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For months I’ve been keeping a little secret, something I have been wanting to share. But we had to keep quiet, my fellow food bloggers and I. Until today.

I’m happy (and honored) to announce that I’m part of the new Good Bite team.

Good Bite is a new web-based video show, with a team full of food bloggers passionate about food who are willing to film themselves with small cameras and have their faces spread around the web. (Have you ever seen Momversation? This show is produced by the same team that makes that happen.) We’re talking about food, in roundtable discussions and recipe explanations. As the tagline of the show says, it’s about “…delicious made easy.”

See, the thing is, whenever people who love food are put together in a room, we generally don’t talk about baseball. Instead, we’re comparing notes on cast-iron skillets, favorite pulled pork recipes, and the best place to buy strawberries in June. That’s what this show is — people gathering together (in separate rooms, bound by video) to talk about their food passions.

Here’s a preview of the contributors. And, if you’re watching closely, you’ll see me there, in the middle.

It’s quite the crew. My goodness.

Matt Armendariz from Matt Bites
Elise Bauer from
Diane Cu and Todd Porter from
Jaden Hair from
Jeanne Kelley from
David Lebovitz from
Catherine McCord from
Deb Perelman from
Julie Van Rosendaal from

I’m honored to be among this group, people whose ideas on food are already important to me.

And I have to tell you this — I’m especially excited to be on the show as a gluten-free blogger. It would have been easy for the production company to dismiss my presence because I can’t eat a certain food. Or because they believe I would only talk about sorghum flour and substitute muffin recipes. Nope. I’m just talking about great food. And I’m doing it for all of you, too.

Here’s the first video I shot, with Elise and Julie, talking about lazy dinners. What food do you make when you’re tired and in a hurry, but you still want to eat well?

If you go to the Good Bite website, you can see an LA chef, Aarti Sequeira, make my chickpea and wilted spinach dish for you. (I had to laugh that she put a piece of bread to the side of the chickpeas.)

That’s one of the things I love about this project — it’s a collaboration with people who really love food. It will be filled with videos and recipes from the bloggers, as well as links to great recipes from hundreds of food writers and bloggers across the internet. (Many of them will be gluten-free.)

Good Bite hopes to inspire people to step back into the kitchen and start cooking. And that is something I’m happy to be a part of any day.

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  1. Rina the Mama Bear

    This is AWESOME! Congratulations – looking forward to see more from this!!

  2. PeppermintPatty

    What good fortune to have stumbled upon this site doing a random gluten-free search. Can't wait to try Shauna's Chickpeas and Spinach Fry. Sans the bread, of course, in the pic. LOL!

  3. Mair

    So true about we who love food. My friend and I can have whole conversations about the merits of my commercial Calphalon vs her Claphalon One – which one browns better, releases the food better, heats more evenly, etc. We trade merits of different cookbooks and food books, recipes, etc, etc. I got interested in your site because of the care you take with your food and the recipes looked yummy, even though I do not have celiac, nor do any close friends or family. This new project sounds really cool. I can't wait to check out the videos. Good luck!

  4. gillian

    congratulations!! looks like a wonderful project. i love your idea for a quick meal! i always panic when i don't have time to cook.

  5. Alison

    Shauna, congratulations! It's so fun to put a live face (and voice) with so many folks I've come to love over the years. Looking forward to many more episodes. 🙂

  6. Green Acres in the City

    Well, I think we are having chickpeas and spinach tonight. I took out chicken to grill so I thought about putting grilled chicken on top? Yum. Love this! You give me hope on living GF! I had no idea how fun and creative it could be!

  7. Ash

    Congratulations!! You will be an amazing addition to the line up. I'm so happy they've included a gluten-free gal in the mix!!! I can't wait to see more of this

  8. Anonymous

    My mom just found out that she has Celiac disease. Are there any websites you could recommend? I'm going to whole foods tomorrow but I have no idea what to get. Does gluten free food taste different than regular food?



  9. Vivienne

    How exciting! I loved watching these and am excited for more! This one was especially good for me as my lazy dinners often involved canned chickpeas but i needed some new ideas…i'm fully going to make the spinach dish tonight!

    thanks shauna!

  10. Cove Girl

    The spinach, or spinache (I miss Italy) salad look awesome! I love lentils that soup looks TDF.

    I think it's nice that they chose to recognize a segment of the food community that has limitations such as ours. I can't wait to see more.

  11. Cove Girl

    The spinach, or spinache (I miss Italy) salad look awesome! I love lentils that soup looks TDF.

    I think it's nice that they chose to recognize a segment of the food community that has limitations such as ours. I can't wait to see more.

  12. Cove Girl

    The spinach, or spinache (I miss Italy) salad look awesome! I love lentils that soup looks TDF.

    I think it's nice that they chose to recognize a segment of the food community that has limitations such as ours. I can't wait to see more.

  13. Dr. Jean Layton

    Wonderful news, I couldn't think of a better person to ask to show just how much fun food can be.
    Will Danny get to participate too?
    How frequently will new videos come up?
    The chickpea and spinach is perfect for those nights where dinner just has to be fast. We tend to make a batch of rice for the side though 🙂

  14. sumofood

    Well I am STOKED. I am new to the g-free world and recently found your web site and book (love this book, so entertaining, it felt like a good cup of coffee and a chat with a close friend). I am a huge novice in the kitchen and until now had little interest in good food and the preparation of. so to able to watch these videos and learn from those who are passionate and knowledgeable is soexciting! I`m off to buy a bag of spinach!

  15. dancing kitchen

    Hey Pretty Girl-
    How wonderful to hear your voice and see your face at the same time. What a fabulous opportunity for you!! Well done.

  16. LeAnne

    Shauna – Congratulations on your new adventure! I'm looking forward to seeing you on Good Bites. Your voice will be a welcome addition! Keep up the GREAT work.

  17. j.cro

    Thank you for this! I can't believe how easy your chickpea and spinach recipe is – it's criminal (but in a good way). I'll definitely be visiting your site and Good Bite more often!

  18. Palmer Public Library

    I was just reading the latest copy of Eating Well, and they have a very nice, well-balanced article on gluten and celiac disease. No mention of your websites though. 🙁

  19. dawnarae

    Thank you SO much for your blog! I have been looking since December for help on planning gluten free meals that are fast and easy and hopefully not too expensive. I also appreciate your insight on your diagnosis and recovery and experience with dealing with celiac disease.

    I am so excited to see the new website. Thank you SO VERY much for everything you do!

  20. Amy Green

    I am so grateful that you've been selected to be part of this team. You've earned it – and yes, it's absolutely a channel for all people living GF!

  21. Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)

    Awesome! And yet another reason why I don't need a TV. Congratulations

  22. Michaela

    Sweet – I have enjoyed a bunch of the Momversation videos, and LOVED your 1st episode re: chickpeas and spinach. FWIW, I'm not gluten-free — I just love your approach to food and life. 😉

  23. FridaWrites

    Congrats on the new show.

    I'm thankful for your website because when I first learned about GF years ago it seemed like complete deprivation. Your blog, now that I need to try GF myself, just opens up so many options–instead of saying, here's your drab little meal plan like one article I read, there's happy food. There's planning and learning but we've always liked good food and now there are new things to try. When I thought about the possibility of GF before it like drudgery–because of your website, it's fun to explore with food–as we've always done.

  24. Lorna

    Oohh Shauna, you are great at keeping secrets! I can't believe I didn't hear a whisper about this project earlier. =) I am looking forward to all the future Good Bite clips!

  25. Sho

    The new show looks wonderful. Thanks for introducing me to new food blogs. I appreciate the advice for fast meals!


  26. Banu

    Congratulations! I'll be sure to check it out; the series looks fabulous. I really love your blog, Shauna.

  27. Carole

    I'm in a cranky mood. I don't want to cook the chicken, fennel and onion kebabs I was planning on… I'm making chickpeas and assorted greens from the garden!

    Thank you, Shauna!

  28. Aundrea

    I will definately be checking out Good Bite in the future…..and have you heard about the guy in New York that does the gluten-free cooking show? It's on He spoke to us at the Celiac Foundation convention in Pasadena

    QUESTION: We are going to Washington on vacation….staying in Port Townsend, Anacortes, touring San Juan Islands….Does anyone have any good gluten-free suggestions for these places? Shops? Restaurants?

  29. Cakespy

    Congratulations on this awesome development. What a fantastic and well chosen group! I am looking forward to seeing more. 🙂

  30. Amanda

    So yummy! I actually found Trader Joes has a marinated 3 bean salad in a can that I saute up with the Spinach – and then add some Feta Cheese and serve over some brown rice….one of my go-to lazy meals of winter – I eat it at LEAST once a week!

  31. Brisa

    This is SO cool!! Congrats on the new project!!! I´ll certainly be watching you guys!

    (and even though I am a few countries away, I got to hear your voice! And it sounded exactly like I thought it would!)

  32. Ang

    Thanks so much for sharing, Shauna. I just wanted to say I tried the chickpea and spinach fry yesterday for lunch and loved it! I'm looking forward to explore the site a little more!

  33. MsJess

    congrats on this new venture! And as for the bread on the side, I saw a version of the chickpeas and spinach recipe on NPR (they were doing a series where they asked famous chefs to make a meal for 10 dollars or less, this was José Andrés attempt. (the audio version is worth a listen, he comes across as such a cute eccentric

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