Meet Our Sponsors: Beetnik Grass-Fed Beef

beetnik steaks

Danny and I made the choice awhile ago that when we eat beef, we eat grass-fed beef. There are many reasons for that decision. For one, we truly believe —— and the science backs it up —— that beef from cows that have been raised on open land, eating grass, is much healthier for those of us who are eating it than grain-fed beef. Why? Well, grass is what cows are meant to eat. Until recently, that’s all cows did eat. The modern meat industry fattens up cows more quickly by feeding them corn. And that can lead to infections and diseases, which require more and more antibiotics.

Michael Pollan described the process of this, and its repercussions, better than I can.

(If you’d like to read more about the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef, I’d recommend this piece by Jo Robinson, this one by Chris Kresser, and this piece from Jenny McGruther.)

This decision means that we primarily eat beef at home, or only in restaurants where we know the source of the meat. (I’m the same with chicken and pork now too. And I’ll only eat salmon that’s wild-caught. This means I’m often eating vegetarian in restaurants.) Luckily, Danny knows how to cook beef really well, so there’s no suffering here.

Mostly, I can taste the difference. Grass-fed beef tastes richer and far more flavorful than grain-fed beef.

Grass-fed beef can be more expensive than traditional grocery-store meat. It’s a sacrifice we make. Most of our money goes toward food (especially now, when we’re developing recipes for our cookbook.) We don’t require or even suggest that other people make this choice. But it’s something that’s important to us.

There are a growing number of traditional cattle ranches and farms selling grass-fed beef in this country. We’re lucky enough in western Washington to have the good folks at Skagit River Ranch and Heritage Meat. There might be a good farm near you.

But if you want truly great-tasting grass-fed beef and you want it to arrive at your home directly, you should know about Beetnik, our newest sponsor. We’re crazy about their rib-eyes and sirloins. (These two pieces made some great tacos tonight.) Beetnik grass-fed beef is some of the best beef we have tasted.

Beetnik also makes some lovely gluten-free foods, including pancake mixes, tarts, cheesecakes, pasta dishes, and sauces. You might love those too.

We like to let our sponsors introduce themselves. Welcome to Beetnik, our latest sponsor!

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