This is the gluten-free stuffing we will be eating.

gluten-free bread

Normally, I emphasize the foods that are naturally gluten-free. Why always long for bread when gluten-free bread will never taste as good as an artisan loaf made at the best bakery? There are three thousand meals out there that need never involve gluten.

However, on Thanksgiving day, I do like stuffing. Growing up, those morsels were always my favorite bites of the meal. Roasted turkey? Oh, of course. And, I always stole long strips of crispy skin off the golden-brown turkey as it was resting in the pan. Cranberries? I love their tangy tartness, all the goodness of the autumn earth. Pumpkin pie? Sure. My brother loves to cut the pie in quarters and take one-quarter of it for himself. Mashed potatoes? Oh yes. That was about my favorite part, almost, particularly when I would mound them up, add another dab of butter on the top, let it melt down to make a little volcano of molten butter, then run my fork down the sides and let it spill it out. Ever since I saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind, when I was eleven, I have always made my mashed potatoes look like Devil’s Tower, then looked up and said to my brother, “This means something.” We still laugh.

But stuffing? Oh, the crusty bread, softened by the stock and covered in pepper. Some families love walnuts and sausage, cranberries and apricots, pistachios and red pepper. Whatever. I don’t mean that flippantly — whatever you usually make, this recipe will probably adapt to it. But in our house — and now, the Chef is part of our house, and will be forever — this is how we will be making stuffing this year.

Gluten-free. Gorgeous. Oh, the stuffing.


This is the stuffing that Danny and I both ate at our family Thanksgiving celebrations. It’s simple, plain, and wonderfully delicious, especially with a generous splash of good gluten-free gravy. 

1 loaf gluten-free sandwich bread, diced into 1-inch cubes
1 large yellow onion, peeled and diced
2 stalks celery, diced
2 tablespoons chopped fresh sage
2 large eggs
3 cups chicken stock, heated

Toasting the bread. Heat the oven to 350°. Spread the bread cubes out on a baking sheet. Put the baking sheet in the oven and toast the bread. After 10 minutes or so, toss the bread cubes around to another side. When all sides are toasted, about 20 minutes. take the bread out of the oven.

Cooking the sausage. Set a large skillet over medium-high heat. Pour in the olive oil. When the oil is hot, add the onion and celery. Cook, stirring frequently, until the onions are soft and translucent, about 7 minutes. Add the fresh sage and cook until the scent of the herb releases into the room, about 1 minute.

Tossing the stuffing together. onions, celery, and sage together with the bread cubes. (Be gentle. The bread will be fragile.) Put them all into a greased 8 x 12-inch casserole pan.

Whisking the eggs and stock. Whisk the eggs vigorously and slowly drizzle in the the hot stock. When you’ve added about 1/2 a cup of the hot stock, pour the eggy stock back into the hot stock.

Pour this stock evenly over the stuffing. Tent the casserole pan with tin foil.

Bake the stuffing for 30 minutes and take off the tin foil. Bake until the bread cubes are firm and browned on the top and all the ingredients appear to be bound together, about another 10 minutes.

Serve immediately.

Feeds 8.

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  1. Kimberly

    I come from dressing people, not stuffing people. Cornbread dressing, which in my family we make with 2/3 cornbread and 1/3 regular bread. (This year I’ll be using the NYT no-knead bread that’s been making the rounds of the gluten-eating food blogosphere.) Cornbread dressing and sweet potatoes (we gave up the marshmallows years ago in favor of orange zest and nutmeg) are my two favorite dishes for Thanksgiving. Yum.

    1. elaine

      I want to make this for my daughter, but I don’t know what kind of bread. There aren’t many options and she tells me some of them are…less than yummy. What kind of bread are you using?

      1. shauna

        Elaine, we make our own bread. (Search for bread on this site for the recipe that best suits your needs.) But we think Udi’s sandwich bread is great for stuffing too.

      2. april

        Hi everyone, I always make Gluten Free Pantry “favourite Sandwich bread” mix. It comes in a green and white box. We’ve tried every GF bread around and it’s all dry and hideous! This one is softer, only a little bit dense, and is great warm or cold. I make a loaf in a loaf pan, and buns in large glass round ramekins. So good even my teenagers and my gluten loving husband love it! I hope you enjoy it! FYI their Italian bread is great warm out of the oven but not so good cold. Their cookies, brownies, and pie crust mix are awesome.

        1. Tracy

          I made this over the holidays, I have went GF for my middle daughter and her ADHD issues, but she specifically requested “momma’s best stuffing”. I hunted and hunted and the clerk at The Natural Grocer suggested Against the Grain Gourmet Fresh Rosemary baguettes and the stuffing turned out fabulous! I just omitted the sage from the recipe and no one but my husband knew I was using GF bread and everyone raved about it. Thanks for the recipe!!

  2. Anonymous

    you are beautiful! I was in the old scurvy dog whole foods today and they had a surplus of their $5 (!!) gf sandwich bread and I bought a couple of loaves, thinking, “oh oh oh I could make stuffing! but how?” and then here you are!

    what a treat! happy thanksgiving, pancake!


  3. Jess

    Sounds yummy! Any suggestions on bread? Although I have found a few acceptable brands, I have yet to find a truely good bread, because, as you said, it will never taste like wheat-based loaves.

    1. Angela

      My family likes Gluten Free Pantry brand’s Favorite Sandwich Bread. You will have to bake it yourself, but it not too much trouble at all. It has helped us transition to the gluten free lifestyle. Sometimes you just really want a sandwich.

    2. Sonya

      Hands on down, I love Rudi’s G-F bread; I like it much better than Udi’s. I keep the house stocked with their whole-grain and their Cinnamon-Raisin at all times. 🙂

      1. lydia

        or you could get a bread maker 🙂 much cheaper in the end per loaf of bread and by far the best for tasting and there are many different poosibilites

        1. Leaha

          In the Northwest you can get the most amazing gluten free bread from Franz Bakery. It is the first bread I’ve had that actually tastes like regular bread. They have a multi-grain bread and a white bread that almost tastes like worthless Wonder bread….Best of all…you can actually make a sandwich that tastes good without toasting the breat!

        2. CCole

          Best thing about Franz’s GF bread – most stores seem to be carrying it, even if they never carried GF bread before. I don’t even care how they got the bread in everywhere when only our largest grocery chain and the “natural” groceries have been the only place to fine it. I’m just glad I can get a loaf so easily now. It tastes as good as Udi’s (to me) and it’s going into my dressing – with cornbread as well – but the rest of the recipe will be this one.Thanks – it looks simple, yet goooood.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for the recipe! I hope it all goes well for you! You are lucky to have such an understanding family. My son is not only a celiac but a diabetic. They have made great strides in the diabetes treatments since he was diagnosed and in all actuality since he was diagnosed with celiacs they have come a long way! Keep up the great work you do letting others know!

  5. Anonymous

    That sounds so yummy. This is my first gf Thanksgiving and I just made some wild rice stuffing that looks great, but can’t possibly be as good as this. Did you make or buy the bread? I have yet to find a bread that I would use even in stuffing.

    — Sharon (who is also a scorpio but is not your friend mentioned in the last post. Though I did wear a very similar shirt in 1976…)

  6. Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and The Chef – I am sure everything will be amazing.

    I have a request: at some point, could you address the POMEGRANATE ? I am not even sure that I know how to spell that. It looks wrong to me.

    I am fascinated by them in the grocery store, but don’t really know what to do with one. I bought one today, it was just so pretty. It’s also mysterious and intimidating, and I am sure that you could come up with some great ideas on how to enjoy one !!

    Thanks for all your great posts. I love checking in on this blog each day.

    Kristin in Santa Barbara

  7. Anonymous

    I live in Kent, WA and was just diagnosed with cd. Your stuffing sounds wonderful and I am going to attempt it for Christmas.
    Where can I find gf bread that doesn’t taste and act like sawdust! I have tried all the natural food stores, but when they eliminate the gluten, they also eliminate fat and eggs etc.
    I need help finding good bread.


    1. Don

      You could try the GF bread sold by Franz up near Poulsbo RV on Military Way south of Kent-Des Moines Rd. It’s not great but okay. A bit mealy and slimey tasting.

      – Don

  8. Anonymous

    I made GF stuffing last year that was so bad even the dog wouldn’t eat it! I hope you can save us with your wonderful recipe (no pressure.)
    As to bread, we have had the best luck with tapioca bread, toasted. Wonderbread it ain’t, but it is better than the others.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m celiac too… thanks for posting recipes. The thanksgiving stuffing sounds good, maybe we’ll try that this year.

  10. Jenny

    Thank you! This is baking as I type. We are using Pamela’s brand bread mix with some added Italian seasoning. It smells WONDERFUL. Thank you for helping us in our first Gluten Free Thanksgiving.

  11. Angela

    Hi Shauna,
    I must say you are a life saver. I came accross your page a few months ago and have been addicted to reading every post you put up. I was diagnosed with CD in May of this year and it really has been a hard transition for me. I was diagnosed with CD while I’m still young, I’m 24, and that’s been one of the hardest things. My husband and I love going to restaurants with friends and family. The first time we went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, I cried while going over the menu. I felt like I was all alone in this Gluten free world. No one around me had even heard of Celiac Disease nor had they even heard of Gluten. After that restaurant experience I decided to do some research. I’ve been on just about every “Gluten Free” website I could find and even joined the Celiac Disease Foundation. I came across your page and have been hooked! I’m so thankful I found you! I bought your book and absolutely LOVE reading it. You saved me this Thanskgiving! My mom and I made your Gluten Free Stuffing and let me tell you, it turned out amazing!! I don’t know what I would have done without you and your blogs!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You are a huge inspiration!!

  12. Anonymous

    I made this stuffing on Thanksgiving for my 1st GF Thanksgiving. It was literally the best stuffing I have ever had. It makes a lot of stuffing for 5 people! We had plenty for 2 days aferwards. I had to adapt the recipe some though. I used 2 loaves of Gluten Free Pantry’s White Sandwich bread. First time using/tasting it and it is yummy! However, the 1 cup of chicken stock wasn’t near enough to soak up all that much bread. I ended up using 6 cans of chicken stock (roasted garlic flavor)in order to soak it but it wasn’t too mushy!!! Other than that all the ingredient amounts were correct. Personally, I’d add a little more celery next time since I like it so much. Maybe even carrots. I am sold on this recipe! Thanks so much!

  13. dxanderson

    I made my first gluten-free Thanksgiving as my sister was newly diagnosed with Celiac. This was a great recipe but passing along – I did add some fennel and it was delish. Even my picky eating husband enjoyed it which speaks volumes!

  14. Anonymous

    I’ve been gluten free for just over 18 months and lamented the lack of bread for too long. Then I found Gluten Free Pantry. It’s not perfect but it is a reasonable substitute. To dress it up a little I use oil perfumed with garlic cloves or toast it with butter flavored cooking spray and different seasonings. I can have pizza, sandwiches, and yes even holiday stuffing again! Good luck!

  15. Anonymous

    Thank you for making eating easier and better for celiacs. My dad, now 86, was diagnosed while in his early 60’s. Dad has not been so good at watching out for himself (can’t read the fine print on labels) so I do what I can. Three years ago, I decided just to make the entire traditional Thanksgiving dinner gluten free so he wouldn’t have to ask “Can I eat this?” I found the white bread from Gluten Free Creations in Phoenix to be a good base. Cut into cubes, it makes wonderful sage stuffing. I make it exactly as I did white wheat bread stuffing and guests don’t even realize it’s different. It’s basically bread cubes, celery and onions cooked in butter, lots of sage and fresh ground black pepper. Moistened a bit with water, it is then stuffed into the turkey and that’s that! By the time it’s covered in cornstarch thickened gravy, I can’t tell the difference either. I imagine that by cooking it in the turkey, it gets lots of flavor from that. I’m trying the Whole Foods GF pie crusts this year which I’m sure will be great. Also thinking of grinding up GF Ginger Snaps to make a crumb/butter crust for one of the pumpkin pies. We’ll be in Tucson as well; enjoy the sunshine!
    Nancy in Arizona

  16. Anonymous

    To be honest I have made this stuffing numerous times and have used many different GF breads. Really you cannot tell the difference. The texture and consistency when you are mixing the broth with the bread is kind of … weird, but it all turns out tasting wonderful and fluffy, just like the non GF stuffing, in fact my husband could not tell the difference. This year my whole family will experience an ALL GF thanksgiving, and I believe they will not even know the difference. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
    Jenn Whaley – Kentland Indiana

  17. Wendrfull

    I want to thank you so much for posting the gf stuffing recipe. My husband was recently diagnosed and it has been a challenge for him to feel satisfied after eating. I’m sure this will help him truly enjoy his favorite meal of the year.

  18. Anonymous

    Any suggestions for descent gluten free bread to use for this recipe? It sounds great!

  19. Anonymous

    This is my 5th GF Thanksgiving. Not only can't I eat Gluten, but I have a Preservative allergy as well…so no turkey! But I have to say that I can do without the turkey, it's the stuffing I can't live without. It just makes the holiday for me! I just googled GF Stuffing and got you and your recipe…and I can't wait to get the ingredients. It sounds absolutely delicious! Thanks so much! Thanksgiving is back! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  20. Robin

    Am fascinated with trying the gluten free dressing and as you might guess, my family will be apprehensive. Do you recommend a particular type of bread and if so how large a loaf?

  21. Dianna

    Ok, so that picture of the loaf of bread at the beginning of this recipe posting…..what is it and how do I make it??? Looking for an all purpose recipe for a good bread, for sandwiches, stuffing, etc. PLEASE HELP!

  22. Anonymous

    For Anonymous in Kent, Washington- Please go to Haley's Corner bakery in Kent. You have a great GF bakery in your own backyard. Hurry!

  23. Anonymous

    I'm very excited to try this stuffing recipe, it sounds wonderful! I just want to tell everyone who is looking for a great bread to use with it that my 12 year old son (who has cd) found a bread while visiting Colarado over the summer that he loves and he will not eat any other gf bread. I have it shipped to us in PA (I buy 8 loaves at a time and freeze them). The company is Udi's and their website is I have been trying to get our local Wegmans grocery store to carry it and I've heard through the grapevine that they may have it soon, but until then, it's worth every penny to give my son good bread that looks, feels and tastes like "real" bread. They have white and whole grain as well as muffins and some other gf baked goods, check them out, you'll be glad you did. And no, I don't work for them nor am I related to anyone who does, I'm just a mom who is thrilled to be able to give her celiac son good bread.

  24. Jenn

    My girlfriend is coming over for Thanksgiving and can't have gluten. She gave me Barley bread from one of our awesome bakeries in Boulder to use in the stuffing. I can't wait to make this for her. It even sounds tasty to my hubby! Thanks!

    1. jennifer

      I assume I’m missing something but barley is not gluten free. Is barley bread something for a gluten free diet?

  25. Anonymous

    Even though I have a favorite GF stuffing recipe, I was curious what the Chef came up with, and was suprised to see it is rather similar to mine! That makes me feel so gourmet. Anyway, I just wanted to let other readers know that we like to use the GF sour dough bread from Whole Foods for the stuffing. EVERYONE loves it.

  26. Anonymous

    Thank you for the stuffing recipe – it looks wonderful. I have two questions about it 1) will the Whole Foods sandwich bread work well with it? and 2) Can I put it together a day or two ahead, and bake it later? I'm traveling for Thanksgiving, and I'd like to have the preparation done in advance.

  27. Anonymous

    for those of you asking about a good GF bread- my son loves the Gluten Free pantry everyday sandwich bread- it really tastes like regular bread- i make it in a bread machine with a GF setting- it is easy to make and truly tastes like any homemade bread. I think it will work well in this stuffing and i am going to try it!

  28. Anonymous

    wow, this stuffing was amzing, i swithced around alot of things but I went off of ur general idea, your doing somthing very good here by showing people fun yummy recipies!

  29. Rindie

    This is the third year I've made this now (Thank you Shauna) The tapioca blend breads work better than the pure rice flour ones, in m opinion. And I add an extra egg.

  30. Robin

    Well I made the stuffing and it was delicious! I use heaping tablespoons of the herbs and instead of making my own bread cubes, bought GF bread cubes from Whole foods in the freezer section. There were several people walking around the store on Tues evening with several containers of this. I used 2 8 oz packages for this recipe and it worked well. Next time I would break up the cube more that I did this time. Maybe put them in a ziplock and hammer them.


    PS The GF cubes were expensive $5.99 per 8 oz pack but a real time saver. Most GF breads are in that price range anyway.

  31. Anonymous

    I made this stuffing and it tasted good but was dry even after pouring more broth over it. Maybe it would be helpful if you put how many cups of bread in the recipe instead of how many loaves? Thanks for the recipe!

  32. katie

    Thank you so much for the recipe for stuffing/dressing! I made it using half GF cornbread and one loaf of purchased GF bread. It was FABULOUS! I made it for everyone and didn't mention that it was GF, nobody asked. I agree with some who mentioned it was a bit dry, I added more broth than you call for but that's easy enough. And, I made mine in my crockpot thanks to Stephanie O'Dea and it worked great. This is the way I'll do it from now on! Thank you, thank you for all you do for the GF community!

  33. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting all of these great recipies! I am having all of my in-laws for Christmas this year and some of them can't have gluton while others can't have dairy so I am learning all kinds of new tricks.

    I have 2 questions about this stuffing…1) Can I put it in the turkey? 2) What's the egg for?

    Thanks so much!


  34. Robin

    Yes you can put it in the turkey. The recipe does not call for enough liquid. Add until you feel the stuffing is moist enough. The egg would help hold everything together, Eggs are not considered dairy, but could be another allergy. Check with your inlaws to be sure.

    Also I went heavy on the seasonings. Heaping instead of level.

  35. Mike and Christie

    So far the only bread I have been able to find acceptable is Udi bread. It comes frozen. I have made french toast with it for the entire family and they had no idea it was gluten free. I'm going to try this out before Thanksgiving! 🙂


  36. Barbara

    Thank you for this recipe. I am going to use it for the first time this Thanksgiving 2010. My husband and I have found that Udi's breads and bakery goods are the best GF products so far. They even have a website and coupons. So, I will be using Udi's bread for the stuffing.
    Barbara Portland, Oregon

  37. generationezk37

    I've been gluten-free, milk-free, and soy-free for 5 years due to allergies. Udi's gluten free sandwich bread is the BEST GF bread I've ever found. (It's soft, you can actually eat it without toasting it, and it has a normal texture!) I'm going to use it to make this stuffing for Thanksgiving and I think it'll be great.

  38. glutenfreetipoftheday

    I agree, Udi's has great bread. I used a pre-made cornbread mix and that came out great as well.

  39. seelybum

    I just made some Gluten Free Pantry favorite sandwich in my machine on the GF setting. It is the tallest, softest tastiest GF bread I have made, and I've tried quite a few.
    Made some croutons with it for a Green Bean Casserole. Yum.

  40. Capri

    Udi's Gluten Free bread is fabulous. They also have a recipe for stuffing on their website, under recipes: dinner. I haven't tried the recipe yet, but bought the bread today to try it out for Thanksgiving.

  41. waterbaby

    I'm a gluten-free girl too, but I also happen to be a lactose intolerant lady. It would be a sweet treat if you could please keep us gf & lf folk in mind when you're in that recipe-creating mood. Thanks!

  42. Eireen

    I'm going to use a GF Irish soda bread recipe I found on for the bread. I can't wait to make this stuffing! Thank you for posting it!

  43. Lisa

    My husband and I are having thanksgiving with another couple and the woman has celiac. I don't want to leave her out so I decided to make gf stuffing and I appreciate all the comments with bread suggestions! I've never had gf bread myself and would have no idea how to choose! Thanks so much & Happy Thanksgiving!

  44. Cheryl

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I haven't eaten stuffing in years and every year I smell it and wish for it. You've made my wish come true. I used Udi's bread for mine. One loaf of the white and one loaf of the grain. I thought it was absolutely delicious!

  45. Juli

    Thanks for the great recipe!!! We used Udi's bread and it came out amazing! We also made Mrs. Cubbinson's stuffing for the gluten eaters at dinner and almost everyone preferred the gluten free stuff!

  46. Veronica

    Thank you for this recipe! It was really easy and turned out really delicious! My mom, who never eats stuffing, kept asking for more and our three Siberian huskies really loved it too – when I accidentally dropped a few bread cubes on the floor.

  47. leslie in issaquah

    I like udis bread, but for stuffing try the udi bagels! Even better than the bread. Stays firm nev soggy… Lovely…

  48. Nick

    Hi there. I just saw your info in the Arizona Daily Star,dated Jan.12th,2011.I have “Hand Dermatitis”. I have Dr. Joel Wallach’s book called,”Lets Play Doctor”. In this book it states that what I have is caused from food allergies to wheat(gluten).I have been under the care of a super doctor here in Tucson. After reading alot of info on the net,I found what does not have Gluten in it and what does. I decided to stop eating anything and everything with gluten in it! Within about a month or two I lost 16lbs. of body weight. By stopping the eating of wheat products and not drinking Milk, the weight came off fast. I’m 56 years old and had been trying and wanting to lost this weight. I will be getting your book. Gluten’s got to go. I also feel great.

  49. Ryan

    I recommend Dr. Schar’s gluten-free white sandwich bread and also I would like to try Udi’s gluten-free breads, I heard they’re great. I have a breadmaker that I really need to put to use to make my own.

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I can’t wait to try it!

  50. Jenn

    This sounds great! Right up to the egg bit. Is it critical? This is my first GF Thanksgiving… but because i’m so sick i’m also soy, egg, nut, yeast and corn free i’m hosting to make sure i can eat safely. It’s a little stressful but kind of an adventure too (at least, that’s the way i’m trying to view it lol). Because of the corn & yeast thing a lot of premade breads won’t work for me. That’s fine. Mostly, with this recipe, I’m concerned about the egg. Is it absolutely necessary?

  51. Bev

    I’m new to the gluten free diet plan and am hosting thanksgiving this year. I’m wondering if this stuffing/dressing can be put inside the organic turkey, and if so what would I need to change with regards to cooking time?

  52. Laura

    I had such high hopes for this recipe. My husband is a gluten intolerant and we have been experimenting with all different foods to see what we can adapt. Stuffing is not one of them. Because of the different texture that you get with GF breads, it just does not work for me in a stuffing. It does not hold together well and the texture thing is just not palatable. Wish it could have been one of our new favorites.

    1. shauna

      Laura, since the stuffing relies so entirely on the bread, you might just want to switch the kind of bread you use! We have several on the site from the last two years that always work well for us, and we’re picky about stuffing.

    2. J Rice

      It’s all about the type of bread I made this with 4 kinds until it held together. Finally, perfect! Schar is what I used.

  53. Jean

    What is the best gluten, soy and dairy free bread to use for the stuffing? There are two of us that needs the gluten, soy and diary free and the other 12 can eat anything. So I don’t want to ruin the Thanksgiving dinner for the rest of those who wait all year to have the stuffing.


  54. nancy

    My husband discovered your gluten-free stuffing today. We are very excited. The only drawback is that I am a vegetarian. No one else is. Could I substitute for the chicken stock? Or, I could make two dishes. Thank you. We are going gluten-free for our daughter.

    1. Sandra

      Imagine makes a “NO CHICkEN” stock in quart containers that is so flavorful, it works perfectly as a chicken stock substitute…. I’m going to try this recipe with that, and with UDI’s bread for this Thanksgiving…

  55. Katrina

    I have just started eatting gluten-free recently. My family has no other allergies and loves meat…I have a couple of questions. 1. how about adding sausage for more flavor? 2. Alot of people are recommending adding more broth…should I add more egg yolks, as the binder? If I increase the broth to say, 3cups…should I add 3 egg yolks?

  56. joyce

    This website was a Godsend to my family.
    Last year I was able to use these recipes for Thanksgiving and when my daughter(who has celiac disease) asked me what she could eat..I was able to tell her she could it everything…She was so happy… and I finally felt like I succeeded.
    As we cope and grow we have enjoyed so many wonderful recipes on this site.
    My favorite was the graham crackers, which we used to make s’mores.
    For my 12 year old daughter we have learned to keep her life on track.
    There are no words…Thank you is a poor substitute for our appreciation.

  57. Rachael

    I use Udi’s frozen GF bread for sandwiches and everything else – I bet it would make great stuffing because it’s not nearly as dense as many other GF breads.

  58. Cristina

    Hey GF Girl — I’m trying to cut this recipe in half. Can you give me an estimate of how many cups of “cubes” your recipes uses so I can adjust accordingly? Thanks!

  59. Deborah Peters

    Beautiful recipe! I discovered today even GF mixes need a little more love in the moisture department, added more broth to the recipe than required. I will be using your recipe for Christmas! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  60. Alex

    I haven’t finished cooking the stuffing yet but I gotta say that halfway it sure tasted wonderful! I made it with a big loaf of your bread recipe. And like someone pointed out, if you like some mushy bits you are going to want to add some more chicken stock, and I also did add a little more celery just ‘cos I like it. 🙂
    Thank you Shauna for this recipe. And thank you world for giving us what for me is got to be one of the most amazing inventions: stuffing!!!

  61. Jenn

    This is a great web site! Thank you for taking the time to make it and keep it updated. My boyfriend and I recently decided to try a wheat free lifestyle and didn’t remember that Thanksgiving was coming up. We thought about quitting and starting again after T-day, but we’d already been on the wheat-free diet for a month, but lucky for us we found your site a week before Thanksgiving!

    We were mostly interested in making a wheat free stuffing. The turkey and other sides were no sweat, but the stuffing…mmm…Unfortunately, something went wrong when we tried to make our own.

    I’m hoping you or someone reading this thread can offer some ideas of where we possible went wrong.

    Having never made wheat free bread before, I decided to make it easy on myself and bought a box of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten free bread mix. It made one 9″ loaf. I followed your recipe exactly and didn’t bother with reducing the ingredients to half.

    Everything seemed fine until I added the yolk/broth mixture and noticed the bread was too dry. I decided to add another cup of broth with egg yolk, but it didn’t make much difference.
    After baking, it was the same dry consistency and not as flavorful as I had hoped. Especially since I doubled the broth and herbs.

    Did I choose the wrong bread mix? Are there other bread mixes you can recommend? I’m not ready to make my own from scratch yet. 🙂

    Thanks for your web site and for you help!

    1. kathy

      I tried this stuffing recipe and holy crow it was the worst recipe ever. I use Udi’s sandwich bread and costs 5.99 per loaf….after taking it out of the oven, not only was it too dry it cost me a lot of money to make and it got thrown away. It was not edible. I even added a tiny can of mushrooms and I was so disappointed. It took a long time to make. There wasn’t enough egg in the receipe either.

      1. shauna

        Kathy, I’m very surprised to hear this, as everyone has reported great success with the recipe. Let’s talk about what happened so we can figure it out.

  62. Shauna Callahan

    I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with a wheat allergy and the one thing I always wished I could have on Thanksgiving was stuffing. I found your recipe and this is the best stuffing I’ve ever had! Thank you!

  63. Pattsy

    I may have missed it, but no one has mentioned putting the GF dressing inside the turkey. Is this a problem for GF people? I don’t use gluten products on the turkey when I roast it.


  64. Wendie

    I’m going to try making this for Thanksgiving this year. I have a cousin & her son who both have CD and I have psoriasis & being GF is supposed to help with that as well. My cousin uses potatoe bread. I didn’t see that mentioned in any comments here.

  65. Shelly Meachum

    IMAO…this recipe lacks butter, otherwise its very similar to my family’s recipe. Our process is to saute’ the onions and celery in the butter, add the seasonings and broth* to the pot and simmer a while but don’t boil. Stir the bread cubes and beaten egg into the warm (not too hot) liquid mixture. If you stuff your bird, do it right before baking otherwise warm stuffing isn’t good to sit in a raw bird. I think adding the butter will help a lot for those of you who think Shauna’s recipe is too dry. *highly recommend Kitchen Basics brand chicken broth.

    1. Jenn

      I also cannot have eggs. I substituted the reciepe buy using ener-g egg replacer. It’s in the oven now and seems to be doing great. It really didn’t affect the consistancy of the stuffing.

  66. Trish Cavanaugh

    Is it possible to use this recipe and stuff the bird with it? Has anyone tried that? I really don’t like cooking the bird without stuffing. I think the stuffing helps give the bird flavor moisture. Trish

  67. Gaby Beattie

    I love stuffing, but since going gluten-free it has been hard. My mom made me some stuffing last August (I could eat thanksgiving foods all year long), and it was good but it wasn’t as crunchy as I would have liked. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the recipe.

  68. Geri

    Hi, I’m saving this recipe to try next year but realized I’m a bit confused – in the directions, it says “Cooking the Sausage”. But there is no sausage in the ingredients list, and its not mentioned again that I can see. Am I missing something?

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