leaving the restaurant

Danny and Lucy in front of Impromptu

Before Little Bean entered the world, people who were already parents told us, repeatedly: “Your entire life is going to change.”

It seemed safe to assume. Little to no sleep, a fierce little creature at the center of our lives, crying without words, and all those diapers to change. We imagined the worst, but we knew we would love it more than others assumed. We thought we were prepared.

We had no idea.

Much in our lives is still the same. We still love food, the Beatles, overcast days, driving and singing country music songs together, teasing each other, and farmers’ markets. We still adore each other. We still live in the same house and have the same names.

Nearly everything else feels different.

It’s subtle, sometimes. We still have long mornings together, and they still feel languid. It’s just that we wake up at 6:30 now, instead of 8 or 9. The first part of the morning, instead of being spent looking at each other and laughing, is spent looking at this tiny being in our bed and saying, “My goodness, we made her.” The afternoons and evenings always raced by, especially when I was absorbed in writing. But now I look up, and the sky outside the living room window has turned that rich, crepuscular blue, and I think, “How did it come to be evening already, when all I’ve been doing is dancing a little girl around the room?” The Chef and I still laugh and share our stores at the end of the night. Now, however, we can barely keep our eyes open past Letterman’s monologue. We stumble into bed.

It’s more than the schedules, the sleep deprivation, the sighing we do over her for hours. Our hearts have exploded open.

The sweetness overflows into everything around here. And then, when Little Bean cries, she’s the potent force with which to be reckoned. She has a powerful set of lungs, and she doesn’t mind using them. She’s dear and sweet and not fussy in anyone’s book. But when she cries — oh, it pierces our hearts. She has taught us. Compassion is not a concept anymore. Everyone I see, no matter how annoying, reminds me: “You were once a baby.”

Poor Chef, however. He has the mornings with us, and then he is gone for hours on end. By the time he comes home from the restaurant, it’s late at night, and Little Bean is fast asleep. No matter how many photographs I send him on the cell phone, it just isn’t the same. The other day, he said, “Every morning, when I pick her up, she’s heavier than the day before. And I missed all of it.”

All of this change is prologue, a way of explaining the next sentence I am about to write:

The Chef is leaving his restaurant.

As of October 18th (next Saturday), the Chef will no longer be cooking at Impromptu.

Some of you, the ones who have eaten there and the ones who had wanted to, will be shocked at this. We’re grinning with happy surprise ourselves.

You see, the Chef has been working in restaurants since he was 15 years old. As much as he thrives on the rush, and adores feeding people, he has simply never had a break. If he’s going to keep cooking, and dancing in the kitchen, he needs some time off, to find his perspective.

Along with this, the manuscript for our cookbook is due to the publishers on December 31st. That’s alarmingly soon. We have been working on the book for months, long before Little Bean was born. But, in a revelation that will come as no surprise to anyone who has been a parent, it turns out that trying to complete a book and be home alone with a baby all day? Those flavors don’t meld so well.

Having the two of us at home, though? Oh, what a joy that will be.

Mostly, the Chef wants to be the house husband for awhile, like John Lennon was with Sean. He wants to dance Little Bean around the room in the afternoon, sing her bouncy songs, and take her on long walks while I write. He wants to be a father, before he is a chef.

And so, for the next few months, the Chef will be at home, with us. After the cookbook is done, I’m sure he’ll return to cooking, in some form. Perhaps he’ll pick up some shifts at a favorite restaurant, or teach cooking classes full time with me. We don’t know.

That’s what feels so great, what feels so honest to where we are. We don’t know what comes next. But right now, in this moment, when Little Bean is eleven weeks old? We want to be with her.

We don’t have much money, but we have just enough money in savings that we can do it, if we tighten our belts. In these tumultuous economic times, prudence says to not take any chances, to hunker down. However, after the terrifying start we had with her, we both know that there are no guarantees in life. We have to seize this moment, as it arises.

We’re saying yes.

The Chef would like everyone to know how much he has loved cooking food for the people who have come into Impromptu:

“The last two-and-a-half years have been amazing. It has been such a gratifying, rewarding experience to cook for people. There are so many people who have a gluten allergy and they are afraid to go out to eat. People who don’t have a food allergy can take food for granted. Eating is such such a joyous event, whether picking up a snack with a friend or having a three-hour meal. Most people with gluten issues are still scared to eat in restaurants. I’ve wanted to give people the chance to eat safely and not grow sick. It has been such a great feeling for me, because I have been cooking the food that I have wanted to feed Shauna. And in doing that, I have been able to feed a lot of other people.”

(You see? He won’t be able to stay away from restaurants that long.)

Impromptu will still be open after he leaves. And he is training the new chef to cook gluten-free, and keep the kitchen safe from cross-contamination, so that people may still eat safely. It just won’t be the Chef in the kitchen making your food, after October 18th.

What will he be doing instead?

For the next three months, we’re going to play with food, test all our recipes, develop some kick-ass gluten-free baked goods (pasta, focaccia, dinner rolls, multi-grain waffles, etc.), and live in food together. We have big plans for how to step up this website. (More news on that later.) The Chef can look after Little Bean for four or five hours a day and give me time to write. And then, in the evening, we can give her a bath, put her to bed, and have dinner together before midnight.

We’ll be parenting together.

The Chef adores food Β— lives it, breathes it Β— more than any person I have ever met. It turns out, however, that he loves his daughter more.

Those babies. They really do change everything.

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  1. Brooke (or Whimsy or HP)

    Congratulations to both of you on this brave, bold, exciting, exhilarating step in your lives! My motto has been ‘live in love, never in fear’ and I love that you both live your lives that way! Such an inspiration!

  2. bleu

    ADORABLE picture. They really DO change everything. Congrats on this new chapter of your journey together. It goes so fast, their babyhood, it is so wonderful to hear you both wanting to experience every moment possible.

    Much love.

  3. Joyce

    Wow! What Exciting News!! And what an Adorable photo of The Chef and Little Bean! I have been waiting for another glimpse of your little princess. Thanks for sharing and what a Lucky girl she will be to have Both of you there to spoil and Love her!
    Jc and the Bs

  4. carol

    Way To GO!!!! congrats on leaping boldly together, saying 'Yes', and honoring your cravings – LUCY!! dance on, live, love & laugh – still the best is yet to come!!

    cheers, carol

  5. Tiara

    That is so incredible!! Best of luck to the three of you, I’m sure you’ll be able to make it work and the months will fly by…

    Being able to have the one you love with you everyday is a special gift, one I’ve been enjoying for almost 6 months now thanks to telecommuting.

    I’m sure that adorable little girl will be just as thrilled with the new arrangement as the two of you are!

  6. Erin S.

    This is wonderful news and it definitely sounds like the right choice for the three of you. It is a scary thing to leave your job but when it is for the right reasons, it makes it all the more exciting. (I did the same thing back in August!)

    Best of luck to all of you.

    And Chef, welcome home!

  7. ChupieandJ'smama

    That pictures is just too sweet! The look on the Chef’s face is so full of love and adoration. And your daughter is truly gorgeous!!
    I don’t blame him for taking time off. I wish him (and you both) the best of luck with the book and wherever the road leads you.
    Enjoy every moment!

  8. Shayla

    De-lurking. I’m so happy for you both!! Congratulations on having your priorities in order.

    There’s such a warm, magical feeling to your blog and I think it’s because the simple things like family, good food, and loving with enthusiasm are at the core of a good life.

  9. Leigh

    How extremely wonderful! I love the shot of LB and the Chef…so absolutely wonderful.

    I won’t wish you luck, because you won’t need it…you have the three of you, you don’t need much more than that!

    Congrats on this new chapter!


    How exciting! I honor your bravery and commitment to doing what you feel deep down is the right thing. That’s where the juice is! Here’s to taking a leap! You two are an inspiration.

  11. Jenn

    Congratulations and best of luck in your coming endeavours.

    Children really do change our lives, until you have had one, you just don’t know how much. That precious time that we have with our babies slips from our grasp all to quickly.

    Blessings and love to you all.

  12. chris

    What a happy little picture. She looks just like him. As for the house husband thing? How incredibly cool.

  13. Missy

    Exciting…but what about health insurance? Babies need health insurance. Please don’t take this as criticism -I’m sure you have some sort of a plan, I just want to know the secret. [I can hear all of the romantics out there booing and hissing]

  14. FishermansDaughter

    Struggling to find the perfect word to describe how I feel about what you’re doing – brave, exciting, etc. – all good but already used and not quite exact enough –

    INTREPID = courage in the face of the unknown

    Yea, that feels right.

    Experience has taught me that living in fear diminishes everything – you are teaching Little Bean in the best possible way – via example – to live LARGE.

    Thank you both for being made of awesome and continuing to share it here.

  15. Gluten free Kay

    I laughed out loud at the expression on Lucy’s face! I understand why Chef wants to be with her every minute.

    Relish this respite!

  16. FarnΓ©s

    That picture is so sweet!

    I’m amazed by your decision. It’s sounds so exhilarating and beautifull… I’m actually excited for you.

    I hope you have the most peacefull and memorable time together.

  17. Mindy

    you won’t regret these precious days together no matter what happens in the economy! she looks like you, shauna!

  18. Niki

    This is one of my favorites of all your entries!! How wonderful in so many ways. The anticipation of reading the sequential articles is that much more interesting and I look forward to hearing all about it. The testing of recipes I find the most exciting. We all don’t have the time or expertise so it will help sooo much. In our little town the incidence of wheat allergies is exploding…here in wheat country! Thank you.

  19. Babyfro

    Congratulations. One: on such a beautiful little girl. Two: On having the courage to go for it. My husband recently (3 weeks ago,) left his job of 5 years to venture out and start his own. It’s great to have him home with the little mister finally, he’s 19 months old and every week my husband packed his suitcase and went to work was torture. No more. I wish you luck and happiness with the Chef at home for a while. Enjoy Little Bean, they grow so fast.

  20. Julialuli

    Amazing, amazing, amazing. You are so blessed to have a husband who wants to be a father, in the full sense of the word. I have a husband who has embraced his family and fatherhood in the same manner. We cannot get back what we lose, and by embracing the fleeting moments of Little Bean, you are not only giving her a gift, but the world. Fathers like the Chef are few and far between. Thanks for showing others what can be, by saying YES! What an exciting journey!

  21. Lauren Denneson

    That’s such great news! I’m glad you two will be sharing this exciting time together! Your daughter is adorable and looks more than ever like you and the chef.

  22. Mama EZ

    Thrilling! The Chef is such a lucky guy! Perhaps he and I can have a playdate with our baby girls? πŸ™‚ erin

  23. Melissa

    They say a picture says a 1000 words and that picture does exactly that.

    Good luck in your new adventures and I can’t wait to get my hands on your cookbook!

  24. Magpie Ima

    Wishing you all the best in this exciting endeavor. Working less and parenting more is a wise and loving choice.

  25. Magpie Ima

    Wishing you all the best in this exciting endeavor. Working less and parenting more is a wise and loving choice.

  26. stephaniegbrown

    Congratulations on getting him home for this time in your life. I am so happy for you and your family!

    Can’t wait for the kick-ass gluten free products/recipes! Woo hoo! I am sad that I won’t be able to travel to Seattle (I have friends there still) and eat under the Chef’s direction, but I am grateful that he is training the new guy to take his place well.

    Looking forward to the cookbook!

  27. stephaniegbrown

    Oh, and your comment about tightening your belt? You will NEVER regret choosing caring and ‘there’ parenting over money. NEVER –

  28. The SCD girl

    I was laid off from my job when I was seven months pregnant. I could not find another job until my baby was six months old. A year later, my husband and I declared bankruptcy.

    In retrospect, I was so happy to have had that gift. Getting to know my baby was the best present of all. I don’t regret any of it.

  29. Ileana

    Oh wow! Congratulations to the two of you. Though I do admit to being one of the many long time readers who intended to eat at his restaurant when I visited town – Too bad for me! I suppose if he does cooking classes with you I will just have to schedule my trip around one of your cooking classes. Then I can enjoy both of your cooking and knowledge.


  30. Amelia

    That is a great picture! I’m only nineteen so I don’t have any kids of my own, but I’ve seen the way they change things. I remember when my youngest sister was born, but she’s autistic so she really changed EVERYTHING! Strange that my mother would have one child with autism and another with celiac, huh? But really, everything changes and those changes always lead to challenges that make up life. Congrats on everything you and your husband have accomplished thus far!

  31. Lisa

    Oh, Shauna and Danny, wow! Congratulations! It will be so wonderful for you to write and parent and play at home together these next months. We farm, and while that’s no quiet work, the approach to parenting you’re describing here is very close to what we’re so dreamy about ourselves, once we’ve got little ones.

    I can’t wait for the book(s)!

  32. Anonymous

    Even if things get tight, I don’t think either of you will ever regret this. Time and love are both so precious. She is *growing*!! She’s so cute and healthy looking!


  33. Vittoria

    That is such an exciting thing for you guys. I know you’ll make the most of it and I can’t wait to see what you concoct together. I just finished reading your book, after being a long-time blog reader and I have to tell you how much I love you’re writing and the way your connection to food. All the best.

  34. katie stone

    that picture made me laugh out loud…how adorable! congrats on making this big step–as someone once told me “you are a good person, so never worry. the universe will take care of you.” and so it has for me, and will surely for the 3 of you πŸ™‚

    i’m sorry i never got to eat at impromtu while the chef was there…

  35. Crystal

    How incredibly exciting for the three of you! And how beautiful it is that you CAN. Hooray for options, and hooray for possibilities.

    And I, for one, can hardly wait for the book… one that comes from a place of so much love certainly has a place on our shelves.

  36. Just the Right Size

    Oh my goodness that little lump of sweetness looks just like YOU Shauna!

    I can tell by the photo that she is a real firecracker; I couldn’t help but laugh!

    Good luck with your new adventures. Remember, every decision that you have made has been for the better. You’re doing the right thing.

  37. Mama JJ

    You’re moving in the right direction—it’s refreshing to see people sieze the day, rather than run from it. Enjoy your time together!


  38. sarah

    she has the best little nose of all time. this will be great. i am so happy for you three! πŸ™‚

  39. NoGrandmother

    I love her expression in that photo! It looks like “ennnnnh! What’s this sun business??!?”

  40. shady charbonnet

    Wow! Awesome news for all three of you.

    Honestly, the only information I retained from this is “…develop some kick-ass gluten-free pasta.” Yes, that is the most important thing in my world right now. I NEED to make pasta, and make it well. So, in advance, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    …and good luck.

  41. Anonymous

    What a precious photo! I was hoping for another glimpse of that darling baby. And she can only profit from your amazing decision to quit a job in these perilous financial times. I know you three will make it.

    Joan S.

  42. Cris

    every time I read you, I end up with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. its a good thing.

    congratulations on your newest adventure, and please keep sharing your adventures with us in your very special way.

  43. Another Outspoken Female

    YES! I so love it when people find the courage to change their lives πŸ™‚

    Good on you all. Enjoy the precious months.

  44. Sally Parrott Ashbrook

    Congratulations! I have to say that I’m very happy that I got to eat at Impromptu while the Chef was there. (He looked out from the kitchen repeatedly to see how we—and others—were responding to the food. Sign of a good small-restaurant chef!) We were looking forward to eating there more often when we move to Seattle, but I’m sure you two will be offering other great things we can attend. Hats off to the chef! Letting life lead us to focusing on what’s important is one of the truest lessons we can learn.

  45. Eh... Not so much

    WOW! What a lucky Little Bean to have you both home! Continued good luck & happiness to you all

  46. Kinderhook

    Oh, you made me cry. I am very happy for you both. Have a wonderful time w/ that adorable little girl.

  47. calamityjane(t)

    woohoo!!!! YES, indeed! i love that you are doing this and wish you much happiness as a loving family unit.

  48. looksgoodinpolkadots

    Congrats on yet another exciting time in your lives!

    What a lovely photograph.


  49. CatherineMarie

    Congrats! That is amazing. And thanks to the Chef for training his successor in gluten-free cooking.

    Have a blessed time with the new chapter in your life…

    (maybe the Chef could write a book/training manual for restaurant owners? It is so refreshing to be able to go out to eat without having to worry)

  50. amysingbaker

    This is a wonderful thing! I have been looking for a job in Seattle and noticed the posting for a new chef at Impromptu. I was hoping this was a very good thing for you both (from the way it was worded the owner definitely admires the job he has done) but I didn’t want to be stalkerish and ask. I knew that when the time was right you would share the story! Enjoy this time together, it is precious and dear and to be able to share it as a team is more than I could wish for anyone!

  51. Dale

    Oh, I’m so happy for all 3 of you! Congratulations on making this big, scary, and wonderful decision in your lives. Good luck!

  52. milhan

    Congratulations! Neither of you will ever regret making this decision – you only have one chance to watch your children grow up! I have been lucky enough to be home from day one with both of mine, for a total of 16 years now, and I wouldn’t trade one minute of that time!

    Great picture too!

  53. glutenfreeforgood

    Yes, priorities change with a little one, don’t they!? Willingly so, I might add. Enjoy every minute.
    Wonderful photo. πŸ™‚

  54. celeste

    congratulations on this leap.

    we love our little man and all the changes in our lives since his arrival (14 weeks ago), YES, it’s been an all encompassing joy, *and* yes, those lungs, oh, those lungs.


    p.s. oh, and my Lucy looks so much her father!

  55. Allison the Meep

    Good for you! Enjoy your time together as a family. She’s only going to be little once, and it’s so great that you’re able to savor it.

  56. Christine

    You guys are amazing. Best wishes to you both.

    And can I just say that the picture slays me dead. Such the proud papa. And Lucy is gorgeous. She has such a wise face.

  57. Julie

    Such great news. My husband and I did the same – and still are both at home, tag-teaming with a 3 year old! Similarly, our lives revolve around food; writing about it, talking about it, testing recipes, teaching classes. One of these days I’ll make it to one of yours.

    It’s so worth this move – this is time you’ll never get back. In my experience, the scariest decisions are always those that come with the greatest reward.


  58. Anonymous

    I really admire you both for taking this chance. Children do change everything don’t they!! Oh my gosh, no one can prepare you for it!

    I am really looking forward to your cookbook. I have been gluten free for over a year and there are still people in my life that think I am making this whole thing up. You really inspire me to think of the positive in this. Thank you. Good luck on your adventure.

  59. Daniela

    Good for you! I know how hard the restaurant business is. Ever since I started my new Job, working for a James Beard Award Winning Chef here in Chicago, I don’t have any free time. I work every day from noon till midnight, I hardly get any sleep and start to question the terms “Social life”. BUT I love what I do and for now, I cant see myself doing something different. I would LOVE to get into food styling but its hard, people dont hire anymore these days and dont even take stages πŸ™

    Good luck to you!

  60. Estefany

    You know shauna, as much as this is a food blog, its also a blog about life, and how people should say “yes” I’ve truly learned alot (i’m a college student) about how to just go for it from your blog. This isn’t just about what foods go well together, its how that is a medium for which you express all the good things in life. I’m sending you, chef and LB the best of luck and well wishes. I know it’ll work out. πŸ™‚


    Btw. Little bean is starting to look A WHOLE lot like chef!!!!!! lol its so cute and that face omg. adorable.

  61. Kelly

    Shauna and Chef, I’ve never posted before, though I am a faithful reader. I couldn’t help but comment this time, though. I believe you are making the best decision two parents can make. My husband and I made this decision also, in 2003 after the birth of our first daughter. And though our finances have taken a huge hit, our children (now 2 daughters) have a father who knows them as well as, and maybe better than, I do! We still both work, but from home. My husband sits back in awe several times a week, still, at how fortunate he is that he has witnessed, first hand, every day of his girls lives. Our financial struggles will end, eventually, as the girls grow and are less dependant on us EVERY SINGLE MINUTE lol! But the old cliches are painfully true, in this case; these years go by faster than you can imagine, and they are the most precious times of our lives.

    I am so happy for all of you. I’m looking forward to the publication of your book, and to reading of the continued adventures of your beautiful family.


  62. Jeanne

    Hooray! Hoorah! I’m so happy for you! Spending this time with the family is the best thing he could ever do!! Lucky Chef. Lucky Bean. Lucky Shauna!

  63. Shirley

    Leap, and the net will appear! I am certain this all will work out fantastically for all of you … really, I am. Looking forward to the changes to the website, your new book (I agreed on the directions on artichokes BTW … many people don’t know how to prepare them), TV shows, etc. Loved that picture of the Chef and Little Bean!

  64. kategvt

    i think this is a wonderful choice. i love being a stay at home mama and my husband does as much as he can here or takes his lil’ man to work with him. this time is just flying by, why not savor every morsel?! thank you for your great posts and cuddle that cutie pie!

  65. DrB

    I am so happy to say that I ate at Impromptu and had an amazing meal by the Chef himself this February, 2008. I am also thrilled for your happiness and decisions.

    Selfishly, I wish things could be different, as I had mentioned to you then (and I will here again) that I really had wanted to share that amazing food with my sweet R, who would have appreciated every morsel as much as I. (And we will not be able to come your way from NYC by this Saturday!) But, I am absolutely of the belief that things happen for a reason, and you have many!! πŸ™‚

    Good luck to you (all of you), and I anxiously await your cookbook.

    Please thank the Chef for me, again. It is a meal I will never forget, even if my company was not ideal.

  66. Sunshinemom

    Came here from the beneficial designs – the bean and the header – both look beautiful! Welcome to another beautiful phase of life – a change that may not always see you in the best of shape, clothes and fitness but will definitely make you a supermom, charge you with enthusiasm, and make you live your childhood all over again – I do think it is a blessing! And then fitness is in your hands so it is not all that remote:)

  67. Tapia

    Blessings in your endeavors. I am thrilled at the increase of men wanting to watch their children grow. You sound like a wonderful team and I’m sure life will be beautiful and magical for you all. Selfishly, I can’t wait for the book…so if Chef’s gotta be home to get GF pasts recipes comin’…well THANKS!

  68. Mrs. T. Potts

    What a radical and subversive act!!! You two will never regret it.
    Thanks for reminding about the early days with my babies.

  69. jenn

    then i’m especially glad i got to eat there on my last visit to seattle in april. pasta in a restaurant was such a treat! the community of gluten free foodies is ever grateful for the deliciousness that you and the chef bring into the world…in whatever form that takes. possibilities for unconventional work abound…more books, classes, traveling classes (hint, hint), all in ways that support your new life with little bean. woot woot!

  70. matt wright

    Many people will tell ya that doing the “dual parenting” thing is a waste of time, since it only really takes one person to look after a baby.

    That is just complete rubbish. Dual parenting is awesome, neither of you miss a thing, you are there together for the good times, and to support eachother through the bad (“dear god, she has been crying for 2 hours, and I can do nothing about it) times.

    Congrats guys, I am really happy for you.

  71. Anonymous

    You know this may sound weird, but I have this dream of someday seeing you and the Chef with your own GF Cooking Show on the Food Network! Can’t you see that? I can!

  72. jennifer in tx

    I remember after my son was born in October, we were at home constantly for about 5 weeks. When I finally went out by myself one evening to a bookstore, people were Christmas shopping and everything was normal but all the world felt extraordinary as if I now understood and saw more. Even the most mundane of ventures felt that way. It is sort of a magical time.

    I appreciated and understood our own parents in a whole new way, no matter what the relationship.

    Oh yeah, and at first going out with your baby feels like you left the house without your leg or something πŸ™‚

  73. Bramble

    Congratualtions to you both for recognizing what will be best for your little family. The picture is a treasure and I am so happy for all of you. We made the choice years ago that one of us should be at home with the kidlets and have alternated as needed. My “Chef”
    says to this day that those early months he still treasures as he was able to share all those “firsts”. Cherish the time and each other . And…come up with some GREAT recipes! Be well and happy.

  74. Avery Yale Kamila

    What a darling photo! She is such a cutie! I’m so happy for you and the Chef getting to stay home together for the next few months. Thank you for providing such inspiration to all of us!

  75. Carrie G

    I am not sure why I am tearing up, could be the opportunity for the Chef to be with you and Bean, or the kick-ass gluten free baked goods. Those 5 words haven’t come out of my mouth in one complete sentence in six years.
    I can’t wait for this book.

  76. Marci

    I was wondering about the whole chef/parenting thing and so this doesn’t surprise me too much,given the two of you!
    My husband and I ran our own cafe for about a year and while we have great family memories from that time, it was difficult to parent the way we wished to and run a great cafe. Both occupations need so much investment of energy!

    You will never be sorry for investing in your child! Wishing you many blessings.

  77. Megan

    Congrats! Reading the part where you said you’ll be parenting together actually brought tears to my eyes! Those early weeks really do fly by and how wonderful that you’ll be able to savor them!

  78. Lisa

    Oh, that photo made me utter an audible “ahhhhh” as I pulled it up just now here in this coffee shop. Gasp! The adorable love and cuteness and LIFE contained within – just amazing!

    Kudos to you and Chef for claiming your power, owning your lives, and going for what’s important to you right now. I’m very happy for you and your family πŸ™‚

  79. MeganC

    Shauna, my heart sings for you guys. Life is too short to miss. My husband (yup I got married)and I are eating there tomorrow.
    Love, the ob/gyn.

  80. Janel

    How exciting for you both! It’s a brave and wonderful decision that I know neither of you will regret.

    Money is money, but baby time only lasts so long.

    The photo is adorable. You can feel the love burst out of it and see how well Little Bean is thriving. It’s hard to believe that was the same tiny baby…


  81. Meg Wolff

    I came overy from Avery’s blog. Fun how things change, but stay the same? Your photo of “little Bean” is beyond precious. So touching.

  82. lbmann

    S & D, what joy you will find – – I know – – in being together as a family. I am very happy for you. I have eaten at Impromptu many times, but have never met either of you – – rather, I have admired those cute striped pants of the Chef's from afar, and have savored every bite of my *very safe* and delicious Impromptu food.
    This may seem hard to believe now – – but the profoundly deep love you feel now will intensify as the years pass. My dear daughter is now 12, and I still savor every second that I am with her, and notice every time that she takes my hand (thinking that she may not be doing it too much longer). Each year has been the best year of my life. It is a profound gift to have this much love in our lives. Let's eat well and dance in our kitchens today!

  83. Liz

    Love the photo. Love the post.

    Shauna, I was in Seattle last weekend and knew I had to visit Impromptu while I was there, little did I know it would be one of the last opporunities.

    What a pleasant experience it was. The food was absolutely amazing (I just posted about it on my blog) and I feel so lucky to have had (I’m assuming he was working Sunday night) the Chef as our chef!

  84. Tori

    I had wondered how long it would take for Danny to come home as a stay at home papa.

    I’m happy for both of you and also happy that I had the chance to eat a meal prepared by him before he made his exit.

    I sent you an email a few weeks ago about where I could send something; I wasn’t sure the restaurant was the best idea. Do you have a P.O. Box?

  85. Deborah Dowd

    What a a wonderful opportunity for you to be a family together! It is a blessing that not many parents get these days and so enjoy every precious moment and good luck with your new baby (the book).

  86. Tess

    Good for you guys! You’re living the dream! I’ve been reading this blog since I found out a year ago I had a gluten intolerance and you’ve been my sanctuary to be able to read and laugh, cry (especially with lil bean) and relate with your love for food. Thank you so much and I wish you guys the best and look forward to so much more to come!!!

  87. Becca

    Congratulations Shauna! This is Becca, from Northwest School (from your amazing creative writing class of 06) I made a blog myself where I post all my creative writing stuff! I go to UW now and live in Seattle! I hope we can be in touch… maybe get coffee sometime if you’re not way too busy with your life now!

  88. JAM

    I am so excited for you three! This is great news and you will never regret on moment of time with Little Bean!! Every day is a new day to make a memory and give each other the gift of your selfs.
    I am so glad to see every picture of your daughter she is so loved and has the best possible ground work being laid out for he future you could possibly give her. Does she fit in her boots yet? Joy and peace from Minnesota. JAM

  89. Jenny

    Yes, babies do change everything, I have 4! I love every minute of staying home with my children. I love this website and though I’m not Gluten-Free, I try almost every recipe! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in your incredible writing and for sharing your wonderful recipes. I look forward to this book and I’m excited to see what you and the Chef will come up with in these next few months. Enjoy the journey!

  90. Grommie

    Wow, that’s a big deal! I’ll cross my fingers that you all are well.

    I’ve recently become gluten-free and look to you (all of you) for inspiration.


  91. Anonymous

    Wow, this blog is the most romantic thing i’ve ever read. Kudos to both of you for finding all the happy.

  92. maureenmeyer

    The great hing about being a Chef is that you can always get a “job”. Congrats that you 2 are taking the leap beyond that. If it’s meant to be, it will come and I’m sure it will!

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