welcome to Good Bite

For months I’ve been keeping a little secret, something I have been wanting to share. But we had to keep quiet, my fellow food bloggers and I. Until today.

I’m happy (and honored) to announce that I’m part of the new Good Bite team.

Good Bite is a new web-based video show, with a team full of food bloggers passionate about food who are willing to film themselves with small cameras and have their faces spread around the web. (Have you ever seen Momversation? This show is produced by the same team that makes that happen.) We’re talking about food, in roundtable discussions and recipe explanations. As the tagline of the show says, it’s about “…delicious made easy.”

See, the thing is, whenever people who love food are put together in a room, we generally don’t talk about baseball. Instead, we’re comparing notes on cast-iron skillets, favorite pulled pork recipes, and the best place to buy strawberries in June. That’s what this show is — people gathering together (in separate rooms, bound by video) to talk about their food passions.

Here’s a preview of the contributors. And, if you’re watching closely, you’ll see me there, in the middle.

It’s quite the crew. My goodness.

Matt Armendariz from Matt Bites
Elise Bauer from simplyrecipes.com
Diane Cu and Todd Porter from whiteonricecouple.com
Jaden Hair from steamykitchen.com
Jeanne Kelley from jeannekelleykitchen.com
David Lebovitz from davidlebovitz.com
Catherine McCord from weelicious.com
Deb Perelman from smittenkitchen.com
Julie Van Rosendaal from dinnerwithjulie.com

I’m honored to be among this group, people whose ideas on food are already important to me.

And I have to tell you this — I’m especially excited to be on the show as a gluten-free blogger. It would have been easy for the production company to dismiss my presence because I can’t eat a certain food. Or because they believe I would only talk about sorghum flour and substitute muffin recipes. Nope. I’m just talking about great food. And I’m doing it for all of you, too.

Here’s the first video I shot, with Elise and Julie, talking about lazy dinners. What food do you make when you’re tired and in a hurry, but you still want to eat well?

If you go to the Good Bite website, you can see an LA chef, Aarti Sequeira, make my chickpea and wilted spinach dish for you. (I had to laugh that she put a piece of bread to the side of the chickpeas.)

That’s one of the things I love about this project — it’s a collaboration with people who really love food. It will be filled with videos and recipes from the bloggers, as well as links to great recipes from hundreds of food writers and bloggers across the internet. (Many of them will be gluten-free.)

Good Bite hopes to inspire people to step back into the kitchen and start cooking. And that is something I’m happy to be a part of any day.