Rancho Gordo beans

Rancho Gordo beans
I never knew I could feel so passionately about beans.

Rancho Gordo beans are the best I have ever eaten. Yes, I adore the story of how Steve Sando started saving heirloom varieties of beans from New Mexico and Central America, growing them before they died out entirely. And I feel grateful for the tried and true recipes featured on their website, which have always worked for me. (Our friend Nina created a mole sauce from a Rancho Gordo recipe, and we all licked our lips as we ate the chicken she had barbequed with it.) And in the end, all those beans are so pretty.

But really, what matters to me most? All that work and passion, the dedication and experimentation has produced some of the best beans I have ever tasted. Canned beans will never be the same, like a shadow self imagined instead of a real, imperfect person standing before us. Try some, and you’ll see.

Last month, I ordered the European sampler for our house. The Borlotti and Scarlet Runner beans are so pretty in the jars I arranged on the shelves that I’m tempted just to save them.

But when Rancho Gordo beans taste this good, I can guarantee you those jars will be empty soon.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Shauna,

    I’ve been reading your blog for many moons now–love the writing and recipes! My boyfriend is also gluten intolerant (diagnosed about 3 years ago), and I’m an avid cook, so I took on the task of baking gluten-free with some success. One thing that I’ve found is sorely lacking is bake ware designed for gluten-free baking. This is a product line that is just WAITING to happen! (Gluten-free Girl’s Bake Ware line perhaps?) The problem is that most bake ware is designed for wheat doughs. Making hamburger buns from wheat-free recipes, for example, requires more of a mold since these are more batters than doughs. Just a thought! If you know of any existing ones, that would be a great addition for this site.

    Keep up the great work, and can’t wait to meet Little Bean!

    Jeannine from Pittsburgh

  2. Sho

    If I don’t like those beans, I will never like ANY beans. I have to try them!

    I was just thinking, why is it that most babies are born in the middle of the night? Just from reading your posts, I could imagine you and The Chef crying when you first get to hold the baby.

    I guess you have contacted the hospital dietitian regarding their gluten-free food…

    Take care,


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