some rhubarb recipes for the week

rhubarb muffins, done

I made you some rhubarb muffins. They’re soft and pliable without being tough, a bit sweet, a bit tangy, flecked with pieces of softened rhubarb, and topped with raw sugar.

I’d love to share the recipe with you. And I will.

Next week.

You see, we’ve been a little busy around here. Danny’s brother Pat, whom we all adore, came to stay with us this past weekend. This meant he ate dinner at Danny’s restaurant with us and had the chance to watch Lu play peek a boo with her daddy while he was on the line. (“Dada! Hi!”) He hiked our favorite path down to the water on a clear-blue-skied day. Mostly, he spent time with Lu, on the floor drawing and drawing. This was a beautiful family weekend.

Also, Lu and I have both been feeling under the weather. She has a double ear infection (her first) and sips the pink liquid antibiotics with great patience. Slowly, she’s feeling better, but our robust child being sick has been a great strain. Then, of course, I caught the crud myself. Yesterday, my throat was so sore that it felt as though a pack of feral raccoons were scrabbling around in my throat, digging in with their claws.

I really didn’t have much interest in writing about food.

However, thanks to suggestions from friends on Twitter and other places, I found some relief. Shots of honey and apple cider vinegar cut the worst of the pain. So did gargling with warm salt water, little drips of lime and honey, chili flakes and lemon juice, hot green tea, cold fruit bars, and more glasses of water than I can count. Mostly, however, I drank mug after mug of hot ginger tea: fresh ginger shaved into a mug, a dollop of honey, and hot water. (Thanks, Joe Yonan.) Today, I feel only moderately horrible, instead of pummeled. The raccoons have retreated.

However, through it all, I baked rhubarb muffins for you. Three different ways, with different sets of flours, to see how these could work best. Our favorites, by far, are these: teff and other flours, rhubarb compote, little slivers of fresh rhubarb, and raw sugar on the top. They are addictive.

I’d type up the recipe for you now, but we are headed toward a midnight flight tonight. Danny, Lu, and I are going to Iowa for a few days, to gather material for our other blog and see Danny’s sister. A red-eye with a bad cold and a toddler isn’t my idea of fun, but being there will be a welcome respite. So we won’t be posting anything this week.

However, if you have rhubarb on the brain as much as I do now (before it goes away for the season), here are some recipes for you to make this week:

Aran’s Stewed Rhubarb with Lemon and Buttermilk Sorbet and Financiers

Ashley’s Rhubarb Ice Cream at Not Without Salt (this one has some sweet news, as well)

Helen’s Lavender Panna Cotta with Poached Rhubarb at Tartelette

Jess’s Rhubarbsauce at Hogwash

Lara’s Rhubarb Bars at Lara Ferroni

Molly’s Roasted Rhubarb at Orangette

And finally, you definitely need to make Dana Cree’s Rhubarb Compote.

Why? Well, it makes a wonderfully sweet, still tangy, soft with a bit of bite, and heavenly tasting rhubarb compote and you don’t want to miss it. Also, it’s one of the key components of these rhubarb muffins, so you’ll want to have some at hand before I post the recipe next Monday.

Get cooking!

38 comments on “some rhubarb recipes for the week

  1. Lauren

    Yum! I've been loving rhubarb lately – in fact, I made my rhubarb lemon bundt cake twice in the past week :). These recipes all look lovely!

  2. Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks

    Aww, get better, Shauna! Glad to hear the raccoons have retreated — you're over the worst of it.

  3. Melissa

    For a sore throat an amazing woman in Nelson BC gave me a mug of heated pineapple juice with shaved fresh ginger. Delicious! Effective! Try it!

  4. Anonymous

    I hope you both feel better soon! Next time try garlic oil in the wee ones ear instead of the antibiotics, works wonders and doesn't destroy the healthy bacteria in the gut. :o)

  5. clair

    Feel better soon – for you and Lu. Winter is setting into my part of the world, along with the sniffles – so feeling a bit mis myself. Thank you for a wonderful blog.

  6. La Niña

    Hey Shauna Honey-
    I've had two bad colds this spring… just saw my doc at the Polyclinic- turns out I am way low on vitamin D. (Seattle is notorious for low vitamin D.) I'm taking it now-5000 units per day.

    I also have a great Chinese cold remedy:
    Boil organic orange peel, then simmer in a quart pan of water for 20 minutes. Smash a bunch of ginger and add it to the orange peel and simmer ten minutes more. Strain and drink the elixir with honey. It will work wonders. (you can also add rum for cough relief.)

    Feel better- and take it easy in Iowa. (If you go to Newton, Iowa check out the Maytag blue cheese caves…)

  7. Engineer Baker

    Have fun in Iowa – and feel better soon! Not a fun thing, those raccoons. Nasty little buggers.

  8. Lori

    I haven't done anything with ruhbarb in yonks! Thanks for some new ideas to bring it back!

    Het well soon and have a great trip!

  9. Dany

    rhubarb muffins sounds delicious and makes me crave for it. Its picture even makes me hungry and I can see the raw sugar on the top of those lovely muffins. Can;t wait for the recipe and try it myself.

  10. FridaWrites

    Hope you're feeling better soon! Thanks for your blog–even when you're under the weather, it's always a delight.

  11. Gluten Free Crumpette

    Oh my goodness I want that Panna Cotta now!!!

    Looking forward to your recipe for muffins!!

  12. molly

    Poor girl! (Well, two poor girls, though it's you that I'm thinking of.) Thanks for the rhubarb link love, in spite of it all. And best of luck on your red eye. You'll manage, you'll thrive.

    If you need any more tea? I'm a big fan of the lemon honey cure, but with big slabs of ginger thrown in for heat (

    May you feel better soon,


  13. Jeanette

    gargling with salt reminded me of a funny story. When my daughter was in high school, someone suggested the salt water tip so I made her a glass and told her to gargle. She kept saying it was "disgusting" and finally refused to continue. I had used EPSOM salt by mistake. Poor girl, it really must have been gross. Bad mommy. I've got a little giveaway running this week, stop by.

  14. Hanna

    Meh, my husband just weed-exed my rhubarb. 🙁 I guess I'll be stealing some from the neighbors! 🙂

  15. Raewyn

    I have never tried rhubarb muffins so I await the recipe with excitement. Hope you're both on top of your bugs soon.

  16. Sara

    Aw, sorry to hear you have the crud! It's invaded here too. Hope you and Lucy are feeling better soon.

    I love rhubarb, thanks for all the links 😀 it's been mostly in pie and crumble form around here this year, though i saw a drink recipe somewhere that looked tasty…

  17. Katie Rob

    That looks delicious! I never really know what to do with rhubarbs. I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did!

  18. Jadekitty

    Feel better soon! (my cure all is garlic(a clove or two) fresh pressed into a mug of hot water, and chicken broth (normally I cheat and steal the ones from mr.noodle, because they are salty) and drink that up, it kills the germs, soothes the throat, and provide added protection from vampires 🙂

  19. Laurie D.

    My daughter suffered through several years of ear infections and stronger and stronger antibiotics utnil a friend suggested echinacea tea. Traditonal Medicinals makes a tea that is wonderful. No ear infections since then and if anyone in the house gets a sore throat or sniffle, a cup or two of the tea seems to stop it cold.

    The other thing you might look into are your family's Vitamin D levels. We've taken Vit. D3 for the last two years and we have had ZERO colds. Lots of good stuff on the web about Vitamin D3 deficiencies and living where you do, it is a good chance you are deficient.

    Advice from a pure stranger, but I hope it helps!

  20. Julie

    You are a superhero for posting even with cranky raccoons in your throat. Do you wear your cape and leotard around the house? Get better soon!

  21. Nicolette

    Sorry to hear you are feeling icky- I always drink the organic throat coat tea- so yummy! Feel better soon, and thanks for the rhubarb muffin thoughts, can't wait for the recipe 🙂

  22. Anonymous

    Hopefully you are feeling better now, but one of the few things that made my throat feel better are the Sucrets herbal lozenges. Make sure to get the herbal ones, the normal ones taste like bad cough syrup!

  23. ?¸¸.•*¨Skip to Malou¨¨*•.¸¸?¸

    i hope you are feeling better. im sure that trip to IOWA will give you a welcome respite… but yeah flying on a red-eye and with a kid can be a bit challenging…

    warm ginger tea with honey always works for me… we call that SALABAT (Filipino)

    Don't worry, we will wait for your recipe… what's more imporstant is that you get well
    take care,

  24. Honeymoon registry

    WOW! That sounds really delicious. I hope you will get better soon. I'm hoping for your speedy recovery.

  25. Dia

    Yumm!! I stewed some rhubarb last night to have in my coconut kefir smoothie this AM –
    What wonderful 'cures' you've received – also hope you're doing better! The Vit D suggestion is esp, helpful for those of us gluten challanged!
    I just read about a connection between some folks gaining weight when they go gluten free because they're low in Vit D – since we don't metabolize fats well, so don't absorb Vit D! Low Vit D levels MAY be the first 'symptom' of gluten sensitivity!!
    I also use coconut oil on my throat (external) as well as internal if folks around me are ill. Ginger is one of my favorites as well 🙂

  26. Sweet Harvest

    Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to try it this weekend. I hope you’re all feeling better soon. Really think about taking a probiotic along with the antibiotic, especially for the little one. Health and Happiness!

  27. Cara Harjes - STUFFED food blog

    wow shauna, you peaked my interest. i have only had rhubarb once and i found it to be too bitter for my taste. but you have convinced me to try again. enjoy the family time!

  28. Melissa

    Can't wait for the recipes, just got some rhubarb in my Terra O box yesterday! Mmmmm!

  29. Chere Michelle

    This is a great site- so many women I know are having major GI issues and gluten is usually to blame. Not always, but it seems it's out there ALOT more. I'm always looking for healthy, gluten free alternatives so this is a great find for me. Can't wait to share it!
    Chere Michelle

  30. Sophie

    Lovely & tasty fab recipes!!

    I just discovered your lovely blog but I am not a coeliac patient but I do eat now mostly gluten free because I feel a lot better, have lots more energy & lose weight at the same time!

    A cool website!! Many foodie greetings from Brussels, Belgium!!

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