Just a quick reminder…

a menu for hope, originally uploaded by shaunaforce.

Hey everyone, tomorrow is the last day to donate to A Menu for Hope. I know that we’re all a little stretched thin, here in the holiday season. But this is a good reminder to focus on just how much we do have.

There are so many wonderful prizes. And a surprising number of them have not been claimed yet. (Everyone wants tea with Clotilde! And dinner at Manresa!) You could win something fabulous with only $5.

But more importantly, this is all going to help the victims of the Kashmir earthquake. They need our help.

So click on this, and then donate whatever you can. And if you’d like some grey salt caramels, some Copper River salmon, and some down-to-your-toes good coffee, then just ask for the Seattle basket. I’ll be happy to provide.

Thanks, everyone.