welcome, oh life. and learning how to breathe

Lucy's here

For months, we have planned to open the post announcing her birth with this Peanuts cartoon we found over a year ago. Tattered at the edges, and growing yellow from being on our refrigerator so long, this cartoon conveys how we feel about the birth of our daughter.

(Except the snottiness of that Lucy. We don’t think she’ll be like that one.)

All is right in the world, as long as Lucy is in it.

now we are a family

Our daughter was born on Monday, July 21st, at 4:40 pm. Lucy Marie Ahern (no longer just Little Bean) weighed 7 pounds 7.5 ounces, and measured 19 inches long.

Those are just numbers. No words will ever match the experience of hearing her cry for the first time, a barbaric yawp that echoed against the walls of the OR, a huge lusty cry that said, “I’m here. I am.” We will never find the words to tell the story of holding her on my chest as I still lay on the gurney, my body being sewn closed, and seeing her wide open eyes slowly turn from one of us to the other, as we talked to her. She knew our voices, without a doubt. And no words can match the sweetness of a hospital room filled with loved ones, holding her in turns, and beaming with pride and happiness at the sight of her small face.

We became parents, as soon as we saw her, as soon as we heard her cry. Instantaneous, enormous, bouncing-off-all-the-walls love. No words for this love.

Oh god, we love Lucy.

Originally, we knew exactly how this post would go. We’d announce her, tell you all about her, and end by saying how happy we are to know her. Goodbye.

If only life were always so easily planned.

We knew we’d be singing lots of Beatles and John Lennon songs around her birth. The song playing as she entered the world? “I Will,” a song deeply important to both of us. We both cried at that. But the lyrics that have rained insistently in my head these past few days? These lines from John’s song, “Beautiful Boy”:

Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

The Chef and I have spent the past three days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, our arms sore from leaning on the hard plastic sides of the isolette, trying to will breath into our daughter.

We don’t want to say too much here. We can’t say too much. If I take the time to contemplate what has happened to us, what we have endured on so little sleep, how scared and in pain and trying to buoy ourselves up we have been — I’ll start crying and not be able to go on.

It’s like living in a different world, in constant twilight, saturated with numbers we never knew existed. We are with her, next to her side, as much as possible. The entire world focuses down to the way her toes curl against our fingers, the wheeze in her throat from the breathing tube, and waiting for her to grip our pinkies.

This time of constant twilight is almost unbearable. Almost, because we are bearing it. We have to bear it. For Lucy.

Lucy stops breathing sometimes. My new definition of terror? Sitting strapped in a hospital bed at 3:30 in the morning, watching our daughter being raced to the nurses’ station, alarms going off, a stampede of feet running toward her. And I can’t get up and follow her because I just underwent a c-section only twelve hours before.

Oh lord, it’s like hell.

But we’re still finding the light in this. We’re both convinced that we have lessons to learn, and so does she. She’s a strong little cuss, stubborn and feisty. She does NOT like having blood drawn or procedures done to her. She fights. She squirms. I love it. One of the nurses said to us, “That’s good. Sick kids don’t fight. They just lie there. Tell her to keep fighting us.”

She will.

(The Chef and I have that fight in us as well. If you saw me, you wouldn’t believe I underwent major surgery four days ago. I’m walking, standing, moving things around, no real pain, just a dull ache. Right after the nurses took our daughter to the ICU, I called in my nurse and said, “Okay, get me up and walking. I need to recover, now.” I understand those news stories now, the ones about women lifting up cars to save their kids. The body’s capable of amazing things.)

The nurses have been phenomenal. Compassionate and direct, taking care of us as well as her. Whenever a nurse says something kind, or asks how we are doing, or does something efficiently for Lucy and makes her feel better, we just burst into tears, almost. And the Chef always turns to me and says, “I LOVE that person.”

But still, we are here, living on the bounty of food that our dear friends bring us, only a few hours of sleep fitfully tossed on a hospital cot together, and deep abiding hope. We believe.

We thought about waiting to post until everything was hunky-dory. That might be soon. We seem to be through the worst of it.

That first night, I was convinced she was dying. It’s bound to be better than that. On Tuesday, she had more tests than any human should. Imagine a lumbar puncture at two days old, two EEGs, two MRIs, blood drawn multiple times, chest x-rays. But those tests eliminated almost all of the scary stuff.

This morning, all the tests seem to bear out our common sense. For whatever reason, little Lucy just doesn’t know to breathe regularly yet. Perhaps she came out a little too early. Maybe she just needs to learn her way. Who comes out perfect anyway?

Last night, we began feeding her. After living on sugar water for three days, she finally took in the first food she had eaten since she landed in the ICU. Milk my body made, loving put into a tube by the two of us.

And today, finally, we had the chance to hold her. Skin to skin, heartbeat under her ear. When she lay on one of us for half an hour or an hour at a time, she never once had a difficulty with breathing. We were teaching her.

But still, we don’t know. Something horrendous could come up tomorrow. We could still be here for days. Perhaps the Chef’s entire tw0-week paternity leave will be spent in this hospital room.

We’re here. And perhaps more than any other experience in our lives, we are learning to lean into the moments as they come, and find the light. Tomorrow does not matter. What matters is right now, when she is sleeping peacefully, the two of us watching her in her crib.

She’s here. That’s all we need.

Lucy just after birth

I keep thinking of this moment just after her birth. Still covered in gunk, she cried out her arrival. I am here. I am.

She knew how to breathe in that moment, and for the next twelve hours after that. She will, again.

Breathe, Lucy Marie. We want to show you the world. And you are already loved, by so many people who have never met you.

Breathe, Little Bean. Breathe.

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  1. Kitt

    Wow. Welcome, Lucy. Sending fighting vibes your way. And deep breaths. For you and your parents.

  2. Diana Lee

    Oh, Shauna. Sending you hearty congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter. More importantly, I’m sending all the healing vibes in the world to your little girl. You’re all in my thoughts.

  3. Debbie

    Welcome to little Lucy Marie. Peace to you & the Chef. Wishing the VERY BEST for your little family.

  4. Lindsay

    Sweet Baby Lucy, fill those lungs with the light, love and laughter your Mama and Papa feel inside for you. Let their breath lead yours, their hearts coax you forward. That’s what life is all about Little Bean; remembering to breathe and soak it all in. You can do it!! xoxo

  5. Schriftstellar

    For some reason all I can think of is the word inspire, from the Latin for “to breathe.” May your Lucy—an inspiration conjured by the two of you, together—remind us grown-ups to persevere even when the going gets tough!

    Congratulations and please know that one little family in Massachusetts is sending you a thousand wishes of hope and healing.

  6. Jolie

    Finally delurking to say, “Welcome, Lucy.” Many blessings and prayers for you guys during this wonderfully scary and scarily wonderful time.

  7. judy

    YES!!! Welcome, beautiful Lucy! Sending love to you, baby…and parents…and healing strength for you all.

  8. Little Read Hen


    Secondly, listen to smart doctors. Listen to wise, comforting, compasionate nurses.
    Move around, hold and feed and love your baby.
    She’ll get there.
    You all will.
    Beautiful name. Beatiful family shot.
    Hang in there. Get used to not sleeping…that doesn’t seem to change. Sigh.

    Congratulations again, you are officially a Family. Capital F.

    P.S. Bring or leave good food (and /or flowers) for your nurses. They heart that.

    Remember, there are remarkably good, world class doctors in Seattle. If you need to, get opionions.


  9. Little Read Hen

    Ok. Sorry. P.P.S. I think babies ALWAYS breath better on a parent or even with a hand on thier chest. Its a focus point, like Pilates or just life in every other culture in the universe.

  10. noisy penguin

    Our little guy was whisked away from us shortly after he was born as well. All the ideas I had in my head about what would happen after he arrived – holding him on my chest, feeding him, watching my husband hold him for the first time – were put on hold for three days while he was in the NICU. You can’t be prepared for it, and it’s the hardest thing in the world, watching your little one cry and fight and not being able to hold or comfort them. After spending time in an oxygen tent, on an IV, getting numerous heel pricks and blood draws, our little boy got to come home with us, and he’s thriving.

    Keep fighting Lucy. I hope you all can go home soon as a family.

  11. yanub

    Sending you and Lucy my best wishes for health. Even without the health scare, being a new parent is the most frightening prospect imaginable. Oh, what have you gotten yourself into? Part of you wants to make a break for the irresponsibility you had before the pregnancy. And the rest of you body slams that part of you and tells it you aren’t going anywhere as long as that little nubbin needs you.

  12. Cher

    She is perfection. You are all in our
    (positive, healing) thoughts. Blessings to the three of you!

  13. Andrea

    Congratulations on Lucy’s birth — what a beautiful name for a little girl. I hope this will soon turn from a scary, what-if time to a more peaceful time that the three of you can enjoy. You’ll all be in my thoughts; keep fighting.

  14. Rachel

    Congratulations to you, Shauna and the Chef! And welcome, little Lucy. Many prayers are being said for all of you, and your medical team tonight on the other side of the mountains.

  15. Hannah

    Oh goodness.

    Congratulations and many many deep breaths for all of you. It’s hard to catch your breath when life is so intense. I hope you can look back on it and congratulate yourselves for handling things with such grace. I look back on my labor (which was difficult and did NOT go as expected–pretty much the opposite of what I wanted, including after the labor) and I see that I made it through and so did my Pele Rose. Your Lucy Marie will do the same.

    Love to you all,


  16. Anne

    Welcome to Lucy, and congratulations to you all. I’m sending healthy vibes from across the ocean – take it easy on yourselves.

  17. Shelly!

    Voices all around are uttering the word ‘breathe’ as we read your words. I’m sending deep breaths to the adorable and feisty Lucy. Breathe darling.

  18. Stephanie

    ive never met a lucy i didnt like.

    everyone follows their own path. she just picked a windier one then most. but the windier roads tend to have a greater return.

    my prayers & thoughts are with you all.

    MiSheberach-healing of body and healing of soul (in hebrew)

  19. shinyruby2

    sending big hugs to you and yr family. those little beans sure are fighters, don’t you doubt it.

    take care and enjoy xxxxx

  20. Barbara

    Finally delurking to say welcome Lucy. Keep breathing …I hold all three of you in my heart, sending whatever healing vibes and thoughts I can …

  21. Sophie

    That’s quite the dramatic entrance into this world little Lucy…

    Fingers crossed for the three of you. I hope you all get to go home to start life as a family very soon

  22. Jessica

    Such a stunning picture, the second one. Me who is usually a bit of a cold hearted person when it comes to babies, I felt tears coming. Amazing.

    Welcome Lucy! Babies who fight are the best – you’re a little warrior.

  23. Sue-Ann

    hold her as much and as often as you can. Think about getting a sling so you can wear her. – all best wishes…

  24. Hannah

    Congratulations, and know that down here at the bottom of the world (Australia), there are people thinking of you and Lucy. Your words, your story, your life give me hope when my own seem bleak, and I only wish my gratitude could take a more tangible form, but just know that I’m wishing all the best for your family.

  25. sweetpea

    My dear Shauna and Danny,
    Let me say here what I have said in private, stay present, stay with her and stay with each other as you navigate this oh so unexpected journey. After 20 years of critical care pediatric nursing I am still stopped in my tracks by apnea! You are in the very best of hands at a world renoun hospital. However, you are Lucy’s most important lifeline, your skin, your voices, your milk. . . Look just beyond her bed as well and you will find some of those lessons you speak about in this journey which I know all too well. Constant thoughts and prayers coming your way from MN.

  26. Hellion

    I’m just hopeless at commenting! But I’ve been a reader since I did a web search a year ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease as well.
    My friend had her little girl back in March and she had the same breathing problems little Lucy has. Kaitlynn is now 4 months old and a giggling little bundle of cutness. She just took a little bit longer to get going without Mums help, thats all.
    I hope it will be so for Lucy. Sending all my good thoughts to you and yours.

  27. mama to jack

    have been reading your blog for a long while now but have never commented- how could i not now.
    blessings to your beautiful family and sending courage, humility, and strength your way. congratulations on starting the most incredible journey of your life. my thoughts will be with little lucy bean.

  28. Sue

    Was so thrilled to read of her arrival: now I am so grieved to hear of the drama you’ve been living since then. The night my first daughter was born, I was afraid to go to sleep in case she forgot to breathe and I couldn’t help her. She didn;t forget, but it means I so relate to what has happened with Lucy. I so hope and pray that all is soon well and that three of you can get on with living your life in your family home. Sleep and cuddle as much as you can, and know that you are all three very loved. And take care of yourself: you have healing to do.

  29. cafe-eclectic.net

    Welcome to the world, Lucy. I know you can learn how to breathe!!!

    Congratulations Shauna and the Chef. You are in my thoughts.

  30. Julie

    Lucy Marie and both of you, all the Drs and staff at the hospital….you are all in my prayers. Welcome Lucy!!

  31. Liz

    Welcome to the world sweet Lucy.

    Shauna, thank you for filling us in. I’m so sorry for the extra stress. She is perfect and beautiful. That face shot is amazing.

    You are teaching her to breath when she’s on you. Her perfect place to be, your heartbeat is her home.

    Sending love and light!

  32. radish

    Shauna, all the best wishes to you and the Chef and little Lucy! Welcome to this big, beautiful world! Just keep breathing.

  33. melissa

    “It’s good she’s a girl. Girls are fighters” is what they told my husband and me when our daughter was born prematurely and we found ourselves in the NICU for two weeks. Go Lucy! Congrats on your miracle.

  34. Thomas Dzomba

    Cangratulations Shauna…sending breathing thoughts Lucy’s way. All will be okay.

    She is beautiful.

  35. Tiara

    Congratulations to all 3 of you! Lucy is perfect. I’m sending love and healing energy from my end of the globe to you all.

    I came 2 months early, not breathing and spent several weeks in the NICU. 26 years later I’m still here, breathing, and I’m sure sweet Lucy is too.

    Just breathe little one…

  36. chris

    Congrats on your perfect, beautiful daughter. Hang in there. We are all sending you the best possible wishes.

  37. 4T's

    Congratulations! I so enjoyed reading how much you and your husband are thrilled by the life of your child. I really enjoy your website and will be praying for your child.

  38. jennifer in tx

    Congratulations! What a sweet girl and great name!

    When my son was born, he stayed in the NICU for 10 days because of breathing problems. They didn’t know was what wrong, but they ruled out everything major and finally sent him home. He breathed irregularly and rapidly until 4 months old. Today, he is almost 7 and full of life and energy and you never know he was born with a problem. I feel your situation, when you look back on this you won’t know how you made it through but here are blessings upon you that everything will be fine.

  39. ~Kat~

    Make that two little families in Massachusetts- we wish you well, we wish you peace, we wish you clean, healthy, sustaining breaths of life.
    Congratulations on that gorgeous girl of yours…

  40. Sarah Yost

    Oh, sweet. Prayers for your family! Your little family of three with its attendant tribe of people who love you so much. Prayers for you.

  41. Anonymous

    hello lucy!!! oh for so long we've been waiting to "meet" you, the stories that Mom has shared as you have been growing inside, getting ready for the big B Day…and now you are here, and you are beautiful, and together with Mom & Dad you are a beautiful familie… just take it one breath at a time learning as you go along, knowing you are loved by so many, both near & far, much more than words eloquently describe here… we will wait while you get stronger, nurtured not only by love but also sheer spunk & chutzpah as you have already shown us with your big yowl upon arrival… shauna & The Chef, sending you both & lucy too, positive thoughts & energies…may all three of you be home soon…
    take care, and congratulations!


  42. Jenn

    Welcome to the world Little Lucy!!

    Congrats Shauna and the Chef … she is a beauty, you did a wonderful job!

    We are sending her lots of love and healing light her way! Judging by the look of that first cry … she is definitely a fighter (you have your hands full!)

  43. laurabelle

    Our prayers are with your precious new family! She is beautiful! Love the name Lucy Marie! Thanks for taking the time to share the story with us. We appreciate it.

  44. Leah

    I am a long-time reader, but have never commented until now. I had a scheduled c-section and 2 days later, my son was taken from our arms and flown by helicopter to a bigger hospital. I signed myself out of the hospital(you’re right, the body can do amazing things when it needs to!) and we drove 2 hours to get to our son. After a battery of tests(lumbar puncture, EEGs, MRI, MRA, etc…) he only had to stay a week in the NICU and is a healthy 2 year old today. As horrible as it seemed at the time, my husband and I still say that we were blessed by the experience. When you have to rely so fully on each other for strength to get through the ordeal, you end up becoming closer than you ever thought you could and learning so much about your partner. And, oh, the miracle of bringing your baby home from that hospital! I’m praying for Lucy and that you and the Chef will find the strength you need to meet each new challenge!

  45. J.

    we became parents this week too – in a differnt way but parents and 2 songs have been running through my head as well – beautiful boy and breathe ( by ?) both songs apply so appropriatley to our lives this week – in my struggles I am trying ” to breathe, just breathe” as I remember that life is not always what I have planned – I wish the same for the 3 of you and knwo that you are in my prayers

  46. judy

    Shauna, I only know you through reading what you write here. I don’t even have celiac…yet I sit here crying at my computer. I am so happy for you. She is beautiful. I love the name Lucy. I was going to use it if my 2nd had been a girl.

    Becoming a mother is wonderful (I found out 8 years ago) and terrifying and guilt-ridden and hilarious. I know you will discover all of this for yourself. But for now, just try to live in this moment. She is in my prayers.

  47. Anonymous

    i am sending every good prayer and wish in me over to you and the chef. your little girl could not be more beautiful. breathe lucy.

  48. Sue

    Continue to be positive and strong. Take care of yourselves and each other so that you can continue to be strong for Lucy. She is beautiful.
    Keep fighting Little Lucy! Breathe!

  49. Leigh

    Lucy – you have such wonderful things still to come! Keep fighting, baby girl. Keep taking one breath at a time and let your parents show you how to do it. One breath at a time.

    Hugs, prayers, and good juju coming from this way…

  50. GG

    Dear Shauna, Dear Chef, Dear Lucy —
    Please excuse the emotional rant from a stranger… but my feelings are just pouring out of such a desire to make it all OK for you all, or at least let you know I’m sending you all the good energy and prayers in the world.
    I have been reading your blog for a while. In fact you inspired me to start my own. I hadn’t realized how much a part of my life you had become until I realized I was checking every few hours to make sure you were still all right and that the birth had gone well. So there you are, and here I am, halfway across the world, wishing I could stop by the hospital with some goodies and a smile — even though we are strangers.
    Please know that you are not alone. I hope you can feel the wishes, hopes and prayers for the three of you at this trying time.
    Sometimes we all need to remember to breathe, but how to know that when you haven’t yet learned? Lucy, as your child, will hopefully develop enough memories of the air passing into her lungs to breathe properly, and each breath will be a big mouthful of a loving life she will live to the fullest — just like her mother just like her father.
    May you all breathe a sigh of relief soon, and may Lucy grow and learn and take in everything with the same love as the two people whose love made her.

  51. LL

    Hi to you and Welcome little Lucy. A friend sent me a link to your blog saying, “It looks like their little girl is doing what Landon did.” My son was born last July at a healthy 7 lb. 7.5 ounces exactly, and just like your Lucy, he just hadn’t figured out how to breathe. I held him as he turned blue, and watched him be rushed to the NICU where he stayed for 12 days. He had the feeding tube, the breathing tube, and all the tests – and he was fine, he just had a few things to figure out in this world outside of his momma.

    Once he figured out how to breathe most of the time, he’d forget whenever he ate, so we had to work on that too. The good (great) thing is that once these little babies figure all that out, and go the generally required 5 days without any “episodes” before they can go home, they do not do it again. We took him home after 5 healthy pink days and he never once had another problem – I thought we’d hover over his crib, but we learned to relax and you will too.

    Kangaroo care (the skin-to-skin cuddling) was a miracle worker for us. He improved so much every time we did that- it remains my favorite memory of those first few weeks.

    I don’t even know you and don’t pretend to know what you’re feeling, but I can tell you that for us, Landon’s time in the NICU is something we look back on almost fondly. We were so excited to be with him – even if it was regulated. We loved the nurses and we learned a lot about parenting through them. We cheered on his every advance and tried not to despair at the setbacks. But mostly we just loved him – and soaked up his tiny little presence (well I say tiny, but at 7 lb. 7 oz he was the biggest baby in the NICU). It’s not the story you planned to tell, but it will be Your story and Lucy’s story and you’ll love it anyway.

    Best of luck to you. If you’d like to read our story- my blog is http://lagliv.blogspot.com, and Landon was born July 2007. I’m sending strong healthy oxygen saturated thoughts your way!

  52. Debbie

    Congratulations on Lucy’s arrival! What a perfect family portrait! As for this scary time, you find out what true love is. True love is found in the panic, worry, and tears. You are experiencing all of these emotions because you deeply love her. All three of you are in our prayers.

    PS There are a pair of socks in the mail to cover those 10 little pink toes.


  53. askthesky

    I’m praying for no apnea, no D-sats, no bad stuff… reading this sent me right back to the NICU with my first born.

    Peace and love to you, little Lucy, now show ’em what you got!

  54. Susan

    I just wanted to send a million and one good thoughts and prayers your way. For you and your husband and your beautiful Lucy.


    Oh my! Congratulations – beautiful name, beautiful baby. I’ll keep all three of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  56. Mama EZ

    I’m shedding tears of joy for you! I’m sending hopeful thoughts that soon, very soon Lucy will be home with you and breathing like the champ she clearly is! Our baby girl is to arrive any day and I hope Lucy (LOVE this name!) and she get to meet one day! Thank you for reminding us all how precious life is. Take care!

  57. Engineer Baker

    My heart just stopped the minute I heard. I don’t know what to say but this – breathe, little Lucy, not just for the two parents who’ve waited so long, but also for all of us, who have heard so much about you, Little Bean.

  58. mindy

    we too, had a similar experience with our second born. she was born at 36 weeks, but was big – weighed 8lb. 6oz. she also was fine for about 12 hours & then would stop breathing. she seemed to have problems sucking, swallowing & breathing at the same time, so she would stop breathing. after one week in the hospital we got to bring our baby home & she's been fine ever since. so, i don't know for sure, but it sounds like the same scenario. i remember those feelings of extreme worry & the sudden tears that would come with it. i feel like ultimately everything will be fine soon, though. just hang in there & know that everyone is pulling for you three.

  59. Ms. George

    My favorite cousin’s name is Lucy! I am sending all the prayers I know to you, Little One, and to your papa and mama. Welcome to the world.

  60. meg

    What a little beauty, with an adorable name to match. Congratulations!

    And what a roller coaster of a week for you all. You’re in my prayers!

  61. Anita (Married... with dinner)

    oh, what a roller-coaster ride, this post. I am so glad to see Lucy’s beautiful face. Congratulations — you made a beautiful baby! I’m tearing up thinking about how hard it must be to spend her first days in the NICU, but if she is half as strong and determined as her parents are, she is going to come through just fine. I have seen friends’ kids, super-preemies weighing less than 2 pounds at birth, grow into strong toddlers that you’d never know had any post-partum issues. I’m sending you love and positive thoughts!

  62. Clare

    Sending you all healing light and love. Know that you are surrounded by this healing energy from all over the world.

    Parenting is a roll-a-coaster ride and all you can do is hang on tight… scream occasionally… and know.

    Breathing deep sycopating breathes for Lucy Marie.

  63. sus

    hi shauna,

    congratulations on lucy’s birth! i loved your honest post and i am sending you only the most positive of vibes for lucy’s swift and healthy exit from the ICU. when i read your post, i felt acutely aware of our role as mothers. you seem to have entered it with a fury. my scares came later when my son had a seizure in first grade, but they come. i summed up how i feel about parenting in six words a few months back (part of an online community thing). mine is “my heart in the world. thrice.” i am grateful to feel this selflessness, but it’s scary just the same. please know you have a world of moms around you who “get” this primal reaction…and embrace it.

    pls. don’t publish this note. i’m an under the radar girl on this stuff.


  64. Ann

    Go team! You can do it! Lots of love and deep breaths and prayers and a wave of my sparkly plastic magic wand (which is basically an extra-special prayer) to all 3 of you from me in Cameroon.
    Congratulations, and thanks for sharing this intense experience with your world wide web of support. Hope you are riding the waves of love, and that you can all go home soon.

  65. ChupieandJ'smama

    Shauna and Chef, Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter.
    I’m praying for her to find her lungs.
    HUGS to all 3 of you.

  66. Lauren

    Ahh, Lucy Marie is beautiful. Breathing can take some getting used to. It makes sense. All three of you will be fine, more than fine, great. Time is all it takes.

  67. Lora

    Welcome to the world, Lucy Marie! We are praying that everything will resolve quickly and easily and that you may all go home as a family soon.

    My son had much the same problem and today, at 6 years old, you would never guess there had been any sort of “excitement” at his birth. I pray that the same holds true for Lucy!

  68. Kate

    Oh, Shauna and Chef, a similar thing happened to my nephew. It was so, so scary — if that’s even the right word. It seemed like he was in the NICU forever, we still can’t believe how his life started out, and now he’s almost two! Lucy, you can do it!

    and Congratulations, you two!

  69. Kelly

    love and prayers from my little family to yours…deep breaths and soft sleep for all of you. xoxo.

  70. Mara

    I was born prematurely and spent the first three months of my life in a hospital. I went home with an oxygen tank and little hope from the doctors. So that was 25 years ago and last year, I bought my first home. I work, I laugh, and I breathe just like everyone else. And so will Lucy. The impossible is possible. You and your family are in my prayers.

  71. Anonymous

    Shauna, thank you so much for sharing not only your wild joy in Lucy’s birth, but also your pain and fear in this time of uncertainty and terror. We are so privileged to carry this burden with you. You can feel it, can’t you? Hundreds of us, all around the world, breathing deeply for you, laughing and weeping with you, loving Lucy already.

    Breathe, beautiful Shauna. Breathe, dear Chef. Breathe, sweet, strong Lucy.

    Hold your ground and Lucy will find hers too.

    Much love from Virginia,

  72. Amy

    I am so excited for you that baby Lucy has finally arrived. There is nothing in the world that can compare to the birth of a child.

    I wish her the very best nurses and other medical staff who will know best what she needs at this time in her life.

    Your family is in my prayers. Best wishes to your beautiful family.

  73. The Mighty R&R

    What a beautiful girl she is. Am sending thoughts of love and strength and will your family’s way.

  74. Odetta White

    Breathe, Lucy! Isaiah, Todd and Odetta are sending their prayers and hope and expectations of joy your way!

  75. The Mighty R&R

    What a beautiful girl she is. Am sending thoughts of love and strength and will your family’s way.

  76. The Mighty R&R

    What a beautiful girl she is. Am sending thoughts of love and strength and will your family’s way.

  77. Patricia Baker

    Stream of Life

    The same stream of life that runs
    through my veins runs through the world
    and dances in rhythmic measure.

    It is the same life that shoots in joy
    through the dust of the earth into
    numberless blades of grass and breaks
    into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

    It is the same life that is rocked in the
    ocean cradle of birth and death, in ebb and flow.

    My limbs are made glorious by the touch
    of this world of life.

    And my pride is from the life throb of ages
    dancing in my blood at this moment.

    Rabindranath Tagore

  78. Anonymous

    You’re HERE little Lucy. FINALLY AND FOR SURE!

    I have been sending constant light your way since the last post and lo, Lucy was born on my very birthday
    AND I am a teacher of BREATHING and singing.
    Today I breathe with my full knowing for you all, dear ones.

  79. Christan = )

    My heart leapt for joy to see that you had posted as I am excited to meet the Little Bean.
    As I started to read, tears of joy and pain flowed down my face.
    We never expect as new parents to have to face the pain of our child being whisked away from us and reading your post brought memories back from my first childbirth. Mine wasn’t breathing properly from the beginning, but it cleared up as will Lucy’s.
    I can say from experience, they come out feisty, they stay feisty!
    Welcome to this world Lucy and to the two best, most loving parents a child can have!!
    Congratulations Shauna and The Chef for a beautiful baby girl!!

  80. Adeena

    Congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter! Sending prayers that she’ll learn to breathe soon.

  81. Cathi

    What beautiful pictures of your family. I have been reading your blog for several months and have been checking back daily to see your announcement of your daughters birth. There are no words to describe the love a parent has for a child – which you have learned now. I am so proud of you and The Chef – you are doing a remarkable job. Lucy Marie will learn how to breathe and all will be right with the world. Enjoy each and every moment! Sending you love, light, smiles, hugs and healing vibes. Breathe Lucy Marie Breathe.

  82. Seanie!

    Oh! Welcome to this world, dear little one! So many wonderful people have waited for your arrival!

    Congratulations, the three of you, on your sweet Lucy.

    And Lucy, what a change of scenery, huh? Don’t worry though, you’ll have it sorted out in no time. Us “little fighters” have to look out for each other sometimes (I was born three weeks early, placenta detached and umbilical cord wrapped around my neck…).

    Shauna, you have shared with us so many wonderful things, and thank you for taking the time to share this moment with us as well.

    Sending all the healing, happy, healthy peace love and light I can to you three.

  83. clair

    Just know that in this amazing & scary time, you have friends thinking of you & your family, & willing breath into your little bean's life. Lisa Marie sounds like a fighter, as the nurse said, some babied don't fight back! LOts of love & light to you all.

  84. milhan

    Welcome Lucy!!

    Ironically enough, I am visiting friends today, who have an 11 yr old son who also had breathing problems at birth…the little guys are fighters!!

    Congratulations to the both of you on the birth of your beautiful daughter!

  85. Diana

    shauna and chef,
    As an avid reader of your blog, and a proud owner of your book that has been dogeared many many times, i feel like i know you guys.
    Your little lucy sounds like a tough cookie, and i’m sending tons of prayers and good thoughts to you all from tx. Lucy is beautiful. congratulations, and just remember to take some deep breaths, and your little one will follow suit.

  86. Mouse

    Welcome to little Lucy and congratulations to you both …….. remember to look after yourself as well Shauna, Lucy needs her mum fit & well 😉 ….. Sending you all love & light, and I shall be asking for healing for Lucy every evening until I see a post saying she's home safe and sound with you both.

    Much blessings & love
    x Mouse

  87. chefamanda

    Welcome little Lucy to this amazing world! sending my prayers your way may God be with you with each small breath you take…many many many more to come!

  88. Lisa

    Welcome to Lucy — she is beautiful! I am thinking of and praying for the three of you!

  89. Allison the Meep

    She’s just beautiful. I’m sure you’ve already begun the staring. When my son was born, I really couldn’t stop staring at him, and it’s probably the same for you. How could you not stare at such a wonderful little creature?

    I’m sending good and healing thoughts Lucy’s way.

  90. glutenfreebliss

    HI Shauna! I am sending my blessings and warm thoughts of health and peace to Lucy. What an amazing little soul she is. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  91. erita

    i’ve been following your beautiful blog for over a year now, and couldn’t resist congratulating you on your beautiful Lucy!

    i, like Mara, was born 3 months premature and spent 3 touch-and-go months in Stanford’s NICU. i can’t even begin to imagine the trauma my parents went through. but i am grateful to say that with their love and faith i have survived. 28 years later, still no ill side effects whatsoever. Lucy, with her tremendous spirit, along with the love of you and the Chef and so many supportive people, will win this fight!

    sending light, love, and prayers your way.

  92. Niki

    YOU keep breathing slow deep even breaths. It will help keep you calm and she’ll get that and fall into rhythm with you. Your love and devotion she’ll feel because I can feel it here. Your blessings are so alive and real to us all so here’s another reader sending prayers and healing energy your way. Good job Mom Good job Little “Bean” Lucy Good job Chef.

  93. Angela

    Like so many others have said, thoughts and prayers are with you and your parents, little Lucy. Fight.

    “Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
    —Elizabeth Stone

  94. E2

    Delurking after years to say: You two are amazing. You have proven this time and again. My heartfelt wishes to little Lucy – and to you two. Congratulations, and welcome to the unknown, the unplanned, the miraculous world of Family!

  95. Sarah

    Little Lucy,
    Congratulations on making it to this amazing world, and congratulations for being given to two parents who genuinely love you and each other. Our prayers are with you little one as you learn to breath…a lesson you will be learning your whole life through.

  96. Vickiemarie

    Welcome, Lucy Marie! I’ve been looking for you every day for the past week!! Blessings, prayers, and a whole lot of good vibes being sent out from Dallas to your and your Family. You can do it!

    Vickie Marie

  97. Jean Layton-GF Dr. Mom

    Dear Shauna and Danny,
    what a difference a couple of days make.
    Lucy is a marvel, just like her parents. She is gorgeous and vibrantly alive.

    I remember when my twins were born, by c section, emergency.
    I thought that I just had to let go and let the flow carry me.
    When Fiona couldn’t breathe at the birth, she was in the whirl of medical intervention. My husband accompanied her for the initial heel sticks and testing. I was left to be delivered of my second daughter with a lovely naturopathic student who had been my prenatal preceptor.
    Was it the birth I wanted? Not really but after a week in the NICU, I was able to go home with my amazing new family.
    Fiona has never again had any sort of breathing problems.
    Fighter girl that Lucy is, I can see her being the same as Fiona.
    Just a bit of time, love and care and all will be as it should be for her.
    If you need anything, remember that Bellingham isn’t too far away. I would love to help.

  98. Kinderhook

    Hard to type through my tears. I, too, am sending you love and light and blessings — all three of you. And especially sending lots of healthy breathing for little Lucy. –Sally

  99. Andrea

    I am mostly a lurker, but had to comment here. As someone said, “how could I not?”
    You sound as if you and your husband are enduring this with much love and grace. And Lucy will, too.
    Keep the perspective of living in the moment.
    You are learning much about love in this trying time.
    Prayers and love to you and the little Light. (Lucy)
    (I have a Lucy, too…a “Lucinda”)

  100. Peyton's Mom

    Congratulations Mom & Dad….Welcome Little Lucy Marie!!

    Sending positive thoughts & love your (her) way…

    Lots of kangaroo care for her — and lots of healing vibes from our little family to yours….

  101. Sally Jo

    Welcome, welcome, welcome little Lucy. We are sending prayers and love to all 3 of you.

  102. Leslie

    Dear Shauna and Danny,
    I only got to meet you both for a short time in Denver on a cold and snowy night in January. Remembering how the both of you giggled nervously behind the book cases before your book reading at the Tattered Cover. You both looked so happy and in love, knowing the secert of the little bean inside of you that no one else knew. But Shauna, you had a certain twinkle in your eye that gave it away. I never met two people more connected. Stay true to each other, hang on tight, for this will pass, Lucy is yours forever.

  103. Anonymous

    So happy for you three. It will be okay. What a lovely post. God bless and keep you every moment of every day. Welcome, little Lucy! Please keep us posted….Debra

  104. Valerie

    I’ve been reading the past few months without commenting (although one time I tried but my internet dropped before it got through). So glad that Lucy is finally here and thinking good thoughts that you will all get through this just fine. Thanks for keeping us readers posted about what is going on with little Lucy–we are all rooting for her.

  105. Gaile

    Welcome Lucy, longed for and loved beyond words. Such a wonderful life awaits you, so full of joy and laughter, breathe it all in little one, the world awaits you. Congratulations Shauna and Danny, sending you and your daughter love and light with every breath from up here in b’ham.

  106. jane

    first post… finally.

    get well soon lucy, your lovely parents are “waiting to take you away”.

    congrats to all… i’ve been a fan for a very long time. thanks for sharing a bit of your life with the world.

  107. Christie CC

    I don’t know you; you don’t know me. But I will hope and pray for your Little Lucy Bean.

    *When* Lucy is better, please remember to take care of yourself.

    I have only had the horrific-enough experience of having my son hospitalized at 6 weeks old for what turned out to be nothing more than a cold. But it was horribly traumatic to see my son go through procedure after procedure, touched by so many hands of people other than those who loved him all the while not knowing what was wrong or if he would be okay.

    Much healing and love to you all!

    Christie Carter, NY

  108. Jeanne

    Welcome, welcome Lucy! Scream out as loud as you can–we can’t quite hear you in Wallingford!!

    Deep breaths beins sent to you all.

  109. smallbluebird

    Lovely Lucy. You are cared for in Pasadena, Ca and we, too, are breathing deeply for and with you.

    I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. ~e.e. cummings

    nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands ~e.e. cummings

    Shaun, a little M. Oliver to mark this wonderful birth:

    the hatchlings wake in the swaying branches,
    in the silver baskets,
    and love the world.
    Is it necessary to say any more?
    Have you heard them singing in the wind, above the final fields?
    Have you ever been so happy in your life?
    – Mary Oliver

  110. Petra

    It’s such a wonderful time and there is no preparing for the reality and joy of a new life.

    I am sending Lucy and both of you lots of Love and Light, stay strong!

  111. Marty52

    Apnea is just plain scary, isn’t it? You never know when that monitor is going to go off and scare you to death one more time. Know this, though… it will get better as Miss Lucy’s lungs grow a bit more. My second son had severe apnea after being born at 32 weeks (yes, with a C-section). He is hale and hearty now, 30 years later, with two babies of his own. This, too, shall pass.

    Welcome to the world, little one.

  112. Hannah

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have read in a long time. I am breathing for Lucy and breathing for you.

  113. Michelle

    Congratulations! Lucy is a beautiful baby! As my husband and I continual said after the birth of our first daughter, three truly is a magic number.

    While you remind Lucy to breath, make sure you and the Chef continue to breath yourselves. As the nurses have told you and others here have already said, Lucy is a fighter. And, that, right now, is her biggest advantage. Keep fighting, keep breathing, and the dawn will come.

  114. the professionals

    lucy is breathtaking – and may that be a pun she enjoys laughing over many years from now! you are all very much in our thoughts – stay strong and full of the love!

  115. michelle f

    i’m willing breath into her with all my heart. funny that, from someone who only “knows” you from some words in the interweb. but yes. breathe, fight and keep on, because there’s a lot out here for your to see and experience.

  116. Clumbsy Cookie

    Congratulations! Wow it’s so nice to see her, i’ve been following but never commented here. But today I really had too. May Lucy learn happiness from her parents and may you enjoy teaching her. Welcome little bean!

  117. Zoomie

    Shauna, Danny and Lucy – we send love and breath and energy and feistiness and faith in her lively spirit.

  118. Jason & Michelle Perry

    You don’t know me, I’ve been reading since I was diagnosed celiac. Just wanted you to know me and my family are sending prayers your way.

  119. Jason & Michelle Perry

    You don’t know me, I’ve been reading since I was diagnosed celiac. Just wanted you to know me and my family are sending prayers your way.

  120. Jason & Michelle Perry

    You don’t know me, I’ve been reading since I was diagnosed celiac. Just wanted you to know me and my family are sending prayers your way.

  121. Lisa

    Welcome to the world Lucy! Sorry to hear of the scary times. Sounds like she is in very good hands. Sending best wishes she is breathing well soon and home with you. Hugs.

  122. Anonymous

    Congratulations! Delurking to say: Lucy is gorgeous and strong. Wishing your family all the best.

    Jody M

  123. Tori

    In response to your comment about the caring nurses. Find out if your hospital has a program that recognizes above and beyond care. At our local hospital a comment card can be filled out and that particular person gets a rose to stick to their name tag. Some of the staff has so many that they’ve had to add on hang tags to the bottom to hold all the roses. Those are always the nurses that are awesome and you can tell they earned those roses with hard work and a caring attitude.

    She’ll get there and she’ll fight. Everything will work out, babies are tough and can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. Lucy sounds like she’s ready to see it all and she will with two of the most qualified people to show it to her.

    Please, keep us updated on her progress. This may not be a “mommy blog” but the community here is like a family and I’m sure the people that read this site are concerned about it’s newest member.

  124. tarambarker

    Oh little Lucy Bean, welcome sweet one! It’s understandable that you might need breathing lessons – the birth of such a perfect new person leaves all of us holding our breath, also! Your life to come with your wonderful parents will be full of many, many learning experiences, and it is fitting that your first family lesson be that of the basic, miraculous act of breathing, together. Welcome to the world, precious baby. Keep fighting – it will get easier.

    Congratulations, Shauna and the Chef, on your amazing daughter. Your words and pictures brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for trusting us enough to share this time in your lives. I think all the advice of deep breaths will serve you well long after this trying time has passed – parenthood never looses it’s breathtaking power. And welcome to the world to you two, as well, for surely you have experienced the re-birth that is Motherhood and Fatherhood. Enjoy.

  125. Karla

    Wishing you all the healing that comes from love. The three of you are deeply in my thoughts and prayers. Love from the east coast.

  126. Anonymous

    Lucy is beautiful and perfect. Enormous hugs and prayers coming for you from Texas.


  127. Anonymous

    Oh congratulations!!! Seems like no time at all that you announced your pregnancy and now here she is, just perfect; oh yes!
    Thinking of you all and hoping you get to go home, as a family, soon.

    All best wishes, Rachel (a long time reader, de-lurking for the first time)

  128. Anonymous

    Dear Little Lucy,

    Coming into this world a scary thing. Sometimes I find it hard to catch my breath, and I’ve been here for quite some time. Little Bean, you have some awesome parents waiting for you, and there’s a wonderful life that awaits you. And oddly-enough there are many people who you will probably never meet who are pulling for you out here. Anyway, Dear Lucy, you have a wonderful adventure ahead of you, and two very amazing people to help you through it! Godspeed little Lucy!

    Jeannine from Pittsburgh

  129. Anonymous

    Welcome to the world beautiful Lucy! Best wishes to you and your family, my prayers are with you.

  130. Christina

    Congrats on your baby girl. Beautiful Boy filled my head when my beloved 1st son was born. I swear I tear up even today when I hear that song.
    Wishing little Lucy some deep breaths

  131. momcan'tdance

    Shauna, Danny and dear little Lucy!

    Amazing that the internet has interwoven all these emotions. And yet, here we all are, pulling for your sweet little girl. I can’t help remembering all your stories of Elliot…letting him sniff herbs and such, and I had that same feeling looking at the picture of you all as a family…someday, they’ll do that with Lucy!

    However we choose to express it…you are definitely in our prayers!

    Bend, OR

  132. Sally Parrott Ashbrook

    Sending up prayers of healing and strength for you, Lucy, and Chef now.

  133. laughingatchaos

    Deep breaths, darling Lucy. Keep fighting. Many congratulations, momma and poppa Chef. It’ll be ok.

  134. Sigma Sigma Sigma Utah Alumnae Chapter

    I just want to say congrats on the birth of your daughter and I am praying for you all. She is beautiful!!!

  135. Gluten Free...licious!

    Just one look at that beautiful face and you know she is a fighter!! I will spare you the details, but we went through a similar ordeal and it was horrifying, but I’m happy to say my now 5 year old is healthy, happy and takes MY breath away every day! All three of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Many hugs, kisses and breaths are sent to you!

  136. The Navratil Family

    Congratulations, Shauna and Daniel (and yes, I feel like I can call you both by your first names because I have come to “know you” so very well on this blog)!

    Lucy…what a beautiful name. And so appropriate for Beatles fans (my son’s middle name is Jude).

    I can’t think of a better quote that that OF The Beatles (albeit overused and mainstream): “All you need is love.” Let your hearts swell and overflow with love for dear little Lucy, and that love will pour over her and get those perfect little lungs working in NO time.

    I and my family in Buffalo, NY all await the news of your arrival home!

  137. Kelley

    Welcome to the world, beautiful Lucy. Sending lots of positive vibes to Shauna the Chef and Lucy. As I write this, the Beatles are singing ‘Jai guru deva om’. Hail to the divine, indeed!

  138. Anonymous

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautful daughter! Shauna, your words have helped me through some of the hardest moments in my life this past year, and though I haven’t said anything until now, please know that I am praying deeply for you and your extraordinary Family.

    Sending warm wishes, happy thoughts, and deep deep breaths of fresh, Maine air your way.


  139. Ali-kat

    Congratulations!! I hope that when things settle down you do a post about trying to eat gluten-free at the hospital. My OB said I should plan on bringing in all my own food. Plus trying to get meds free of allergens is a whole other ball game. Fortunately my mom is a hospital pharmacist and she checks all my drugs for me. She works nearish to you, but not close enough I think. Portland is too far away from you to pick her brain about gluten-free drugs.

  140. DiMerch

    Your baby is perfect. Trust everyone in the ICU. I had a baby that only weighed 13 ounces (she was 3 months premature) and was in the hospital for almost 6 months. She was on oxygen for over a year after she was discharged and went home with a feeding tube. Our lives were flipped upside down as your is at this moment but I want to tell you that everything will be alright. Trust what your heart and head tell you. That’s what I did and our baby girl is now almost 3 and is the feisty, smartest and most beautiful creature I have ever known. She has no problems associated with her prematurity which is a miracle in and of itself. Your little Lucy will be just fine, I can feel it. Sending positive vibes your way.

  141. Anonymous

    She got your attention right away! She’s a beauty and a fighter and from the look of her first baby picture she is here to stay for real. All my prayers to sweet baby Lucy, and you Shuana and also for your rock of a Daddy, The Chef.
    Love, Susanne

  142. Jack

    Welcome, Lucy! And hooray for kangaroo care and breastmilk — those are the two best things you guys can give her right now besides your love, which she’s always had. Hopefully she’s turned the corner; sometimes those 37 weekers are ready to breathe on their own, sometimes not. Thank goodness for good hospitals, doctors and nurses — sounds like you guys are in good hands.

  143. Anonymous

    Congrats! My sister who is half a world away from me had her daughter 5 days before you. I’m more than a little emotional these days.

    I read you post with tears streaming down my face. My thoughts are with you, Chef and Lucy

  144. Jules

    Wow. I just began reading your blog and here I am crying reading this. I will pray for Lucy and you and Chef. I can tell she’s a very lucky little girl to have you both. She will be okay.

  145. De

    Dear Shauna, the Chef, and Lucy,

    I feel like I can write this to you even though I’ve never posted before. I think it’s good for you to know that so many people are pulling for the three of you.

    I wanted to type for you a poem/prayer from Unity which has helped my family through times that are troubled, as well as the happy everyday times (I use the word “god” here, but obviously any word that makes you comfortable can be substituted in its place:

    The light of god surrounds you.
    the love of god enfolds you,
    the power of god protects you,
    the presence of god watches over you,
    where I am,
    god is.

    My mom has a visualization for this one, so when I say this prayer for Lucy tonight I’ll imagine her basking in light, Jesus standing by her incubator (mom imagines jesus in the guise of a 1960s hippie in tie-dye), a big strong Viking on the other side, and a white dove flying over her.

    Also here is a number for the Silent Unity prayer request line. While Unity is of a Christian denomination, they are a wonderful and open organization that has competent calming praying people on the phones 24 hours a day.

    1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729)

    Be well, all of you, you are so very loved!

  146. Hannah Rose

    We waited so long to meet you, Little Bean. To know you, your name, your face, YOU. And you ARE perfect.

    Shauna, I have been reading your blog for quite a while now, your book is my bible, and as an aspiring writer with celiac you mean so much more to me than I could ever say.

    Your story of Lucy touched my heart in so many ways. My mum always tells the story of when I was born, I came out…and went to sleep for three long excruciating days for my parents. I guess I just wasn’t ready for the world yet. And I like to think I used that time to become ready for the trials that I did not know I would face. I have had more health problems than anyone should, including a brain tumor at age four. I’m not trying to scare you, but my point is that I KNOW what it is like to think you don’t have the strength for a moment more. But I am still here, and maybe those three days of sleep was me gaining the courage for the life that lay before me. I believe that, in any case.

    Your picture made me cry, it was beautiful and intimate…I’d never seen someone so beautiful in my life. That was so…real. My mum read this with me (handing me tissues) and told me that when I was born they wanted to instantly wipe me off, and she said no. She let the waxy stuff soak into my skin and become part of me. That picture was so intimate, and so powerful.

    Breathe Lucy, take your time, we will wait for you eagerly. Just breathe. It’s not an easy task at times, but I believe you can do it. Breathe, Lucy.

    20, Oregon

  147. Carly

    I have just stumble across your blog.

    Congratulations and Welcome to Lucy.

    Sending you lots of healthy lung filling vibes from our family.

    I so enjoyed reading you blog. you are a gifted writer. I’m off to add your book to my amazon wishlist. 🙂

    Keep getting stronger Lucy.

  148. Kate

    This is an AMAZING post. Beautifully written.
    (I “found” your blog through optimisticvoices.blogspot.)
    Your daughter’s “I’m brand new” picture brought tears to my eyes.
    I hope for all the blessings in the world to come to your family.

  149. bunny

    Heart-felt congratulations on the birth of your beautiful, precious baby.

    And welcome, little Lucy to this World!

    Your entire family has our family’s well-wishes, prayers, and good thoughts.
    Just as the soft rains fill the streams,
    pour into the rivers, and join together in the oceans,
    so may the power of every moment of your goodness
    flow forth to awaken and heal all beings–
    those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.

    By the power of every moment of your goodness,
    may your heart’s wishes be soon fulfilled
    as completely shining as the bright full moon,
    as magically as by a wish-fulfilling gem.

    By the power of every moment of your goodness,
    may all dangers be averted and all disease be gone.
    May no obstacle come across your way.
    May you enjoy fulfillment and long life.

    For all in whose heart dwells respect,
    who follow the wisdom and compassion, of the Way,
    may your life prosper in the four blessings
    of old age, beauty, happiness and strength.

    (traditional Buddhist Blessing)

  150. katie stone

    i’m in seattle right now sending you, the chef, and your beautiful little girl all the love and well wishes i have…hang in there!!!!

  151. sarah

    I love the picture of Lucy and what a cute name by the way. Your articles have been life savers and have inspired me to do my own experiments in wheat free foods. I published my first recipe today.

  152. Leslie

    Hi Shauna and Danny,
    If anyone can overcome the obstacles that will come her way in life, will be Lucy. She has great, strong parents that will show her the way. My best wishes to the three of you!
    Leslie – CrazyQFarm Bakery

  153. weavergirlguz

    breathe, baby, breathe! You can do it, you are (all of ours) ‘Little Bean’.
    All is right with the world, Lucy IS here.

  154. Sonja

    Welcome, Lucy. And congratulations, Shauna and Danny!

    Delurking to send you all the love and blessing and good energy possible from the Washington, DC are. Keep believing and fighting, and know we are thinking of you.

    Arlington, VA

  155. Callisto

    Congratulations on the arrival of beautiful little Lucy – sending you all the best and brightest positive vibes i can muster up!!

  156. Kathryn

    Congratulations on the birth of your amazing daughter, Lucy.

    Before becoming parents I think we all imagine what it’s going to be like. The birth, the hospital stay, taking that little bundle of joy and love home, and the wonderful days ahead. But then life happens. With the birth of all three of my children there have been days of great joy and days of not such great joy. My first born was rushed to NICU right after my c-section….they “knocked me out” right after he was born. Thankfully he figured out how to breathe and live after 3 long, long days. But as I look back now, 9 years later, that was a small little bleep in our life.

    Hang in there….there is so much more life to live for little Lucy. I send you all my good wishes and prayers!

    Lucy means “light” and I know she will be the light of your life. Enjoy her!


  157. Lisa

    Thank you for sharing this poignant moment in your lives. Your little girl is a beauty! I wish you all strength, deep breaths, and continued support. Lucy may be small, but her spirit and will seem big 🙂

  158. Anonymous

    Lucy, Shauna, and Daniel: So many thoughts of love and healing breath rolling into that ICU right now. The fighting spirit is innate. Take care of yourselves.

  159. stepmomof2

    Congratulations! I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. May Lucy grow up to be strong and healthy and thrive in the love that is so abundant around her.

  160. Kay aka dkswife

    Congratulations!! May Lucy breath freely on her own very soon! God Bless Your Family!

  161. VanC

    Welcome Little Bean we’re all so very glad you are here! Deep Breaths Baby Love in and out, in and out til it’s all the time every day and every night. Your parents love you so very much. You are the miracle in their love story. Keep fighting!

  162. annie

    oh she is beautiful. and so are her parents. my love and prayers are with her, and you both–

    respira profundo, lucy! you can do it!

    have faith. she’s feisty.

  163. cyberprof

    Welcome to the world Lucy! Shauna and Danny, what can I say? Just remember to breathe in the light.

    My sister has been a NICU nurse at a Level III nursery in Seattle for 20 years, and I know that those people are the best at what they do. I hope by now you’re out of the NICU or maybe even home.

    Enjoy the big and little moments and the new world that you have created.


  164. Cate

    Such like a girl to bring the drama in from day one, huh? Congratulations to your whole family on little Lucy. Love the name and it was on our short-list too. Looks like the word breath is the perfect complement for your yes tattoo. Breathe, a lesson we could all remember sometimes. Hang in there, Shauna. Thinking positive thoughts for all of you.

  165. Kharina

    Hello Lucy Marie. We’ve all been waiting with excitement for your arrival!
    Remember to breathe when things get tough. We all forget to breathe at times. And don’t let mum brush your hair when she is angry at dad and if you need to draw on the walls, do it behind the furniture.
    Lots of love and good vibes from the UK to you guys!:D

  166. Melanie

    Welcome Lucy. And congratulations Chef and Shauna. And now forever your hearts will beat outside of your bodies…

  167. Courtney

    Oh, Shauna. Oh, chef. Oh, Lucy. I can’t imagine any baby in the cyber world with more prayers coming her way right now. Breathe, breathe, breathe…

  168. House of Jules

    Oh my gosh, did this post make me cry! Sending the three of you love, light and positivity. Some friends had a similar situation at the birth of their first born, and I came across a quote to send along with flowers that has stuck with me ever since: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”
    Their first born is an 11-year old perfectly healthy boy now. Hang in there…. and I probably should have opened with this, but Lucy is adorable. Congratulations.
    House of Jules

  169. terry

    oh my god… my heart is in my throat reading this.

    she is gorgeous. and you can see the fight in her.

    sending you all positive, healing thoughts.

  170. Alice and Terry

    Please know that so many people are cheering at their computer, with lots of love and compassion for Lucy (including you and the Chef!)
    Congratulations and best of luck with your upcoming adventures with Lucy. We are here for you, Shuana!

  171. Vittoria

    You’re beautiful daughter has inherited strength from both you and The Chef. She is already a fighter, and as you say, she has many battles to fight and many lessons to learn. We all do things our own way. This is just her way. My heart goes out to you, The Chef, and your Lucy.

  172. Tay

    Lucy, Lucy! Welcome to the world, little one. I am *so* happy and excited for you three, what a beautiful family…

    Tears won't stop as I read your post and all the comments. Shauna & Danny and little Lucy, you are in the center of a ever-growing circle of love and healing energy. It stretches over the whole world. We are all pulling for you from our little corners.

    What an intense mediation practice you are in…just following the breath. In, out, in out.

    Bless you three in these tough days and always. Sending love from this corner and holding you in my own meditations.

  173. danikaw

    Congratulations to you, Shauna and The Chef. I am saying prayers for little Lucy. (Though I have confidence and faith that she will get through this.) You are right- she is a fighter and is not going to leave this world.

    I love the comic. It hits home for me, as my daughter is also named Lucy (18 months old). We listened to The Beatles throughout my labor and when she was born, we knew right away she was a Lucy. It’s a strong name, and of course, full of light.

    Welcome to the world, dear Lucy. Keep breathing!

  174. Anonymous

    Oh Lucy you are beautiful! You are strong and a fighter. You have wonderful parents caring and loving you and a worldful of rooting supporters. Welcome to the world little one. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you being your life’s journey.

  175. amanda

    What a lucky Little Bean your Lucy is – she has two parents who love her so much they would give her the breath from their own bodies.

    Congratulations to your lovely family – hope Lucy is safe home with you very soon.

  176. Chanae

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little girl! Know that there are thoughts and prayers and well wishes for your baby and your family, now and for years to come, from places that you can’t even imagine.

  177. shady charbonnet

    Welcome Lucy! Congratulations Shauna and Dan!

    Our oldest daughter was born into similar situation. I had an emergency c-section and she was in NICU for almost two weeks. Those nurses in there are really a special breed of angel. I would not have made it through if not for the support of those NICU nurses.

    Today Kasey is a beautiful, happy and healthy 19 (almost 20)year old about to start her junior year in college. She is going to be a surgeon.

  178. E!

    Lucy is here! Wouldn’t it be funny if she turned out to be a singer? Raising kids is the most wonderful/scary/terrific/horrible/insane adventure, and it’s worth every fantastic terrifying second. Congratulations to you both, and I’m sending lots of love and positive energy your way. Little Lucy’s gonna kick some a$$, she just needs to find her groove. And you guys are without a doubt some of the most kick-a$$ parents a kid could ever hope for! Love, love, love to all of you…


  179. Cheryl A

    Congratulations and heartfelt joy for your precious Lucy (great name, BTW). She will get through this. YOu will get through this. Keep up the kangaroo care, it really is the best thing ever.

  180. Cheryl A

    Congratulations and heartfelt joy for your precious Lucy (great name, BTW). She will get through this. YOu will get through this. Keep up the kangaroo care, it really is the best thing ever.

  181. Cheryl A

    Congratulations and heartfelt joy for your precious Lucy (great name, BTW). She will get through this. YOu will get through this. Keep up the kangaroo care, it really is the best thing ever.

  182. Katelyn

    Shauna and Danny, I’m thrilled and crying for you too. This post is stunning and ferociously hopeful; I’m sending all happy, healthy vibes your way.

  183. Liz

    Remember: the power of prayer and family and friends and love and sheer, unabiding will are more powerful than any medical profession will ever understand.

    Our hearts are cracked wide open, and we pray for you.

  184. Krys72599

    Sending breaths to Lucy and hugs to you and to The Chef. We’ve waited for the big announcement and as hard as it was for you to write what you did, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to send our prayers to heaven for you and your beautiful daughter – I just know she’ll be fine and we wait patiently for that post that says, “She’s fine and we’ll be back in a few weeks or months, after we enjoy our family alone for a while!!!”

  185. Anonymous

    My heart goes out to you. Congratulations on your glorious, wonderful, beautiful daughter. I will be here breathing for you.

  186. Maria

    Congratulations! Lucy, what a gift! You three look fabulous! I’m sending tons of healing, breathing, peaceful thoughts your way.

  187. Mom on the Run

    Congratulations on Lucy’s arrival. That is probably one of the sweetest birth announcements I have seen. The three of you are in my prayers that you can bring Lucy home soon and that you can get some much needed rest.

  188. Alexandra

    Welcome Lucy aka Little Bean! Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way…Breathe Little Lucy…Breathe…

  189. Anonymous

    Wow! I was thrilled to hear of Lucy’s birth then saddened to learn that the first few days have been such a struggle for her as she learns to breathe. I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through. My thoughts are with you.

  190. Dee Martin

    Praying that God will hold all three of you just the way you would hold your new daughter – warm, safe, giving strength and sustenance, surrounding you with His healing love.

  191. Kimberly

    Congratulations Shauna on your beautiful baby girl. My prayers are with you at this trying time; breathe little baby girl.

  192. stacieknits

    Congratulations to you and Chef! She is gorgeous. Sending slow and steady breathing vibes your way, Chef, Shauna and Lucy.

  193. tiennie

    Wishing Lucy and her mama and papa all the best! Fight Lucy!

    “I Will” is the lullaby song I sing to my kids. We love it.

  194. Shirley

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds … welcome to the world, baby girl. The pictures were so awesome. Sending light and love to you all as Lucy fights her way to breathing beautifully 24/7. Big hugs to you two and healing ones to Lucy!

  195. Julie

    Parenthood is something I’ve learned you can never be prepared for. Every minute is new, thrilling, terrifying, emotionally overwhelming, exhausting, exhilirating, and so worth every second. I’m sorry your ride got off to a jolting start. I agree with others – spend as much time as they will allow you to with her body on yours; you already know how in synch you are. You and the Chef can help her remember.

    (I myself was breach, born dark purple, not breathing, had apnea and an apgar score of 0, and was in intensive care for days. My poor parents. But the following 37 years have been spectacular.)

    I am so happy for your little family. Lots of deep breaths coming from Calgary.

  196. julie

    Congratulations – what a beautiful family!!!

    You have been such an inspiration with your recipes and such a joy to read, thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Little ones are all consuming – mine are 5 and 2 and they are still exhausting. But when you hear the pitter patter of their feet running up the stairs and the “I love you too, Mommy” at the end of the day…..it’s all worth it.

    You have had some scary times with little Lucy, talking about it can help. I know this from experience. It allows you to voice your concerns so they are not bottled up and allows others to know how to help.

    Sleep well baby girl, you have so much to look forward to.

  197. Anonymous

    Delurking to echo what so many have already said. Congratulations on the much anticipated arrival of Lucy! Sending warmth and support to your family. I’ll keep you, Chef and Lucy in my thoughts.

  198. Monica

    Congratulations to you and the Chef and welcome to little Lucy! These are wonderful and scary times for you now but they build character & strength & teach us the real importance of life. We lived through it with our preemie son 3 years ago & believe me these babies fight with no complaints & all they ask is that we be there for them & fight for them & most importantly love them.

    Lucy you are in our prayers for a full recovery.

  199. Kristin

    I read once that having a child is like taking your heart out of your body and giving it legs and letting it walk around in the world.

    I will keep you ALL in my thoughts and hope for Lucy to keep fighting !!

    And by the way – your nurses sound amazing. I am sure they appreciate your gratitude.

    With much love and hope …

    Kristin & Rick

  200. Chrissy

    Congratulations, a baby girl & she is beautiful. I'll be thinking of you all until she is safe and sound at home.

  201. kathryn

    Oh Shauna and The Chef. Best, best, best wishes to you and little Lucy. Thinking of you, hoping for you, sending all the positive thoughts in the world to you. Just keep breathing Lucy – you’ll get the hang of it in the end.

  202. Nicola

    Like many people I am commenting here for the first time, despite having read and been touched by your stories for a long time. Also like many people here I am moved to tears by your story of Lucy’s difficult first days. Even without knowing you I have still felt very connected to your journey and was so excited about LB’s birth – last week I was going away for a long weekend and so cheated on Wednesday, looked at the Flickr photos before your post was up and felt great joy to see that Lucy had arrived safely. I went away with a smile inside me, not knowing that all the time you were experiencing such fear and pain. Now I am another stranger, sending the three of you all of my love and energy. You are a beautiful family, thank you so much for sharing so much here. Hold tight, love, breathe.

  203. fc12

    I’ve never left a comment despite enjoying this site for 2 years. I had a beautiful boy only a week before Lucy was born and wish you all the best for the beginning of her life. Lucy is light and she will light the way for everyone in due time. She’s just getting used to being here. Thinking the lightest, best thoughts for you all.

  204. Vanessa

    Lovely Lucy, the Gluten-Free Family, congratulations to you all.

    With the breaths I’m taking here in Ireland I’m sending you love and trust that you’ll fight your way through. It’s amazing how we take the little things like the breath in our lungs for granted. Any minute now Lucy will be able to do the same!

  205. muffinandbear

    Sending wonderful thoughts to you and your new family. Mazel Tov. I will be thinking good, clean, airy thoughts!

  206. Gemma

    Congratulations on your beautiful girl, she is gorgeous. All my best wishes to you all, you are in my thoughts.

  207. Julie Keen

    You, the Chef, and Lucy are in my prayers. I am taking deep breaths and sending them her way …
    Julie Keen

  208. meplus3

    I know how hard it is to have babies in the hospital. My twins were born premature and though they only spent 10 days there, it wasn’t easy. She’s a fighter, I can tell!

    Sending breathing and fighting vibes your way.

    You’ll be in my thoughts.

  209. Anonymous

    Sending warm thoughts and prayers from Missouri for sweet Lucy! I have found myself whispering “breathe” all morning and I know it will continue all day as I think of her, and of you and the Chef.


  210. Anonymous

    I was in the position of your little Lucy 25 years ago. Now all I’ve got to show for those few rough months is the big appetite of a baby born fighting. I pray she will recover as fully as I did, with an appetite that will do her parents proud.

  211. milhan

    Welcome to the world Lucy!

    Breathe in all that life has to offer you – the possibilities are endless!

  212. cessc

    I entered the world 11 weeks too soon 28 years ago and did not breath on my own for 4 week. Lucy will be FINE. Sending healing, breathing vibes her way!

  213. Stephanie

    Can I tell you about the Lucy in my life? My grandmother. She was a wonderful, wide-hearted woman. 3 children, 9 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren when she passed.

    I got married when she was in her mid-80’s, and she could barely stand. 2 years later, we were visiting her and she was dancing in her kitchen. (As I imagine you will be when you are 85!)

    When she was 90, she was told her heart was weakening; she
    might die within days, maybe 6 months. With that information, she cleaned her bathroom every night. Because G-d forbid she would die in the night and someone would find her bathroom dirty. She did this for two more years, having the opportunity to meet more great grandchildren and introduce my oldest to some of her family-famous foods.

    No one as yet has named a child after my grandma Lucy. As yet unbound, I anticipate that her strong soul will support your precious little one until Lucy Marie is ready to do it on her own.

    Welcome beautiful girl! Thank you for sharing your Family in its rocky start and all its beauty. Congratulations to you.

  214. Anonymous

    I, too, have endured those endless hours in the NICU. My sons (all 3 of them) had the same dilemmas that your darling Lucy is facing. Trust in God that things do improve and soon she will be that bright eyed baby you had dreams of!! God Bless!

  215. dancing kitchen

    Welcome to this world Lucy Marie…
    Oh the places you will go. Life is an adventure and a bit of fight will take you far. Good energy sent to all of you. Let yourself feel the love you are surrounded in…
    Congratulations new family!!

  216. Anonymous

    Shauna! We’re all thinking about you and baby Lucy. Of course she will pull through, no doubt about it. You guys are in our prayers!

  217. Tiff

    July 21st is my sister’s birthday. She had an easily dislocatable left elbow for the first year of her life — she was constantly in a cast, which doesn’t look quite right on a baby — so I can tell you that July 21st babies are strong babies!

    Prayers to your family. Have faith that all will be as it should.

  218. Anonymous

    Delurking to say congratulations! Prayers and deep thoughts to Lucy.
    She will learn to breathe, I know she will.

  219. leslie

    Happy Birthday Lucy! Put another candle on the birthday cake, you are a week old today! Keep going, and before you know it, you’ll be cooking up a storm with your ole’ mom and dad! Good Luck!

  220. Darby

    Congratulations on your beautiful, wonderful, and feisty little Lucy. Breathe, sweet little girl!! Add me to the list of people thinking about you all.


  221. Jennifer

    My husband and I are praying for Little Bean Lucy to breath fully and deeply. We are praying for you and Chef to have peace and comfort and joy during this time. Lucy is so blessed to have the two of you very strong people as her new parents, her warriors in this battle. Thank you for sharing with the world your life, your story and your beautiful baby. We will continue praying for your beautiful baby girl and your family. Congratulations!

  222. ByTheBay

    Oh Shauna, how scary… I am sending so many prayers for Lucy and for you. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter. Hang in there! Keep us posted.

  223. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing Lucy with me – with US. It just goes to show you how many lives you have effected and how much we share your love, joy, and pain. We await with bated breath for Lucy…
    We LOVE you.

  224. Stephanie/Idaho

    Prayer is what I am sending. I am praying for this time in your life! She looks like a fighter! Congratulations on a wonderful, beautiful baby girl!

    I cried a little when I read this, and was so excited that she is here! I KNOW she will be okay…

  225. Anonymous

    Your daughter is beautiful and so lucky to have such extraordinary parents. Your positive energy and love will make all of the difference. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  226. Christine

    Oh my, oh my. I know this is a few days after your post so I am fervently wishing that you are out of the ICU and breathing up a storm little Lucy. You are strong and you are able.

    Blessings and love your way, all of you.

  227. Jo Anne

    Welcome to the world, little Lucy. Breathe, precious girl. A while back, I was an older, first-time mom who had just had a c-section. My sweet baby also stopped breathing at times. He is now a 24-year-old, wonderful man serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa. It will be fine. Joy to you all.

  228. Anonymous

    Born (2 months premature)weighing only 3 pounds (one of identical twins – she weighed 4), the doctors told my parents not to open the champagne… We were fighters too – ready to get out into the wide world sooner than some might have wished, we refused to stay lying flat on the heart monitor pads inside the incubators…

    We’re now 30 years old, healthy and happy: I wish the same for your beautiful Lucy.

    Congratulations, and good luck.

  229. Anonymous

    Little Warrior Baby Lucy knows what to do better than anybody – she will listen to and follow your breathing, your heartbeats, your love. She will lead you through this (“the only way out is through” after all) and lead you home. Soon. I can already see the next post, with a picture of your beautiful family at home, healthy and enveloped in love.

    Thank you for all you have given us to help us love ourselves and our families by saying yes to our health and all that is wonderful in the world – we are all, obviously, sending you all of our love right back, multiplied. Get that gorgeous, fierce baby home and bask in the warm cocoon of your lovely family.

  230. Emily

    Congratulations! Know that you have many people sending good thoughts, vibes and prayers your way.
    Breathe, little Lucy!

  231. Bowl of Soul Gal

    Welcome little Lucy Marie. My prayers are with you and your loving parents.

    May love and light fill your little lungs and may you be home very, very soon!

  232. Helen

    Dearest Shauna and Danny,

    Congratulations! She is here 🙂 and she is so beautiful 🙂 most importantly, she is a fighter. I can’t imagine how scared you are right now, but you are doing the right thing and taking it one day at a time. We are all thinking of you and sweet little Lucy. Just remember with every breath she takes, she gets better at breathing. Soon, soon, you’ll take her home and all will be well.

    Big hug,

  233. Lisa-Marie

    I took a deep breath and listened…I am I am I am.-Sylvia Plath

    Welcome to Lucy. You have given us all so much with your posts, now it’s our turn to hold Lucy and both of your in our hearts. She will breathe and know that she is.

  234. Jen

    Little Lucy you are in my thoughts and prayers! Hang in there sweetheart and listen to your mama – she knows how to make the best of any challenge and inspires people as a result.
    You as well as your mommy and daddy are in my prayers!

  235. Anonymous

    When I finally saw this post I have been waiting for, I cried like Lucy was my niece or something. I pray that you and Chef would look for answers in places that you may have discounted or disregarded before this trying time. Your daughter is beautiful and that word is never overused when it comes to babies, in my opinion. I joy with you as I’ve never had a baby girl in my arms, though I wouldn’t trade my two boys for anything. Prayers again, to all three of you.

  236. Dahlia

    Little Lucy: there is no force in this world stronger than love, and we love you already. Keep breathing, little one.

  237. Jen HC

    Congratulations to you! Beautiful Little Miss Lucy!!!
    We’re thinking of you all and sending deep breaths from the salty air of the Ocean State!

  238. alison

    congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl – my thoughts and best wishes are with you all.

  239. Fiona

    Happy One-Week birthday, little Lucy! You like just like your mommy in that beautiful first photo. I hope you’re getting the hang of this breathing business.

    Soon you’ll be home, and while mommy says she will keep you out of her blog going forward, I hope we will glean sneak peeks from time to time. You have a big fan club already, little one.

    Keep breathing, Lucy.


  240. betsy

    Welcome to the world, sweet, beautiful, strong little Lucy! Hearty congratulations to your family of three. We’re sending peace, strength and hope as Lucy figures out the business of breathing.

  241. Anonymous

    Welcome, Lucy Marie and congratulations to the proud parents….you have a fighter on your hands. Prayers of healing and peace for your sweet, precious family.


  242. Kathy

    Tears are flowing inside and out as I read your beautiful post. Welcome to the world beautiful girl Lucy Marie. And Congratulations to you three. She is clearly strong and a fighter and so so loved. We are thinking of her. She is here, as you write. She is here! She is just is finding her rhythm out here.

  243. Ginnie

    My first ever post after reading all of yours is to say “Welcome, Lucy!” and “Congratualtions, Mom and Dad!” Lucy, you’re gorgeous and I know you’ll find your breath in your own time. Sending all the good vibes to you and your Mom and Dad. With love…

  244. Hapamama

    Breathe, light and strength to the three of you. After spending my daughters first few days also pressed against an isolette, I know a little of what you’re feeling. Now two years later you have never seen such an independent fiesty little girl. Thank you for allowing us all to be witness to your joy and your heartache. You’re a remarkable family.

  245. Anonymous

    Oh, dear, sweet Lucy,
    You’ve no idea the size of your cheering section. People your parents don’t know by name or face have re-routed every drop of energy and grace in your direction, just like that. You are so, so welcomed to this world.

    Molly H

  246. shanna

    oh, am i ever praying and thinking good thoughts for the three of you! i know lucy will be ok, she’s a fighter, just like you! YES.

    big big hugs,

  247. charlotte s

    sending baby lucy wishes for health… may you return home soon, with your new little baby, and enjoy this special time together, in health, happiness and tranquility….

  248. Kim

    Breath Lucy Breath.

    Welcome to the world loved one.

    Thank you for posting about something so intimate. I’ve been thinking about you all week. Good luck.

  249. PonaRamona


    Every day you continue to amaze and inspire me. I’m sure all will be well with the world and with Little Lucy. I wish you so much luck and happiness. For all you give to the world, the world owes you a rather large debt.

  250. Stacie

    Your momma and daddy are two very special people…and all of us here in blogger land are sending our thoughts and best wishes for you and your new parents.
    Shauna and Chef…you are both in my thoughts and prayers…congratulations on the meeting of your precious daughter.

  251. Cinthia

    I pray that Lucy get better soon, and breathe, breathe, breathe! We take such things for granted, but for a baby even the tiniest things are so essential… God bless you all, and I hope/pray she is well and healed very, very quickly!

  252. BeadWhisperer

    Welcome to the world Lucy! It's a shock, I'm sure, but everything is going to be all right. Your Mom & Dad's love has touched so many of us out here in the world, and now we're sending our love back to the three of you. You're all in my thoughts.

  253. Stine

    Yes – welcome Lucy! And welcome Shauna and the Chef to parenthood! After my 8 month long gluten-free pregnancy we welcomed Nora (aka peanut) into the world. She too arrived in her own way. All three of us wish you the very best.

    I’m so glad you posted now – and I hope that all of your friends in Seattle can actually give you the positive energy and support that so many of us out here clearly feel for you all.

    And yes, all babies go to drama school before they come out. Some of them just pay more attention in their lessons!

  254. Anonymous

    As with some of the other commenters, our baby had breathing problems at birth and spent time in the NICU. He was flown to a bigger hospital and since I had had a c-section I didn’t get to hold him for five days, when I could finally take the 8 hour drive to the children’s hospital where he was. I’m so glad you get to be together from the beginning, having her mom and dad right there with her, and the breast milk, will help so much. My little one was eventurally diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome, caused by being born a little early and by c-section (the fluid wasn’t squeezed out like it is with a vaginal birth). It took ten days for us to finally take him home and he is now a stong, feisty two-and-a-half year old. I hear many stories of babies born through c-section having breathing problems, something many women are not aware of, and all the babies I know of survive and do well. It helped me to hear that when we were going through all this. The doctors (and the amazing NICU nurses) know what they are doing and will do everything they can for Lucy. One thing to consider, though, is your own health. Even though you feel ok, your body has not healed yet. Take care of yourself. I did not and as a result had complications myself later. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  255. Emily

    I’m praying for your Lucy. I, too, spent the first weeks in the hospital, with pneumonia. It made me strong. It will do the same for her.

    I’m praying for you two as well…like all the hundreds of other posters. I’m praying for her lungs and your hearts.

    I know they’re breaking and mending with every breath.

  256. Wanderlusting

    Lucy is the name of a strong and spunky girl. You’re all going to be just fine, we know it.

    And to think I just came on here to find out how long to boil eggs!

    You’ll be in my prayers 🙂

  257. Grammie Monica

    Congratulations, Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef. We are so happy for you. We have been reading your site for about a year now and have been following your pregnancy. Many thoughts are with you and little Lucy.

  258. Anonymous

    I am so happy that you have a little Lucy to love. I am sending good thoughts your way right now. I hope Lucy is soon well enough to be home.

    Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of parenthood.


  259. Megan

    Congratulations! She’s strong(she has her mother in her). Because of Celiac I had a similar problem as a baby and was on a monitor until I was 3. A small box that my parents hooked me up to so that they would know instantly if I relaxed too much to breath or keep my heart rate up. I grew out of it and am happy and healthy on a gluten free diet. My mother sends her best for you and hope that you can sleep.

  260. A.

    Good thoughts to you, the Chef, and the little one, from a stranger. I hope all will be well. Keep fighting, Lucy!

  261. mama o' the matrices

    I carried my baby to the ambulance when I had a fresh c-section – somehow, the incision disappeared when my tiny one needed me. I remember counting breaths, feeling my baby’s fragility and my own, unexpected fragility.

    And I remember learning both of our toughness. You can do this, Shauna. Lucy will teach you what you need to know, just as you will teach her.

    And yes, babies do breathe better when on their mum or dad. There’s a Dr. James McKenna who has done all kinds of research on mother-baby dyads (okay, nursing ones), and shows their effect on infant apnea. Waking or sleeping, the mothers remind those babies to breathe.

    Astonishing, really.

  262. Lauren

    Hi Shauna,
    I have celiac and during a routine prenatal check up at 27 weeks they sent me to the hospital to have my son. We spent the next three weeks in the NICU, willing him to be strong, to breathe, to eat, to fight, to live. These will be hard days, but they will get better. Every day your daughter will grow stronger, eat more, breathe in deeper and feel the love surrounding her. Lots of love to you and the Chef, and baby Lucy. One day you will look back on this and say “we made it through, and look at our beautiful little girl playing chef, look at her squeeze my husband with so much strength, look at the smile that melts my heart when it says I wub you mommy. Good luck, congratulations, happy mommyhood. TOuch her every chance you get, skin to skin. I swear that contact like that is what made my son heal. And remember to take care of yourself most of all. Eat well so you have the strength to give back to her.

  263. Anonymous

    Shauna and Chef,

    Congratulations! Your daughter is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. Lucy Marie will soon be out of the woods and filling your life with joy. I am very happy for you and your family.

    Linda B

  264. Quirky

    You are a powerful writer, and your daughter will be a powerful little person as well. I cried with excitement to hear that your baby has arrived (I’ve been reading your blog in anticipation 🙂 I’ll keep you all in my prayers… welcome to the world little Lucy!

  265. Kristen

    I’m sitting here in tears. Such a lovely, lovely, lovely post… especially knowing now that she is out of the woods!

  266. Perez Family Spot

    WELCOME LUCY!! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Chef! What a beautiful family. May peace always surround you.

  267. swirlingnotions

    Oh my gosh, I’m all choked up and the only reason I’m not bawling is because I just read the next post and know that Lucy is safely out of the ICU. See what happens when you go away on vacation for ten days! Shauna, I am thrilled for the three of you, because you’re absolutely right . . . all’s right in the world: Lucy’s here. And she is here to stay.

  268. Anonymous

    “”Breathe, Lucy Marie. We want to show you the world. And you are already loved, by so many people who have never met you.””

    Indeed you are little lady.
    I’ve never commented before, but I read your mammas blog avidly and we have been following your journey into the world with such growing excitement, so come on, stomach in, chest out, deep proud breath and you go get’em girl! Welcome to the world little one, with all the love in it XXX Tracy M

  269. linda

    Congratulations on little Lucy, and I’m very glad she is doing much better than when you posted this entry 🙂
    Hope the (breast)feeding is going ok!

  270. Anonymous

    I realized today that I hadn’t checked your blog in over a week and was curious about your new addition. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Lucy will no doubt have a beautiful life surrounded by love. My best to you all.

  271. Glenn+Jenn+Owen+Ian

    I am so moved…my 10-week old son was in the hospital for 3 days at 5 weeks and had the lumbar puncture twice, with no success. That in itself will just break you, but I know you are both strong. I am praying for a sweet homecoming very soon and all to be well.

  272. J.J.


    I will keep Lucy and the rest of you in my prayers. She is such a beautiful child and I wish you all the best in the upcoming days ahead. Post if there is anything that we can do to help.

  273. Searching for my Sanity or Jen...whichever you prefer...

    Hi ,
    I stopped by your site on a link to gluten free recipes. I just decided to take my whole family gluten free and am overwhelmed. when I got here I was reading your stories of your beautiful daughter! I have her in my prayers. the terror thing you spoke of, you just described exactly how i felt when my son had a 45 minutes violent seizure I could not stop. My heart is with you and your gorgeous family! I will be back often for recipes. 🙂

  274. jen

    no idea if you are still reading comments from this post, but i just had to say something..
    first…congratulations! i’ve been an off and on reader for a while now, yet i have never commented. (i know lame)
    second… wow… what strength all three of you possess! you have a strong strong little girl! my daugther was also in the ICU (granted she was 7 months old at the time, not a newborn… still.. it was the hardest thing i have every done)…
    wishing you and your family a very sweet wonderful life together!
    many blessing,

  275. Anonymous

    This post broke my heart. I’m glad I found it after the fact to know the happy ending. Warm wishes and congratulations.

  276. Barbara

    I wasn't aware of your blog when Lucy was born. What a frightening time it must have been. I'm glad Lucy is well now.

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