please eat pie

peach and blueberry pie II

When I was in my first year of college, my best friend Sharon and I sat in my bedroom on a hot summer day and wrote letters to David Letterman. Not love letters, although we did adore him with a certain fervor. No, we wrote pithy messages, brief missives, hoping to make it onto the viewer mail segment.

They were ridiculous, of course. “Dear Dave, it’s 102° here today. What do we do?”
“Dear Dave, would you like a hat?”
“Dear Dave, have a bitching summer. Stay as sweet as you are. Love, Sandra Day O’Connor.”

(The saddest part of that one is that we were merely repeating a joke from his show. oh no.)

Perhaps my favorite — and Sharon’s too, for how often we have said it to one another — was the shortest: “Dear Dave, please eat pie!”

Please eat pie. This isn’t a sentence uttered to folks who have to eat gluten-free, mostly. But when our cookbook comes out next fall, that’s what we will be saying to those of you reading.

Please, eat pie. How about some blackberry peach pie?

pizza dough rising

Have some pizza dough, rising by the window, soft and supple, ready to be shaped into whatever you want to make.

the latest gluten-free pizza

And have some pizza, crisp with a hint of chewiness in the middle. A pizza with flavor, that holds its shape, even when you put a creamy sheep’s milk cheese, roasted tomatoes, and a farm fresh egg in the middle. Even when you put the pizza under the broiler at the last moment, to get a bit of char on the edge.

more gluten-free bread

Please, have some bread. Some crusty bread with olive oil and sea salt on the top. A bread that bends and doesn’t dry up overnight. A bread made with whole grains, and so tastes healthy, but doesn’t taste healthy, you know? Instead, it just tastes like bread.

homemade gluten-free pasta ready to be cooked

Have some fettucine noodles, piled on a plate, ready to be cooked. Five minutes before, I started mixing the flours. Five minutes after taking this photograph, I had the pasta in boiling water. Two minutes later, it was a perfect al dente.

gluten-free fettucine for lunch

Have pasta for lunch. Make up your mind in the moment that you want some. Sauté up some peppers, tomatoes, shallots and yellow squash. Mix in some homemade pesto and stir it up. Eat while laughing with your love.

Have some pasta.

flatbread crackers, first batch

Feeling peckish? How about some crackers? Homemade crackers that might go well with curried red lentil puree.

apple rosemary bread, still warm

Have some apple bread for breakfast. Warm from the oven, with the smell of Gravensteins, and a faint caramel taste on the crust, because it’s finally baked correctly, without that line of dense moisture in the middle. It just tastes good.

pie in the morning I

I wish that I could share these with you now.

Sadly, I’ll have to wait a year, when our book comes out. And that gives us time to tweak and bake again and have our friends make them too, to make sure they are foolproof for you.

We have been happily enmeshed in the final edits for our book these past two weeks, and will be for another few weeks beyond that. I might not be posting as much as I would like. And I cannot promise many new recipes, since we are so busy baking the ones for the book.

But I’d like to share with you, in pithy messages, as much as I can.

Please eat pie.

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  1. Clare

    You are amazing!! How good it must feel to know that, through your determination, experimentation, and hard work, you have found a way to re-create foods you loved and thought you wouldn't be able to eat again after your diagnosis.

    Truly, Shauna, you are always an inspiration. On SO many levels.

  2. Joanie

    Okay. Now that my mouth is seriously watering…aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Can't you sneak us just one?

    Blessings upon the project!

  3. Owl and Fox

    This is cruel and unusual. How dare you make my mouth water and not satisfy me with a DIY! I will be impatiently anticipating your cookbook! Well done 🙂

  4. Amy

    Gosh! I can't wait to see the cookbook with all of these great recipes. The ones that make you forget that you're gluten free. But at the same time really makes you appreciate such simple pleasures as really good pie, bread, and crackers.

  5. the redhead

    I was already excited about the cookbook, but this post has just made me turn to corner to the point of being giddy for it!

  6. cottagesweet

    You mean, we have to wait that long to make these yummies?! That's not fair.That pie and fettucini looked too good. It may be breakfast time here, but I could take any one of those to eat now.

  7. Katie

    These all look amazing, and I can't wait for the book! I'm especially looking forward to the pasta recipe. I made pasta for the first time about a week before I learned about my gluten intolerance, and I would love to be able to make it more than once in my life. And I have a feeling that it might be even better the second time around 🙂

  8. Shuku

    What a lovely phrase, Shauna – please eat pie indeed. I miss pie. I miss pie I can actually eat, and I miss my oven so I can bake bread that's safe for me. And I'll wait for all those beautiful recipes in that equally beautiful book, and maybe by then I'll have the oven and the ingredients I need but in the meantime? Yes. I will definitely eat pie, insofar as I can make it, even if it has to be cracker pudding!

  9. Jamie

    Everything looks AMAZING!
    I've been lurking for a long while now, and thought I would (finally) speak up to say how much I enjoy reading- and salivating over- your blog.
    Can't wait for the book!

  10. Jennifer

    You and your chef have done a hero's work! Everything looks so wonderful. I have a question, and I really don't want to be a buzzkill. How many of those recipes are egg free? I am allergic to eggs.

    Thank you – so happy for you two to have such a labor of love come to fruition.

  11. Whatifer

    Wow. Simply Wow. You have not only enlightened me to the simplicity of GF living, but you have tempted me with such amazing treats (or…photos of treats). I'm going to be the first in line!!!

    Many Many thanks to you for helping us in our GF lifestyles.

  12. Kylie of Thin Crust, Deep Dish

    Oh, that pie. That velvety-looking fettuccine. I can't wait for this book. Cannot wait.

  13. Andreae Prozesky

    Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you! I await this book eagerly. What a wonderful thing you're doing!

  14. Zohreh

    Aw man, that's just mean! I can't wait a whole year!!! Patience is the hardest virtue. Looks fabulous! Congrats!!!

  15. La Niña

    Art and poetry in words and pictures.

    …and I'm so glad to know you and be a part of your "Gluten Free Revolution."

    This is one test I'm totally looking forward to.

  16. Swiss

    I am always finding new and delightful things about you! The David Letterman thing did it this time. Hilarious.


  17. mamaunfurling

    I am so very on the edge of my seat for the masterpiece I know this book will be from you two.

    Fresh pasta in minutes? Count me in. My 3 year old is so tired of not having good bread for sandwiches, like a good pb&j…and so am I.

    Sad that I have to wait a year! In the meantime, eat pie, indeed. I have an apple one in the oven right now.

  18. Janet

    i have been moved to tears. thank you, thank you, thank you. my bookshelf has already been cleared in anticipation.

  19. Sho


    Thanks for the pictures. Those are exactly the recipes that the gluten-free world needs! With recipes like THOSE, you never know where you might end up.

    Hope to see ya on Martha!


  20. Juliann

    Aa whole year? We are making plum pie today – just beginning to experiment with pie crust. Will be looking forward to your cookbook.

  21. k

    as far as i know i do not need to eat gluten-free…but every last one of those pictures makes me want to, and i certainly will try them when your book comes out!

  22. Jenn Sutherland

    Okay, that's it. Your new book is now officially my most anticipated release of 2010! Can't wait to try all your beautiful recipes!

  23. Anonymous

    Alright, that is just torture!!! Please invite me over for some. I wish I could go get that book right now.

  24. jules

    What gorgeous looking foods! I just turned to my fiance and said, "This is like gluten-free p0rn."

    Can't wait to have the book and try every single one! Congratulations.

  25. Anonymous

    Sometimes I walk through the grocery store teary eyed at all of the things my daughter will not get to eat in her life. Then I come home and go to your site for the reality check I need. Thank you for making our gluten free lives better!

  26. mudspice

    Hi Shauna. I've been visiting your blog now and again for the last two years. I just picked up your book last week and I wanted to write to you tell you just how much I loved it. It was so beautifully written that I could almost taste the food as you described it. It made me hungry, it made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me want really want to eat healthy and experiment with new flours and new grains. I was actually sad when the book finished.

    Just wanted to thank you for the deliciously delightful read.

    aka Mudspice

  27. Anonymous

    I love so many of your recipes and photos already. But gosh, what a tease! I will anxiously look forward to the cookbook and send many good wishes and blessings to your family.
    Suzanne in Austin

  28. Julialuli

    Wow..that pie crust looks amazing!!! Can't wait for your book. There's definitely nothing like it on the shelves now! You guys are inspiring.

  29. shelley

    you forgot the doughnuts. my mouth has been watering since you teased us with the doughnuts.

    many thanks for your passion for food and for passing along that passion!

  30. Anonymous

    Oh Shauna, you silly goose. You know you can't stay away from us as much you're hinting. Ha! We love you, your writing, and your love of joy, life, and food.

  31. Anonymous

    Shauna, this is not a reply to this specific entry. I just want to tell you what a gift your site is to me. I stumbled on it because I went to a site called, "Bloggine with Beth" because I'm starting a blog and a business, etc….I bought one of her books and was browsing around. She said your site is the first one she goes to in the morning so I decided to check it out. OMG, I fell in love with it, how you live, your love story, all of it. Thank you so much.

    To make a long story short, it pointed out to me that I truly want something more than I've been settling for because I wasn't fully saying "yes" to life.

  32. Anonymous

    lovely. thank you. it's easy to forget, for people who can eat anything they want, that a simple urging to 'have some pizza. have some pasta' is fraught with a lot of anxiety. you make the impossible not only possible, but celebratory.

  33. Dana

    I have had more than a handful of friends come to me recently with a celiac diagnosis. I have directed each of them to your site because I love how your write, I love your approach to cooking (and to life!) and I love your food. Anyone would be thrilled to eat everything you just posted here so thank you.

  34. Paula

    You nailed the foods I've been missing most. Pasta that doesn't taste like cardboard. Bread that doesn't crumble at the slightest touch. Pizza. Oh, gloriously piping hot, cheesy, yummy gooey-ness. I never realized how much I loved pizza until I couldn't have it any more. I, along with the rest of your devotees, wish you the best of luck with your new cookbook. We will wait, as we have been waiting, for the next installment of culinary freedom you help provide us g-free. Thanks to you and Danny.

  35. Reika

    Oh my…..I'm getting hungry just looking at those pics!

    Do you need another tester? Hee….hee…..

    Seriously though, I am an experienced baker and I live in the desert so you would know how they work in different climates. *wink, wink*

  36. Travis

    Darn you! They all look so good!
    I want this book! 🙂
    My girlfriend is gluten intolerant AND corn / maize intolerant… And she's sick of rice!

    I shall be waiting for it's release 😀

  37. Mary

    Hi Shauna,

    I was just diagnosed and found your book and blog. I'm really new to this, and honestly, I'm not over the stages of bewilderment and grief.

    The thing I'd most love a gluten-free recipe for is falafel. I don't know how I'll live the rest of my life without falafel. Please, if you have any ideas, share them.

    Best wishes on your cookbook. I'll definitely buy it!

  38. Carrie

    Oh my goodness, this is gonna be amazing. My immediate thought after seeing your last line re: not being able to share recipes was, "Aw, you suck!" But you don't, really. Thanks for your efforts, and I can't wait!

    @ Katie: Try making your own buckwheat pasta! Delicious and chewy substitute!

  39. Tasty Eats At Home

    Oh you mean, mean girl! Such teasing. I want pie now. And pizza with an egg on top.

    Okay, honestly, great sales pitch. Definitely will be buying the new book.

  40. Anonymous

    don't forget to include that gluten-free burnt sugar cake in your book —- oh yummmmmmmmm.
    can hardly wait for your new cookbook — a year is so long.
    Fan Diane

  41. lisa (dandysugar)

    All of your dishes look so delicious. I am new to gluten free cooking and baking so I am enjoying your blog very much. Thanks for sharing your lovely creations.

    The pie looks amazing. =)

  42. j.cro

    I can't wait for your book to come out! I'll have to mark my next year's calendar since by then I hope to not be sitting in front of a computer every day. I don't want to forget!

  43. Stefan, Sarah and Lukka my mouth is watering! Can't wait to see that book and eat those yummy GF noodles!!
    Sarah M

  44. Jen

    Thank you so much for putting all of your gluten free cooking expertise together in a cookbook. My son is very allergic to wheat and like another reader, I morn his loss, and as an avid baker, I am struggling to find recipes worth the trouble.

    Anxiously awaiting your book.
    Warm regards,

  45. Yasmine Galenorn

    I can hardly wait till the book comes out! I have a number of other food allergies besides a gluten intolerance, but some of these look absolutely delightful.


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