how to make mayonnaise from scratch

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  1. Jenifer


    Is there a way to make mayo without eggs? My daughter is allergic to eggs also.


    Jen ( mother of daughter with severe food allergies)

    1. shauna

      Hey Jen,

      Danny doesn’t know how to how make mayonnaise without eggs. However, there are some vegan mayonnaises on the market, so it should be pretty simple to figure it out!

  2. Betty


    How long will the mayo keep?

    Curious, you don’t need to cook the mayo due to the raw eggs?
    What would happen if you did cook the mayo, after making it?

    I will be making this! I miss mayo, I can’t eat the commercial brands. 🙂

    1. jeanelane

      Don’t worry so much about the raw eggs. They are not the big scare thing that the government would like you to believe 🙂 I have eaten raw eggs in a smoothie nearly every morning for the past 6-8 years. Never have gotten sick from them. But I do not buy the eggs that are less than a dollar a dozen. I try to deduce the better quality eggs, because I eat them raw.

      The lemon juice or vinegar may preserve the eggs a bit.

  3. Deb Ralls

    Is the Mayo recipe written out somewhere? Also, fast walking has been an excellent exercise for me. As I’ve aged the running is harder on my joints. I have found with fast walking that my legs get an all round workout and I have time to ponder and sort out my thoughts. I wiah you health and peace this new year. Thank you for your blog. I tell all I meet about you and Danny’s site. My goal is to one day come up to the Hostel on your Island to stay. Then I will walk to the place where Danny cooks. Maybe I will see you on the road exercising as well.


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