gluten-free comfort food

gluten-free macaroni and cheese

I love the way I eat after I started eating gluten-free: fresh, in season, and always something new. If I had not been diagnosed with celiac, I never would have discovered fresh ramps, sunchokes, and pea vines. I would never be so happy.

We’re on our way to the farmers’ market soon, the first official day of the spring schedule. Inside my stomach are little dancing pulses of joy.

But you know what? Sometimes, in spite of all that, there is nothing better than cold macaroni and cheese for breakfast.

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  1. Allergic Girl

    or GF chocolate cake for bfast. i love being an adult!

    the ramps are running here as well but im not exactly sure how to cook them, other than a nice saute with garlic, thoughts?

  2. sweetpea

    I want that recipe! It looks wonderful. I am not much of a breakfast food person. Pizza, pasta and meatloaf always delight me in the morning.

  3. sweetpea

    One more thing, I hope your book tour looks something like Clotilde’s – the May event in Seattle looks like a blast!

  4. Lynn Barry

    I agree 100%. I may not have celiacs but with all the things I have eliminated in my intake due to intolerance people wonder what I eat and feel sorry for me and to that I say…WHY? I feel the best I have EVER felt…HUGS

  5. jasmine

    yum, I saw some gluten free flour on sale at my local grocer and thought of you — and then thought maybe I should buy it since you might have a fabulous recipe that calls for it even if I can eat gluten.

  6. Caroline

    Where do you get ramps, sunchokes, and pea vines? I’ve never had them and don’t know of a single store, restaurant, or farmer’s market that carries them.

  7. Catherine

    I feel the exact same way. I have been exposed to so many new and wonderful foods as a result of going gluten free.

  8. Shauna

    Allergic Girl,

    Chocolate cake for breakfast is even better!

    Ramps. Well, the Chef pickled the entire case he got at the restaurant. (In fact, I just had a few bites of them with the pate he made today. I know, I’m spoiled!) But a saute sounds great. They’re good in stir fries as well. I think any place you use leeks, onions, or garlic would be a good place to try them.


    I hate to hold out on you, but that mac and cheese was actually the last bites of the recipe we tested for the book. I can’t print it here, but it will be available in October!

    Oh, and the Clotilde book event is going to be fantastic. That was my idea, actually, and it developed into something spectacular, fast. Can you come?


    Exactly! I don’t know why people complain about missing certain foods when we feel so much better. As always, you have the right attitude, girl.


    What you said!

    Peyton’s mom,

    That’s a great way to put it.


    Thanks. That was the first day with the new camera. I was taking pictures of everything!


    That’s the spirit! Some of these flours and grains are really spectacular on their own. Even if I could eat gluten again, I’d still eat teff and amaranth and sorghum. Try some!


    Oh goodness, where do you live? Sunchokes are also known as Jerusalem artichokes, so maybe you have seen them as that? They are mostly in the winter time, and they’re available all over here. Pea vines are particular to spring. They are just emerging here, now. All through May and June, the farmers here have them at their stands. And ramps? Well, we are just passing the time for them. They are ephemeral. Beautiful. They are also known as wild leeks, so again, maybe you have seen them as that?

    Go exploring. International districts tend to have more interesting produce than grocery stores. Ask your favorite chefs? I have to say, I really hadn’t heard of any of these before I met the Chef, so it’s a constant humbling experience for me.


    It’s amazing, isn’t it? When I thought I could eat anything in the world, my diet was so limited. Now? The world is the limit.

  9. ohmsmom

    gluten – who needs gluten. celiac has been a blessing to me also, our food is so healthy and creative thanks to celiac 🙂

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