day, because I'm a second year teacher and I'll soon be going back to school, teaching 2 new grades and spending many extra hours pouring over assignments and curriculum documents. I'm a beginning cook, and I'm moving into my first "all by myself" apartment (no roommates) and I'm hoping to spend more time learning to feed myself healthier and tastier food.

    It would be great to have a play day before I go into the hustle and bustle of a new school year (and a new school!)

  53. celiacinthecity

    Keep the videos coming, nice work Danny!

    A play day would be the perfect way to start the fall semester at work. These interpreting hands can always use some rest and relaxation!

  54. Ms. Holte

    I think every person deserves a play date. Most people don't play enough. I think it would be fantastic to have a play date sometime soon: I've spent the summer teaching summer school, working on my master's thesis, and planning my wedding which is in one week! On a small side note, Greek Gods is hands down my favorite yogurt ever. The honey flavor with blueberries and chopped almonds for breakfast is one of the best ways to start a day that I can think of.

  55. Jessica

    Great video! I need a play date for a break from wedding planning. Fun, but stressful at the same time!

  56. Christine

    I'd like a play date at the spa because, well, I've never had one before and it would be fun!

    P.S. Love, love, love your blog Shauna (and Danny). I've been reading for a few years now and even though I'm not gluten-free I love your emphasis on healthy, fresh, whole foods. I have a few friends who are GF, and I always send them to your site!

  57. Megan

    I would LOVE- LOVE- LOVE a play day because I have two littles, 28 mos. and 14 mos who are the light of my life, but don't allow me to sleep. Mama needs sleep- esp. since I work, and have been dealing with a chronic disease since Feb. So, if I can't have sleep- I'll take a Greek yogurt facial!! Thanks, Shauna- love the blog!

  58. Vincci

    I'm not sure if I qualify for a Play Day because I'm up in Canada, however I do have a question about the video – usually when I try to dice I slice the whole vegetable first and do it in one big stack. If I'm doing a large dice or medium dice would I do it layer by layer as in the video, or is Danny just doing that so he'll have enough zucchini to show? Thanks!

  59. Laura

    I would love to win a play day to get a day off.

    I love the videos, and I need to keep working on my dicing, my pieces look all different sizes.

    I love working/playing in the kitchen, especially with vegetables and fruits.

    Keep on cooking!

  60. jen in SF

    A play day? Really? That would be *excellent*!

    Today, I'll be playing with San Marzano tomatoes… although, the fact that I've got 20# to process takes a bit of the "play" out of it. But come Dec, I'll be able to crack open some homemade sauce and it will be summer all over again.

  61. Jenni

    A play day would be heavenly. With 5 kids someone always wants something a little break would be heavenly.

  62. Kristina

    I've never been to a spa. Sounds fun! I'd love to win a play day for a new experience!

    You can let the Greek Gods folks know that their sponsorship is working! We tried Greek yogurt while visiting family out East this summer, and my little guy loved it. When we got home, I bought him more of the single-serve cups (different brand) that we had eaten- until one day in the grocery store I noticed the Greek Gods containers sitting there. I figured, less packaging, better unit price, and it has Shauna and Danny's seal of approval! We love it- thanks for the recommendation. It's great with mashed banana (baby's preference), and my husband and I enjoyed using it to make tzatziki potato salad.

  63. Shauna

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks so much for your comments. We're thrilled the videos are helping.

    And yikes! I wish we could give everyone spa days. Looks we all need one.

    However, the giveaway is now closed, as we have our winners, chosen through the number generator at

    Winners of the yogurt coupons and t-shirts:

    Cajun Chef Ryan
    ccr in MA

    And the winner of the $250 spa day:

    Dine in Diva!

    Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments. Please email me if you are one of the winners.

    Keep cooking,
    shauna and danny

  64. DineInDiva

    I am very excited to have won! I hope you received my email with my address – haven't received anything from the Greek Gods Yogurt folks yet.

    Thanks again!!!

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