gluten-free baseball game

it's nearly baseball season

Hello, folks! It’s Friday.

We’ve been trying to bring you new Danny videos on Fridays, and we will again next week. (Soon, he’s going to show you how to flip food in the skillet without a spatula. You’ll feel cool when you know how to do it.)

However, this morning we’re racing around the house, trying to get ready. Today is the first day of the International Food Bloggers Conference, here in Seattle. I’m honored to be speaking on Sunday morning, in a panel on writing about specialized diets. (The talk is at 8:15, so most everyone will be sleepy. I have to practice my dancing to wake everyone up.) I’m thrilled to be meeting nearly 300 bloggers in the next few days. This afternoon, a number of us gluten-free bloggers are meeting up at The Flying Apron bakery, here in Seattle. Can you imagine the laughing and hugging?

On Sunday morning, Danny will be cooking a special lunch for the gluten-free folks: a three-course lunch composed of dishes from our cookbook. We’re all pretty excited about that.

So, as you can imagine, it’s a little busy around here this morning.

I just wanted to leave you with a few interesting facts before we go.

There was a fairly well-balanced, interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about gluten intolerance this week. Thankfully, some parts of the media are starting to understand that this is not a fad or a weight-loss scheme. I appreciate the national media pieces that teach and inform, rather than dismissing.

We want to say thank you to Nurit of 1FamilyFood for asking us to do this interview about our cookbook and our lives.

This one makes me so happy I can hardly say it. If you are in the Seattle area, you have to come to this. The Seattle Mariners, on Tuesday August 31st, are having a special gluten-free night!

There will be a special seating section just for the gluten-free folks and all the concessions in that section will have gluten-free foods: hot dogs with gf buns, gf beer, etc. When I was 11, I wanted to be the first woman in the major leagues. I still get a little shiver of a thrill when I go to the ballpark. We’ll be there. We’re taking Lu to her first game!

Finally, come on back on Monday for a special announcement. You might have fresh gluten-free pasta in your future soon.

While we wait for that, we’d love to know this: what are you cooking this weekend?

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  1. Tianna

    We'll see you at the game! I bought our tix dayyyys ago, and am super excited to get a hot dog in a bun with an ice cold beer, while NOT at my own house! 🙂

  2. Brenda

    I was just thinking this morning as I was making breakfast that Danny should teach us how to flip things in the pan. I am always afraid to try. 🙂

    The Chicago White Sox recently added gluten free concession areas to their stadium. There are several in different areas so that they are easy to get to. Go Sox!

  3. La Niña

    Sounds like a home run! I used to like "Intentional Wok" at Safeco. (they probably use soy sauce, though…) But great name. (but the smell of those garlic fries?)

    This weekend should bring some of that record run of Fraser River sockeye! Roasted red pepper mustard adds some kickbutt flavor- and perhaps some early potatoes from the yard. (oh, and picking more blackberries for jam- darn this rain!)

    I hope the bloggers weekend goes smoothly and Lu loves every minute at the M's game!

  4. Canadian Twentysomething

    I've been craving cheesy tuna noodle casserole, so I may have to cook that. I will definitely be baking apple cinnamon cornmeal muffins and perhaps some bread…if I get around to it.

    I do wish I lived in Seattle this weekend! Gluten-free hotdogs AND buns!? There are so many free bbqs on campus in the fall and since going gf, they're depressing since usually the hotdogs are even wheat-y. At least there's free corn 🙂 Hurrah for schools with farms!


    i so wish i could meet you! i've been following you for so long and have loved your story, writing every bit of the way. my heart soared for you when your baby girl was first born, and i worried when you worried. i feel like you've been part of my family, watching you and the chef and your absolutely gorgeous daughter grow up!

  6. Iris

    What a wonderful time you'll have with all the gluten-free bloggers! Hope I can make it next year!

  7. margie

    I may not have a restricted diet, but I'm thrilled that the world is starting to realize that "gluten-free" is not a super hip diet. Well, in parts of LA it definitely still is, but not only 🙂

    A grocer that I shop at here has Gluten-free month a couple times a year when all gluten-free foods are 25% off, and all of their GF foods are clearly marked, which has got to be great for people with Celiac and other intolerances.

    Oh, and this weekend we're having mustard-roasted chicken thighs with spaghetti squash and … something else. Yum!

  8. The Country Mouse

    I already feel cool just knowing that the video is coming. 🙂 (I really, really love these videos. Thank you.)

  9. GFree_Miel

    I wish I could go to IFBC and meet you both! I wanted to go so badly, but I'm getting ready to head back to school soon. Tomorrow is my gluten free anniversary too, so it would have been so perfect. Sigh…

    Well, I'll definitely be in NYC to get my cookbook signed! See you there!

  10. Laura

    Have fun at the conference! We'll see you at the game!! We're having a Dog Mountain reunion with the new friends we made at your and Danny's dinner. I can't wait.

  11. Kim @ Two Good Cookies

    Have fun at the conference. And the game! What I'm making this weekend is not gluten free, but I'm looking forward to a gluten free pasta recipe!

  12. micah

    Hopefully we will be trying our hands at gluten free buttermilk drop biscuits and a gluten free red velvet cake. Crossing our fingers. After going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning, I can't wait to see what my husband will concoct!

  13. Anonymous

    It's not listed on the Mariners web site! How'd you find out about it?
    As for what we are cooking this weekend: DH's birthday dinner. Moroccan Couscous (with brown rice for me) out of Claudia Roden's Middle Eastern cookbook (DH grew up with her in Cairo). DH is vegan, so we replace the poundage of meat with crimini mushrooms. Fava beans with artichoke hearts in oil (Claudia, again), and GF/vegan chocolate birthday cake (GF Pantry with raspberry jam filling), and GF/vegan lemon cake (Cherryhill yellow cake dolled up with lemon flavor and zest, filled with apricot jam). Baba Ghanoush and olives on the side.
    Thanks for all your great info and recipes!

  14. Stephanie

    Enjoy the baseball game! Denver's baseball stadium actually has a gluten free concession stand, I haven't been yet, but we are going to try to go before the summer is over.

    We're having grass fed beef hamburgers for dinner tonight on some gluten free bread with homemade pickles. Yum! 🙂

  15. trish

    Roasted veggies, fresh from the farmers' market, on a bed of rice with some buttery-herby sauce.

    And jam. Cucumber nectarine jam.

  16. Jacquelin

    In Philadelphia, the Phillies play at Citizens Bank Park and Section 128 has both gluten free beer (Redbridge) and gluten free hotdogs, buns and other snacks at all times. Also, all of the meat and lots of side dishes at the bbq restaurant in Ashburn Alley (Food Court)are gluten free! Enjoy the game!

    P.S. Has anyone tried Green's gluten free beer? It's an English company, but their stuff is brewed in Belgium. They have about 5 varieties from lager up through a dark and they are amazing! I'd put them up against any regular beer. A bit pricey, but so worth it!

  17. The InTolerant Chef

    How exciting to share and laugh and love together!
    It is good to know we are being accepted as mainstream. Vegetarians are catered for as the norm, even though their diet really comes down to a choice (no disrespect intended) but we have no choice, and are seldom included. Thank goodness for the enlightend!

  18. Hallie @ Daily Bites

    I'm eager for the how-to-flip-food-without-a-spatula video! It's always something I've wanted to learn but never can quite get the hang of.

    As for this weekend…I'll be cooking whatever I pick up at the farmers' market tomorrow!

  19. Anonymous

    Hi Shauna,
    About 5 of my co workers came to my desk at work the other day waving the WS Journal Article and wanting to share it as my Gluten Intolerance has become a source of fascination for them ("What DO you eat?" is often asked multiple times a day). I am so happy that there is increasing awareness but do worry that there is a misperception that GF is a craze or a fad. The article was good but some of the comments to the online version were pretty ignorant. One even suggested that anyone with a gluten issue has it all in their head or that we are creating this issue in an attempt to make ourselves feel special. I invite any one of these doubters to enjoy the pleasure of my company after accidentally ingesting gluten! Thank you for being a constant source of support and guidance. Looking forward to the new book as I loved your first.

  20. Christy

    I have no clue what I am eating this weekend… I do know that I will have a Chobani yogurt! I just found out that I am wheat , cheese, and sugar intolerant. This should be interesting… but I am SO stinkin' excited to have found your blog, thanks to my sister!

    Have a fun weekend!

  21. I Am Gluten Free

    I SO wish I could be at the conference. I'll have to pay attention to where it will be next. This weekend, I'm making bagels and granola, gluten free, naturally!

  22. tamara

    Have fun! I love baseball tons. I was really excited to see that the Braves here in Atlanta have gluten-free concession stands. They also do special peanut-free nights, which is awesome. And they have veggie dogs! So amazing.

  23. Nurit

    Thank you for doing the interview, Shauna. And the link.
    You are a generous person.
    And a great hugger!

  24. abbie

    Wow so much going on! What excitement! I'll be thinking of you at the baseball game. I don't "get it", the game I mean, but I love to go…the ambiance, the crowd, the fresh air…and what fun to have gluten-free concessions!

    Sadly, this weekend, I am cooking up a big bunch of nothing. I had all four wisdom teeth pulled on Friday and am getting along with fresh kefir, homemade yogurt, homemade beef broth, and made-from-scratch chocolate pudding…and Ibuprofen. But I am hoping that I will heal quickly and can get back to enjoying the summer.

    Best to you this busy fun weekend!

  25. That Girl

    Hmmm, what am I making this weekend? Well, tonight I'm making caramel apple pork chops with butternut squash, rice and broccoli. And tomorrow is Crock Pot day while we're at church, and that'll be a lovely roast with turnips, carrots, parsnips, potatos and water chestnuts. ^_^ The pork chops don't have sugar added to them, I used maple syrup. I can't have wheat, dairy, corn, oats or sugar. But happiness can still be achieved!

    Tomorrow I'll be trying out an apple pie recipe. No sugar-I'll probably end up using honey or agave nectar-and for the crust I'm still trying to decide on what to substitute for the oat flour. But I'll find a way. To help with tomorrow's endeavors, I just bought a food scale, so we'll see how that works out..

    Have fun at the game! It's been far too long since I've gone to a ball game. Maybe I should grab my hubby and go to one sometime soon. ^_^

  26. azusmom

    @Steve: Maybe we could start a (polite) petition, asking the A's and Giants to provide gluten-free fare?

    @Margie: I hear ya! We lived in L.A. for 9 years, and it seemed like every day people were using something or other as a diet, as opposed to the folks who truly needed it for medical reasons. I remember Aderall was the big thing for a while.

    I cannot wait for the cookbook!!!

  27. Emily Day

    I couldn't believe it when I read that you wanted to be the first woman in the major leagues. That was my dream when I was a little girl, and it's wonderful to know that you shared that dream as well! I would be so excited if the Red Sox had a gluten-free day! Have fun.

  28. Trista

    I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is that you blog and share your experiences with gluten-free cooking.

    A few months ago I found out I was gluten-intolerant. After nearly 7 years of dealing with bloating and abdominal pain. I was like you, had tests that came back positive. Blood work that was normal. CAT scans that were normal. Endoscopies that were normal. I kept getting prescribed various antacids and anti-spasmodics (for my supposed spastic colon). Those would help for a short while, but then I was always super tired and didn't feel good. When my stomach would flare up, all I felt I could do was lay down. I've been tested for celiac. Negative. Tested for allergies. Negative. So by now, I was getting a little depressed. It took a Naturopath to tell me that even though I may not have an allergy to something, I can still have a reaction to it. She recommended cutting out wheat. Within three days, I was a new person. My stomach even felt flatter. Anyway, long story short, it is a huge support that there is people like you out there shedding light on the issue and providing us some yummy recipes!

  29. Corrick family

    Not for the first time, I am jealous of where you live.

    We cooked muffins this weekend, quinoa blueberry and banana flax with chocolate chips.

  30. Stephanie Gilbert

    Please, don’t only ask the A’s and the Giants, the Senators, too. I just came from a game yesterday and was so frustrated that I couldn’t eat anything. I spent there about 7 hours and came home half starving (the game was delayed for 2 hours due to heavy rain). Too frustrated about it a did an online research and voila, came across a multitude of articles, just like this one about tons of gluten free ballparks. I was like: What? I didn’t know that. So I wrote an article about the Metro Bank ballpark NOT having gluten free options: and that they should have some there. Philly isn’t too far away from Harrisburg. If they have it, so why can’t we? What do I do to have them get this?

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