goat cheese

goat cheese

When I was in the 9th grade, I had fairly safe music favorites. My parents introduced me to the Beatles before I could walk, and I wore out my father’s copy of Sgt. Pepper’s on my Fisher Price record player before I was 8. We grooved out to Barry Manilow (oh Mandy), Peter Paul and Mary, and the Allman Brothers. My brother and I liked to pretend that we were conducting the symphony when my dad put on Beethoven’s 9th, waving ballpoint pens in the air as we stood up over the back of the couch. I think it was a vigorous drumming session to “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” that left the green naugehyde couch permanently stained with splotches of blue ink.

There was also Stevie Wonder, who has always made me dance. And the Jethro Tull album my father owned that kind of creeped me out, with the ghostly skull on the front. Even so, they had flutes in their band.

And by the time I hit the 9th grade, I had not one streak of rebellion in me. Painfully shy and awkward as hell, I did not seek out new bands that would make my parents shake their heads and say, “Oh, kids these days.” Now I listen to Talking Heads and Sonic Youth and Squeeze and XTC, happily. (Of course, 19 years later, this is hardly rebellious music either.) But at the time, I didn’t even listen to the radio, just the record albums I knew.

Except one hot afternoon, in the cool darkness of my room, I turned on KROQ, this station I heard about from students talking around me in math class. New music. Cool music. I wanted to try.

The first song that came out was “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. Now, of course, this is a cheesy 80s hit, a cliche. (But I defy you to not start singing it right now.) But at the time, it was weird. All those jangly chords and slightly off-kilter rhythms. It scared me, a bit. And fascinated me. I started listening to the radio, just to hear it again. That’s how I discovered other bands, like U2, when they got their first radio play. I started listening to music that wasn’t always safe.

Goat cheese reminds me of Tainted Love.

Bear with me.

How many of you, who did not grow up in France, ate soft chevre when you were kids? Most of us did not. Danny says he did not encounter goat cheese until he was in culinary school, and then thought, “What the f- is this?” I think the first time I ate it was in New York, when I was in my 30s. It seemed just as strange and jangly Β— soft and crumbly in texture, with a definite acidic tang Β— as that Soft Cell song had seemed to me at the time.

Now, however, goat cheese seems like a staple food around here. We always keep a log in the refrigerator, to smoosh onto salads and dollop onto scrambled eggs at breakfast. Right now, we’re enjoying this La Buchette log from France, by happenstance. It’s assertive and truly tangy, no hiding what it is. But word is there’s a woman on the island who makes her own goat cheese, and I’m eager to try it.

If music is food, then the Beatles are crisp apples, sauteed spinach, hamburgers, and cherry pie. Always good. Still surprising. If goat cheese is Tainted Love, then gizzards and smoked chardonnay foam are the Sex Pistols. Goat cheese is the gateway food to other, stranger music. All you have to do is open your mouth and try.

And you? When did you discover goat cheese? And how do you like to use it? What’s your favorite kind?

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  1. KandT

    Oh Lovely Goat Cheese. I discovered goat cheese just a few years ago, and like you, it has become a staple in our house. One of our favorite goat cheese recipes is a lovely spinach salad with goat cheese, toasted nuts of any kind, and a vinaigrette. The toasted nuts slightly ‘melt’ the goat cheese. It is oh so yummy.

    We’ve also been doing a zucchini and goat cheese quiche. (crustless, of course!)

  2. Adrienne

    Just considering this question made me realize what a lucky kid I was! I ate goat cheese for the first time on toast (in a salad of mesclun greens and cherries), at a cafe across from Chartres cathedral in Paris when I was 11. Still one of the best salads ever, if you ask my memories.

  3. simplesavvy

    At the end of last year, I discovered goat cheese. It was one of the few cheeses available to me after the migraines culled out all the hard, aged cheeses. I love it studded with dried apricots or cranberries, and spread on a GF cracker.

    My mother never cooked with goat cheese as a kid — I have no idea why. We were a dairy household. To this day, cheese is my favorite thing to eat.

  4. Angela

    I love goat cheese and couldn’t live without it. I’m not really sure when I first encountered it. Probably when I was living in Europe and gave myself the rule that everything had to be tried at least ones. Now that I can’t eat cow’s milk products, I am even more thankful for my love of goat cheese. Usually it’s chevre, but a goat brie with lovely slices of apple is nice too.

  5. PDawg

    I love eating it, but I’m not brave enough to buy it yet… Love your post though. I will certainly have to go boldly down the cheese aisle and pick some up. πŸ™‚

  6. Liz

    We discovered goat cheese when I was in middle school, wheat toast with chevre and fresh avocado slices, yuumm. My mom can’t eat anything from a cow due to an allergy she developed so it is nothing but goat cheese in the house. Now my favorites are the portobello mushrooms my BF makes, vinaigrette dressing (homemade!), goat cheese on top, baked…OMG sooo good.

  7. cara harjes

    when i was a sophomore in high school, my dad donated a gourmet meal for 8 to an auction held to support my church youth group. i went with him, to help put on the dinner party. that was the first time i saw chevre. i watched him cut it with dental floss and then gently put each piece on top of the tomato tart he had prepared. since then, i am a fan of goat cheese in all forms. i recently discovered goat cheese brie and still can’t decide what i think about it.

  8. Donna

    There is a restaurant in town, Hudson’s on the Bend, where I had my first goat cheese, on a salad. Here is their description: “candied pecan crusted goat cheese and strawberries atop a bed of local mixed baby greens tossed in a rosemary balsamic vinaigrette”. These goat cheese croutons were so good, cruncy on the outside and creamy on the inside. I’ve been hooked ever since!

  9. Amy

    I didn’t discover goat cheese until late in life either – mid 30s? Now I try to use it in everything I can. I was just looking through the Daring Bakers Blog roll (cheesecake was our challenge for April) and one of my fellow DBers posted a goat cheese cheesecake with a blueberry balsamic reduction and almond meal crust that at first glance looks to be Gluten Free, which made me think of you and this posting. Hooray! This will definitely be on my list of things to try. You can see her entry at http://www.activelifecooking.com/.

  10. Amanda on Maui

    I discovered goat cheese when I moved to Hawaii. There is a goat dairy here on Maui, and so the cheese is really fresh. Unfortunately at the time that I had it, my body wasn’t fully healed yet, and so it sent me running to the bathroom with lactose issues. I haven’t tried it again since, but I will soon. Two of my good friends work at the dairy, and so I will get some cheese from them when I can.

    Despite the awful pains caused by the cheese, I really enjoyed the tanginess of it, and the smoothness. I like goat cheese, and I hope to try fresh goats milk soon too. My bf grew up on goat’s milk, and can’t stand it now, but he does still enjoy goat’s cheese.

    I just heard that Flatbread pizza here on Maui has gluten-free crusts and goat cheese pizzas, so I’ll be heading out to check on that soon.

    Oh, and thanks for reminding me to dig out the Barry Manilow. My mom used to tell me that she thinks of me whenever she hears “Mandy” (though mine is spelled with an “i’).

  11. Engineer Baker

    Goat cheese was always a staple on the cheese plate before dinner growing up (yes, we did that…). I didn’t try it until I was in college though, because I didn’t think I would like it. Now, I love the goat cheese made by a local dairy in Madison, WI – I pick it up when I’m visiting my bf and take it home to Oshkosh with me πŸ™‚


    It took me while to warm up to goat cheese. Now I have be careful when I buy a roll of fresh, creamy chevre rolled in herbs and olive oil from Vermont Cheese & Butter Co. I love, love, love it on tamari rice crackers. Since I live alone, it is far too easy to pour a glass of wine, start eating that cheesy goodness and suddenly realize that I've eaten the whole roll and forgot entirely about dinner!

  13. Cape Cod Kitty

    Recently, in the Bahamas, I had a lovely salad with goat cheese, strawberries and balsamic vinegar. At another place we had warmed goat cheese on nice toasted bread squares drizzled with a nice dill aoili.
    I know nothing about different types of goat cheeses but some seem to be very mild and others very strong.
    Thanks for opening up a discussion!

  14. Eileen

    I discovered goat cheese several years ago when I was diagnosed with a huge number of food intolerances…but thankfully not to goat cheese…..now, I have several kinds in my fridge at all times…my favorite is Feta made with goat milk….doing a farming unit with my students last year…I introduced all kinds of foods from different animals as we studied the different kinds of farming….the kids “loved” a goat cheese log rolled in a dried cranberry mixture -the tang and the sweetness combined was a big hit!!!

  15. Nina

    Goat cheese, like Brie, took a little courage to warm up to… maybe it was the “warm” part- finally having it served warm, studded with chopped walnuts, sitting in the middle of a warm beet and arugula salad that finally won me over, and over, and over.

    Now I can eat it anywhere, on anything. I’m not really loyal to any particular goat cheese… but Laura Chenel does make a lovely chevre.

    I have loved Brie longer than Goat cheese… but Goat Brie? I’m still trying to find the patch of taste buds that won’t recoil in horror when i attempt to give it another chance.

  16. Mara Rose Gaulzetti

    First time I was 10, and we had just moved to Belgium. It was on a cheese plate with a bunch of other new cheeses that didn’t taste anything the like Land O Lakes white American to which I was accustomed!

    The texture was spectacular, creamy but slightly crumbly with a rich and tangy contrasting sort of flavor. I was hooked from that instant.

    Now I like a young goat cheese combined with room temperature roasted beets and scallions and sprinkled with some roasted walnuts and a drizzle of a nice aged balsamic vinegar and a touch of a nice fruity olive oil or some walnut oil. It makes for a great light main or starter.

  17. Mara Rose Gaulzetti

    First time I was 10, and we had just moved to Belgium. It was on a cheese plate with a bunch of other new cheeses that didn’t taste anything the like Land O Lakes white American to which I was accustomed!

    The texture was spectacular, creamy but slightly crumbly with a rich and tangy contrasting sort of flavor. I was hooked from that instant.

    Now I like a young goat cheese combined with room temperature roasted beets and scallions and sprinkled with some roasted walnuts and a drizzle of a good aged balsamic vinegar, a touch of fruity olive oil or some walnut oil. It makes for a great light main or starter.

  18. Rachel

    I cannot, cannot, CANNOT make myself like goat cheese – which is a shame as I am also vegetarian and every restaurant seems to equate “vegetarian option” with “something with goat cheese”

    WHY? It’s not like it’s a mild inoffensive number, it’s definitely a love it or hate it cheese no? Or is that just me?

    Wish I could like it though, would make my life much easier…..sigh….

  19. Allison the Meep

    Goat cheese! I didn’t discover goat cheese until I was 21, moved to L.A. and was simultaneously introduced to Trader Joe’s. Their goat cheese is only like $3 a log, so I figured I’d go for it.

    And life has been sweet ever since those two awesome things got in the mix. We add it to everything. Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and spinach mixed in. On salads. Smushed into the mixture for turkey burgers. On GF crackers. My son will eat just about any vegetable as long as it’s covered in goat cheese.

    When I saw the title of your post, I actually said aloud and delightedly, “Goat cheese!!! Yeah!!”

  20. Mindy

    mmmm, i just made fava bean dip with goat cheese. delish! i didn’t try goat cheese until i left home. i’m thinking i probably had it at a restaurant first.

  21. Heather Wetzel

    Ooh me first! I loooove goat cheese. No brand preference, really. I made some goat cheese and corn quesadillas the other day and they were fantastic. Thought of recommending them to my friend who is gluten AND lactose free :). Also yummy as one of the cheeses in mac n’ cheese if you have GF pasta on hand!

  22. JenJen

    GOAT CHEESE…one of my favorite ingredients! I came up with a little combo. last summer that was a daily staple of my diet for a few weeks. Toast up some Van’s Gluten Free Flax Waffles. Spread on the goat cheese and sprinkle on some dried oregano and dill. Slice some home-grown garden tomatoes (depending on the size of the tomato, one slice can typically cover one waffle). You can throw them back in the toaster for a final toast or eat as is. Can’t wait for those tomatoes to ripen up πŸ™‚

  23. JenJen

    GOAT CHEESE…one of my favorite ingredients! I came up with a little combo. last summer that was a daily staple of my diet for a few weeks. Toast up some Van’s Gluten Free Flax Waffles. Spread on the goat cheese and sprinkle on some dried oregano and dill. Slice some home-grown garden tomatoes (depending on the size of the tomato, one slice can typically cover one waffle). You can throw them back in the toaster for a final toast or eat as is. Can’t wait for those tomatoes to ripen up πŸ™‚

  24. The SCD girl

    Hmm, let’s see… my first experience with goat cheese was making my own… kind of. I made goat yogurt with a heating pad and a pot on my counter. I think I woke up every three to four hours to peek at it, I was so nervous! Then I dripped it through coffee filters the next day.

    I mixed some with vanilla and honey. Gack! It was… wow. Something I definitely hadn’t expected. Very sour.

    Later I dripped more to make a goat cheese cheesecake. That was different, and suddenly I didn’t know why I hadn’t liked it before!

    Later I tried Chevre Noir — a strong, assertive goat cheddar. I wasn’t a big fan.

    Then I happened across Billie’s goat cheddar. Costco carried it for something like six months, and then it vanished without a trace. I still miss it though!

    Now I buy blocks of wrapped goat cheddar at Trader Joe’s. It is by far my favorite mild goat cheese… it’s a bit more squishy than the crumbly Chevre Noir. πŸ™‚

    I have lactose issues (yes, even with goat lactose) so I stay away from the other stuff. I’m still looking for a soft chevre that has been aged enough to not have very much lactose in it.

  25. Pam

    I eat everything. Slimy stuff, squishy stuff, crunchy stuff. Fish eyes, gizzards, lingua, game meats, fermented this-and-that; everything. EXCEPT goat cheese. I want to eat goat cheese. I want to love the beautiful fresh fig stuffed with goat cheese, drizzled with honey and topped with freshly cracked black pepper. I want to eat the lovely fresh salad with disks of pistachio-crusted goat cheese in a fine aged-balsamic viniagrette. I always try it, thinking that somehow this time my eyes and my tongue will agree, but I always end up wondering what to do with the funky blob that I just can’t seem to swallow.

  26. Becca

    In the past few weeks I have ventured into the world of goat cheese and am loving it (there’s a block of goat feta in my fridge right now). I’ve spent the last two years avoiding all things lactose, but was told that I might be able to handle the more milder goat cheese. It’s so nice to have cheese on pizza again! And nachos! And omelets!
    Thank you goat cheese.

  27. jeanette

    I looooove goat cheese but, I don’t remember when we met. Just that from the first bite, it was love. It goes on my gluten free crackers, salads and sometimes a gob of it just in my mouth alone. Yummy! But then, I grew up on goat milk so, it’s a natural to me.
    Shauna, you’re a great story teller. Love your blog.

  28. Lora

    I adore chevre…I discovered it in my early 20's. I was out on my own, buying my own groceries, and since I am on a quest to try every cheese known to man (yes, I know I will not live long enough to fulfill this goal), it fell in the cart. My two favorite ways to eat it are 1) just crumble it on a salad of mixed greens, dried cherries, roasted chicken, & a rasberry walnut vinaigrette and 2) coated in bread crumbs and lightly "fried" and then on top of a mixed green salad with figs and balsamic dressing. I actually had chevre at lunch today – funny you should mention it now. I don't have a favorite brand…I only avoid Haystack Mountain. And that's only because I took my son there (to Haystack) when he was about 3 so we could see the goats and the smell of the farm is indelibly in my nose every time I try to eat that particular brand. Weird, huh?

  29. laughingatchaos

    Mmmm…Haystack Mountain, right here in Colorado. Last summer we took the boys there; they got to pet the goats, we got to try all sorts of delicious varieties of goat cheese. It was heaven for me, since my poor stomach was still healing and I couldn’t eat any other kind of cheese at the time. Love goat cheese. πŸ™‚

  30. milhan

    Hmmm…I don’t like goat cheese. The taste reminds me of the way the rugs smell in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, lol. It sounds weird, I know, but it is one of those sensory memories that I acquired as a child, and I cannot get passed it! πŸ˜€

  31. Girl in Red Shoes

    I love goat cheese, and as I am allergic to dairy, it is the only cheese I can eat (sheep is a bit to strong). I started eating goat cheese when I found out I was allergic to dairy, gluten and, corn, around the age of 11, and still love it. I recently got some smoked jack goat cheese from PCC, sliced a Bartlett pear, and topped my snack off with a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie from the Flying Apron Bakery. It was good. Real good.

  32. umami

    I discovered goat cheese when I was 17 at a restaurant in Rochester, NY called Pomodoro that had it in a salad of mesclun greens. The goat cheese was covered in pine nuts, lightly toasted and there was a light citrus dressing. My friends and I religiously went there for the salad, until they changed it to pecans and brie which wasn’t the same. I recreate the salad at home now, lovely summer salad. Of course I could eat goat cheese on a tire.

  33. danamccauley

    Clever! I will admit something shameful here: when I was 15 I made a 90 minute cassette tape of Tainted Love. I played it over and over again for months. If you can believe it, I actually still have friends who knew me then. If that isn’t a test of friendship, I don’t know what is!

    I didn’t try goat cheese until years later but I’ve been known to go on binges with it as well!

  34. Spook

    We lived for several years in a German village with more goats than people. We love cheese from goats that we know. My mother thinks it smells too much like goats, but I like the jangliness.

  35. EponaRae

    Oh my. I know the very first goat cheese ever to tango on my tongue was my own creation, sucked off my finger right from the cheesecloth, still steaming from the vat. Amber, Dahlia, Spirit and Marie were browsing their way through the salal and elder beyond my cabin window,their bells gently pealing, little Juanita bounding and pirouetting off her mother’s ribcage to ricochet off the nearest tree. Boing, boing! Ah, about the cheese: delicate, creamy, sweet, earthy. Only the barest hint of that ‘tang’ every associates with goat’s cheese. I did so many things, wonderful things to my cheeses: herbs, spices, even pressed some into clean tuna can rings and aged in a little alder twig-lined pit (my cheese cave!)…I could go on. Smeared on toast, made into cheese tarts (with wild blueberries and huckleberries, glazed), tossed in salad greens from the garden, on po’ farm pizza ( flat bead grilled on the wood cook stove, tomato-garlic pistou and the CHEESE on top)…I’m hungry now!
    Raised in a way that allowed them to browse on forbes (shrubs) and trees as is their wont, with only supplemental grain and hay, my ladies were mixed breeds, with a lot of Fr Alpine and Saanan in their vein. Their milk was sweet and so rich that it would spontaneously separate in the fridge overnight. I would get a good 6 oz of cream from a quart of milk without using a mechanical separator. Ah, now we stray into ButterLand!! Did I say ‘I Love Goats Milk Cheese’?
    I Love Goats! Get to know your local goatherd. Get to know the goats. You will be smitten, and will have a whole new appreciation for their gift.

  36. Tapia

    Oh, goat cheese, how I love thee! I throw it on everything…eggs, salads, crackers, whatever. Oh, yumma…

  37. Missy

    Mmmmmmm goat cheese. First time I ate it I think I was 30! My first goat cheese experience was in a cooking class – the cook had us mix goat cheese with homemade pesto in a saucepan….and then we poured the sauce over some time of fish and it was devine!

  38. Ann

    I fell in love with goat’s milk cheese when I lived in Portland and could buy fabulous fresh chevre from the folks from Alsea Farms at the farmer’s market. We’d bring it home and lovingly dollop it onto baguette slices with lingonberry jam. Chevre and lingonberry jam = match made in heaven.

    As my baguette days are gone, now I’m enjoying chevre more in egg dishes. And this weekend I stuffed it into fresh dates and wrapped them in bacon. MMMMMM good!

  39. Lily

    When I was fourteen, my mother and I discovered goat cheese at one of those grocery stores that sells weird/off beat/overstocked/soon to be discontinued stores. I don’t remember the name of the brand anymore, just that the container had a funny shape.

    Mum said it was worth buying just one. “Try new things, sweety,” was her motto that summer. I have never been so in love with a cheese, till that moment in my life. Tangy and totally unfamiliar. And absolutely perfect.

  40. Moira

    Don’t remember my first experience with goat cheese, but here’s a “peak” goat cheese experience:

    A summer evening, a group of women around a table after book club. One of the women had goats and had brought fresh goat cheese for the potluck. Not the tangy, crumbliness of chevre, but a mild, semi-soft cheese that was exquisite. We sat there talking, laughing drinking wine, and slivering that cheese like it was a rich dessert!


  41. Hannah

    Remember when goat cheese, cranberry and I think walnut salads were popular? Yummy stuff. I use goat cheese in place of cream cheese in recipes. I am thinking now what foods are Pearl Jam…black tea with cream and honey, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken soup with homemade stock, and cheese and crackers perhaps.

  42. Vittoria

    I first had goat cheese at my uncle’s house when I was about 11. rolled in herbs and spread with roasted garlic, it was love at first taste.

  43. catharsis

    My first experience with goat cheese was probably around three years ago, when I was sixteen. I was watching the food network and saw a recipe for a very simple salad, with fried goat cheese on top. I immediately ran to the store and bought some, and fell in LOVE!
    Unfortunately, paying my way through college hasn’t left much money for indulgences, so I’ve only had it a handful of times since. I plan on rekindling our romance sometime soon.

  44. anca

    simple: cut fresh figs in quarters longitudinally but not all the way, so that they open up like flowers. place a dollop of goat cheese in the middle of each fig flower. drizzle honey on the top and a sprinkle of black pepper. the figs weren’t extremely fresh, i got an average goat cheese and basically the most inexpensive honey i could find (we’re on a very tight budget around here these days). the pepper wasn’t even freshly ground. yet this was incredible. all the picky eaters were scared of it at first, and then upon trying it, fell in love. the most simple and wonderful appetizer/ snack.

  45. ackeryink

    I don’t remember when I first had goat cheese, but I remember the look on my middle daughter’s face the first time she had it. Such wonderment — immediately followed by demands for more. You’ve got to love a kid who can be bribed with promises of a goat cheese and roasted red pepper sandwich.

  46. Rian

    I think I found goat cheese @ 18-19? Working at the Publick House. In love since. My favorite Warmed figs stuffed with goat cheese. MMMMMM.

  47. Heather

    Goat cheese…hmmm. My first memory of goat cheese is tied to another memory of a weather-worn woman who owned a wind-blown piece of land out in Wyoming. I don’t remember her name but she also raised chickens that laid the best eggs I have ever had. Her goat cheese was pungent and strong and tasted of sage. I loved it after the first eye-watering bite. I must have been 8 yrs. at the time.

  48. zinnia

    Try Humbolt Fog cheese that is shaped like a wedge of cake with a layer of ash in the middle— yum!

  49. theater simpleton

    We once had too much (!!) goat cheese left over from a party, and I made a goat cheese souffle… and I have to tell you, it was one of themost amazing dishes I ahve ever made! Since I cna’t do cow’s milk cheeses anymore, it’s good to know it’s an elegant and yet peasant-palate option.

    I also will roll a log of soft goat cheese in herbs and seeds, wrap it to set for about 20 minutes, then put it on a pool of red pepper sauce… great with rice crackers!

  50. Tassiegal

    OOOH! Goats cheese. Late last Saturday night after getting back from performing I smooshed a pile of it into a corn fed chicken breast and bunged it in the oven for 20 minutes in a tin foil packet. It was GOOOD!

  51. Arisce

    I’m not sure when I first had goat cheese, but it was probably around 8 months to 1 year. It’s always been in my life. The hard kind, the soft kind, any kind of goat cheese I could get my hands on I ate. I still love the stuff. I couldn’t handle any dairy products from cows, but I could(and still can) from goats. GO figure.

  52. Anne-Louise

    An amazing salad –
    Goat cheese, fresh Black Mission figs, and arugula, dressed with an olive oil, balsamic vinegar and shallot vinaigrette ( thanks to Deborah Madison’s “Savory Way”) .
    You won’t regret trying this.

  53. momcan'tdance

    I knew this post would come at some point in time. I love this blog! I’m one of your biggest cheerleaders! I tell everyone I know about Gluten-Free Girl! But as much as I’d like to wax poetic along with everyone about goat’s cheese, it’s just not gonna happen.

    I’ve only seen 2 other comments where people share my distaste. And that is truly all it is…I can taste the way goats smell in the cheese!! I’ve had people tell me it’s because you need to get really fresh cheese, or the people I got goat’s milk or cheese didn’t have a clean facility…I’m sorry, truly, I am. I’ve tried and tried. Honest. It’s not that I’m a food snob. It’s just that with my ultra sensitive sense of smell, I just always taste stinky goat.

    Gimme a good sheep feta, and I’m with ya all the way! I can even do brie…no prob…as long as it doesn’t come from a goat!

  54. Crisnlily

    I also found goat cheese in my 30s. It was that green and white square of Chevre that’s in supermarkets everywhere. Now I buy from a woman near my house who raises her own goats. The cheese is awesome, and my daughter loves going to the farm to pet the goats.

    Okay so, my new favorite goat cheese recipe. I saw this recently in a magazine, made it for a dinner party and people went insane for it. Here it is: 6 oz roll of goat cheese, rolled in roasted and salted sunflower seeds and drizzled with honey. That’s it! Couldn’t be simpler and something about the tangy goat cheese, savory nuts and sweet honey is amazing.

  55. flyingmermaid

    I first had goat cheese when I was living in France, the first time I had it was on pizza. I liked the tangy taste, but I think because it was unpasteurized, it smelled like wet goat lol

    I really grew to love it once I was back in the states, and always cooked with it, whether throwing it in a pasta sauce or on top of a pizza or in a salad.

    But now I can’t have any casein, so goat cheese is no longer available to me. I really miss it. There are some vegan “cheeses” that are ok (actually, Vegan Gourmet is really good) but no one makes anything that is even close to goat cheese. So I can only enjoy it in my memories now!

    — Kelly

  56. LittleRedAmes

    Oh Capriole farmstead goat cheeses, how I love thee. When it's time to splurge on myself & family/friends I order up a sampler from this wonderful locally owned, sustainable dairy. After all this cheesy talk, it's time to place an order so I can sit down with a sweet moscato, a cannonball & some figs πŸ™‚

  57. kdub

    I had my first taste of chevre when I went to school at UC Santa Cruz and worked at a nearby restaurant. The Pizza Salad Sandwich was my favorite thing to order: soft pizza dough baked in a wood-fire oven covered in mesculan greens, cherry tomatoes, sweet onions, and chunks of chevre with a balsamic vinagrette.

  58. MsJess

    I can’t really remember the first time I had goat cheese, I think I was about 17-19 and just starting to branch out and try new things.

    I love goat cheese with carmelized onion jam.

  59. Shannon

    Hey Shauna! New here and glad I found you! To my amazement as I was looking for a goat cheese recipe checked your site and viola! To see the pic on the day I’m looking for it and then to read the story about the songs of my life as well! I will be back often! Thanks!



    Oh, one more great goat cheese to mention: Arina. I first tasted it at a friend’s house. Then went to Whole Foods (great cheese dept.!) looking for it. When the cheese man said it was goat cheese, I said, no, no, it’s cow’s milk. Imagine my surprise when I saw the package. It’s so mild and delicious – it’s gouda made from goat’s milk! If you think you don’t like goat cheese, try it. It could be the start of something beautiful.

  61. annierose

    Oh my passion! I am truly constantly swooning over goat products. I first tried some when I was 15 or so, but it has only been in the past 4 or 5 years I have found a real love and passion for it. I live in Bellingham and we have some wonderful goat cheese made around here. One is Grace Harbor Farms in Custer. They only sell at the farm, but their chevre is delicious! I have made a nettles, dill and chive chevre, and carmelized onion tart with their cheese. Some days I just eat their classic chevre with lavender on Mary’s Gone Crackers. Or jalapeno chevre as a pizza base…. Another good one is Gothberg Farms in Bow. They also have hard cheese and it’s delicious! I just tried their Caerphilly and it’s almost reminiscent of a tangier cheddar. Shred some on top of collard greens, a little oil and bake for 5 minutes(less maybe).. roll those babies up and it’s heaven. when garlic scapes are in season roast them and put 2 inside your collard “tortilla” mmm. And Gothberg also has a tasty farmers cheese which works so well for a taco night. I can’t do cow products and we have a 2 year old who we don’t really feed any cow product to. So, she doesn’t even find it strange. Her little toddler friends try her cheese and hand it back. They learn their sense of taste so young! And now is the time to visit goat dairies… BABIES! I bet your little one would giggle non stop to pet a goat.

  62. Sara Reddy Coyne

    Goat cheese pizza, goat cheese frittatas, goat cheese on salads, on sandwiches… or, my favorite: goat cheese balls packed in olive oil from my farmers market, eaten straight up. Fish ’em out with a fork, pop ’em in your mouth, and let the tender tang melt as your eyes roll back in ecstasy. Yeah, I like goat cheese.

  63. Littles

    I like to slice a chunk off, dip it in egg, roll it in panko and fry it in a little olive oil and butter. If it’s summer I cut the top off of tomatoes and put the warm chevre on top of a tomato, with a dressed herb salad. It looks and tastes amazing.

  64. steph

    Well, I don’t care for goat cheese, but I DO have “Tainted Love” in my head now.
    Thanks so much. πŸ˜€

  65. ???

    Had flirted with crumbled chevre in salads for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until I moved to Spain out of high school for a year before coming back to the States for college that I fell deeply in love with fresh goat cheese, turron, chorizo, paella, and all sorts of other delights that a broke college student now living thousands of miles away from the Mediterranean can’t possibly afford to buy ^_^

    Absolute favorite: arepas, fresh out of the oven, split open, all their fluffy little dips and valleys filled with melty crumbles of chevre and drizzled with those delightful juices that gather at the bottom of a roasting pan filled with a whole chicken, plenty of cracked black pepper, fresh tomatoes, peppers, and onions that’s been stewing in the oven all day. Oh goodness.

    PS. Shauna, I have been reading this blog since a few months after my own discovery of a gluten intolerence 2+ years ago and always wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your exquisite writing and delicious (and deliciously easy to follow) recipes but never quite got around to setting up a blogger account; thanks to required blogging for Japanese class for rectifying that, and to you for being such an inspiration and a souce of the most delightful collection of GF recipes I have ever encountered! God bless you and your beautiful family!

  66. Stephanie

    I don’t remember the first time I had goat cheese. But I remember when I became obsessed with it: I had just heard Lani Guinier speak (which was wonderful!), and went out to the reception afterwards. There, on a pedestal, stood a log of pepper-encrusted goat cheese, 3-4 inches in diameter and at least 6 inches tall. My roommate and I stood there and ate about a third of it ourselves. When there was a huge chunk left over, we asked for it. Put it in EVERYTHING for the next week.

    The second time, I was pregnant with my 2nd child. It was Easter Sunday, and we went for a drive to get our first to nap. I saw a sign: “Goat Cheese” with an arrow. “Please, please please?!” “It’s Easter, it’ll be closed.” “Well, I’ll get the times.” Drove up the driveway, and opened the screen door. Cooler filled with cheeses on the right and, to the left, a table with a cup, paper bags, and a calculator. I miss living 16 miles from the Capri factory!

    Pepper-encrusted still my favorite, crumbled over a summer pasta of greens, garlic, roasted tomatoes, and whatever else we’ve got. Smoked chevre makes for wonderful sandwiches, though!

  67. Anna Lee

    I think it was in a salad, the first time, those little tangy feta like crumbles. I expected the salty shock and tooth of feta, and was instead greeted with an earthy creamy almost cloudlike sensation instead. Very fun! My favorite now is a goat gouda. Yumm. Earthy, nutty, creamy, and doesn’t hurt my belly. Wonderful with Apples and great in Fritatta.

  68. Charlotte

    reading your blog is always like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! A very corny, but very true comment. I live in the UK and I guess I must have had a lucky childhood, the first time I had goats cheese was with my mum and it was cooked in the most amazing way. If you ever get the chance, by a round of goats cheese, brush it with some honey and lightly grill it. It’s amazing, creamy and slightly gooey with a caramelised top to it. πŸ™‚

  69. Hapamama

    Oh I had goat cheese for the first time on my first “gourmet” pizza, which now, as you were saying Shauna, seems standard! It was in Freeport Maine, the pizza had artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and goat cheese. I fell in love!

    Years later, goat cheese remains one of the few dairy products I can eat w/out consequence. I love it – probably the most as a dessert w/apricot preserves…

  70. Stephanie from Cupoladua Oven

    I am definitely a lover of goat cheese. I discovered it in college and it was love at first taste. I think what I enjoy most is its rich and creamy texture and the fact that it isn’t as salty as many of the hard cheeses. I’ve been using goat cheese on salads for years now, but recently discovered a great recipe for roasted beet salad with chevre.

  71. Grace

    My favorite is something my friends have nicknamed “the Angel of Death Cheese”: a large log of goat cheese mixed with a handful of minced garlic cloves (adjust the amount to your liking — I usually use at a third to a half of a head of garlic), a sprinkling of oregano, and a drizzle of olive oil to help it all come together. Excellent as a dip for crackers or fresh veggies.

    (It gets stronger after a few days, so if you have leftovers in the fridge, mix more goat cheese with it to calm it down. But oh, so good.)

  72. Laura

    I love chevre, but don’t remember the first time I ate it, growing up in Italy.

    I just made a cheese cake make with goat cheese, it was delicious.

  73. Another Couple in Korea

    I was so lucky to have my a mother who enjoyed cooking! Every Christmas she would make a “drizzle”. Olive oil in a jar and she would throw in: rosemary, red/black pepper corns, lemon rind, garlic, – let it mix for a week. The 23rd of December she would then pour this over a log of goats cheese and let that sit for 12 hours.

    The next day the goats cheese has soaked the flavors perfectly- spread a bit over some gluten free bread and you’re in heaven.

    Mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.


    I love this blog. Thank you.

  74. Linda

    My first experience with goat cheese was in Paris when I ordered a salade chevre chaud. It came out with lettuce in a tangy vineagarette, tomatoes, walnuts and, on top, slices of toated baquette with chevre cheese on top that had been put under the broiler until brown and soft. What a wonderful experience that first bite was. I make it myself now quite often.

  75. Hannah

    I <3 goat cheese! I <3 goat brie, too. I love it with spicy raspberry preserves on it, then put in the oven long enough for it to get gooey. Yum. But almost any use of goat cheese is welcome by me. I semi-recently discovered goat cheddar and harder goat cheeses, which I also like pretty well.

  76. MariChucky

    Oh I love love love Tainted Love!!! Does not matter what you have said about its chords or whatever… I love it!!!
    And goat cheese… mmm.. the first time I ate it was in a restaurant, in a salad. I remember I thought it had a very strong taste, but I got used to it and now I usually add it to all my home-made salads. Love it, as Tainted Love… ohhhh…

  77. kathy_h

    oh oh oh oh when I lived in Arkansas there was the best goat gouda made locally there!!! I really liked the flavor of that better than the loggy type I grew up eating (wow North Carolina must have been more sophisticated than I thought because we had it ca. 1978 in the grocery store, ooh la la!! Maybe because we were right across from France, ha ha!). Anyway the goat gouda is so nice and makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever especially if you eat an apple alongside.

  78. Amber Sue

    Hi there! I’m new to this blogging bit, but I’ve been reading yours for a while. I was lucky enough to grow up with my grandfather, who happened to be from Norway. Paalegg is the tradition of bread toppings at a Norwegian breakfast. One morning while visiting my aunt Inger Johanna, she had an goat cheese spread on the table. I was the pickiest eater as a kid and hated everything cheese. I tried it anyway and was taken aback by the creamy texture and bright tang. It is still to this day one of my favorite cheeses. I personally like the goat cheese offered at the Spinning Spider Creamery in Madison County, NC on Bailey Mountain. It’s addictive. I finished everything I bought from a festival in Asheville the night I got home!

  79. sirka Sie

    Monforte Dairy, here in Canada. A very strong willed woman by the name of Ruth Clausen, owner, operator, cheese maker fought against all odds and is now very successful at making the BEST goats cheese! Her selections are out of this world! All natural, plus I am pretty sure she operates as a co-operative. Check her/it out if you haven’t already!

  80. Corrinne

    OH, Yes, the Goat cheese luvas unite. Let’s see, I don’t think i recall my first encounter with goat cheese but it is now on my brain every day (and not because I work with Chavrie, the pyramid shaped one ;). One of my favorites is when people use it as a dessert. Our Cherry Bread Pudding is just AMAZING!

  81. Tiffany

    In my eggs, in my salad, on my pizza, on baked chicken…I can’t think of much I don’t want with goat cheese except maybe a brownie…lol! Goat cheese just makes life better!

  82. RovingWeaver

    I just found your blog, after finally starting to read your book on my Kindle today. A couple of spots made me cry, reading descriptions of the way you were during junior high – I'm sure you've heard this before, but the description could have been about me (only I changed my laugh to kind of a "ha-hA" and never changed it back). I love the book, and your blog. One main difference? I lived for music and the radio (escape, along with books), although I was also raised on the Beatles and a Fisher Price
    45rpm record player (until we were allowed to use the stereo!)

    Goat cheese – my late husband was raised by his grandmother, who could not cook. He started buying Bon Appetit in 7th grade, and was an amazing cook. He made a goat cheese spread, and tapenade to go with it, that I loved, and unfortunately have not tasted in the 12 years since he died. I thought I remembered how to make it at first, but I never wrote it down and no longer remember.

    Now, I use it to top egg white, caper, & smoked salmon "scrambles" (since I can't seem to get an omlet to come out right). πŸ™‚


  83. Queen Anne Farmers Market Association

    My new favorite is Larzac by Monteillet from Walla Walla: nutty, creamy, a line of ash through the middle (did you know ash was once used on the first layer, to keep the bugs out of the cheese?). Jean-Philippe and Joan Monteillet sell their gorgeous goat cheese to Tilth and other Seattle restaurants, and you can get it every Thursday this summer at the QA Farmers Market, 3-7 pm.

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