pizza and pasta

the best gluten-free pizza crust II

When I was first diagnosed with celiac, almost five years ago now, I was lucky. I had been so sick, and I was so clear that cutting out gluten made a profound difference in my life, that I embraced this.

That doesn’t mean I went without grieving. I walked around the grocery store, weaving through the aisles, picking up foods and putting them down again. It was painfully clear to me that at least half my usual meals were gone. I left the bread section behind me.

Standing in the produce section, I felt more at peace.

And then I thought: what I am going to do without pizza?

There’s no need to go without pizza when you’re gluten-free. And I don’t mean pizza that tastes like cardboard soaked in tomato sauce, or pizza that pushes against your teeth and doesn’t relent or pizza that is shaped like a pizza but doesn’t taste or feel or smell anything like pizza.

I mean pizza like you see up there in that photograph, the gluten-free pizza I made in our kitchen on Wednesday night.

I may be more proud of this than any baked good I have come up with. A pizza crust with a chewy bite and crisp shattery crust. Air holes. Look at those air holes.

Danny shot me this look when he took the first bite. A look that said, “Holy shit, woman. How did you do this?”

It’s pizza. It’s really good pizza. Hell, it’s great pizza. The fact that it’s gluten-free? Who cares? It’s pizza.

gluten-free fettucine

And then there’s pasta.

This is the fresh fettucine with homemade pork ragu we had for dinner Tuesday night. This latest version of the pasta? It’s toothy and tender at the same time. We slurped up each noodle until our lips were flecked with red sauce and smiling.

We’re almost done with these recipes.

Now, I know you’re going to want to yell at me, but I’m not posting the recipes today. Or even for a bit. Both these recipes will be in our cookbook, which now has a release date. (Drum roll please….September 28th, 2010!) I know that’s a long time to wait, but hear me out.

When I posted photos of some of the baked goods we have been working on for the cookbook, back in September, some of you wanted the recipes right then. I understand. But since September, we’ve been making pizza and pasta and pie almost non-stop, to make sure we have the very best recipes we can before the book goes to print. We have one more time to look at the book and make tiny changes before we fully let go.

This pizza? This pasta? They are both 10 times better than the ones I posted photos of in September.

Trust me. The wait will be worth it.


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  1. Chelsea

    Mmmmmm pizza. And September ISN'T that far away-that's only 6 months. Did I just give you a heart attack?

  2. Jeni

    Let us know when it's available for preorder! I, for one, can't wait to get my hot little hands on it.

  3. Stefan, Sarah and Lukka

    can't WAIT! My cupboard will be so happy when your cookbook is inside of it, with all the wonderful GF flours on top of it πŸ™‚
    Your site is so encouraging for me.
    Sarah M

  4. elle

    Well, I think 6 months is a long wait! But, I think I can do it. Just don't add smell to those photos!

  5. Anonymous

    That's certainly fair Shauna. You're always so generous with your information and you deserve to get something in return for all the time you spend! You do so many people so much good, really.

  6. Amy Sell

    I am reading your book now and it has been life changing for me. Literally. I feel better now than I have for years. I can't WAIT to get your cookbook!

  7. Jillian

    Oh, your a cruel, cruel woman, charlie brown. I am dying to get my hands on these recipes! I guess i'll wait, but oh the agony!

  8. Cove Girl

    I'm really looking forward to your book. I've been GF for as long as you have and it hasn't been easy, even though it's well worth it! YAY pizza!!!

  9. Cove Girl

    I'm really looking forward to your book. I've been GF for as long as you have and it hasn't been easy, even though it's well worth it! YAY pizza!!!

  10. Cove Girl

    I'm really looking forward to your book. I've been GF for as long as you have and it hasn't been easy, even though it's well worth it! YAY pizza!!!

  11. Anonymous


    Yes. It looks like the wait will be worth it. Until then, I will settle for my own GF pizza that I have been making here at home.

    Take care,


  12. Kimmie

    I am looking forward to your cookbook baby due date πŸ™‚ in the meantime happy pregnancy and labor and delivery with it πŸ™‚

  13. La Dolce Vita

    been eating a locally made gluten free pizza crust, and was pretty happy with it til I saw yours!! oh my Goddess! I cannot wait for the cookbook!

  14. Nellynosibor

    I just want to Thank You for all that you do for the GF community. Pizza is almost the deal breaker on a daily basis. However, being pain is more the focus I have. So I wait with baited breath for the recipe. Thank you for sharing your GF life with us.

  15. Erin Farrell

    Oh! The photo stopped my heart! I cannot WAIT until publishing! Thanks for all of your posts. They have been encouraging me see I went gluten free in August!

  16. thenewstead6

    Just make sure we in the UK can get it straight away too! Really looking forward to it πŸ™‚

  17. Kelly

    Oh, Shauna…. I know I'll have to wait, but it's so difficult with pictures that look THAT good!!! Kudos for driving forward and checking and rechecking to make sure what you put in the cookbook is worth all the blood, sweat, tears, and measuring!! So excited!!!

  18. Anonymous

    that photo is such a tease! GF pizza crusts at the store are about $15 for a medium sized one and they look so nasty and pale. I am eagerly anticipating the book πŸ™‚

  19. Jenn Sutherland

    I think your new cookbook is my most anticipated day in 2010! I can't wait to see what you and Danny have cooked up for us. To curl up on the couch with a whole BOOK of your beautiful words and food – this will be an event. And we will definitely have a celiac potluck to cook from your book as soon as our group all have their copies!

    I've refined a pretty darned good pizza recipe too – there's no lack of good pizza in our home, for which we're so thankful. Homemade pizza & a DVD is a favorite Friday ritual.

    A quick midweek feat including one of my favorite GF dried pastas is a wonderful thing, too.

    Thanks for all of your hard work to bring your very best creations to our table!

  20. paisleyapron

    Thanks for all you do to make my eating a fantastic experience. If I have waited this long for a decent pizza crust, I can wait until September. Cheers!

  21. tallmisto

    That is the best looking pizza crust I have EVER seen. I can hold out until September for a pizza that looks that good.

  22. Fiona and Andy

    Of all the things I miss, pizza comes tied top of the list with genuine french baguette and patisserie. I'm looking forward to your book – it's going on my birthday list and I'll even let my husband give me my present a few days late!! The wait will be worth it, I'm sure.

  23. Sho


    I grew up in New York, and I remember those bubbles in the dough, those bubbles that only genuine pizza could possible have.

    Currently, the pizza I make is a gluten-free, yeast-free pizza. It is easy for me. It looks like the precooked pizza dough that you can buy. It is better than that because it is fresh.

    Yep, you sure have the recipes that the GF community needs.

    Take care,


  24. Marie

    Wow! I emailed you just two nights ago asking for a pizza base recipe and here it is! Fantastic! Thank you!

  25. Kattus Petasatus

    Well obviously I'll be buying the cookbook. I nearly cried when I had a slice of actual pizza GF at Mozzarelli's in Manhattan last year. Those pictures are suuuch a tease!

  26. Cindy


    I used to do recipe development professionally in the food processing industry, so I know just how much work it is. Thank you for taking the time to work on the recipes the way you do. I can hardly wait for your next cookbook!

    Cindy (aka Wheatless Foodie)

  27. kelly

    i cannot wait for the book! i bought a scale and it is waiting to be filled with flours to be made into something worth eating!

  28. Mim

    I can not wait for your cook book, as I repeatedly say on my blog, facebook and to whoever will listen, your recipes, photos and stories have made such a difference to me and I look forward to every post…

    The only question I have is will it be available in Australia at the same time??? Please tell me it will be!!!

  29. Anonymous

    Okay, this is simply torture. September is too long to wait! It is only March. Can you wait until closet to the release date to post these wonderful pictures?
    BTW, thank you for doing all the hard work for us, figuring out these recipes!
    Michelle H

  30. Chelsey

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I feel like a kid in a candy store who has been told that if I am patient and wait extra nice I will get DOUBLE reward! Shauna I can't wait, no siree. You are the best…Now, what to do until September?!

  31. La NiΓ±a

    Pizza! Pasta! I must go buy a new peel, and we have to sand our old pizza stone- it is a relic from the old days before Booth found out he had Celiac. (I hope that is okay- to clean the old stone with some sandpaper, or some abrasive to get any old burnt flour off of it…)

    Your new book comes out the day before our anniversary. It will be our Happy Anniversary present to each other, for sure.

    You are a miracle and an amazing positive force for change. I am so happy we met and became friends…

    Have a slice and smile, honey, you deserve a standing ovation!

  32. Iris

    I've been making pizza for days, trying to come up with a version I really love. None of them have looked like the one in your picture though! Can't wait for the recipe!

  33. Anonymous

    Hi Shauna! Ohhh soooo can't wait! Will the book also be available in Canada or through I had to wait ages to get the Pioneer Woman Cookbook….don't want to wait that long for yours!!! thanks, Ina


    Pff.. waiting until Sept? Fortunately, it's Spring and Summer soon so we'll be able to do with more fresh veggies while we wait for the great recipes!

  35. Anonymous

    I can't wait for your cookbook to be released! My 6 year old son is gluten-free/casein-free/soy-free for autism and he misses pizza so much! Now, if you could just come up with a pop tart recipe, his world would be perfect. Jen Johnson

  36. Sharon

    I was going on line to search AGAIN for a decent pizza crust recipe when I saw your post. You are definitely a mid reader! I guess I'll just have to keep trying to make do til September. Can't wait!! You are my hero!

  37. Gluten-Free Casualty

    Oh my GOD! I was so craving pizza too! That picture looks…divine!

    I absolutely cannot wait to have your cookbook in my hands. Maybe I'll do a Julie and Julia thing and cook every single recipe! Because you're seriously the Julia Child to my Julie. Every time I read your book or your blog, I feel hopeful again. So thank you for everything.

  38. Sarahrah

    The only food I cry about is pizza. I think the only think I fight with my boyfriend about…is pizza. After an inebriated fight that went something like this on my end: "I cannot believe you're eating this in front of me. This gooey, salty, spicy, amazing thing that I miss EVERYDAY!" we've decided to have weekly pizza nights. Want it or not- we do it.

    pizza = world peace.

  39. Dia

    mmm – looks delish
    Oh, dear!! I followed the link to Pioneer Woman's site – & got 'hooked' on the story of her romance with Marlboro Man!! Sigh – here it is a sunny day, & my 'just ONE MORE CHAPTER" gene has kicked in – darn it!!! What a wonderful story!!

    OK OK – I'm going OUTSIDE now – watch me walk to the door .. .

  40. Krystal

    Yay! I can not WAIT to get your cookbook. And, I can not WAIT to try that pizza! Now, to find a cheese alternative that doesn't taste like plastic…

  41. Rosie

    My local pizza parlor Fairhaven Pizza Co (In Bellingham, WA), has gluten-free crust. When I first tried it – the first pizza I had eaten in over a year – I nearly cried, and thanked the owner a hundred times.

    Now I'm excited to try to make my own, because this crust looks even better.

  42. Shawn

    So the pizza crust recipe will coincide with the autumn bounty at the farmers market. How many fresh veggies can we get on a pizza, people??!! Maybe celebrate Octoberfest here in Wisconsin with a GF sauerkraut and bratwurst pizza! Gemutlikeit!!

  43. Mariah

    Very excited for it and you!!! Taste buds are watering! Will there be nutritional info on the recipes?

  44. H.Peter

    I like your style….

    EVERYBODY loves Pizza and Pasta and you may have found the formula.

    Now keep us in suspense for a while. Good on you!

  45. Leslie

    Will definitely be buying the book. I have a great recipe that uses sprouted sunflower seeds for a crust… but it is more of a specialty gourmet thing. My son will I am a goddess for making him "real pizza" again.


  46. amy

    oh i will buy the book just for that pizza crust recipe! brilliant marketing there. Ha! It looks so good and I am loving the idea of a great pizza…can't believe I have to wait until September though. πŸ™‚

  47. Gluten Free Crumpette

    Seriously cannot wait for your cookbook! I will be there the day it is on sale to pick it up! Maybe even pre-order it… The pizza and pasta looks perfect! I think a celebration will be in order on September 28. Looking forward to it and thinking… in honor of this gluten-free glorious day, we should have a twitter party of all things GFG & Chef! πŸ™‚ Congrats on this work of art!!!

  48. Creative Mom

    I can't wait for the cookbook!! The gluten free pizza available around Portland looks like cardboard compared to yours.

  49. Beth

    you are a genius! I want that recipe for the pizza so bad…but I can wait until September if I have to! Great things are worth waiting for!

  50. Christina

    I really understand what you mean by embracing gluten free when you see the difference it makes in your life. For us, seeing our four year old, Emily, healthy was worth seeking out new recipes, flours, etc. But in the end, even though I don't have to eat gluten free, I'm so glad that we do. I know we eat healthier, and it has been fun to discover all the amazing foods that I would have never tried. But we have yet to find good pizza. I'm looking forward to your cookbook!

  51. Su-sieee! Mac

    This is encouraging. I recently started a gluten-free diet and have been desiring pizza for a couple of weeks now. Looking forward to reading your cookbook.


  52. Gray

    Just found your blog…and am so excited!! My husband is gluten intolerant, so he will love that I have found your blog too. Thanks!

  53. Teresa Rieke

    i am not sure that i am a celiac, but wheat doesn't agree with me and unfortunately neither does yeast. yeast gives me vertigo, which is totally unacceptable and takes away the desire to cheat. this has actually been the hardest part of changing my diet. so i was wondering if you would be willing to develop some recipes that are yeast free for such necessary foods like pizza dough and cinnamon rolls. i have a few bread recipes that i use, but i will only eat the bread after i toast it. maybe you would also like to include in your book how all the flours react and their exchange value. it is so expensive to try and tweak the recipes, especially without all the experience that you have had. thanks so much. can't wait to see the new book.

  54. Hunter

    Ahhh! Can't wait for The Cookbook! But having to wait will be good for me as I'm doing all this baking from your recipe list for my 16 yr old daughter and of course I have to try EVERYTHING to make sure it's good!! Haha! Result? I love the stuff but have gained at least 3 pounds which ISN'T good given how hard I worked to loose 10 lbs! But I am still anxiously awaiting the book cuz your recipes are so good!!! And boy does the Madison Park crowd miss you guys!!!

  55. sparkleplenty

    Wow, is my husband excited and he eats pizza weekly, the real stuff! Me, I've been so happy to feel so great that anything that has gluten, no matter how well executed, has about as much appeal as a hockey puck. He's thrilled that we can eat pizza together again and better than the old days when I'd complain about how lousy I felt and go fall asleep somewhere. Yeah, I've tried other gluten free crusts, some OK, some thick and gluey, all pretty dismal, so I've kind of lost my yen for pizza. Maybe this recipe will serve as therapy and get me into pizza again. Pasta too. The one thing I miss is my grandmother's homemade macaroni. The rice pastas are OK, but again, I can say no. If your fettucine is as good as it looks, I'll be making vats of red gravy (that's sauce in Philadelphia)full of meatballs and having a dinner party with no excuses for my gluten free self! For this, I can wait till September!

  56. Jamie

    Thanks Shauna! Your blog is very inspiring and proves that the quality of life is truly how you interpret it. There are so many good recipes on your site and any recipes that allows me to eat pizza makes me smile.

  57. Marissa

    I was day-dreaming the other day of summertime, pizza, and root beer. This looks so yummy!

  58. Heather

    A day before my birthday…I will absolutely be ordering it. My daughter and I were recently diagnosed with celiacs and it has been hard. My heart aches for my daughter as I just hate her missing out. I am so grateful that I found your blog. My ideas were so limited but you have opened my eyes to all the options out there…and really healthy options. I am loving my new found passion for baking and creating dishes for my daughter, myself and the entire family. Thankyou.

  59. Marya

    @Heather, I agree. My poor little five year old can not eat a thing of a children's menu at a restaurant. She will have to suffer through my less-than-perfect attempts at pizza and pasta until September. At least it will be in time for her birthday!

  60. I Love to Do Dishes

    For everything so far and for things yet to come – thank you guys so much for all your hard work!

  61. jenA

    One day before MY birthday. I'll be nursing my first newborn by then, my husband will be in Iraq, and I will have no glorious gluten-free James-Ahern pizza between now and then to prepare or comfort me.
    Here is my address so someone can send me a present (cookbook/recipe).
    722 Sharon Street
    Hinesville, Georgia 31313

  62. Jessica

    I was just diagnosed with Celiac, just found your site, and I'm looking forward to September and the fact that I now know there are gluten-free cookbooks!

  63. Kyle

    This is so exciting! I was just copying down a pizza dough recipe from Food Network, and thought… I wonder if there is a gluten free version I could try? Your blog is in my bookmarks… I clicked to your page… and it's like you were reading my mind, anticipating me looking for this! I can't wait to see your cookbook, it will be a Christmas gift for my family members that are gluten-free… and a wonderful addition to my cookbook cupboard as well! Please let us know when it will be available for pre-order… the pizza and pasta recipes will be the first ones I try!

  64. Jeanette

    I can't wait – I really can't. It's coming out the day before my birthday and I just know it's an omen. That pizza would have been enough to sell me. I miss good pizza. Can't wait to see how you did it – Amazing!

  65. Susan

    Dude, publish the cook book already! I am really excited for it. Usually I get books from the library before I purchase, but your cookbook I plan on buying before trying. Because I already know it's going to be good.

    And that pizza looks a lot better than the Little Caesar's I ate last night.

  66. ALH

    The day I can eat that pizza will be the best day of my life since going gluten-free. I cannot wait for that recipe and all the rest of them!

  67. david.bernstein

    Ok guys, when do you think that the fine folks at the food network are going to wake up and give you a show? You're such a great team, full of creativity and great recipies-it's time! In the meantime,can't wait for the book-keep up the great work and thanks for all you give us–Jenell

  68. Cookin' Canuck

    Now, if that pizza crust isn't a carrot hanging in front of my nose, I don't know what is. I'll be heading to the bookstore on the release date to get your book for my gluten-free dad.

  69. Courtney

    I can't wait for your book! I've had my celiac diagnosis for about six months now and I've found instrumental to my healing (for now, just for now) is avoiding restaurants. I imagine that will change but it's been a processes with set backs here and there…the upshot of which is I am cooking a lot more than I ever did before. I for one am glad your book doesn't come out until Sept because maybe I will overcome my fear of making dough by then, LOL. Can't wait!

  70. Anonymous

    Hi Shauna,
    I love your blog and all the pictures. Your pizza looks amazing. I know you have been working hard on your book but have you come up with a flour mix or recipe that would make gf wontons? Looking forward to your cookbook. Thank you.

  71. Autumnstar

    I will be marking that date! I can not wait for your cook book. I am almost glad that you are waiting to put it in the book. That way I can make myself wait and then totally savor it when I finally get to taste it. Thank you for being such a genius! You make my life delicious. πŸ™‚

  72. Morgan

    I WANT THAT BOOK!!! Holy cow, lots of posts. My mom's birthday is September 9. Just make sure you have it done September 1, okay? πŸ™‚ Can't wait!!!!

  73. rfg

    I just went GF two weeks ago and have been in mourning ever since! I am so happy to find your blog and now to know there's a cookbook coming?! Well you've made my day.

  74. Anonymous

    Wow thank you… I was diagnosed last year and have been following your blog ever since. Pizza and pasta. Looks amazing. Before last year I would not cook a lot and it was a huge reality check for me. So thank you and I will try that Pizza.

  75. Angie

    I can't tell you how much I miss pizza. I haven't found any that satisfies, so I am very excited about this upcoming cookbook! I'll wait until then, and the pizza will taste even more fantastic.

  76. Anonymous

    I can't wait for the pizza dough recipe. I still haven't found a pizza dough recipe that I've been 100% happy with.

    Now that you are coming up with homemade gf pasta recipes, I regret getting rid of my pasta maker (like the one you have). At the time, I had assumed that I would never be making homemade pasta ever again, and I didn't want it to just sit on the shelf not getting used, so I donated it. Oh well, I guess I need to keep my eye out for another one.

    Thanks for sharing yourself with us.


  77. dining table

    Pizza and pasta! Two of the most delicious food ever! I really like them together, too!

  78. Lisa Torres

    I have your new cookbook and I am totally confused I have been through the book a few times and I cant find your pizza am I missing it?? Please Email me at
    Lisa Torres

  79. Chelsey

    Hey Shauna, I have the same question as Lisa…got your new cook book and I've been searching for the pizza recipe. For the life of me I can't find it. Can you please e-mail me the page #?




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