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Chris Kresser- the kitchen queen

Yesterday, we held an event at our kitchen studio, the first public event in that space. We had been looking forward to it for quite awhile.

I haven’t said much about our studio here, even though I put up photos on Instagram occasionally. This summer, Danny and I started renting a space for our work. We still dig each other after nearly 8 years of knowing each other, but working from home together was growing a little tiresome. It turns out we’re more productive if we’re forced to change out of our pajamas and go to work. So we found a beautiful space on a 10-acre farm on Vashon, a big room with tall ceilings, lots of windows, and a kitchen. Since then, we’ve been testing recipes for our next cookbook and this site, painting the walls white, and planning. We have plans.

I’ll tell you more about those plans soon.

But the past few days, we have been moving boxes and decorating shelves, rounding up white plates, and finally truly moving into this space we love.

Time to have a party.

Chris Kresser- ready for the party

I love that hush and rush the hour or two before a party, bustling around cleaning, laying out plates, arranging flowers. If everything works, it’s going to be a space filled with laughter soon.

We were ready. Finally. Time.

Chris Kresser- the crowd

Quickly, the room filled with good people. They walked through the front door, couple after couple, clutching tickets in their hands, ready to be there. Some of them were people whose work I knew. (The guy on the left is Stephan Guyenet, who writes Whole Health Source, one of my favorite science and food blogs.) They sipped on kombucha from Communitea Kombucha. They listened to our landlord talk about the grass-fed beef and pastured-pork meat company he runs from Vashon. (Midlife Crisis Farms! They sell at the Vashon farmers’ market, and soon, at our studio.) They talked with each other and waited to talk with our man of the hour.

After all, we were there to meet Chris Kresser.

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eating on the wild side

Jo's garden

We live in a crazy, beautiful world.

The entire world astounds me, even with its chaos and suffering, confusion and bad processed food. Trying to find our way through it all without losing our minds feels walking through cotton batting most days. But there are moments when the sun starts to burn away the fog and everything feels clear.

That’s how I felt, standing in Jo Robinson’s garden, here on Vashon, surrounded by growing vegetables and fruits.

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