hey seattle!

Chicago, Chicago, I love you.

So many stories — steakhouses that understand food allergies; a cupcake shop with chocolate/passion fruit gluten-free cupcakes; good people and gluten-free/vegan cookies in Evanston; a cooking class full of laughter at Whole Foods; and an Italian restaurant with a gluten-free menu. I am dazzled and happy, thrilled to meet Amy and Amy, Laura and Joe, Carol and Margot, Cari and Tina and Sheri and Anna. People who love food? They’re just damned good people.

But before I collapse for the night in this lovely hotel in Chicago (missing the Chef something fierce, to be honest), I have to tell you some more book tour news. Being able to meet gluten-free people, pastry chefs, fellow writers, and fantastic folks in every city? It has only left me hungering for more.

So, spontaneously, we’re throwing a party at the Chef’s restaurant.

Monday night, November 5th (two nights from now!)

6 to 9 pm

gluten-free appetizers (the Chef will be making them)
a glass of wine

a great party.

All for $15!

We want to honor the owner of the Chef’s restaurant — a fine man, a lovely upstanding man — who has been so understanding of the Chef’s occasional absences, both for our honeymoon and these book tour appearances.

So let’s fill the place to the brim and laugh out loud.

(If you want to buy a copy of the book, we will have them in the restaurant for purchase. If you already own a copy, bring it in, and I’ll be happy to sign it.)

Come out to celebrate. We’d love to see you there.

(And next week, San Francisco. Check the calendar for more details. In a couple of days, I’ll fill you in even more.)