Little Bean

Danny and Shauna, aged one year and 18 months

For over a year now, I have promised him that — if this ever happened — I would announce it with this sentence:

The Chef has knocked me up.

(There you go, my love.)

I know that these are pretty incongruous words to write about the most awe-inspiring, hilarious, and life-changing experience we have ever undergone. But really, when it comes to describing what it is like to be pregnant, with the love of your life, for the first time at 41 years old? There are no words.

We’ve been keeping this secret for awhile. I’m halfway through my fifth month of pregnancy, actually. Oh, our families know, and our closest friends. And in the last month, I have been sharing the news with those of you whom we have met in cooking classes and promotional events for the book. At a certain point, I had to share. I have quite a little bump going now. It’s pretty clear when you see me.

But even more than that, these past four months have been some of the most astonishing of my life. There were the first 12 weeks, when I felt nauseous all the time, as though some little devil with a pitchfork were poking at my stomach every three minutes. Ha ha, you’re nauseous! And the exhaustion so penetrating that I found myself drifting away to sleep at least three times an afternoon. (Thank goodness I work from home, and I can do this. I feel deeply for those of you in offices and classrooms. How did you manage?) These were days I wanted to write about, to explain them to myself, and commiserate with you.

Mostly, there have been ineffably beautiful moments in these past few months. The first time we saw the baby, a little tadpole swimming in waters deep in my body. And that little heart thrumming, a sweep of hummingbird wings beating against a small circle. The first time we heard the heartbeat, tiny horse hooves pounding out their rhythm. The longer ultrasound, when we saw the baby’s spine, ten toes wriggling, small hands furling, and even a quick wave at us before a turn. We have been full of happy tears and in a place beyond words.

And in the last two weeks, I have felt the baby moving in my belly, the first small kicks of a tiny creature no bigger than an avocado. It feels like champagne bubbles bouncing against my abdomen. And every time I feel this, I stop and gasp, and then rub hello back.

For someone who loves to share stories (and how), these most important stories have been difficult to silence in writing.

But we decided to wait for the right time until we shared this with the internet. In the first trimester, every pang and stretchy ache made me worry about a miscarriage. I have been healthy for nearly three years, after cutting out gluten, but would those years of un-diagnosed celiac take their toll on the baby? If I got gluten through unintentional cross-contamination while I was pregnant, would that catapult my system into letting go of the embryo? And then there were all the tests. Would they reveal abnormalities, truths beyond our control? These were days far too tremulous, and too much ours, to share.

There are no guarantees in life. We still don’t know that this will all come out well. But the doctor called this morning, with the final test results. Everything is normal. Our baby is healthy.

We have been dancing all day.

And so, this feels like the right time, finally. We’d like to introduce you to Little Bean.

we are so damned happy

We call the baby Little Bean because there’s a little human being in my body. This makes me walk around in a constant state of awe. How do our bodies do this? How is it possible that in five months we will be holding a child, someone born from us and our love? And knowing that every human being I see on the street, in cars, in the stores where I shop for food, came from this same awe? This makes me love humanity, even more.

And in a funny way, every pregnancy book I read (and there have been plenty) likens the size of the baby to food. When we first read that the little one was the size of a fava bean that week, we fixed on the name. Little Bean.

(As an aside, we do now know the sex and name of the baby. We’re keeping that to ourselves until the birth. Some things still need to be private.)

Speaking of food, eating has been spectacularly weird. I could write for pages about the food aversions and cravings my body has been surging through for the past four months. Perhaps, in another context, I will. Suffice it to say this. Ice cream, cookies, and homemade pie? No thank you. Sweets have totally turned against me. I didn’t have a bite of chocolate for nearly two months. I didn’t want it. I didn’t know who I was.

Now, I like them some. But I still haven’t been interested in that pregnancy cliché: sitting up in bed with a pint of ice cream, late at night. I tried, once, to eat some, just because I felt so removed from the process I was supposed to be undergoing. Five bites of coconut ice cream and I put the pint down.

What have I wanted to eat? Meat. That bacon party happened for a reason, after all. My body has craved protein as though I am a Russian weightlifter at the Olympics. Pork, mostly. But all meats. Beans. Nuts. Safe seafood. Eggs. Cheese. (God, I hate the fact I’m not supposed to eat unpasteurized or raw cheese. Meat cooked less than well-done. No raw eggs — this takes away homemade mayonnaise and cookie dough. And also, missing sushi is nearly killing me. I’m having sashimi delivered to the hospital when Little Bean is born.) Yogurt. And milk. Good lord, I’m drinking three glasses of milk a day, avidly. And I don’t even like milk. Or I didn’t.

One of the funniest parts of this? The days when foods I have always loved suddenly seemed repugnant. One morning the Chef made us roasted potatoes and eggs, the way he does most mornings. He makes the best roasted potatoes I have ever eaten, and on some days he threads roasted onions through the pile of them too. That morning, I took one look at the plate, and then used my fork to shove every sliver of onion to the side.
“What are you doing?” he asked me, incredulous.
“I don’t know why, but I just can’t have onions right now.”
“Okay,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. He had already learned not to question this.
So had I. I have learned to trust my body, deeply.

That’s why I could stand the two weeks when suddenly every vegetable seemed repugnant to me. The texture of salads grossed me out entirely. What? This isn’t me.

But now, it is. (Vegetables came back, thank goodness.) Maybe this is all just preparation for the days when we have a child, and I’ll have to give up control of my life almost entirely!

(Still, this doesn’t really explain those two weeks when I needed a Tootsie Roll every day.)

All this absurdity and daily changing? Not to mention the sleepiness, the growing belly, the unexpected inability to stand up without starting to tip over these days? They are all worth it.

We’re having a baby.

And in the midst of this, I never forget how blessed I am.

You see, at 41, the charts and statistics insist that my chances of becoming pregnant were quickly diminishing. And I know that there are — and I feel the deepest empathy for —millions of women out there who are struggling to become pregnant. IVF, drug treatments, surrogacy: they were all looming in our future. That we became pregnant after only five months of trying? Oh my, what a blessing.

Five years ago, I suffered with a fibroid tumor that grew to the size of a grapefruit in the span of six weeks. The bleeding, discomfort, and pain were nearly unbearable. It became so bad that I stumbled into the emergency room one day, where the doctor who examined me explained what was happening to me. And then she told me I needed a hysterectomy, that day. Crying, I asked for a second opinion. The second doctor, several days later, said the same. I would have given in, but some stronger voice within me knew that I wanted children, even if it seemed unlikely. I asked everyone I knew for a doctor she trusted, and then I found mine. She told me she only needed to open me up, take out the tumor, and sew me up. I left the hospital with my uterus intact. This baby would not be inside me without that doctor entering my life.

And of course, for all those years, I suffered with celiac disease without knowing what it was. Now, I know, from reading and speaking with people, that undiagnosed celiac can be the source of multiple miscarriages and infertility. (In fact, to anyone reading who is suffering these problems? Ask your doctor to test you for celiac.) If I had met the Chef earlier in my life, we might have tried, in vain, for years. And all because of gluten.

The readiness is all. Thank goodness I met him when I did.

And he has been, without a doubt, the best partner I could ever ask for in this. All those pregnancy books? All they talk about is the woman’s experience. But he feels this as deeply as I do. He has the ultrasound shot of Little Bean saved as the opening photo on his phone. He makes me whatever food I want, and pushes away the ones my body disdains. He is tender and loving, funny and willing to cuddle whenever I need it. He is my best friend, without a doubt. Having a child with my best friend in the world feels like the biggest gift there is.

I’m writing this tonight, because we wanted to share this with you. All of you reading, who have left kind comments and vulnerable letters before this? You are part of this. Without this community, we would not be who we are. Literally. This feels like the most exultant news we can ever share, and we are so happy to be sharing it with you.

Still, even after I publish this, and this is public knowledge, this will go back to being private. The Chef will come home from the restaurant, and I will read this to him. He’ll probably cry. And then we’ll go into the kitchen, to start to make dinner together. As he does every night, he will kneel on the floor before me, lift up my shirt, and talk to the baby through my belly. “Hi there!” he’ll say in his cartoon voice. And then he will tell the little one all about his day, and how much he can’t wait to meet him or her. He’ll hold the baby close with his words. He’ll kiss my belly, deeply, trying to reach that little one. And then he’ll look up at me, and I’ll hold his head in my hands, and we’ll smile at each other. No one else will ever share this.

Just me, the Chef, and Little Bean.

pork and beans for Little Bean


Only six weeks into my pregnancy, as soon as the nausea began, the food aversions and cravings began. And what did I want to eat, most every meal of the day? Protein. And plenty of it. If I could have chosen, I would have eaten slabs of meat at every meal. Luckily, I also feel even more deeply in love with beans than ever before. Combine the two, with a bit of garlic, rosemary, and good olive oil, and you have my perfect pregnancy meal.

This will feel like an alarming amount of olive oil in this recipe. Frankly, it is. But, remember a few things before you flinch away from making this delicious recipe. One, you don’t have to buy the expensive olive oil for this recipe. We all know the stores where big jugs of extra-virgin are no more than $8. Feel free to use that oil. The other is that you will have a large quantity of olive oil left over at the end. Drain it, and save it. Sear your favorite meats in it, or vegetables. Don’t let it go to waste.

Barring that, you could always use duck fat or pork fat for this dish, if you wanted. (I sure wouldn’t mind.) But make sure you find a fat with flavor, as this will make the beans tremendous.

In this case, we used heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo, one of the coolest food growers around. Steve Sando grows incredible heirloom beans, most of which you have probably never eaten before. Instead of letting these old varieties fade into the dust, he has been growing them, and selling them, to grateful customers across the country. When we were in San Francisco in November — just before Little Bean showed up in our lives, actually — Steve gave a bag of Black Calypso beans to our friend Tea, to give to us. Frankly, they are so beautiful that we waited for the right time to cook them.

Making a meal to feed Little Bean? That was the right time.

16 ounces high-quality beans
4 cloves garlic, papery sheath removed
2 stalks rosemary, chopped
24 ounces extra-virgin olive oil
1 pork chop (fat on, and don’t go for the extra-lean)
salt and pepper to taste

Soaking the beans. Soak the beans in hot water for at least six hours, preferably overnight.

Boiling the beans. Drain the beans of their soaking water. Rinse them clean. Put those beautiful beans into a large pot. Snuggle the garlic cloves and chopped garlic into the beans. Cover the beans entirely with olive oil. Then, add an inch more of oil. Turn the burner on and put the beans on the heat.

Searing the pork chop
. As the olive oil is starting to come to a boil, sear the pork chop in a hot pan with oil brought to heat. When it has seared well on both sides, plop that pork chop, whole, into the beans. Let them nuzzle together.

Allowing the beans to simmer
. When the olive oil has come fully to a bubble, turn the heat down as low as it will go. here’s the hard part — walk away. Do something else and forget the beans. You won’t be able to eat them for hours. Simmer the beans for at least six hours, by which time they will be full-to-bursting soft, and the pork will have fallen apart and become one with the beans.

Eat. (The Chef especially likes these with sour cream dolloped on top.)

Feeds 6.

271 comments on “Little Bean

  1. Jules

    A very excited congratulations to you & the chef!!! My eyes actually welled up with tears as I read this, I’m so happy for you both & I don’t even know you… though your writing style is so intimate that it feels in some sense that we do.

    What a lucky baby, coming into the world with 2 parents so in love with each other!
    House of Jules

  2. Callista Cassady

    WAHOOO!! I knew something was up! YAY!!

    Love, love, love, my dear Shauna.
    – Callista

  3. nicole

    again – so many congrats! such wonderful news for you both.

    and, aren’t rg beans amazing? i mean, seriously amazing. the first time i made them i was like, ‘ i can never go back to canned beans!’ they really keep their integrity so well. i make a white bean and heirloom tomato soup in the summer, with just some garlic and bay leaf and onion … so good.

    your wee bebe will certainly eat well, that’s for sure 🙂

  4. Jack

    Congratulations! And eat all the protein you want — that’s the most important food a pregnant woman can eat. It’s absolutely vital to the baby’s neurological development, it decreases the chance of gestational diabetes, and it helps keep blood pressure at appropriate levels. You guys will be great parents!

  5. Pille

    Well, I already said that over on Flickr, but I cannot help but say it again: Congratulations, Shauna & the Chef! This is such an excellent news!

  6. Sholeh

    First time commenting, but I felt that I had to. 🙂 This is probably one of the most beautiful blog posts I’ve read in a long time…and I’ve been blogging for 7 years. Congratulations, this child is lucky to have such wonderful parents.

    I’m also impressed with how you are so passionate about celiac awareness…it is a constant struggle and you are doing a fantastic job. I may just start referring people who have questions to your site. 🙂

  7. Kathleen

    Congratulations and the very best wishes to you all. And welcome to the wild, wonderful ride that is parenthood!

  8. lisa

    YAAYY! Big Congratulations! I am sooo happy for you guys! Having a kid changes your life (inside and out) more than you can imagine, and I am so excited to read about your adventures! I love to read your blog even though I’m not gluten-free anymore. Your candor and honesty touch me. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us.

    lisa (long time reader, first time commenter)

  9. Shauna

    Congratulations Shauna and Chef!
    I found your site because my daughter is on the GF diet as the result of petite mal seizures from vaccinations. I know a lot of people will warn you and you will want to do the absolute best for your baby but please research vaccines. I would have never found your site if my daughter hadn’t been injured.
    Congratulations again and thank you for your great blog.
    Shauna (we have the same name)

  10. Shawna

    Awww, what wonderful news! Congratulations to you and the Chef. I am so happy for you two. 🙂

    And I am so excited to read the stories you will be sharing with us about your adventures in cooking for a little one. This is something I hope to experience in the not too distant future, too.

    Shawna (another first-time poster)

  11. Anita

    Oh congrats congrats congrats! I can’t imagine keeping such a fabulous secret (although I do understand why) for so long… I can’t even wait 5 minutes to tell my friends the slightest bit of good news. 🙂

    I am so happy for you guys that you’re beating the odds and that this is happening so easily for you. I have fingers crossed that the next few months are just as happy and carefree.

  12. Michelle

    O, felicitations to you both!

    I am so happy to read this! You have written so much about both of you wanting children and I would always read and feel a wish for you, you know, I mean, you said it, the odds at 41 … because you both seem so wonderful and authentic and open and will make such incredible parents. The way you both embrace the journey of life, and man, KIDS. You will see and I am glad for it.

    Give the baby an internet “milk name,” you know? For a year, keep him or her all to yourself. Don’t eat tuna! xo

  13. Anne

    Congratulations! I’ve kind of been waiting for this one – you both obviously adore your nephew, so it’s not a big surprise that you want a child of your own – and things have been pretty quiet on here recently…

    Urgh, the nausea and the fatigue – I remember it well – no great advice to share I’m afraid, just the reassurance that it does pass eventually.

  14. Hannah


    Wowza. That’s so lovely. Weird. Before I even read the post I knew you were pregnant.

    I had the opposite cravings when I was pregnant. I craved fruit. Lots of fruit. And sparkling mineral water.

    They say your kid generally likes what you craved. I found this to be true but that could be bogus.

    I actually had such an aversion to meat that the smell of it cooking made me ill. Around Thankgiving when I was 8 months pregnant I could barely stomach the turkey thing. EEEE.

    Best of luck to you–and let people help you when the baby comes. Don’t forget yourself–and remember that no matter how tired you get–you’ll make it through.

    Your Uncle,


  15. Helen Chisholm

    Oh what wonderful news! I finished reading your book just two weeks ago. It a long time since I read something so compelling. I have found it fundamental to my wellbeing. I am so pleased to hear this news, I wonder how life for the two of you will change, and I am looking forward to checking in from time to time.

  16. Kait

    I was wondering how long you two would be married before this announcement came. Congrats!!

    I have to say that you and the Chef inspire me. With so many blogs out there of unhappy wives, it’s hard to be one of the happy ones. Seeing the two of you together and so in love has given me faith that the joy I find in my husband isn’t abnormal or just a fluke. True love does exist. 🙂

  17. Naomi Devlin

    Fantastic News!

    I have tears in my eyes after that last paragraph. You really know how to write what resonates deeply with anyone who has lived, loved and wanted a child.

    I was still eating gluten during my pregnancy and I nearly ended up with pre-eclampsia. I’m sure it was the gluten. The way you are listening to your body is just fantastic (although maybe not the tootsie rolls!).

    I can’t wait to see that little bean, or avocado, or maybe it’s a small potimarron squash by now?

    x x x

  18. Aran

    Congratulations Shauna and Chef! That’s fantastic news. Your life will never ever be the same and everybody will say it to you and everybody’s right!

  19. chris

    I knew it! I told my friends who read this blog as well “she’s pregnant . . . there’s something about her writing, or nor writing sometimes, lately!” I knew it. Enjoy it all! It’s a wonderful thing.

  20. Janel

    congrats!! what a wonderful, magical blessing to you, the chef, and little bea. it made me tear up to read the news.

    i swear that i was just thinking earlier this week after reading your post that i hoped you guys could become parents, one way or another…and here it’s come true.

    best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and everything afterwards.

    janel dancing with joy

  21. Lisa B-K

    Wonderful! You two will be great parents.

    I still have the recipe book I made when I was pregnant with #2 back in 1998. What did I like to eat? Fat, protein, and more fat. The good kind. There are at least 3 recipes for guacamole, two for mayonnaise, and several recipes for beans, among other things. Eating while pregnant is one of those Freaky Friday experiences – you’re still you, but with someone else’s food habits entirely.

    Again, congratulations!

  22. radish

    Congratulations to you and the chef!! That is such wonderful, good news. And you are right – things happen the way they do for a reason! How wonderful all this! Little Bean is a great name! Such great news on a Friday!!

  23. Sheltie Girl

    Shauna – I’m so happy for you and the Chef. What a wonderful joy to share together. Congratulations!

    As far as cravings go, when I finally got over the nausea I headed for the salt. My husband threatened to buy me a salt lick from the feed store.

    Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

  24. Heather

    Congratulations to you and the Chef and very best wishes to you! We are presently waiting for my first Grandchild (due May 10). By the way, thanks for your very helpful blog. I had 2 sisters diagnosed with Celiac in the 80s and I have been following the diet since the first of this year but never been diagnosed.

  25. Jenna Lee

    Congrats, congrats, congrats!
    And pounds of love and health from the right coast. That is one lucky baby.

  26. Hockey Mom

    Congratulations! The best gift you can give your child is to love your partner. That baby is one lucky little bean!

  27. Liz

    You must be having a boy. Its what you’re eating that tells me.

    But of course I have a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong 🙂

    As a loooong time reader and first time commenter, I offer my hearty congratulations to you and The Chef.

    Motherhood was the most exciting adventure I ever embarked on, and I too, waited until about my 4th decade of life to bring another into this world. It has been completely worth it.

    Pamper yourself greatly during this time (and always).


  28. Ann

    Congratulations! Holding each of my children for the first time was an indescribably profound and life-changing moment. I rejoice for you both.

  29. Gina Perry

    Congratulations! I was recently amazed to see all the statistics about undiagnosed celiacs and miscarriages. I’m trying for my first baby and didn’t even realize all the reproductive complications for ‘us’. Not only were you strong enough to heal yourself, but you did so for your future and lucky bean. I am so happy for you and the chef!

  30. Kelly

    Oh, congratulations Shauna and chef!!! And Little Bean! Another sweet little bean for the planet…

    (we call our girl Little Bean or Lila Bean–turning 5 this summer!)

    and when our 15 year-old was born, I had sushi from Iso in NYC delivered to the hospital (also in NY).

    thank you for sharing this beauty with your readers. So happy for you all!

  31. Erin

    Oh, a big congratulations! After trying to get pregnant for 3 years I conceived after eating gluten-free for 4 weeks- at age 23! You are truly blessed and it’s awesome that you truly see that and are enjoying it all! My baby is 10 months and it’s been wonderful! Congrats again!

  32. Stephanie Smith

    I am so excited for you! That’s wonderful news. Yay for Little Bean!

    Before I found out I was gluten intolerant I had fertility issues. Now, my fertility is fine. But if I ever become pregnant I will have the same fears about miscarriages.

    And I love your bean recipe. But that is a lot of oil! Reminds me of New Orleans though. I go there at least twice a year and enjoy red beans and rice made with pork fat (it’s the way to go! great flavor!).

    Thanks for sharing your precious moments about pregnancy with the public. That’s hard to do, but it brings so much perspective to other lives.

  33. Erika

    Congratulations! I don’t know you personally, but I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago this coming May. Seven months after my diagnosis I found out I was pregnant. Everything went well, and my little boy is now 6 months old and healthy as can be! It’s amazing and wonderful to experience and witness the transformation of our bodies from sick and weak to healthy and strong enough to give life. Enjoy this time. I know for me, when I was pregnant I felt the strongest I’ve ever felt in my life. I wish you well!

  34. marla

    You don’t know me, but I had tears in my eyes upon reading this news! I can tell that you and the chef will be wonderful parents to the little bean. Congratulations!

  35. The Navratil Family

    My most joyous congratulations to both of you! You have made my day begin with tears of happiness!

    I was one of those women who had miscarriages due to undiagnosed celiac. Somehow I was able to conceive 2 healthy, beautiful children despite my “mystery illness.”

    Children are the reward of life, they make it worth living. You are going to love every minute of it (especially making your own baby food)!


  36. Shannon B.

    Wow, this is an incredible story you have shared here. I am deeply moved by your story and I wish much health and happiness for you and Little Bean 😀

    Congratulations to the Chef and you, be sure to let us all know about your exciting journey!

  37. Marit

    Much love and congratulations to you three! I am silently sobbing into my Green Tea as I re-read your post, thank you for sharing yourself and this exciting new adventure with all of us!

    I am sending much joy and happiness to you.

  38. LunaC

    Congrats to you both! your story is an inspiration, your love of life, and each other makes me smile each time I read more. You have all the blessings swirling around you.

    At this moment I await a baby bean as well, this being a grand-bean due April 24. I love the moniker.

    Again the best to you all, and thank you so much for sharing yourselves with us

  39. closetdramatist

    Well, I’m just another reader who burst into tears at your good fortune. Blessings to both of you. Shauna, I did have to go into an office during my pregnancy, but, since you asked about how that can be managed… I had the best bosses and co-workers. When I was “seasick” or needed to lie down and rest, no questions were asked. In particular, they loved to ride sidekick on my food cravings—I live in S.F., where food reigns supreme, so everyone was quite willing to go foraging with me or for me, and happy to join in (one friend jovially complained he was gaining weight because of me)! I was pampered. Everyone in offices should be so lucky. But back to you: Lucky! You are a splendid inspiration on so many counts, as is your wonderful man. Parenthood is an exciting journey, and you two are going to be great.

  40. Myshell...

    I am so excited for you both!!! I look forward to tagging along your pregnancy! Oh…how I love pregnant women!

  41. Em

    Oh Shauna. I love that you compared your baby to an avocado. You are going to be a fantastic mother.

    My mom is (mildly – compared to you!) gluten intolerant, and she had a miscarriage a year after I was born. I feel especially lucky to be alive right now. Thank you for that.


  42. Lisa-Marie

    Congrats! There are no words for how wonderful this is. May all the happiness you share and give to all of us return a thousand fold to you, the chef and the little bean.

  43. Anonymous

    I was so excited to read this! You know, I thought something like this might be going on…I check your blog every morning when I get to work, hoping for a new post. Recently the posts seemed to be more spread out. Instead of silently cursing you for making me get to the important business of the Congress sooner, I secretly hoped you were pregnant. Congratulations to you and the Chef!

  44. Anonymous

    Congrats! This is such wonderful news. As someone who is still single at the age of 37, you give me hope that I can, one day, have a relationship like yours. That is one lucky child.

    I am so happy for you!


  45. The Good Eatah

    YAY! I am so incredibly happy for you and the Chef. My sister, who is due any day now, refers to her baby as “bean” too. Congrats!!!

  46. Tori

    Congrats! Little Bean must be the product of coming together after your days apart while you were on the book tour. I can’t think of two people more deserving of being parents.

  47. osmund

    Congratulations! This is such fantastic and wonderful news.

    I feel that we are going through a similar journey, although I must be about one month ahead of you.

    In my first trimester, I didn’t eat or want any chocolate (just like you) so very, very unlike me.

    I feel very lucky too as I have a wonderful husband/best friend who is looking after me so well.

    I hope that you have a happy and safe pregnancy.

  48. Brooke (or Whimsy or HP)

    Congratulations to both of you!! What a lucky little bean to have chosen you as parents. Many blessings!

  49. XT

    Very very beautiful news indeed! All my best to all of you, and thank you so much for sharing this with us here ~*

  50. Seastar

    Congratulations, you guys! I got all teary-eyed reading your post. Will probably tear up again (from garlic this time) making the beans this weekend! Thanks.

  51. Girl Friday

    Congratulations to you and the Chef (and Little Bean, of course!)! I, too, am pregnant and smile when I think of you experiencing this wonderful, unique experience. I never knew until I had my first daughter just how much they “save” our lives (even if we don’t need saving). Congratulations again and warm, smiling wishes!

  52. Wheatless Foodie

    This is so exciting! Your post brings me back to those amazing days when my food preferences changed so dramatically, some forever. It was a long time before I could eat garlic, which I previously had loved. And after a lifetime of hating Mexican food, it became one of my favorites and still is!

    The bean recipe looks sooooo good. What do the beans look like before they’re cooked. The cooked ones look just like the beans we grow, and my husband’s family has grown for generations. My husband’s grandfather brought them when he immigrated from northern Italy (1920s, I think). His family grew them in Santa Barbara for years, then gave some to us when we moved to Oregon nearly eighteen years ago.
    Unfortunately, last year’s crop fizzled, so now we have to save the beans we have left for seed for this year’s crop.

    I don’t know what variety they are. In the family, they are called “fazui”, which is just a slang term for “beans”.

    Thank you for sharing your blessed news with all of us, and Welcome, Little Bean.


  53. Sarah Caron

    I knew it! I KNEW it!

    Congratulations, Shauna and Chef and welcome to the parenthood club! It’s a great fraternity to join and you are going to LOVE it.

    Have a safe and wonderful four more months . . . and enjoy your rest and time together. Having a baby changes everything — in a good way.

    Your baby will be so lucky to come into this world with two wonderful, thoughtful loving parents . . .

  54. Gaile

    Oh Shauna and The Chef , I am so thrilled for you both. I know how much you both wanted this, and I just love how the universe has blessed your life the last few years. Even though I don’t know you, I wanted to say congratulations. This child is so lucky to have parents who so want him/her to come into the world!!

  55. Cher

    Congratulations to you both! Since we met you in Portland at Andina (oh, how we love Andina), I’ve wondered if and when you would be making this announcement (I was there w/my hub, about 5 mos along at the time, so we discussed it).

    Huzzah! (We call ours Bean, too!)

  56. Dolores

    I’m speechless… being a mother of three I re-lived that magic moment of the ultrasound… the spine… the hands… wow Shauna!! you had made my day!!!!! thanks!


    (thank you for sharing this news with us)


  57. ChupieandJ'smama

    Congratulations!! I am so excited for you. This is a truly magical time for you both. Enjoy every moment and every movement. I pray that you have an easy and uneventful rest of your pregnancy.

  58. Peggy

    Congratulations to a wonderful couple! A long-time reader emerging out of lurkerdom to send you good wishes… I am in my fourth month with my little bean, and have tears in my eyes after reading your beautiful post. Sending you thoughts for a smooth, easy pregnancy and birth!

  59. Anonymous

    I so knew it. But it’s kind of rude to accuse a virtual stranger online of being preggers without any reasons to back it up. But as soon as your posts got fewer and farther apart, I knew. There was a different tone to your writer’s voice. Beautiful. My children are the best thing that ever happened to me. Because of them, I found my calling(s). Gluten and corn free cooking, yoga, and working as a breastfeeding advocate/doula. I plan to enter midwifery school in the next year or so. This is such a sacred, magical time to experience as a woman. I wish you, chef, and the little bean many, many blessings. And please, watch the documentary “The Business of Being Born.” It was produced by Ricki Lake and is now available to order or watch instantly on Netflix. It will make you cry from the sheer beauty of it.

  60. jill

    Much Congrats! I have read your blog for a couple years now and I just knew that was coming!! It’s so exciting!
    I am pregnant too! 14 weeks. I look forward to being ravenous, I hope that happens soon. I am still feeling sick!
    You guys will make great parents!
    peace and love 🙂

  61. lisawhip

    When I read your post about visiting the Chef’s hometown, I almost commented “You are SOOOOO pregnant.” But you don’t scoop a 41-year-old’s announcement, do you?

    Many congratulations and blessings

  62. Amy

    What wonderful news!!!

    Having a child is such a life changing experience and I look forward to keeping up with the progress as you and the Chef live your dream.

  63. Rebecca

    Congrats! I can’t think of two people who deserve this wonderful present more than the two of you!

  64. Allison the Meep

    Although I only met you once (at the Sensitive Baker) and have never met the Chef, I really feel like this huge, life changing blessing couldn’t be more deserved for any two people. Every post you make is so full of love and optimism that I know Little Bean will be so lucky to have you as parents.

    My son is 4 now, and I still marvel at how my husband and I could have possibly made him. I stare at him for hours while he sleeps, just amazed at this beautiful little person I’ve been blessed with. Never ending inspiration, and a reason to believe that there is still good in the world.

    Are you planning on breastfeeding? I know that’s a very personal question, and you don’t have to answer it on here. I just ask because I have read studies that suggest breastfeeding has some magical powers to ward off celiac, or at the very least reduce the chances of developing it. I nursed my son, and aside from the celiac benefit (which I didn’t even know of at the time) it was such a beautiful experience in bonding, and was so healthy for both of us.

    Congratulations, Shauna and the Chef. You two will be such great parents.

  65. Cate

    Congrats again! I kept mine secret from my blog readers for the whole pregnancy, so I totally know how hard it is … especially on the days that you don’t want to even think about food, let alone write about it.

  66. Maggie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! : ) Thank you for letting us experience your enjoyment through such a beautifully-written post!

  67. Vittoria

    I’m a newish reader, but I feel like I know you and I love your writing.

    This gives me hope that one day I too will be able to have a child, now that my celiac is under control

    All the best

  68. Zoomie

    Let me add my congratulations and good wishes to all the others. You two have such a special bond and now you _three_ will have that, too. What a joyous rollercoaster ride you are in for – remember to hold your hands up and scream at the top!

  69. Brie G

    Pregnancy will forever change your relationship with food. Well, maybe not forever. But, as you say, all of the things you loved pre-pregnancy could very well cause you to hurl. (Hurl, what a disgusting word!). I can go down the list of the foods that pratically sent me into a coma while my babies were growing in my belly. Pad thai. Guacamole. Come on, when you are gluten-gree, guacamole is the eith wonder of the world. Well that and flourless chocolate cake.

    My best wishes to you and your family. And don’t sweat the cookie dough. You have years and years of baking gluten free cookies and licking spoons full of dough ahead of you.


  70. Gluten Free Steve

    Congrats! I have a younger cousin whose nickname is Beanie…it’s a great nickname! Go for it!

  71. melissa

    Ohhhhh! Congratulations! Woo hoo! I have to admit, after we saw you here in SF, I told Derrick that you two were definitely baby ready. You both lit up at the sight of all the nearby kids, and then glanced lovingly towards each other. I’m so happy for you that you are on your way. Little Bean is one lucky baby.

  72. Emily

    Oh Shauna and the Chef, Congratulations! What a beautifully blessed child to have parents with great passion for life, each other, and now, for their child. All happiness and blessings to the 3(!!) of you 🙂

  73. Helen

    Oh Shauna! What wonderful news 🙂 It’s the most amazing miracle and makes you see the world through new eyes. I hope you are feeling better and that the pregnancy continues to go well.

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of Little Bean when he/she is born.

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. Life’s been a little busy. Our little bundle of joy, Sammy, turned 8 months today and a week ago she got her first 2 teeth. I know it’s hard to imagine right now, but before you know it, it will be Little Bean. Time flies so fast with kids.

    Enjoy every moment. I know that you will 🙂

    Big hug,

  74. Eh... Not so much

    Congratulations, Shauna and Chef! I know this is one of your life’s dreams. I hope everything keeps going great!

    And those baby pictures of you guys are great. That troublemaker look on tiny Chef is fantastic.

  75. petite lama

    with all the amazing response to your announcement, chances are slim that you will actually read this comment, but i couldn’t not add my heartfelt congratulations. funny when we share those very personal and intimate things about ourselves, people respond. i will be thrilled to view the progress as you share it with us.


  76. Hannah

    COngratulations! Funny thing is, your life and blog read like such an inspirational novel/life story that I’ve been waiting for this announcement, even though I knew it was silly! Once again, you, the Chef, and your life give me hope. As a 20 year old already thinking of her savings as “future IVF money” (oh, and travel and Vosges chocolate money, for the in between), you’ve brought a smile to my day.

  77. ley


    I read this site all the time, and really feel like I know you (even though I don’t…please don’t think that statement is creepy, lol), so I kind of thought something was different about your writing! Jeez- I am so I am SO excited for you both!

  78. Tea

    Oh my dear, while of course I’ve know for months, I just had to say that this is beautiful, moving, gorgeous. You know how thrilled I am for you both. Can’t wait to play with the little bean-let.

  79. Anonymous

    Ha. I had my suspicions too. Many congrats to all 3 of you. I have a girl who is now 13 months old. What a delight this past year plus has been.

    Like another poster, I had the opposite cravings. Meat and fish grossed me out. I went for carbs, carbs and more carbs. I’m not gluten-free, which is good as that’s about all I ate!

    Best wishes to you.

  80. C'tina

    Some of those pictures of The Chef with those blue eyes and that genuine easy all enveloping smile…what took ya so long!? tee hee, congrats to you. The Bean is our first born’s nick name….he’s a strawberry blonde and the neon haze of baby wispy hair made his head look like a little red bean…(())

  81. Il Fornaio

    I have tears in my eyes, and not for the first time reading your site. Your writing on this is beautiful, congratulations, and I’m so excited for you both.

  82. Joan

    Joining the many with tears in their eyes, I wish you many, many blessings as you embark on the journey of parenthood. Congratulations on this wonderful news!

  83. La Niña

    101 comments and counting… I know you are reading them all. And I know that everyone is cheering! We’re thrilled- as you know. (and relieved that it isn’t a secret any more)

    I can’t wait to give you all my baby books! (I just wish I could have a baby to go with them, but that was not in my cards. I just have to make other babies happy.)

    Lots of love and protein…

  84. Jodi

    Hi Danny & Shauna
    Wonderful news and congratulations! I think that Hannah’s advice was very wise. Let people help, sleep when you can, your little bean needs you to be rested so you can play in the middle of the night.
    I remember when I was pregnant with my first son and felt the very first movement. I was in the shoe store and felt exactly what you described – champaigne bubbles. It was only once and I sat myself down waiting and willing it to happen again. What an amazing feeling.
    You are truly blessed. I had a feeling that you were going to tell us this – the first sentence of your blog had me ready to read ahead. Thanks for not making us wait too long. Only Danny would want you to announce that you were knocked up instead of a demure “we’re expecting”. Yahoo for real men.

    Best wishes

  85. Anonymous

    Wow – look at all the people who love you! Congratulations from yet another fan 😉

  86. Lisa

    Congratulations to you both! Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with all of us! Can’t wait to meet “Little Bean”!

    Gluten Free..licious!

  87. ServesYouRight

    Will delurk for a minute to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! Heres wishing you all the best of health and good things to come.


  88. Anonymous

    Congratulations! You are in for the most amazing and life changing rides of your life!

    Being a mother is the biggest part of me. It is the best thing I have ever done.

    – Jodi

  89. bakerina

    What I said over on Flickr about recruiting an army of knitters to outfit Little Bean, I’m repeating here. You’d better believe that will be one well-dressed, well-fed, well-adored baby. 🙂

    Oh, Shauna. I would tell you all the ways in which you inspire and reassure and comfort me every day, but I’m starting to run out of fingers and toes. Thank you.

  90. Joan S.

    Congratulatons to you two!!! I’m so happy for you. I’ve read your blog for a long while now, enjoy your book, and am trying to live gluten-free also. My blood test was negative – but I feel so much better gluten-free that pooh on the blood test! I’ll be looking forward to all the blogs – and to finding out what Little Bean is and looks like!!

    Joan, in Huntsville

  91. JLHesse

    Congrats and best wishes from a long-time reader!!!!!! I can’t wait to welcome Little Bean to our wonderful GF world. 🙂

  92. Nick

    Congratulations! No better way to celebrate than a nice bowl of pork & beans, that’s for sure! I like the sound of these beans which are one of my favorite veggies (?). I know they are actually legumes but can you consider them vegetables? Anyways, sounds great, keep up the good work and good luck!

    Darn the baby is gonna eat good.

    The Peanut Butter Boy

  93. Anonymous

    Hello Shauna and Chef (and Little Bean),

    I’ve been enjoying this post for awhile now, although I’ve no idea how long. This is my first comment because my own little bean is asleep in his crib, with two little teeth emerging from his bottom gums and your post made me think back to when I was pregnant. I too lost my love of sweets, and craved protein and veggies. I think I was my healthiest when I was pregnant, because I listened to my body and was totally committed to giving my baby a good start. I am so happy for your family and add my wishes for joy and health to the many others I see here.

    Thanks for sharing your lives! Odetta

  94. Bicoastal Bride

    !!! I’m so excited for you guys! That baby will be so loved.

    btw, I love your blog and your approach to life. =)

  95. I can't fit

    How exciting for both of you! I am glad you have another human growing in your body.

    I had my tubes tied at 25 then had them untied at 38, got pregnant 9 months later and gave birth 3 months before I turned 40 so know the wonders of life and childhood you are about to experience. Children at 40 (or really 44) is so much more relaxed and better than children at 20.

    I wish both of you luck and happiness in this and pray for a happy, healthy child!

  96. Katie

    Congratulations to both of you. This little one will bring you even closer than you ever imagined possible. We’re expecting our second one in May and we’ve been experiencing the same joys. From the first flutter to what is now constant acrobatics…we are in constant awe of the being growing inside me. We love to take time at the end of the day just to watch my belly move and marvel at this little one…I’m sure you will enjoy all that is to come with this little life growing inside of you. It will bring such joy and love you won’t be able to contain yourselves.

  97. Anonymous

    I’m happy for you but we don’t need another Mommy blog. I like things the way they are.

  98. Alison

    Shauna and Dan,
    Congrats! That is so great!!
    I too felt so lucky that I had been diagnosed with celiac before I ever started trying to get pregnant a year later. I had 2 healthy pregnancies, and now 2 healthy gluten-free girls!
    Alison in SF

  99. Jenny

    You’ll have a blast. Enjoy being pregnant! Be all princess-like and get massages and pedicures. Buy maternity clothes that look cute, who cares how long you will wear them (most of us wear them longer than we thought, postpartum).

    Consignment shops can save you a FORTUNE on baby gear, and there are lots of great ones in Seattle. I go to the ones in rich neighborhoods 🙂

  100. Melanie

    First time posting a comment for me, but I had to: congratulations Shauna & Chef! Enjoy the restfulness of your pregnancy while you can, I hope all goes well with your delivery, and that your baby will be healthy. I can’t wait to see pictures of the little bean.

  101. Alena

    Wow, congratulations! 🙂 I am so happy and excited for you two! 🙂

    Your post made me cry, during the last paragraph prior to the pork and beans. After nine months of trying to conceive, I found out in January that I have PCOS, and am anovulatory. My husband and I are trying to figure out what we’re doing from here…

    You are my favorite blogger, and though I admit reading of your joy brought an ache to my heart for my own empty womb, I will continue to read and love your blog. I am exploring the possibility of having Celiacs myself, and your blog has given me hope that I will be able to have a passionate love affair with food again! Thank you! May God bless you and your husband…and Baby Bean 🙂

  102. Andrea

    I’m a long-time reader — never a commenter — but I had to de-lurk for this and say congrats! Best of luck to you and the Chef!

  103. Shirley

    Words cannot express my happiness for both of you. Just incredible news. You will never forget this time of anticipation and joy awaiting the arrival of the Bean (so sweet). And, you will be wonderful parents and having a child makes the whole world different. Congratulations a million times over!

    Shirley in VA

  104. Anonymous

    Oh! I’m so very happy for you! My husband and I always say about parenthood that it’s “The best hardest thing.”

    Thank you for sharing.

    This is gonna be so fun to watch!

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

  105. Kelley

    How is it that your words regularly bring me to happy tears? Deep peace and love to you.

  106. Anonymous

    congrats! I know we have never met, and I know we might not ever meet, but your writing lifts me up from the depths of food allergy despair 🙂 On those days that I just can’t think, or have the motivation to cook, your blog helps me overcome. Thanks to you for sharing your life and letting us all know that ‘yes’ life does go on.

  107. stepmomof2

    Congratulations!!! Reading this post really gives me hope that I’ll be able to get pregnant one day too.

  108. tess

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog, and being someone who believes in signs, I feel like it’s a great omen! After three miscarriages and thyroid autoimmunity, my naturopath suggested to me yesterday that I cut out gluten (all three are connected). I sat down today to chart out my gluten free life and happily found your blog. I’m 41 and still believe it’s going to happen, so finding your site today feels like a great omen! Congratulations to you, I hope I’ll be joining you soon!

  109. Larc

    I swear, for the past two onths I’d been checking to see when you were going to announce your pregnancy. Why? Little comments that were hidden in your writing that said it was going to happen. Congrats, and don’t worry about your age – I had my first 2 months before I turned 39. We’re trying for number two, and I am 42.

    Much happiness!

  110. kaysdays

    Welcome to “happily ever after!”
    Another comment called the baby a “lucky bean.” Good nickname.

  111. Anonymous

    Joy to you and chef,,
    Yours is the first blog I read every day.
    I have been gluten free for almost 5 years.
    I am honored as a reader that you share such intimate details of your life.
    I wondered why your postings slowed so dramatically.

    A mother of 3
    The parental ride is wild but so rewarding 🙂

  112. momchick

    Congratulations Shauna & Chef! Take care of the Bean, and yourselves. You’ll need all the rest you can store up.

  113. Sarah

    I have never been this happy or excited for someone I dont even know. Thank you for letting us “know” you through your beautiful words!
    Congratulations to you both!

  114. Cakespy

    C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!!!! If I could I would make that type multicolored and 72 point, that’s how exciting this news is!!! I liked the proclamation too. 😉

  115. Alison

    Fantastic! Congratulations to you and the Chef, and blessings to your little one. We just had our second and it is one wild ride. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey into parenthood.

  116. Ms. George

    Yahoo! I knew it! Something in your writing over the last weeks…
    I was just waiting for the official word. Congratulations to you and The Chef and continued healthy growing for Little Bean.

  117. Anonymous

    I love your blog – have never left a comment. Congrats. I didn’t find out I was pregnant the first time until after the first trimester was over – had no idea why I sent my husband out for Bryers Vanilla ice cream w/chocolate shavings every night!! I don’t enjoy sweet food. Drove me crazy trying to figure it out. 3 kids, each pregnancy is different and each one is the most amazing experience you ever have. Enjoy every moment – Dixie

  118. Kristina

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. After reading your latest post, I decided to finally de-lurk in order to say, congratulations! I wish you and your little family many years of happiness and good eating. God bless you all. 🙂

  119. Debi

    Shauna, I know that my comment will probably be lost in all the hundreds I expect you’ll get but GIRL I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND CHEF!!! This is such wonderful news. Your story makes me cry everytime I read it. You have blessed me beyond words & reaffirmed in me that love is such a splendid thing!! You both will be THE greatest parents ever and being a 1st time mom at 40+ is easy beans. You have so much to offer this baby!! Again, congrats & let chef know my congrats are extended!!

  120. Kate

    I just recently got my first shipment of beans from R.G., and since they were a little spendy I just want to make sure I do them justice. I have a bag of borlotti beans (a type of cranberry bean), do you think they would work okay? I get the feeling they’ll be fine, but I need a second opinion.

    And a big, fat congratulations!

  121. Alice and Terry

    Congratulations… we are all looking forward to meeting your Little Bean!!!!

  122. Amy Jo

    Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! I can’t be happier for the two of you. I saw the picture of the two of you together be fore I had a chance to read the post and I just knew what it was going to say! I commented ages ago on your blog about my two boys and you wrote back that you hoped that you two would have a child so beautiful. And it’s on it’s way! It is the most amazing thing in the world and you will be blessed beyond! Much love and congratulations to you both.

  123. Deborah Dowd

    Shauna, that is so wonderful- I am so happy for you! Pregnancy and motherhood is a wonderful and fearsome adventure (all at the same time- I should know,I have 6 children!) Enjoy every moment, every kick, that incredible closeness that you have with your little bean. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was so sick at the beginning all I could eat was toast with butter and peanut butter and chocolate milk! After three months, I woke up one morning and had an overwhelming craving for a steak so rare it looked like somethingout of Rosemary’s Baby!

  124. Tanya

    We called our daughter, now 2 1/2, the kidney bean. It was rather funny since I practically lived on red beans and rice during my pregnancy. It was one of my few comfort foods during six months, yes six months, of every minute of the day sickness.

    Congratulations! I found your blog two weeks ago the evening after I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I bought your book from Amazon and devoured it within a day of its arrival. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  125. Amy

    Congratulations Shauna and the Chef! (I feel silly calling you the Chef!). I’m sure you two will be amazing parents as you’ve been looking forward to this day for quite a while, in the mean time really finding out who *you* are. That makes for happy parents!

    I have a question/note. My son and I have celiac, and our entire household is gluten free – not a speck of gluten here. We are expecting our second child. You’re expecting your first. My point was – how are you going to go about discovering whether or not the little one is also celiac? I think I’m going to have the little one be completely gluten free till they are two or so (because gluten held back my first child’s development), and then maybe introduce it just long enough so they can be tested? But the thought of even potentially making them just a bit sick breaks my heart. Do you have a plan?

  126. Sarah

    Shauna, I am so proud of you.

    I know you have wanted this for a very, very long time and I could not be happier for you. You are going to bring an incredible amount of sunshine into this child’s life. This kid could not ask for a better mother, or a more perfect and joyous laugh to dance to inside of your stomach.

    I hope someday I’ll get to meet him or her.
    All the best,
    Sarah Deutsch

  127. Debbie Fister

    Shauna and the Chef,
    I just finished your book and I have recommended it to anyone (including drs) who might be interested. I was more taken by your descriptions of your love together than I was about being gluten free. However, both are important and you are directly responsible for my trying a GF diet. It is so easy and everything tastes great! I was 2 mos off gluten and now I will be 2 mos back on gluten to see if we can solve the problem.
    I love your blog and I wish I could write like you. Anyway,congratulations on “Little Bean” (we nicknamed our first as “Gherkin” little pickle. Enjoy the next 4 months. I loved being pregnant (all 4 times). I don’t know who you have chosen to take care of you, but I hope you have a midwife. Those were my best deliveries. The last one was at home.

  128. katygirl

    Oh, wonderful. My eyes are stinging with tears of happiness for you and hopefulness that I will someday (soon) know the wonder of growing a whole new person from scratch!

    Congratulations. Enjoy every minute.

  129. Meg

    Congratulations and welcome to the club! I can see already how the bean has started changing your perspective – have to say I did wonder recently when I read your post about how beautiful the world is!

    If you haven’t already read it, get a copy of Vicky Iovine’s book, the Girl friend’s guide (sometimes called Best Friend’s Guide) to pregnancy. It made me laugh so hard I cried at times, and was full of good common sense.

    So very happy for you and the chef!

    (Oh and buy that doctor a bottle of champagne because she surely deserves it!!!)

  130. Lori

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and The Chef. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news.
    I hope that we are as lucky. We’re being classified as Unexplained Infertility. We’ve been trying for 15 months. I just started my first round of Clomid…..I have my fingers crossed.
    I am left to wonder if it’s 16 years of undiagnosed Celiac Disease?

  131. Anonymous

    WOW. You both are AMAZING!!!! This is the FIRST time I am commenting. I have looked forward to reading your blog even though I do not have any eating problems except I that I LOVE to eat! Your words, pictures, thoughts make me want to enter your world daily. You do so easily what most of us want to do – you reach out and touch us with your story and we RESPOND! This baby is blessed, you both are blessed, and we are blessed to share all this LOVE! Peace, love, and happiness be with you always.

  132. not_over_it

    Talk about luck! I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and stumbled on your place while doing research, and I’m glad I did!

    Congrats on the good news!

  133. Anonymous

    congratulations! I am so excited for you and the chef. I will be 40 later this year and spoke w/ you when you were on the Martha Stewart radio show on Sirius. I’ve been recently diagnosed gluten sensitive (blood tests were inconclusive for celiac as I went off gluten before testing) and had 5 m/c prior to going GF and feeling tremendously better within weeks. I am so hopeful now that I am off gluten I will be able to hold a pg – we’re in the 2ww right now. Seeing your news makes me all the more excited that I have a shot! You have no idea how much your posts help keep the rest of us strong and with hope.

  134. Stephanie

    i am sooo excited for you both. from my first read about the great love you two share, i always thought a child would flourish and be so loved in your home. and now its happening 🙂

    i hope when he/she is born you will supply an address where we can send gifts.

  135. Jolanta

    Congratulations! You’re both so lucky!
    I have antother thing to add to a list of things you really should read/research before the baby is here! I know that feeding your baby ‘real’ food seems like a rather distant future, but you might be interesting in reading about baby-led weaning (that’s weaning as in introducing solid foods) – as you’re both so passionate about food you might like this way of introducing foods to a baby!

  136. Erica

    Ms. James, Congratulations! I have been reading your blog religiously for a few months and have really enjoyed it. It may be strange because I am not Gluten intolerant but I just love the way you write. I enjoy your stories. Also you were my high school English teacher on Vashon Island in what seems to be a life time ago.
    Anyway, I am excited that you are expecting. I have an 18 month old and it seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. Enjoy every minute because it changes so quickly. It is truly life changing.

  137. Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D.

    I just want you to know the invitation to Tampa still stands, and I PROMISE I didn’t tell ANYONE your secret (though I was honored you told me some time ago).
    Thinking warm thoughts for Little Bean, you and the Chef
    Ginger (Tampa and Milledgeville)

  138. LEsherick2008

    Oh my Congratulations. I am new to post but I have been reading for the past month or so. I am not sure if I have Celiac Disease but my next doctors appt I will get checked of but it will be hard or cut carbs out of my life and I am sure it will be a lot of work but to be healthy would mean the world. I wish you and the Chef and Little bean all the best and keep us updated. Sending wishes that he or she will be healthy.

  139. Anonymous

    Congratulations! My partner and I are trying to conceive, now, and a couple of times after we had sex he patted my belly and said “grow beans!” It’s just too fitting, isn’t it?

  140. anna

    Huge congratulations to you and your chef! I love your blog, because your writing is not really about food, ya know, it’s about *life*, and knowing that you are bringing new life into the world in such a way….wow, what a blessing for you both. A new journey, new adventures….many blessings to you along this path.

  141. Dee

    That is awesome news! Been reading your blog for months now – never posted a comment, but this news definitely warranted it =)

    Was so happy to hear about the wedding, the first new home & now this! What a year its been. Wish you both the best & CONGRATULATIONS!!

  142. cris

    Congratulations! And summer in Seattle with a new babe is marvelous. Walks in the warm sun. Fresh berries to nourish you. All the best as you prepare to be three.

  143. Fire Fox

    I can’t think of two people who are more suited to be parents. The love is spilling out all over the place! Congratulations!

  144. dutte

    Oh I’m so happy for you two!! Congrats! and God bless that Little Bean sprouts strong and healthy!! =)

  145. Mindy

    congratulations! i can totally relate to you right now. i’m still in the nausea and strange food aversion part and i also need tons of protein. it will be so fun to read about your experience with motherhood!

  146. madre-terra

    Just want to join the throng of well wishers.
    Isn’t life amazing?
    Little bean has chosen some exceptional parents.

  147. Cugini Fine Foods

    Congratulations! I’ve only been reading for a short time, but felt the need to drop a comment and say congrats.

    Congrats from the entire The Cugini Fine Foods family!

  148. happyturtledreamer

    lurker forever but had to come out and say congratulations! 🙂
    lots of love and luck!

  149. SAM's World


    I am 43 years old. Felt fortunate to have come across your site. I was detected with fibroids at the age of 38 years when the size of the biggest fibroid was 5.5 cm x 6.5 cm and 2 small fibroids. The then doctor advised surgery but I thought I’d wait and watch. Over a period of 5 years , the biggest one has grown to 8.0 cm x 7.5 cms (12 wk pegnency size). During this period have tried all sorts of options — Birth Control Pills, Homeopathy, Allopathy … All these years I have had heavy bleeding for 2 days and my period lasted for 6-7 days. The cycle was regular. Since October’07 the cycle has gone erratic and periods last from anything between 10-15 days. In October ’07 my periods stopped after 16 days after the Doctor gave me ‘Trapic MF’ to stop the bleeding. The only ‘Treatment Option’ I got from her was ‘Hysterectomy'(She knew I had a Medical Insurance). She also asked me to take a course of ‘Clingen Plus’ just in case there was an infection. December, January, Februay — my periods lasted from 7 to 10 days. This month (March), today is the 13th day and it is still on .. accompanied with pelvic pressure thought the bleeding was not heavy for the first time in 6 years. Today I have started with ‘Trapic MF’ again. Lets see how it goes … I’m confused what to do .. should I go ahead with Hysterectomy … are my fibroids too big or is it common to have such symptoms at this age? But after reading comments from my other friends, I am skeptical about surgical procedures.
    Please Help !!!

    Thanks & best regards


  150. Carrie G

    I was diagnosed with Celiac when 3 months pregnant with my first son. I was working full time and used to get so tired. I would go to the bathroom (four stalls for the entire office floor) and would sit on the toilet with my hands holding up my head, elbows on knees and fall asleep. I would wake up when someone came in to use the bathroom. I remember doing that multiple times per afternoon. I love your gluten free recipes and am very happy for you and the Chef. Congrats!
    I am inspired by your words.

  151. The SCD girl

    Congrats, Shauna and Danny!

    You know, I didn’t know I had a problem with gluten while I was pregnant, but after the morning sickness kicked in, I was nauseous all the time for my ENTIRE pregnancy. I wonder if that had something to do with it? Now my son is gluten intolerant, too.

    Thanks for mentioning that bit about infertility! I mentioned it to my husband. His friend’s wife has had several miscarriages. I am going to keep poking him until he mentions it to his friend!

  152. The Dippy Chick Company Blog

    Congratulations! What wonderful news! I have been blessed with two of the cutest little boys on the planet after 6.5 years of infertility due to malnutrition. They are now almost 6 and 3. I can tell you that your life is about to change in the most amazing way! Best wishes,
    Chris the Dippy Chick 🙂

  153. Grammie Monica

    Congratulations to you both! My husband was diagnosed with dermatitis herpetiformis almost a year ago and we have begun to feel the joy of eating more healthy. I discovered your blog and your book and now my husband has finished the book and I am about halfway through. It is such a joy to hear such positive and reinforcing cheerfulness from someone with a serious illness.
    We have been parents of 2 for over 32 years now and are grandparents to four beautiful boys, one of whom was just born January 8. And I can still remember the feelings of being pregnant, giving birth, and nursing both my son and my daughter. Then the joy is repeated all over again as a grandparent.
    You have a lot of wonderment to look forward to in the years ahead. We will be cheering for you all the way! Bless you, Gluten-Free Girl!

  154. jenA

    WOW.So you already have nearly 200 comments–what’s one more?

    I can’t tell you how odd it feels to be incredibly excited that you’re having a baby (!!!) when I am always incredibly annoyed to hear that my 20-something friends are working on their second or third, sometimes less than two years into marriage.

    Having grown up among women who believe you must get hitched and procreate before 25, I have begun to embrace the idea that babies deserve parents who have LIVED – and you and the chef have LIVED!

    Would I feel less excited if you were 20-something? Probably not, but it may be because this is you, my gluten-free inspiration, celebrating such a joyous turn of events.

    You, my blogfriend, have earned your Little Bean. Many blessings to you and the Chef.

  155. jenA

    okay sorry I forgot to add — your recipe reminds me of a yummy brazilian tradition – feijoada — which thanks to you and the rain I now crave!

  156. Anonymous

    Congrats! This is very well deserved. I’ll pray for you that everything WILL turn out fine and everyone of you will be and stay healthy 🙂

  157. Anonymous

    I was wondering when you were going to tell us this…oh I am so truly happy for you both. I had my little guy, age two now, at 40 and though it’s more exhausting than it was when I was in my 20’s (I have a 21 year old too) I am so much more settled–and gluten free–than I was then which makes me (I hope) a better parent. You’ll both be great, you are the most beautiful people I have ever not met.
    God Bless,

  158. Beth

    Congrats! You made my day, even though we’ve never met. You continue to be an inspiration to women, food-lovers, and gluten-free(ers) everywhere! Wishing you guys all the best.

  159. janaya

    Congratuations to you both! I am wildly excited to “come along” for this next stage of your journey. 😀

  160. Emily

    Congratulations and best wishes to all of you! I can’t think of a luckier baby than Little Bean!
    Your blog has given me so much hope over the past few months. I was diagnosed with celiac three years ago, and it has been an ongoing struggle to stay gluten-free and upbeat. Your attitude inspires me everyday.
    I know you are enjoying every moment of your miracle!

  161. tarambarker

    Yes yes yes!!!! Hooray for you, Shauna and Chef! Add me to the list of over-the-top excited (and not altogether surprised) fans!

    My own chef knocked me up, also, about 14 weeks ago. 🙂 (And yes, he likes to refer to it that way, too.) This is baby #2 for us, and I’m just now coming out of my all-day-every-day nausea (during which NOTHING tasted good), and my sweet tooth has made a tiny comeback. Honestly, I think it’s the healthiest thing in the world when our pregnant bodies loose their taste for sugar, although I do get some “who ARE you?” looks from my husband when I don’t want chocolate! And here’s a strange craving I had early on with this pregnancy: very specific gluten-FULL junk foods, like Pizza Hut pizza and grocery store garlic bread! Things I hadn’t tasted in YEARS! Thankfully, that passed quickly, as I was made even more miserable having to deny my cravings!

    Anyway, I am just over the moon for you two (and almost jealous – is that weird? – that Little Bean will be blessed with you for parents), and can’t wait to watch your joyous trip towards parenthood. You deserve it more than most. Keep it as private as you need to, as you should. Although, regardless of what you actually write, we will all be reading between the lines now – and I imagine it will be hard not to let your bliss creep in. Since, as many have already mentioned, your writing has carried subtle changes that told many of us something was up! Baby news is just too good to truely hide!

    Congrats again, and thanks for the pork and beans recipe – I think it’s just what my own little bean (maybe a peach by now?) is craving!

  162. momcan'tdance

    Congratulations indeed! There’s a little drive through coffee hut here in Bend called the “Human Bean”. It never made much sense to me….until now! Enjoy your little one, it’s a wonderful little human (bean)!

  163. KSinMT

    Congratulations, I love reading your blog and love that you shared this with us!! I remember craving naval oranges and strawberries!! My baby will be 29 this year! Doctors wanted me to abort her because I have Marfans Syndrome and they thought my uterous might split open. Thank goodness for 2nd and third etc opinions!!! Kathy

  164. bakingbarb

    I love bean soup and look forward to making this recipe.
    Congratulations on your expected one. My daughter is soon to be 16 but I remember the excitement and the plans of things I would do with her. It is a wondrous event.

  165. muffinandbear

    Congrats!!! And Mazel Tov! We’re very excited for you!!!

    I couldn’t have chicken with both of my children. Ugh…it limits what you can eat. But for some reason, my body didn’t want it. Listen to your body. And enjoy every moment!

    Toni 🙂

  166. Petite Planet

    Yay! Good for you both and what a lucky little bean to be born to such fabulous people! Please check out my website, Petite Planet, for all good things for your sweet pea once he/she is born! It was so nice meeting you in LA and being privileged to hear this news from you in person! Many blessings…
    xo, Beth

  167. Meg

    Congratulations! It’s fantastic news for you and your chef, and you sound as if you’re completely over the moon about it, which is wonderful.

    Aversions and cravings are strange things, aren’t they?

    Best of luck through the rest of your pregnancy; I hope it’s easy and healthy, and that your little bean arrives, pink and robust, close to the due date (but not late. the last month may be good for baby, but I did not find it very comfortable).

  168. Alia

    congratulations! the stories of your life and love of the chef and food make me smile all the time. i’ve never spoken up til now (reading in silence and awe) but this is the perfect time for me to say hello! so happy for you & the chef & little bean!!

    i’m from malaysia and if you ever make your way this side of the world, do let me know. we’ve got a whole new ballpark of food in store for both of you, and a lot of it naturally gluten-free 🙂

  169. Shauna

    Oh my goodness, everyone. The Chef and I have been reading these tender-hearted (and voluminous) comments every day, shaking our heads in wonder at the kindness of this community. You have made us feel so loved. Thank you.

    For those of you have written that you sensed this was happening from the writing the last few months? Wow, you are astute! I must admit that I have found myself deleting sentences as I write, but I didn’t know it was so clear. Makes sense, though. Every minute of my days is imbued with the knowledge that I’m carrying a little being around in my body. How could it not be in my words?

    For those of you who say how lucky the Little Bean is? Oh heavens, thank you. But I have to say in all honesty, we really feel like the lucky ones.

    Someone asked what we are going to do about feeding Little Bean gluten when it comes time. The idea of that just breaks my heart, imagining LB sick, because of gluten I fed her or him. We are now investigating if we can have the cord blood tested, to see if Little Bean has the genetic marker for celiac. If so, no gluten, ever. Fact is, around here, LB will eat gluten-free, and never be deprived. But so much will unfold. We’ll have to see.

    allison, you asked about breastfeeding, as a way of building up immunities for celiac. I’ve read that too. I’ll certainly be trying! I’m in awe of the fact that our bodies can feed little human beings.

    Sabina, who is suffering from fibroids. Oh, you sound much like I did five years ago. I didn’t go on all those pills. they just said I had to have a hysterectomy. Fight against it. The surgery I had is called a myomectomy — they opened me up and took out the tumor. I’m sure that someone there can do it too.

    And for the woman who read this post the first day she found the site, after struggling with fertility and wondering if celiac might be the answer? I’m so happy you see this as a good omen. I do too. We all help each other in this. And there are too many women suffering for no reason. Congratulations on finding out!

    To everyone?

    Thank you, for the advice, the support, and your love. Really, we feel it. And we are so grateful.

    (And Little Bean was dancing in my belly the entire time I wrote this!)

  170. Anonymous


    When the bean arrives you must go to the First Weeks support group run by Anne Keppler at Great Starts every Tues, Wed and Thursday morning. It is WONDERFUL.

    I tell everyone this – even the pregnant womn who bought our baby capsule off craigslist.

  171. J.

    wow congrats, i must say that I for some reason (even though i only know you online) thought that you pregnant… not because I expected it but just because it seemed like you were/are! Yippee for both – or should I say all of you.

  172. The Giraffe Head Tree

    Always a reader of your blog but never a commenter, please know how thrilled I am for you! Congratulations!

  173. Jenny

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful news. I am so excited for you. You have such a passion for life!

  174. a kelly

    I am so happy for you both and for the bean. You’re gonna be awesome parents!
    Your story is inspiring in so many ways…your journey of love gives hope in this world.
    many thanks for sharing and allowing us a little of that journey!

  175. Anonymous

    Shauna, Chef and L’il Bean,
    Congratulations!! First time posting! I’ve only recently started a gluten-free journey and was referred to your blog by my naturopath! The intimacy of your writing makes this blog so much more than just “gluten-free recipes”. It casts such a warm glow on living without gluten! I’m learning as much about attitude as food! I’m so very happy for your good news! My own L’il Bean is about to turn 12 and your post brought back so many memories of the joy and amazement my husband and I shared when we were awaiting her arrival! She has brought much joy to our lives! My husband is still my best friend after 15 years of marriage and I can’t imagine having gone through the many challenges (or challenges yet to come…teenagers!!!) of parenting without him. I’ll send lots of positive thoughts for continued health for you, L’il Bean and Chef, too! Enjoy the ride!!

  176. Gemma

    Huge huge congratulations to you both. I know so many people who are expectine right now that 2008 seems to be the year of the baby but that’s great! Best of luck for the next few months and the years to come with little bean!

    Gemma x

  177. Claire

    Congratulations, and so much love to the both of you. And to you too, little bean! You will be a child raised with food, love, and a massive vocabulary.

  178. Melissa

    Congratulations! Yay! You both will be great parents. I just had a daughter in August, my first, and have celiac disease, and everything went well and she is magnificent. There is an amazing documentary out now about childbirth called The Business of Being Born (it’s now on Netflix) that I heartily recommend, and I know it’s a little odd, but we celiac people like to network, so if you have any gluten-y/childbirthy questions, please email me @

  179. meg

    Oh! Hooray for Bean! This is such wonderful news — congratulations to you both!

    And I agree: The pregnant body makes some strange demands, but it knows. I normally don’t tolerate salads very well, but while pregnant? Bring ’em on! Ditto for milk. Go figure.

  180. amanda

    Wow! What a wonderful blessing for you and your lovely husband. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so happy to hear news like this from somebody I don’t even know!

    I have read your blog regularly since discovering it when it was named as a ‘blog of note’. Your love of life jumps from the screen in the beauty and honesty of your writing. It’s like reading a letter from your oldest friend.

    I hope the growth of your family from two to three brings nothing but joy to your lives.

  181. Anonymous

    Baby love! There is nothing else quite like it on the planet. Congratulations, you are a beautiful trio. I watch my 13 month old granddaughter sleep peacefully as I type this. She is pure joy.
    P.S. I like the way the chef’s hand makes a heart on your belly in the posted photo. Very sweet.

  182. Julie Keen

    Oh! I am so happy for you!! Motherhood is truly the most amazing thing … you will discover what love really is … I’m so happy for you and the Chef.

    We called our first daughter “Bean” when she was in utero since we didn’t know if she was a boy or girl … and our last name is “Keen” … so she was the Keen Bean. Once she was born, we named her Michaela. And that eventually turned into Michaela Bean, then Kayla B. And that is now her family nickname — Kayla B. … but she started at the Bean.

    From one Mom-Bean to another … I wish you all the blessings of motherhood, and more!!

  183. Stefania

    Congratulations!! New reader here, but love your blog.

    We called our babe the Little Pork Bun…funny that they inspire food names.

    Babies are so wonderful! And cooking for them is even more wonderful! It inspired me to start my food blog (which is now just a part of my regular blog).


  184. Peggy

    I’ve been offline for a while, but something drove me to check in today… I thought, “Whaddya wanna bet Shauna’s preggers by now?” Congrats to you both — what a lucky little creature Little Bean will be!

  185. Julie

    You are going to love it. I actually got goosebumps thinking of what’s in store for you! As you’ve already figured out, having a baby opens up a whole new dimension of emotions you didn’t even know existed.

    (My little bean is now a 2 1/2 year old jumping bean, dancing around me as I type this…)

  186. lalaine

    A friend once told me that God answers our prayers in three ways: No, Yes, Wait. I think your story is the perfect example of how things take their course in God’s time.

    Reading your post also made me realize how people, by nature, are good. I sure felt happiness and joy for you when you are, in fact, but a stranger to me.

  187. Laurel

    I’m so, so happy for the three of you! We’ve never met but after reading you for so long I do feel like I know you, and I’m all teary with joy for you! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  188. anna

    Congratulations. I’m very happy for you. I’m a coeliac italian girl and I love your blog.

  189. CJ

    YAY! Congratulations! Babies are God’s way of saying that the world must go on. What wonderful news!!

  190. seamaiden

    Dear Shauna, Congratulations! I’m so happy for you- best wishes to you and “little bean.”

    Hugs and Happy Dances all around,

    (from the Book of Yum)

  191. brett

    I am so excited to be the first to congratulate you 😉 Big hugs to my favorite chef/writer couple. Miracles happen! Your passion must have been fueled by your visit to San Francisco… and Shuna’s mountain of gluten-free desserts. I wish you three all the blessings in the world.

  192. kyrie

    oh, i’m so happy for you. so happy! this is such a special, special thing. enjoy every minute.

    (i craved cilantro all the time with my 2nd baby. was eating chicken tacos with extra cilantro breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)

    thinking of you with love-

  193. beatgrl

    Ever since I started reading this blog I’ve thought “these folks would make great parents.” I wept through the whole post. I can’t wait to hear more about little bean. That’s one lucky baby.

    P.S.That book tour must have been quite exhausting!!

  194. Maggie

    Congratulations! Your post is so heartfelt and inspiring. I wish you the best of luck during the rest of your pregnancy. The baby is so lucky to be coming into such a loving, happy environment.


  195. Daniela

    Woohoo! This is so exciting! Congratulations to the pregnancy.

    (I was actually just waiting for you to say something. Somehow I knew that you’ll be expecting sooner or later)

  196. Misc. Muse

    Wonderful blog! thankgoodness you got your fibroid taken care of- I lost #4 #5 child could have been due to fibroids. I was 40 and 42- people thought I was nut- oh well- we like children. Now the nest is empty and it’s sad. Older moms enjoy and relax more. I wish all of you the best!

  197. Anonymous

    Congratulations from me too. I am so happy for you and the Chef. Your writing, your experiences, and your stories inspire me. Just want you to know how you have a positive impact on this small corner of the world.

  198. babyjenks

    congratulations and thank you for sharing!

    my GF husband and i moved away from seattle this fall; so here’s warm wishes from boston!

    i love your writing and your blog. it’s such a blessing to read about GF food and i feel honored that you share your life with us.

    my best friend is about 5 mo. preggo right now too. her husband is calling the baby the dweezil.

    have a wonderful pregnancy and an easy birth (if you haven’t already, look into having a doula-they make a HUGE difference!)

    take care!

  199. lafs

    I’m so glad to hear that the Chef put a bun (gluten free of course) in your oven. I can’t be the 1st to tell you this! Many many best wishes!!!

  200. Jamie

    How very exciting! You are much stronger than I… I could never keep my shut once Daddy knew the news! Lol. If you stop by my site and do my Pay It Foward… I promise to send you something handmade for the baby… of course, it will have to fall into the unisex catagory, but just as fabulous! We are very excited for you! I can’t wait to read all about your baby world… being a parent is the most amazing, awe-inspiring event imaginable. Congrats! -Jamie

  201. ioyces

    Congratulations Shuana and James!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!! 😀 Hello Little Bean, welcome!!!!

  202. mama o' the matrices

    Hooray! That’s wonderful news. Enjoy the wee Bean, and trust yourself. It’s the best way to start – and continue – motherhood..

  203. jen

    Congratulations to you and the Chef!

    I know others have said it but this post really brought tears to my eyes – so happy for you guys (even though I’ve never met you!). Little Bean couldn’t ask for two more loving, wonderful parents 🙂 Lucky Bean is more like it!

  204. clair

    Dear Shauna & Chef

    I am SO, SO happy to hear that you are pregnant! I started reading your blog with the “Yes” post & well, you had me at yes. I have loved reading about all the amazing things that have happened in your lives & I can’t wait to see Little Bean. Congratulations to you both!
    Clair, South Africa

  205. Anonymous

    Felicidades! What great news for you and the chef!!! This is my first comment on your amazing blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  206. fidget

    I’m a little late to the party but I wanted to wish you, the chef and little bean all the best.

    It was during my last pregnancy that my gluten issues became apparent and I stumbled on to your blog. I find it fitting that we are due around the same time!

    Before my gluten situation became apparent I had multiple losses, though it’s never been determined if it has to do with my clotting disorder or the gluten or perhaps in some crazy way, both.

    I have a problem with salad- been this way this entire pregnancy. A forkful of uncooked greens has teh power to cripple me with a bad case of the heaves, though occasionally I can solider through and enjoy.. but the texture, oh it IS the texture that is so gag-worthy.

  207. plslade

    Congratulations! I’ve read your blog for a while now and I truly enjoy reading everything you have to say. You’re so inspiring. Congratulations on your GREAT news!

  208. Natasha

    Wow, congratulations!! Although I don’t know you personally, I can just tell how lucky this baby is to have you and the chef as parents. Such happy, kind and loving people. Again, congratulations and happy pregnancy!!

  209. s'kat

    I am late to the party as usual, but seriously? I should’ve guessed from the flickr photos.

    Congrats, you two-even-luckier people. 🙂

  210. Lisa

    Congratulations!!! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, ever since my husband and son were diagnosed in the same month in December of 2007! You’ve been a great help to us and inspired myself, to create my own blog to share with others! So, from one gluten free Mom, to another, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  211. Leigh

    As I read your words, I could see the love that you and The Chef have for Little Bean already! What a lucky, lucky little bean! 🙂


  212. JessicaK

    Congrats on the baby, I’m 4 months along myself. I went gluten free about a month and half before I got pregnant, after having an ALCAT food sensitivity test. I had been tested for the regular celiac blood panel and a genetic panel after my older sister was diagnosed. She was pregnant at the time, going through nausea and gluten withdrawl at the same time. I have the gene that is more prone to developing celiac, so my doctor authorized the celiac panel testing, but it was quite confusing. My score was 0-3, or “negative” or something like that. So that was no help. I had been fighting fatigue for a long time, so I tried the ALCAT test, recommended by my chiropractor. I was sensative to other foods and dyes and additives, but seeing that I had a reaction to gliadin made me want to give an elimination diet a try. Once I got over the first couple weeks of withdrawl, I was feeling much less fatigued and tired, and my eczema faded. So I’ve stayed gluten free, even though I do not have a traditional diagnosis. I was wondering what you thought, I have been doing research, and there are people who think there may be non-celiac gluten sensitivity/intolerance, or varying degrees of gluten sensitivity and intolerance. Or maybe my system wasn’t damaged enough yet to register as celiac disease. Sometimes it is hard to explain to others, because I never was diagnosed with celiac. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it to self diagnose, or if I should go back to eating gluten after the baby is born, and get “officially” tested again. I can’t wait to read your book once my sister finishes her turn with it.

  213. Rebecca Tryon

    I knew that you’re wonderful words and your site have gotten into my heart when I read the latest post and saw that you were expecting. Immediately I started scrolling for the post where you announced it.

    What a blessing and I wish you and the chef an amazing experience. Looking forward to hearing how little bean influences your gluten-free life.


  214. leah

    B’sha’ah Tova (lit. “in a good hour” or more poetically “in the proper time” – the traditional Jewish greeting extended to a pregnant woman or her family members upon hearing the news of her pregnancy)

    May your little bean bring you many blessings and happiness.

    Much love!

  215. The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet

    Hey Shauna!

    This is such wonderful news!

    I have to tell you more great news…no matter how excited you are right this minute, your life is going to get so much better, so much fuller, so much richer and there is absolutely no way to even explain how that is even possible. But it will and you’ll wonder how you ever lived a full life without little bean.

    And here’s another thing – Think you love The Chef now? Wait until you see your kid look up at him adoringly and smile and giggle at him. You’ll fall in love with him all over again. And it is the best, most comforting feeling in the world, to see how this kid loves him for totally separate, independent reasons.

    You know, on my blog, I do a lot of making fun of what a circus we have going with our two babies and it’s definately a circus, but we LOVE it. We LOVE every minute of it. And so will you.

    Congratulations Shauna! This is lovely news.


  216. MotherLode

    Dear Shauna,

    We haven’t met yet, and I recently found your blog. It’s beautiful. I love the photos and your writing. Apart from the food blog that drew me here, I read “meet the Chef” and “yes.” And I cried. Repeatedly. In both posts. I love your writing. Honest, open, and thoughtful.

    I found another of your food posts, and you mentioned being what had to be morning sickness. A searching I went! And this I found.

    I’m so happy for you both!

    Do you sing to Little Bean? Every morning when I rubbed skin balm on my bump, I would sing to my baby. “Little baby, living in me, little baby. Are you a girl, are you a boy? Little baby, living in me, little baby.”

    The bonding experience is magical. The most amazing thing happens after the birth…your baby will recognize your singing, your voice, and even the words. Wonderfully calming for both of you when you need it most.

    The world is a startling place after the womb. Things that comfort and calm can be helpful!


    PS: Be working on magnesium rich recipes for your time near and after the birth. Mag is a natural muscle relaxer and will help tremendously!

    When you are exhausted, remember YES!!!

  217. rkimedes

    I’m about a month behind you. We’ve been calling ours the Larval Human 🙂

    It’s been amazing to discover what “We” like and don’t like. I love broccoli. WE hate it. I don’t like bell peppers. WE despise them with an OH GOD SCRAPE MY TONGUE aversion. I don’t like celery. WE love it. It’s definitely a ride!

    Congratulations! (I’m behind. I couldn’t read food blogs while I was in a state of constant vomit)

  218. Rebecca

    I just found you and I love you. I am from Near Seattle and wish you guys were my neighbors. Congrats on Little Bean!

  219. Ms.Sinn


    Your combination of pork, beans, and baby, reminded me of what my son’s dad used to say when I was pregnant:

    “It’s baby. The other *other* white meat.”

  220. Havilah

    What a beautiful recount of the experience and your relationship. Congratulations/Mazel Tov!

  221. J.J.

    Congrats! Such amazing news!

    Reading your book was an amazing blessing in my life. It taught me to hope that everything would be ok, even without gluten (it’s actually been much better!). I can’t thank you enough for being so brave, you have definitely been an inspiration to me.

    I’m glad that you have such joy brought into your house because you brought so much into mine. Thank you and congrats again!

  222. Anonymous

    Congratulations, It is so very wonderful when two people are in love and have a child they will love, cherish, nurture and raise together. I wish all three of you the very best!
    Thank you for all you wonderful gluten free input!

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