why I love the Chef: he makes me gluten-free bread

the chef and gf bread, originally uploaded by shaunaforce.

A few weeks ago, I wandered back into the tiny kitchen of the Chef’s restaurant in the afternoon. Something warm and enticing drew me in, something besides the promise of kisses. It smelled oddly familiar in there, a smell my nose hadn’t wolfed down in years. I had to know.

When I walked in, I saw him, grinning, that little-boy enthusiasm in his eyes. And in his hands? A loaf of warm bread. Crusty, yeasty homemade bread. He held out the red terrine pan to me, so that I could bend down my head and smell. When I lifted my eyes to him, he saw the tears in them.

“Sweetie, what is it?” he said, his face a sudden scrim of worry.

I couldn’t talk for a moment. Then, I gulped out, “You made me bread.”

The loaf you see here came from a mix by Mona’s Gluten-Free. Mona’s, located in Woodinville —— just a few miles outside of Seattle —— has been making great gluten-free mixes for years. I’ll tell you more about them soon, but suffice it to say that the mixes work well. The Chef infused this particular loaf of bread with dried lavender. Later, he made lavender toasts, then topped them with smoked salmon mousse he made himself. I dined off that for days.

A week later, I went to the restaurant to have dinner with a friend. As she and I chattered and drank wine, Deb put down a basket of bread between us. I didn’t even look at it. I’m used to blocking that out. However, Deb turned toward me, and said, “The Chef sent that out for you.” I folded back the white napkin and saw it: slices of warm, crusty bread, for dipping in olive oil. Gluten-free.

I nearly cried again.

This is love.

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  1. Devi Isolde

    ah love… and bread(that can be eaten)… both things make a person warm and happy.
    I was wondering if you had been to the DaVinci bakery? I’ve been told they serve only gluten-wheat free breads in a “clean” enviroment. I’m making a trek over this weekend and plan to eat my way to bread filled joy.

  2. Wanna_B_slim

    I have just been sent here by weightloss115 and I must say i am excited to have found you… I have supposed non celiac gluten intollerance…And sometimes i struggle.. diagnosed 18 months ago I am trying to lose the horrific amount of weight i gained while sick and also trying to adapt to the new eating lifestyle…
    Ty so much for sharing so much of yourself..
    I read your very first post and you sound so much like me and what I went thru… dr app. after dr app… begging him to find out what was wrong with me..I thought I was going mad…
    I still struggle with memory loss and vagueness… much to my partners amusment.. but it is depressing sometimes…
    ok..I have prattled on enough… but ty.. i will be reading with vengance… need all the help i can get…

  3. Anonymous

    I might just cry if someone baked me bread, too… And lavender bread, at that!

    That bread looks amazing.

  4. ASMEO

    I NEED THAT RECIPE!!! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout, but all the GF bread I find here in London is horrible and can onnly be ingested when toasted. It’s like pressed sawdust.

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