home again, home again, jiggety jig

all the berries from friends

We are home. All three of us. The little family. Home.

After eleven days of being in the hospital, we drove to our little house with great, quiet glee. Exhausted and not believing our luck, the Chef and I held each other close that night, our little one by our side, and whispered to each other in bed. We had barely spoken above a whisper for nearly two weeks. It took until the next day to start using our normal voices.

Normal. That’s a funny word, isn’t it? What the hell is normal, anyway? Life will never be the same as it was before. It’s infinitely richer, and nothing like it was.

Healthy. Little Bean is healthy. That’s the only word we care about right now. She began eating on the pediatric unit — one step down from the ICU — and we had days and days with her, watching her grow bigger, changing her diapers, listening to her coos. When your daughter has a breathing tube down her throat for five days, blocking any sound she wishes to make, you really don’t flinch at the sound of crying. We love hearing her voice.

We won’t go into the particulars of her health — she really doesn’t have a choice to have that published on the internet. Suffice it to say that what caused her breathing problems was small and entirely fixable. Now, she’s home, rocking in her swing, eyes open for long periods of time, more awake every day. And there are no cords or monitors or blood draws anymore. Someone left us a comment on the previous post that stuck with us: we have a wireless baby!

She’s gorgeous and funny and alive. And now, she’s just like any other newborn. Crying at times. Sleeping most of the time. In our arms. At home.

The first evening we returned home, the Chef went right to the kitchen and began cooking. After twelve days without once putting his hands on food, he needed to stand in front of the stove and create. I watched him bustling around in there, as I fed the baby on the couch, and smiled. There he was, removed from fear, in his element. Life was finally settling into a new place, a place without dread.

Oh, did we eat well that night.

The dread and terror of those interminable days are fading now. We’ve consciously chosen to not relive them with stories galore, or me writing any of it down. We’re just present, with this baby, in this moment.

And we are focusing on the light.

So much goodness came out of this. Dear friends visiting us, buoying us with their hugs. Fiercely kind nurses, showing us what a force compassion can be. Time with our daughter, learning her habits, under the watchful eye of hospital staff, so that we are home with her without any worries of how to take care of her. And after twelve days of staying within six feet of each other, and sharing a twin cot with metal railings, under the most terrifying conditions of our lives ย— the Chef and I still managed to laugh and not snap at each other once.

I think we’ll keep each other. And her.

Still, it was a hard, hard time, more aching and scary than anything than either one of us has ever experienced. In the midst of it, literally, your comments and emails, suggestions and exhalations kept us going. We were lifted up by all of you who left stories of your sons and daughters who had suffered like ours. Every time we opened the laptop, we found more beautiful hopes and sustenance than we ever dreamed possible. Thank you. You are reading these words in your own home. But just know, if you left us a comment, from Cameroon or Australia or somewhere in the middle of America, we breathed in your words the way we wanted our daughter to breathe. Reading that all across the world, people were taking deep, conscious breaths because of our girl? That made us teary, continually. (“A good cry,” as the Chef would say.) Our gratitude knows no bounds, and has no words. Other than thank you.

And thank you, as well, for those of you who willed her to eat, from somewhere in the world. Now, she guzzles and delights in the food in her mouth. We hope she’ll grow up knowing how vital those first sips were. We want our Little Bean to know that food is more than sustenance. It is the joy of being home. It is the relief of being alive. It is the connection with all the human beings whose words upon the screen are actually people in their homes.

But now that she is home, and thriving, we are going to go back to our original plan, and quietly close the door of our internet home to this story, for a time. The Chef went back to work today. I dealt with the delights and mystifying sleep patterns of a newborn by myself for the day. We need some space to simply be, without having to share. And we did say we weren’t going to publish more photographs of her. (Except this last one, for those of you want to see: Lucy on her two-week birthday.) The guest posts will begin next week. We’ll be back in a month or so, with more recipes and stories.

But I want to leave you with this story, for the time being.

When we were in the hospital, friends stopped by with food every day. Restaurant meals, lovely salads, homemade baked goods, and whatever else they could put in our hands. In a time of need, there is always food. And since it is summer, and we were missing two weeks of the farmers’ markets, our close friends brought us berries.

Golden raspberries, fat strawberries, ripe blueberries, strange gooseberries, the first blackberries of the season. We ate as many as we could, and the rest we saved in a refrigerator in the ICU.

The first time we went home, I stepped through the front door and burst into tears. Our girl wasn’t with us. She should have been there. We were only inside for an hour, to take showers and find new clothes, and then shoot back to the hospital. The second time we went home, we knew she would be all right, and it was only a matter of time before we returned with her. That time, we brought all the berries back. The Chef arranged them on a tray and put them in the freezer.

When we were home for good, he pulled out the berries. We let them thaw, until their juices ran red. And then, while Little Bean took a nap, we chopped and pureed, stirred and added vanilla bean and lemon juice. On our second day home, we made a big pot of seasonal berry jam. We threw in every berry that friends had given us, the ones they rushed to the hospital, and turned them into something sweet and wholly good. All that time condensed down into one rich red bite. All that sweetness rushing in.

There are twelve jars sitting in our freezer right now. Later in the fall, when Little Bean is bigger, we’ll be able to pull out a jar of thick jam and remember this time fondly. When she was two weeks old, and we were finally home.

134 comments on “home again, home again, jiggety jig

  1. EatPlayLove

    how beautiful and fabulous. enjoy this precious time, enjoy your baby girl in your home.

    just out of curiosity, did you drive home with her at 10 mph? Because that is such a fond memory I have when bringing my girls home, so nervous during that first car ride.

  2. Leah

    Oh Shauna, what great news. I’m sorry for all this hardship the three of you have been through these past few weeks, which I’ve only just read about. But I’m so, so happy all is well now. If I could send extra rays of sunshine in the form of peaches and nectarines and pluots from Northern California, I would in a heartbeat. But it looks as if you have the best sunshine of all now: Lucy.

    Congratulations, beautiful family. Breathe deeply. xo

  3. bleu

    Welcome home Lucy. May your life be filled with wonderful breaths and all the in betweens filled with love and joy.

  4. Gaile

    welcome home to the three of you! How I love that you have twelve jars of love, one for each month of what will be another amazing year in your incredible story. thank you for sharing with us what can happen when we say ‘yes’ to life! enjoy your sweet, lovely daughter.

  5. Wendy

    Congratulations on being home- and welcome to your new life! It’s a wild and crazy and wonderful one!

  6. Palmer Public Library

    I’m so happy to see this wonderful news, and to hear that all is well with Lucy. Enjoy your time with here – we’ll miss you, but I do understand your need for privacy. Thank you for sharing as much as you have. You have a gorgeous little girl who I’m sure will bring you much joy.

  7. Anonymous

    welcome home little bean. it is an unexplainable joy for mama and papa to have you home. ๐Ÿ™‚ i am a lurker, never having commented before. i hope with all i have that you are not just healthy, but also motorically, neurologically, visually, and cognitively healthy. my little bean spent 30 days in nicu, discharged as “eating and healthy” to be later diagnosed with multiple, severe disabalities. i hope this is not your experience. i love and appreciate and cherish my little bean with everything i’ve got… he is my light. ๐Ÿ™‚ we send you you much love and joy with mama and papa!

  8. Liz

    I am so happy to hear this wonderful news!

    Enjoy your family time, this is the best decision you could have made. You have a whole new lifestyle to adjust to.

    Know that your whole little family is loved and thought of during this precious time ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Lisa

    Thank you for posting an update – I know it was slightly off of your original plan – but I’m sure I speak for many by saying we were worried during the silent spell. And we’ll try not to worry during the next silent spell that you so deserve to have.

    I’m very happy that Lucy is much better, and that you are all taking this time together, alone.


  10. Untypically Jia

    Oh Shauna, she’s the prettiest little thing ever! She looks so much like you and The Chef! I’m just so happy for you all!

  11. Anonymous

    Yay! So glad you’re back at home together. Sad to hear no more pictures of Lucy. She’s lovely, and I actually think your journey now as a gluten-free Mama and babe will bring in a whole new interesting element to the blog. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things evolve.

  12. Anonymous

    3 weeks ago the whole idea about having a baby scared me to death! Now it’s all I can think of and I am so ready to jump on the baby train!
    Shauna-I blame it on you and gorgeous little Lucy!;-)

    I look at her cute little face and those eyes and say to myself; yeah I’ll sign up for one of those!

    Please pretty please keep posting a little photo of her now and then just so we can see how she grows into this funky feisty little lady.

  13. Deborah

    I am so glad to see this update. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Thanks for all you do, and abundant congratulations to all.

  14. Karen

    How wonderful! Enjoy your “time off” from blogging. Having a newborn is such a special time- they grow and change so quickly! Enjoy soaking up that newborn smell and memorizing her ever changing features- because she is only little once. And how fitting to have such sweet jam to savor and enjoy later on. Wonderful!

    Karen http://glutenfreefoodreviews.com

  15. carol

    welcome home lucy, shauna & the Chef !!! oh what a great way to start my morning here in the netherlands: reading that you three are home, healthy & happy, and devouring berries of all kinds…what else could be more seasonally appropriate??? what an absolutely brilliant idea for making the berry jam to celebrate with lucy when she is old enough to eat it! i can soooo hear & feel your happiness & delight in being home together, just as it is supposed to be… do enjoy your time off together, delight in the little things, live laugh & love one another – you are familie!

    sending big hugs & smiles from afar, carol

    p.s. thanks for sharing just one more foto of her…oh wow. she is, quite simply, exquisitely precious!

    p.p.s. and thanks in advance for the guest posts, i'm glad i still have a reason to check in here as i do love your blog!

    take care & have fun!!

  16. Guinnah

    Lucky Lucy was born on a lucky day (7/21) same as my 19 year old daughter. My girl had the same look of an old soul – she still does. Blessings to you all.

  17. kathryn

    How lovely to hear you are all at home. The full family, together. The routines of normal life can seem so dull at times. We take them for granted. Yet it’s this regularity which form the basis of our lives and provides huge comfort. Enjoy your days with Little Bean. Enjoy your life together and have a wonderful month with your family.

  18. Meri

    To Shauna and all the family,

    I've been lurking on the other side of the world since Clotilde from C&Z recommended your blog. I've followed your recipes and stories and was inspired by your enthusiasm for food, love and life. Like many others, I too hoped that Lucy would be able to go home with you healthy – and quickly. I'm so happy things have turned out well, and wish you a joyful time together as you get to know each other at home.

  19. Anonymous

    What can I say – you have the most beautiful daughter ever, just cherish her as I am sure you will. 35 years ago I experienced a similar birth “trauma”, now I have 2 amazing grandaughters…
    I am so happy for the both of you and your very ‘present’ baby.
    Many best wishes to all 3 of you.

  20. Gemma

    I have been checking regularly to see that you had got home safely, now that you have I am so happy for you and wish you well while you enjoy a bit of quiet time together.

    Gemma x

  21. Mouse

    As ever, another beautifully written post Shauna …… just wanted to say Welcome Home to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blessings & love

  22. Hazy

    That post gave me goose bumps. I’ve been away and hadn’t had a chance to check on your site and so wanted to see how it had all gone. (I’ve been following the pregnancy in lurking way right from the start!) It must have been a very difficult two weeks for the three of you. However congratulations!! I am so glad that Lucy is home and doing fine. I became a mother for the first time last year and it was the best thing ever to happen to me. You’ll see how it just gets better and better. A big hug to you all from over here in Italy.

  23. Roz

    ohhh I’m so GLAD and so happy for you all!! I’m yet another lurker (Lucy is doing a good job of de-lurking people) and have been reading your wonderful site since this February.I’ve been coeliac since I was 17 and never really realised what a blessing-in-disguise coeliac was until I came across your blog. It’s helped me so much with gluten-free cooking at university, and with appreciating the beauty of life in general.
    But yes I have finally been moved to comment – Shauna, I feel like I know you through your wonderful writing, and that is something to be proud of! Congratulations to you and the Chef and of course the lovely Little Lucy Bean.
    Love from Roz (Nottingham, England)

  24. LinR

    SO PLEASED FOR YOU. I’m one of the many around the world who has been following Lucy’s story from LB stage. Have a lovely break from work with your daughter, and we’ll enjoy your friends in the meantime. Linda from Wales, UK

  25. Debbie

    rI am so joyful at hearing little Lucy is wireless and at home where she belongs. Enjoy every moment; they will not return. Kids grow up too fast (my babies are 28, 25, 23, and 20)! Feed her the most perfect food for babies and watch her grow! Soon she will enjoy Papa’s and Mama’s creations.

  26. Anonymous

    Welcome home, Lucy! I’ve been checking this blog so often it could really be termed stalking to see that you were home and healthy. Be safe, Little one.

    Enjoy and savor this time Shauna and Chef! There is NOTHING (as far as I’m concerned as a mother of two children) better than whispering to one another in the quiet of the night with your baby beside you cooing and breathing steadily.

  27. Ann

    Enjoy this quiet time together– it is so precious. I wish all three of you joy and more joy… joy overflowing.

  28. Gina Perry

    Happy Happy news! So wonderful to hear that you’re home as a family. Homemade jam to welcome a new one to your abode – how very gluten-free girl of you! Enjoy your mommy time at home. I’m certain we will all enjoy reading guest blogs until you return.

  29. babyjenks

    oh wonderful! welcome home to all of you. enjoy learning the new rhythms of life and the deliciousness of being home with your loved ones.

  30. Reeni

    What a beautiful, precious little bundle of joy. Enjoy your month of just ‘being’ with her.

  31. stepmomof2

    Welcome home to all of you! I am so happy for you guys!!! Your story is truly an inspiration to me as I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease and have suffered with infertility also. I just hope my husband and I will one day be able to conceive also. Take care of your newest blessing!

  32. Anonymous

    What an amazing thing you have done in your life and with your life. To create a life that inspires so many and brings so many to care. You have given grace to many people through the sharing of your life. To be able to continually create and emote through your culinary skills is a gift. I have never been able to really feel passion behind food until your story of “birthday jam”. Continue to share your gifts. I wish all of you the best.

  33. mindy

    i love the photo of your frozen berries. i so understood what you meant about going home without your lucy! it just feels wrong to leave the hospital without your precious baby, doesn’t it? i’m so glad you are all home now. enjoy this honeymoon period of your lives – you will never be able to re-create it.

  34. Cynthia

    I’m so glad to see you are home! Lucy looks absolutely beautiful! When we first saw our son “wireless” we had to take a beautiful picture of him. How precious that photo is to me even now. I think no matter the age, it is hard to see someone you love “wired up” with tubes and leads. It is harder to see a baby, though. Even worse, your own.
    As you learned with celiac disease, trials make life more precious. We don’t want to go through them, but they are there. The light is so much brighter every time you pas through the darkness.
    Enjoy your time off, and I’m looking forward to reading what you write when you are back. Parenting changes a lot of things — I’ve always thought for the good.

  35. Brooke (or Whimsy or HP)

    congratulations on bringing your sweet little daughter home!! rest, relax, enjoy these days now. sleep when she sleeps (though it will be hard not to just watch her sleep), eat well and let others do for you what needs to be done.

    and mmmmmmm those berries look so yummy!

  36. Dyan

    Wonderful! So happy for you three! Thank you for sharing pictures too, it’s nice to have a glimpse of Little Lucy Bean ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Karen

    Congratulations on the birth of Lucy Marie (what a beautiful name), and for getting out of the hospital. I truly understand how terrifying a medical issue with a newborn is; my youngest was misdiagnosed with a deadly metabolic disorder for the first six months of his life. What a relief it is to look at your baby and think, “You’re healthy. REALLY healthy.”

    Enjoy your babymoon, and thank you for sharing Lucy’s birth with us.


  38. Anonymous

    OH YAY!
    My partner and I did Sun Breaths for Little Lucy – sending lots of wholesome, full, deep, honoring breaths across the country to all of you. So happy to hear that you ALL are home.


  39. Anna Lee

    I am so glad to hear that you are all home. It is such a relief to finally have that peace and calm nestled in your center. Little Lucy is a beautiful strong healthy little girl who will bring you more joy than you can even imagine in this moment. it just gets better and better. I was in the NICU for 2 months when I was born, many wires tubes and noisy flashing monitors, and today have no residual effects, save a few scars that remind me I am alive, I am breathing, I can see, and I can eat, and in less than a year I will be a doctor. Lucy has a wonderful vibrant life ahead of her full of the joys of dirt and berries and castle ice(the ice in the first part of the fall just below the surface of the dirt when the first frosts set in that is striated with sparkaly vertical lines and breaks up into little blocks, pure delight). I hope for you everything. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, and peace, joy and love be with you as you experience life through your daughter’s eyes. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

    Smiles and Hugs,

  40. Lisa

    I am so happy for your family that Lucy is home with you now. I know the coming weeks will be magical!

  41. ronda

    Shauna, Chef & Lucy,

    Over the last two weeks you have reminded me of the sheer joy of a single breath. Of being. Thank you. May Lucy be forever blessed with radiant health.

  42. clair

    I am SO happy that you are all home & doing so well. Bed down now & enjoy these precious times, the first 6 weeks of wonder, which I found so amazing with my 2 boys. Love to Lucy.

  43. Vittoria

    It is so absolutely wonderful that you are back in your own home with your whole family! I wish you, the Chef and Little Bean all the best. I know she’s just such a gift.

  44. TJ

    Shauna – I’m so happy to read that all is well in your world, and that of your family – finally. I LOVE the name Lucy so much, particularly for your child. You are very talentedly comical at times and I think your little Lucy will follow in her Mom’s footsteps…sort of like the great Lucille Ball. Congrats to you all!

  45. Janis

    Oh happy day!!
    I just started reading your blog while going thru all the links at Orangette. I just have to say how happy I am for you!!
    Enjoy her,

  46. Nita

    The tears are rolling down my cheeks with relief and joy for you all. And how wise you are not to give energy to the painful time with details broadcast to the world.

    Live forward in good health and celebration!

  47. Stephanie

    Welcome Home LUCY & Mommy & Daddy!!!

    Your site is the first thing I checked when I turned on my computer today, and I was so happy to learn the news! Thank you for sharing the picture of Lucy, and enjoy your family time!

  48. Kay aka dkswife

    So good to hear that you are all together as a family — as it should be.

    May God always bless your family!


  49. Sarah

    Welcome home. Revel in your three-ness. It is, indeed, a magic number.

    Also, a word of advise… (That makes me cringe to write so if it makes you cringe to read feel free to disregard what I’m about to say. I’ll understand. Believe me.) Perhaps not now, perhaps not even in six months, but eventually DO write down the experiences you had with Lucy in her first moments, days, and weeks. Not to share here and not to relive, but rather to record. To say, this happened. Those experiences are a part of Lucy’s story and no matter how scary and awful they were at times, they were also filled with the wonder of her newness and with love. And no matter how unlikely you think it, the details and small moments will fade in your memory. Be in the present now. Love your girl. Watch your life as a family unfold. And then someday, write down what you remember of the beginning. For yourselves. For your girl.

    Be well.

  50. Anonymous

    Welcome home little one. A July girl myself (July 20th) I welcome you to the club of wonderful and stubborn July girls! Thank you for posting this…I have been checking many times each day to see if Lucy had made it home.

    Sarah in Missouri

  51. kathy

    What wonderful news! It must be such a relief to you to have her home safe and out of the hospital!! Oh my goodness how terrible it must be for the other families still there:-( you are truely blessed!!!

  52. Lora

    Oh, how wonderful and lovely. I remember bringing my son home from the hospital and he was still on oxygen (for another week)…the feeling the day the doctor said he didn’t need it anymore was one of the great moments of my life. Breathe on, Little Bean!

  53. Michel

    Congratulations!!! What fun to have your baby girl home! My baby girl came home over 25 years ago and (almost, hehe) every day has been a joy!!! Every day will bring something new and exciting, so just sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

  54. swirlingnotions

    I AM SOOOOO GLAD TO SEE THIS POST!!! I have been checking in several times a day to get this news, and going away with a heavy heart every time it wasn’t here. Hallelujah!

    Enjoy your time of nesting and togetherness . . . we’ll look forward to seeing you when you return.

    Now I’m off to my daughter who’s beckoning me with “cmon, cmon!” from the chair over there, singing “dubyoo ssss, y, z.”

  55. India

    Oh Shauna and Chef! My heart swells for you all. Rising anxiety and warming relief swept over me as I played catch-up from the last month. Surely being home from the hospital makes everything seem serene and simple, but what many wild years you have ahead of you. Congratulations!

  56. Sarah

    Oh Shuana (I still want to call you Ms. James), I was in tears reading your past three posts. I’m so happy that Lucy is here and healthy! She is beautiful! I can’t even imagine what you all must have gone through. After I finish this comment, I’m going in to give my sleeping little Bella a squeeze and kiss. Oh how precious life is. I’m sending big hugs across the world to you and your lovely family!

  57. sweetpea

    Oh dear Shauna, the bounty of summer, the breath of a little life. I wept for your two moments at home, alone, without your little bean thoese first few weeks. I am smiling, knowing you have meet the compassion of nurses who could connect you and Lucy when it may have seemed impossible. I love the fruits of summer, recently eating 10 pounds of cherries from a crop share in four days. I actually broke my cherry pitter. I spent all day yesterday in Rochester, MN with my sister-in-law, canning blueberry chuttney and blueberry vinegar from 20 pounds of local blueberries. And next week 20 pounds of peaches will arrive to be canned. I only wish I were close enough to share the fruits of my labor with you. You won’t need to write any of it down my dear. I promise you will remember what you need to remember and what you don’t need will fade, as it should! You will remember the kindness and compassion that surrounded you in those first few days and the fear, the panic and the notion of not knowing what comes next will be a faint distant memory. The lessons, they will stay with you for a life time. For now, enjoy the moments, stay present, stay with her and stay with each other! And if you have time, enjoy the bounty of summer before it slips away.

  58. Suzanne

    Thank G-d you are home. I have been anxiously waiting to hear your happy news. As I have travelled with my 15 and 12 year old sons in the car for 7 long, nerve-wracking hours today, I am reminded by your precious email how truly blessed I am. I barely remember those quiet cooing moments! Wishing you many happy and healthy years with lovely Lucy.

  59. Rachel

    Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!! ๐Ÿ™‚ May you continue to thrive little Lucy and enjoy every day at home with your wonderful parents.

  60. Caitlin Morgan

    Shauna, I’ve almost been afraid to post anything—so tender was your challenging experience and homecoming. I wasn’t sure, as someone who only knows you only through your inspired writings, that I had the right words, nor even the right, to comment at all. However, please know that you and yours have been in my heart prayers and meditations. But I can stay silent no more, particularly with the happy, berry-and-Lucy filled time that’s blossoming in your home. Congratulations on everything—your baby, your birthday, your life. I, too, have a summer birthday, around the same time as that of my 18-year old son—whose birth also posed a few challenges for us—and who is as healthy as the proverbial horse today. Since the year he was born, my own birthday is annually infused with a sense of renewal, gratitude and respect for the overall precious nature of existence. I can hear all that in your own story, and may the blessings increase for your family, with each year, month, day and moment. Peace!

  61. Katsby

    She’s looking so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad she’s doing awesome and it sounds like you have such a wonderful support system with so many caring friends.

  62. Liz

    Look at those cheeks filling out!
    My goodness she’s amazing. Rest if you can Shauna, recover from your surgery and the scares.
    This amazing love is going to keep growing, you can’t wrap your head around it.
    We will miss you.
    Love and light to you and yours,

  63. ChupieandJ'smama

    I’m so glad that you all are home and happy and healhty! Enjoy these first days together!! The first days home, while bonding and trying to get to know each other, are some of my most cherished memories. What a sweet time of life you are going through. I miss the “baby” years ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy, Enjoy! It all goes so quickly.

  64. Gluten Free...licious!

    Congratulations again to the three of you! What a beautiful, sweet baby! Enjoy this very special “quiet” time with your family!

    Lisa ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Michelle

    so glad everyone is home, healthy and happy…enjoy your sweet baby–those first weeks and months are so precious!

  66. Wheatless Foodie

    What an absolutely beautiful baby! Her eyes are amazingly thoughtful. Thank you for sharing her “wireless” photo and for letting us all know that all is finally well.

  67. RachelMac

    Ah, yes ….. This is the post I have been waiting for!! Yahoo!! So glad you are all home. Now I can go away and stop checking your blog every. single. day. for updates. [:-) I loved the photo, too. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful month bonding with your beautiful baby girl.
    Rachel in Idaho

  68. Rosiecat

    Congratulations to the whole family, all safe and sound now!

    Shauna, I just watched your Food Network video. It was such a treat to hear your real voice for the first time ever! And I loved watching you cook; even your movements displayed such joy and energy in the kitchen. You are an inspiration, over and over again.

    Okay, can I go home and cook dinner now? ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Stephanie

    welcome home little bean! enjoy your time together. that being said, cant wait until you come back! is there an address we can send gifts to?

  70. TK Kenyon

    Congratulations, and what a relief. She’s a beautiful baby, and it’s wonderful that’s she’s healthy. Congratulations, again.

    The next few months will be wonderful and crazy, and I’ll be thinking of you. My kid is 4 now, and I miss his babyhood, frazzled nights and all.

    I applaud your decision to leave little Lucy much of her privacy, but I warn you: in a few months, when your whole world revolves around her, you may find that there’s little else worth writing about.

    Good luck to you,

  71. GEP

    I just discovered your blog and am sad to hear that you will not be blogging for a bit. But overjoyed and inspired by your stories. Congrats on your new little one! Enjoy.

  72. Anonymous

    Welcome Lucy! Thank you Shauna, for sharing your love of food with us. I was lucky to find your blog soon after my celiac diagnosis last year. I’ve been learning to love food ever since, because of you. You made a difference in my life. What a beautiful family. Best wishes to you all.
    Kate (St. Louis, MO)

  73. heacollins

    Beautiful baby and family. I am so happy that your daughter is healthy and thriving now. I know how you must have felt – while my daughter was fine at birth, she has tons of allergies now and had an allergic reaction where we had to call 911 and do all that emergency dramatic drama! But, she got through it. Thank god.

    Enjoy your gift!!

  74. Deborah Dowd

    Shauna I am just catching up withmy regular blogs and yours was one of the first I had to check to see how you were doing. Though little Lucy had a rough start, she is indeed beautiful and now healthy, and both a blessing and blessed. I remember those wondrous moments when my own were brand new and my fondest desire was to sit and stare at that angelic presence. Experience, and enjoy every miraculous moment! And I for one, love seeing blog-babies-it is my way of getting a baby fix.

  75. Vickie Marie

    What a beautiful girl! Enjoy your time; we will be here when you get back! Love, light, and blessings to you all.

  76. looksgoodinpolkadots

    Another struggle met with such wonderful determination.

    Lucy is simply stunning.


  77. Anonymous

    Congratulations to all three of you! I’m so happy that you have your little girl home, safe, sound, and HEALTHY!

    She’s absolutely beautiful!

  78. Anonymous

    So glad to see this post – enjoy every moment, get a sling, keep her close, and she’ll love the movement and sound of you busy in the kitchen. I’ve been following from afar after having just gone through my own gluten free pregnancy – our “little bean” spent three days in NICU as well, but is a big, healthy 7 month old who is just starting his own food adventures. Watch closely when you (yes you) eat dairy and other “allergens” though, in my experience celiac mommas produce sweet, but sensitive babes!
    Enjoy it all – those first few weeks don’t last long!

  79. Tartelette

    You three are so strong that I am sure little Lucy will be fine. Congratulations on your daughter’s birth and wishing you the best.

  80. Anonymous

    Welcome Home Lucy! I am so glad that you all three are doing great. She is so beautiful! I have been sending wishes to her that she get strong and healthy like my two little girls that are now sleeping. One piece of advice sleep when little lucy sleeps, you will need a nap now and then. Congratulations on your wonderful family.

  81. Sally

    Shauna, I’m so happy for you! You’ve done so much for the Celiac community–raising awareness, sharing your journey–it’s simply lovely that you are now beginning a new, private journey with your family that will be yours alone. Thank you a million times over for posting inspiring pieces that can pull me right out of my black I-really-want-a-croissant moods.

  82. Nicole

    Berries are the blessings of summer. It is fitting you should have so many and be able to save some for later. Joy and happiness to you all.

  83. Kristin

    Oh Shauna and Chef … I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO happy for you both ! And for Lucy. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you.

  84. terry

    thank you for updating us before taking your much-deserved break. she is gorgeous, and i’m so happy to hear all is well.

    congratulations, mama!

  85. Anonymous

    shauna, I’ve never commented before but been an avid reader and as a 40 year old first time mom-to-be, I’ve been rejoicing with you and waiting with you for the arrival of the Little Bean. Such a journey for one so small and how happy I am you are all home breathing deeply.

    Welcome Lucy! You are cherished by many and may your days be filled with all that is good and plenty and just in this world.

    I look forward to the recipes and stories of the future. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your life with us.

  86. Girl Upstairs

    What wonderful news! I feel as if every post you’ve sent since she was born has been such a gift. I am so pleased for you all and know that you will enjoy every day more. I am in the last month of finishing my phd after 4 years of work and I often read the blog as as break from my work. I fully endorse your month hiatus, but I will miss those work breaks terribly in this last push to finish! I may have to go back and re-read some of the first ones!

    Oh, and as you enjoyed Rotegrรผtze so much I wanted to mention Gelbegrรผtze (Yellow Stewed Fruits). We made some recently with peaches, nectarines, mellon and ginger. It can always be served with vanilla sauce (custard) or with ice cream.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful time with you daughter.

  87. marky

    Congratulations! What a beautiful little girl! My 2nd son was life flighted to a neonatal unit 300miles away within hours of being born, I understand those stressful days.
    I will tell you that he is healthy all grown and getting married in 5 days!
    You are wise to pull in for awhile and enjoy your family, they truly do grow much much to fast.

  88. Anonymous

    Such wonderful news…enjoy your luscious scrumptious baby. She’s so very lucky to have such precious loving parents. Wishing you every joy and happiness imaginable. MAZEL TOV!


  89. Jen

    Happy, happy, joy, joy! It’s time for the happy dance!
    It’s wonderful to hear the fabulous news about your adorable little munchkin. Enjoy your berry jam and all your times getting to know Lucy and her personality. Try to get some sleep too ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Shirley

    How wonderful it is to return from vacation and come here and read this post of celebration! I truly can’t describe how happy I am for you all! Thanks so much for sharing one more pic of beautiful Lucy with us before you savor your special time with Lucy and Chef. All the very best to you all!

  91. Margaret Cloud

    I feel for you because we had a hospital scare with our first born, but you will always remember this over the years and remember how you are blessed, I am glad it worked out in your favor, God Bless your family.

  92. Sue

    Also home from holiday, so very happy to read that all is well, prayer is powerful and love conquers all. Hugs to you all. Enjoy learning to live as three together and good luck getting enough sleep.

  93. glutenfreepizzagirl

    Sending you warm wishes for you and your new baby girl.
    Lucy is a Lucky Girl.
    Your two wonderful parents.

  94. Anonymous

    I am so very happy for you and the chef and your new baby girl! Best wishes to your beautiful new family!

    God Bless,

  95. Cookie baker Lynn

    Yeah! Hooray! I’m so thrilled for you to be home, holding your little one. What a beautiful blessing.

  96. momcan'tdance

    We left for a trade show in the midst of the “silent period”. I have just arrived back in town…almost a week after this wonderful joyous post! I’m finally letting out the breath I’ve been holding since that first scary post, and the second hopeful post. BIG sighs of relief! I echo and join the others in congratulations! Thanks for the update, and enjoy the hiatus!

    Suzi in Bend, Oregon

  97. Jaime

    What a beautiful baby girl! I am newer to the gluten-free community, but wanted to stop by to read your blog because about a month ago I was in Seattle for a doctors appointment and stopped at a market by the hospital and your book was there! As someone who is new to your site, I did not know what was going on with your little one, but know that I am very happy to hear all of you are okay. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy every moment! They grow up so fast.
    Take care,

  98. Jules

    Wonderful news from a clearly wonderful person. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s so nice to know Lucy is fine.

    I think your writing is unbelievable. Love it. It speaks to my soul.

  99. Petite Planet

    Congrats to you on your gorgeous baby girl, Lucy! Welcome home and enjoy! I wear my baby in a sling every day, and we co-sleep… both great ways to bond and monitor your sweet baby full-time. Best wishes to you on this blessed new adventure. You deserve every happiness.

  100. milhan

    I know that you both are enjoying these early days with your new baby…

    My “babies” are 15 and 11 now, and the time passed quickly. Cherish these early days, drink in every moment…and when you hit a bump in the road, keep telling yourself that “this too shall pass.”

    Can’t wait to have you back blogging…but right now you have more important matters to attend to!

  101. Hope

    Congradulations on the birth of your little one. I miscarried twins in May this year… I was diagnosed with allergies to gluten, dairy, and some meats. I haven’t stopped eating it as I was not diagnosed with Celiac. Maybe I should stop eating the stuff the blood test indicate I should. I didn’t think it was that serious, maybe I am an idiot that way, sigh. Taking care of our bodies before, during and after pregnancy is important. I’m glad you have.

  102. Penny

    My 3 year old son and I drive home from errands or the park and joyfully sing, “Home again, home again…” just like I remember my mom singing to me. My son was a 2 month preemie and stayed in the NICU for his first 37 days of life. I would stay by his side in the hospital from early morning till 9 or 10 at night. My husband and I would drive home from the hospital each night and I would cry every time. The sweetest moment was bringing him home. We wondered how our baby would do at home without the buzz and beeps of machines in the NICU to rock him asleep. We embraced the quiet. May you have sweet peace and quiet.

  103. Anonymous

    Not to seem greedy (but, yes, I am ๐Ÿ™‚ )but where are the guest bloggers that should have appeared last Thursday?


  104. Mike Eberhart

    Congrats on all this wonderful news in your life! Does time fly as fast for you as it does for all us readers? I remember what just seemed like yesterday when I was reading on your blog that you were engaged, then married, and so on. And now a child. Time flies!

    Here’s wishing you all the best!

  105. Shannon B.

    I’m so happy to hear that your family is safe and happy and eating again. I’m excited to read all about your family grow.

  106. Honeybee

    I haven’t checked your blog in a while (and I don’t think I ever commented) and now I did and what do I read? You’ve had a baby girl! Congratulations, that’s wonderful!! All the best to the young family.

  107. RovingWeaver

    "Someone left us a comment on the previous post that stuck with us: we have a wireless baby!"

    My brother and his wife have two year old triplets who were premature (due in mid-May, 2007, but born Feb 22nd instead). The larger two came home in I think April, but the smallest came home in late May, and they were all on monitors and oxygen for a long time. Once they were finally off, I remember people making the same kind of comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

    He has a blog for the girls – I know I'm biased, but I do think they are beautiful and brilliant!


    I'm glad to read your daughter is doing so well now!

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