autumn, splayed out

chanterelle, originally uploaded by shaunaforce.

Every Saturday, late morning or early afternoon, the Chef and I pass the mushroom stall at the University District, then double back. Even though Jeremy or Christina will be delivering another bag full of mushrooms to the restaurant later in the week, the Chef might just need some that night for the fish special. Or for pickling, then placing them in a paté. Or maybe we just want to say hello, again.

Jeremy and Christina run Foraged and Found Edibles. For the most part, they make their living by digging in the rich earth of the woods around Seattle, and finding the best mushrooms growing at the moment. (When mushrooms are not growing, they take catering jobs.) They sell chanterelles and lobsters, oysters and porcinis, whatever is yielding itself to their hands that week. And then they make their rounds of the best restaurants in the city, walking in during the afternoon, before dinner service, and handing over mushrooms only hours away from the forest to the chefs ready in their kitchens.

Including my Chef.

I love these two, the way they have made their living through food. And their mushrooms are incredible. These chanterelles? Mmmmwhaah. (That’s the sound of me kissing my fingers into the air.)

Also, they’re just plain beautiful.

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  1. UnGourmetGal

    When I was a kid, I remember foraging for morel mushrooms in the woods behind my house in Kansas. There was an older man who lived next door to me and he would always find morels as big as the palm of your hand, but of course he would never divulge to the rest of the neighborhood his secret spot in the woods.

  2. Pille

    Beautiful mushrooms, Shauna, and you’re lucky to find them in your market. There were several stalls selling chantarelles at our central market today, too, but I didn’t buy any, as I’ve still got loads of wild mushrooms that I picked myself last weekend:)

  3. Shauna


    Gosh, I wish I had childhood memories of foraging for mushrooms! Mostly, I remember foraging for junk food in the back of the drawer by the refrigerator. I prefer yours.


    You are a lucky woman, in so many ways! I still haven’t graduated to picking my own, especially when these are available to me at the Market.

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