shrimp recipes at Good Bite

Hey everyone!

We’ve been a little silent around here, I know. Thank you to those who have written, asking about us. All is well. We’re just in the midst of a storm of recipe testing. Over 150 people, some of whom might be reading this right now, have been testing the recipes for our cookbook. And so far, I’m reading a lot of happy reports.

(Check out this post at Scrumptious Seattle, where Voracious Girl used our pie crust recipe to make a cherry pie that her gluten friends adored.)

However, when I say a lot of happy reports, I do mean a lot. A plethora. A mountain of emails under which I feel buried.

So we had to focus on what is going to print soon, instead of giving you the cornbread recipe I had planned.

(But it will be worth the wait, I believe.)

However, tomorrow there will be a special, one-time supplementary post, just for the day at hand. And there’s cornbread on Thursday.

For now, check out the latest video from Good Bite. Jaden from Steamy Kitchen, Catherine from Weelicious, and I are talking about shrimp.

And here is the how-to video for making that shrimp cocktail sauce, made by David Lawrence of Forking Delicious (you have to love that).

It’s perfect weather for making shrimp cocktail. I defy you to resist after seeing this.