plump heirloom tomatoes are gluten-free

tomatoes from Kittitas II

A spilling bounty of heirloom tomatoes on a linen cloth.

Kittitas Valley Greenhouse stand at the Broadway Farmers’ Market.

I love crunching kosher salt between my fingers, from high above my chest, and watching the white melt into the red flesh. Sometimes, that’s all I need, is salt on a perfectly ripe, room temperature tomato.

Last night, the Chef and I ate one roasted, with coral lentils.

This morning, we ate another, with small boiled potatoes, scrambled eggs, Chilean salsa, and sausages from Skagit River Ranch, out in the backyard, at the picnic table.

It’s summer.

7 comments on “plump heirloom tomatoes are gluten-free

  1. Freckled Face Mama

    Those look scrumptious! I know what I am doing with my maters for dinner. God I love summer! What can be better than fresh veggies and fruit either from the backyard garden or local farmers’ market.

  2. In Recovery

    Dude, you’re making me hungry! I love the smell of ripe tomatoes, that green, almost harsh, scent from the stems…smells like summer!

  3. Cookie baker Lynn

    My father grew huge tomatoes and in the summer I’d often have a tomato, warm off the vine, with salt for lunch. Yumm. Thanks for stirring up that memory.


    Oh, so beautiful! Those tomatoes are great. My boyfriend is a neophyte foodie, and I introduced him to the inner beauty (and taste) of heirloom tomatoes.

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