Greek Gods Yogurt and Mary’s Gone Crackers

We are honored and pleased to announce the two latest sponsors of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: Greek Gods yogurt and Mary’s Gone Crackers. We think they’re both wonderful companies that make great food, food that also happens to be gluten-free.

As I wrote when we first announced sponsorships on this site, “…we will be limiting the number of sponsored ads here, keeping them only to companies we truly love, the ones who make food we eat happily and do business in a way that makes sense to us.”

We have been big fans of Greek Gods yogurt around here for awhile. In fact, so is almost everyone we know. Shauna’s brother, our friends Nina and Tita and Sharon and a dozen more people exclaimed, when we told them about this upcoming sponsorship: “Hey, I have that in my refrigerator right now!” We’re not surprised this yogurt lives in so many kitchens.

We love the thick mouth feel of this yogurt. It makes fantastic smoothies, which Lu drinks eagerly. Lately, as we have been trying to make this a healthier spring, we’ve been eating Greek Gods plain yogurt, a bit of honey, and some homemade granola for breakfast. It’s a great way to start the day.

Have you ever eaten the fig-flavored Greek yogurt? How about the pomegranate? These flavors are particularly good and such a welcome innovation over the same endless mixed berry yogurt offered in small cups in the dairy case at the store. (I only wish the fig yogurt came in a large container, because we would eat it every day.)

With summer coming up, we think there will be plenty of dill-yogurt sauces, homemade ranch dressing, fruit salads with mint-lime-yogurt dressing, and fresh cherry smoothies around here. In our house, those will all be made with Greek Gods yogurt.

We hope you will buy some quarts of thick, delicious Greek Gods yogurt as well, as a way of supporting a sponsor of this website.

If you’re gluten-free, you must know about Mary’s Gone Crackers.

By that, I mean you probably know about them already, since they make some of the best and most widely distributed gluten-free foods in the US. And if you don’t about them already, you must find some.

Mary’s whole grain crackers are one of the few packaged foods that are always in this house. Always. Made of quinoa, brown rice, flax seeds, and brown sesame seeds, these crackers are good for you. But they also taste good. I am been nibbling on some with a skim of peanut butter as I am writing this, which is one of my favorite filling afternoon snacks. And — I kid you not — Lu begs for these, saying “Chip! Chip!” (She seems to think these are potato chips. We’ll keep it that way for now.)

The crackers come in a variety of flavors, as do the Sticks and Twigs line. Plus, now they have cookies: chocolate chip, gingersnaps, and n’oatmeal raisin. These are great foods to have in the car when you are communting, or in an airport, or going somewhere where you don’t know if you can eat gluten-free. That’s why I always carry the crackers with me. I know these will fill me up.

Plus, Mary Waldner is a fellow gluten-free baker with a great success story. We love this company.

So if you haven’t already, go out and buy some food from Mary’s Gone Crackers. We think you’ll have them in your kitchen from now on too.

We are all a community here. We hope you will help to support the companies that help make this community feel well-fed by clicking on the links over there to the right when you can.

43 comments on “Greek Gods Yogurt and Mary’s Gone Crackers

  1. Adrienne

    LOVE Greek Gods pomegranate yogurt. I have one left in the fridge… though that status could change momentarily. (yum)

  2. Jenn Sutherland

    Both wonderful companies – well chosen! And like you, I always have Mary's Gone Crackers in the house. A thin schmear of goat cheese with a little jam is my favorite afternoon snack with Mary's.

    I haven't tried Greek Gods Yogurt yet, but with your reco behind it, I certainly will. I love greek yogurt with honey and granola too!

  3. Best Wishes, Marie

    the palmagranite flavor is amazing, and it comes in ice cream, real ice cream also !!

  4. LaurieA-B

    I had some dental work this week so have been eating a larger-than-usual amount of Greek Gods yogurt; it's been delicious every day. I especially love the pomegranate–the flavor, texture, and color. I've never noticed any yogurt having a particularly pretty color before, but the GG pomegranate really does.

  5. La Niña

    Every morning. Every single morning I eat my Greek Gods FIG yogurt with my homemade GF granola… (That would be GGFYGFG…) It's truly divine. Add a banana and honey and who needs any dessert, ever?

    But… here's even better news- I just saw GREEK GODS ICE CREAM at the Ballard Market and I bought the FIG ice cream with chocolate chunks. Yes, there is dessert and you can eat it too! (The Baklava flavor is not gluten free, and check the others.)

    Mary's Gone Crackers were the first GF crackers in our house. We have a neighbor named Mary on the island and she always thought I was talking about her…

    Congrats you guys! I'll keep supporting them- and you… -xo-Nina

  6. Canadian Twentysomething

    Oh we actually have these crackers in Canada! I found them in a grocery store in the fall and they are sooo good. I've had the Caraway, Onion and Herb. I've never seen the cookies here though, I'll have to take a look next time.

  7. Iris

    I do love both of those products, and I've been wanting to try Mary's Gone Cookies. I love that her products are affordable, which is often not the case with gluten free packaged goods.

  8. Jennypenny

    I love Greek Gods yogurt, too. I tried it when my Kroger started selling it, and I was hooked, and I am picky about yogurt. I'll have to look for those crackers. I'm even pickier about crackers, but I always love your recommendations.

  9. Foodessa

    Greek Gods and Gluten free…Oh how I envy you to get such a product. I do use quite a bit of yogurt in my recipes. How I wish we would have some of this in our area of Montreal, Quebec. If anyone is aware of where I can get some or maybe an equivalent product ;)…please let me know.
    This was mt first time visiting…I will certainly be back for more.
    Thanks for sharing, Claudia

  10. Larissa

    I was just telling my husband we have got to get to the store today. Why? We're out of Greek Gods yogurt!!! Oh noes!!!

    You've selected very good companies to work with. I'm impressed.


    I love Mary's Gone Crackers, and will add Greek Gods to my gf shopping list. Thanks!

  12. I Am Gluten Free

    I love your integrity. It's a breath of fresh air.

    One year after going GF, I went dairy free. I've only begun re-introducing a little bit of dairy into my diet. Mostly Greek yogurt. So far, so good. But I haven't seen Greek Gods yogurt yet. I will look for it on my next trip to Whole Foods. And as for Mary's Gone Crackers, they are my go to, can find pretty easily, cracker. And the black pepper ones are fabulous!


  13. Jennifer

    Good choices. Thank you for your integrity, since you announced having sponsors I've been paying more attention to other bloggers and have been amazed. There's a lot of GF bloggers with gluten ads, my favorite is a free dieting site for the last week has been advertising Hamburger Helper – thats healthy and diet friendly?

  14. Adrienne

    I love Mary's crackers. I'm not g-f, but my husband and daughter are. These are still my favourite cracker, hands down and everyone who tastes them, loves them. I'm not sure we can get the Greek Gods yogurt in Canada, but I'll look for it.

  15. Amber

    I found an article saying Greek Gods yogurt is available in B.C. now – for those of you looking. I found Mary's crackers at Thrifty's.

    "Find The Greek Gods Yogurt throughout B.C. supermarkets including Whole Foods Market, Capers Community Market, Choices, Stong’s Market, Famous Foods, Meinhardt Fine Foods, and Budget Brands."

    Not sure about the rest of Canada but you can ask at similar stores.

    Not really relevant but I thought it was funny — I took a break from finally reading The Lightening Thief (kids book about Greek Gods) and came on here to read about…Greek Gods yogurt!

  16. Jeanette

    I'm familiar with either of these products. I'm still looking for the perfect gf cracker. Am going to check my little market for these. Thanks.

  17. Anonymous

    we've got Mary's crackers in Australia. Yummiest crackers ever.

    Australia is a bit too far for yoghurt to travel though 🙁
    Carly's gone crackers 🙂

  18. Jennie

    We love Mary's Gone Crackers too. We're not a GF household, but they taste wonderful, and frankly, the name makes feel right at home in this sometimes insane asylum.

    I will have to go looking for that yogurt too…

  19. Anonymous

    Can anyone recommend a good flavor/kind of cracker from Mary's Gone Crackers? I have tried them twice and have thrown them away as they tasted burned or something strange to me. I dearly miss crackers so if I could find one I liked, I would be thrilled. Thanks!

  20. smoo

    I LIVE on Mary's Gone Crackers. I have some in the cabinet right now- two boxes. Plus a bag of twigs that my best friend opened yesterday and ate half of.

  21. Anonymous

    Hi Shauna! I am a lurker from Boston who keeps checking your blog for updates and loves loves loves your way of being in the world!

    I just read this piece about a little girl that I really thought you'd love. I know it is odd to offer it this way, but just in case you have a minute, check it out–it's about a little girl about the same age as yours!

    Lots of love and thanks-Dawn (I am
    an English Professor in Boston)

  22. Hettar7

    I love Mary's Gone Crackers! I don't eat gluten free, but these are my preferred crackers for any dip or cheese. Good choice for a sponser.

    I don't remember seeing that brand of yogurt, but I'm going to have to be on the lookout for it now. Fig flavor sounds very yummy.

  23. sweetpea

    Greek God's Ice Cream?!?!? Heading out right now to find that treat. I do like the yogurt but my favorite was Rachel's which I don't think is being sold in the US anymore. Mary's Gone Crackers are great as well. Two terrific products!

  24. indiefree

    I Love Marys Gone Crackers! I have some in my cupboard right now and I'm going to try an artichoke dip this weekend. I'm also on a Greek Yogurt binge.Besides,eating for breakfast with granola, nuts and fruit I'm going to try a yogurt cake, shortly. I have to try the Pomegranate!

  25. Theresa

    I love the Greek Gods honey yogurt. It's tasty and the price isn't bad for greek yogurt. Yum!

  26. Simply Colette

    I religiously buy Mary's Gone Cracker's for my work snack. For the past year, Mary has been my 10:30am friend! 🙂

  27. silly aunt sarah

    woot woot! both are great products, and Mary's gone crackers are sold at Costco so I can buy in bulk, they are yummy!!!

    loving your blog and loved your weight post. check out lots of great advice for running mammas! my 2 favorite blogs unite! thanks for taking us with you on your journey, you ROCK!!!

  28. 100days

    I can't live without Mary's crackers! Wondered if you have tried THINK Bars? Gluten free, and the most delicious bars I have tried. Hope they sponsor your terrific site too.

  29. Hanna

    What an effect you have! I've been a loyal reader of your blog for about 2 yrs now… and went shopping right after this post, saw Mary's Gone Crackers' Ginger Snaps on the shelf, and bought them straight away! They're delicious! Thanks for pointing them out!

  30. kurusania

    The Greek Gods yogurt sounds amazing, but sadly they aren't lactose free 🙁
    Still, I'll definitely show my mom! She loves trying new things.

  31. Gratefully Gluten Free

    I literally just tried the Greek Gods plain yogurt yesterday and am in love…deep love! I sweetened it with a drop of coconut nectar and a dash of cinnamon…pure and utter heaven! Today, I put a tsp of organic dutch cocoa and cinnamon…amazing! Cannot wait to try the pomegranite! I didn't see that flavor or the fig but will be looking for them both tomorrow! Thanks!

  32. Anonymous

    Mary's gone crackers were the first GF food I tried after being diagnosed with CD – love them!
    I just tried the Honey yogurt this morning though, and I think I found my new favorite food. I could just eat this forever! Amazing stuff, who needs ice cream!

  33. Trysha

    I know I'm super late to the party, but Greeks Gods Fig yogurt is THE BEST followed by the orange vanilla. YUM!

    I love the ads you are running. It feels more like a partnership than a business deal.

  34. Brooke

    I just came back to this post hoping I remembered correctly that you were a fan of Greek Gods yogurt! I was looking for a good gluten-free yogurt to make frozen yogurt with and I saw Greek Gods in the store and thought “wait, I think gluten-free-girl likes this brand!” If you support it, I know it is pretty darn safe (and yummy), so I bought it and then came back here to check if I had remembered correctly! Yay! I think this yogurt will be great for Froyo since it is so thick (I usually strain my yogurt in cheesecloth before making froyo). I will let you know how it turns out! Thanks!

  35. Brooke

    The froyo turned out pretty good, but was very very thick and almost too rich if that is possible. I realized I typically use nonfat or low fat yogurt, so the higher fat content was such a different texture. Next time I will buy a lower fat type if Greek Gods yogurts makes it!

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