oh frabjous day!

lucy, eyes open and breathing sweetly

Oh, lovely people:

Here’s the great news — little Lucy is out of ICU! We moved out yesterday afternoon, and I have never been so happy to see a door swing closed behind me. She’s doing splendidly. She had her breathing tube removed on Saturday — we can finally see her entire face — and everything has been stable ever since. All her breathing levels and stats are solid, she’s sleeping and pooping and doing all the things that babies do.

We’re on the pediatric unit now, so we share a room with another family, and we get up in the middle of the night to soothe her. We’ve changed her diaper multiple times, rocked her to sleep to the rhythm of our heartbeats, and learned her cry in the middle of the night and predicted what she might need. We’re finally feeling like parents.

She’s an alive, healthy child. We believe she always was. She just gave us a scare, and then she got sucked into the medical vortex. We’re determined, when we take her home, to just treat her like a baby and not be worried all the time.

And we’re learning her personality. She sweet and feisty at the same time. She makes her needs known, which makes it fairly easy to soothe her. (We can’t imagine this is going to last.) The past two days, she has opened her eyes wide and taken in everything, slowly. She’s pensive, her right hand always resting on her chin, like Rodin’s The Thinker. We can’t gobble up enough of her little coos and gurgles. We’re totally smitten.

The Chef and I are back to making senseless comments, reading the paper, and talking about other things besides the baby. We’re cracking each other up. The cot we sleep on is tiny, but at least we have the chance to snuggle.

And it looks good for us getting back to our own bed soon. Lucy simply has to start eating more and more. They say as soon as she eats regularly and keeps gaining weight, they will take out her naso-gastral tube, the last one linger. That means that somewhere in the next few days, we can go home.

She’ll be home with us soon.

We find it fitting that the last hoop our daughter has to jump through has to do with food.

She’ll be fine. We’re over the moon.

Thank you all, so much for all your emails and comments, your kindness with your own stories and hugs offered from around the world. Truly, we have read every comment to each other before we published. You buoyed us up when we were thrashing around, feeling as though we were drowning.

Thank you, so much, from the center of our expanding hearts. We felt the connection, the light offered, the genuine outpouring of wonderful words. You’re part of her community, and I know she felt how many people were pulling for her.

Someday, this will all be a bad memory.

But for now, it’s time to go stare at the baby.

love to you all,
shauna, danny, and lucy

270 comments on “oh frabjous day!

  1. Kathy

    First time commenter, delurking to say — what wonderful, splendid news for you all and an answer to all the many wishes and prayers you have been sent from around the world. Here in Melbourne, miserably sick with morning sickness in my third pregnancy, I only read of Lucy’s arrival yesterday, and before I had a chance to comment, this bright news arrived. Brilliant!

    From one Coeliac mum to another — congratulations a thousand times, and I look forward do much to reading about how you introduce Lucy to the manifold joys of food, as I have with my own children (one non-Coeliac and one Coeliac). Blessings to you all today and in the months ahead.

  2. erita

    so happy for you, the chef and beautiful lucy! glad to here she’s made it over the hurdle.

    here’s to many more wonderful, awe-inspiring, discovery-filled, joyful days.

  3. Schriftstellar

    She’s just beautiful! Congratulations again, and enjoy getting to know her!

  4. Michelle

    What a gorgeous photo! Congratulations on Lucy’s promotion out of the ICU! It sounds like she’ll get her NG out and be home in no time. Continuing to send healing energy your way.

  5. michelle

    oh hurrah! and as a mom myself, i know that you’ll never stop worrying completely, but you’ll learn to roll with it.

    good job breathing lucy, now just eat!

    congratulations again.

  6. ~ Straight Shooter ~

    Oh what a glor-i-ous feeling on this frabjous day!
    Little Lady learning to breathe and gaining strength each day.
    Just frabjous news. Frab-jous!
    My first Crumb Snatcher spent a week in the NICU. That’s some scary stuff Girl. Your attitudes are the key. Yours shine. And Lucy is attracted to the light.
    Congrats Momma and Daddy.

  7. Julia

    Shauna, I’ve been a long time reader and always look forward to all of your posts, but this by far as to be one of the most exciting. Congratulations and I’m so glad for you and the Chef. Welcome Lucy!

  8. Andrea

    I have been checking to see if there was an update on Lucy’s health. I am so glad to hear that she is doing much better.

    What a beautiful girl. Enjoy getting to know more about her!

  9. Barbara

    Oh good, good, good …!! May she (and you guys too) continue to thrive and grow. Wonderful news to find on this grey rainy Edinburgh summer morning …

  10. tripletmama

    Great news! So glad to hear that Miss Lucy is on her way out of the ICU and into your hearts!
    She is truly beautiful! I think she looks so much like you, Shauna!
    Just think how much fun it will be to cook up some great homemade baby food in a few months! Maybe you can write a kiddie gluten free cookbook someday!
    Blessings to you and your lovely little family. I hope you are taking the time to take care of YOU, too. Recovering from a C section is no fun! I remember it well!
    Enjoy each moment together!

  11. House of Jules

    As your page was loading, I realized I was repeating, “Please be good news, please be good news” over and over until I saw the happy headline and lovely Lucy’s sweet face just beneath it. So, so, SO happy for the three of you. Much love from Chicago.
    House of Jules

  12. A.

    In spite of the fact that I don’t know you at all, I was truly relieved to read this. Hi, Lucy!

  13. Brenda

    Such truly wonderful news; thank you so much for posting it. I’m so happy I find myself chocked up. Way to go Lucy, You Go Girl! I can’t wait to hear that you’re going home. I’m praying for ya!
    Big hugs from NH!

  14. Lisa-Marie

    All day long I kept peeking in hoping for good news. Then taking one last look before bedtime,saw a small face looking out at me like the most sublime sunrise. What relief and happiness. Thank you so much for sharing her beautiful light with all of us. May your time with her in the coming days be filled with blessings,joy and laughter.

  15. Anonymous

    Oh I totally agree with the person who said you should “upgrade” your tatoo!

    As in “Yes, Lucy, breath”!

    Good luck with everything and enjoy Lucy! ;-)

  16. Anonymous

    Frabjous indeed! As I saw Lucy’s face appear I did a little dance of happiness in my chair. Congratulations!

  17. LinR

    Each morning I have checked to see if there has been progress — willing there to be good news. Like others around the world I am SO pleased for you. With much love and good wishes from Wales, UK.

  18. Anne P

    Oh thank God! I’ve been checking your blog almost hourly since reading your previous post. This is just the best news.

    And she is (of course) beautiful.

    As the paediatric cardiologist said to us when we were given the very final all clear with our daughter — enjoy her.

  19. Katrina

    Lucy is indeed feisty! Already scaring her parents half to death. I can see her riding her bike with her feet on the handle bars and yelling, “look ma! no hands!” You’ve got yourself a wonderful handful in this one! ;o)

    So glad she is doing better. I know it must have been just heartwrenching to see her in the NICU. Having 4 sons, and having one that insists on scaring ME half to death (he’s very much a boy’s boy…and they occasionally break parts like arms and legs…yikes!), it’s probably the hardest part of parenting…not being able to “fix it” when something is wrong.

    Hang in there and tell Miss Lucy we are all pulling for her to get home ASAP!

  20. Mouse

    Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay :))) tears of happiness from the UK .…. and what a wonderful photo, Lucy is beautiful :)

    x Mouse

    PS: I hope you’re both managing to get some sleep!

  21. Ai Lu

    Oh blessedness!

    Oh perfect baby!

    Oh health and food and life!

    Lucy’s struggle feels so immediate and so essential, the very stuff of what it means to live. I am so glad that she made it to this side. Your words tell us so much about a parent’s love and fear for her child; thank you for sharing these difficult times with us.

  22. Ann

    Wonderful news! Thank you for the update, too, as I was wondering how things were going with one of my extended blog families. :-)

  23. Hannah

    Hurrah!! Am so happy for all of you. And so glad to think that my words and well wishes, combined with everyone else’s here, may have helped support you during this time. Smiles all round!

  24. Eh... Not so much

    YAY! That’s wonderful news!

    Shauna, just curious: what are the odds of Lucy being celiac too? How old does she have to be before she’s tested? If she is, how amazingly lucky she is to have you to take care of her properly.

    Keep saying YES, Lucy! (I mistyped that as “Lucky” first. No accident, I’m sure.)

  25. Anonymous

    oh YES YES YES!!! what great news, and WOW!! absolutely love the foto — she IS breathtaking…good grief, you want permission to stare, coo, smile & play with lucy???? pardon me while i roll on the floor laughing… her mouth teases with a just a hint of a great smile in bloom, her eyes most curious, and i love that she strikes the pensive ‘thinker’ pose… how cute and she is all yours to love love love! well, go have fun with her and keep breathing together…i will keep my fingers crossed that all three of you will be home to snuggle in your own beds within the next few days…

    take care, carol

  26. Maria

    Oh, beautiful Lucy!

    Yes — the energy of this community is breathing with your little girl.

    When she’s 8 months old and gobbling up the mashed sweet peas you froze from the summer, and the last of the winter squashes — you’ll wonder how it’s possible your little lady ever didn’t want to eat!

    A happy home-coming, and that it comes soon.

  27. Julana

    Shauna and Chef,

    Congratulations! :-)

    Our son spent the first four days of his life in the NICU, eleven years ago. (I had to advocate to get him out of the NICU, where he was being monitored for heart issues he didn’t have, once his jaundice was gone, and blood sugar and body temp. stabilized.)

    The time is indelibly stamped on memory. It forms one into parent-shape quickly. This child is YOURS! You are her advocate! You have a connection with every other parent who’s gone through it. And compassion for parents you meet in the future.
    Yes, it will become a distant memory, part of your child’s story, not the beginning or the end–but part of your journey together.

    God bless you all.

  28. ChupieandJ'smama

    She’s so gorgeous. I just love that picture.
    One day you’ll look back on this as one more bump in the parenting road. NOTHING is what you “expected” when it comes to children and parenting and she just got started early teaching you both that lesson;)
    God bless you all.

  29. Nicki

    Stare at your baby.… I can think of no sweeter joy.…and every time you read in someone else’s blog of a baby being celebrated you will remember the feelings deep in your core, and your heart will feel as if to burst once again. Blessings to you all!

  30. dänika

    Shauna, Danny, and Lucy,

    What wonderful news that I just woke up to. My heart has been in my throat for the past few days, thinking of how worried you must have been, and sending thoughts and prayers to your beautiful little family, for srength, for breath. And now, I rejoice with you! What a beautiful, strong life you have brought into this world!

  31. ~Kat~

    That little one just had to make sure she had you on your toes! From one celiac mama (who 8 years ago went through intubation and Pedi ICU with her little celiac babyboy, Sage) to another… you have the most important step down: you are listening to Lucy… she is the only one that can tell you what she needs. It took a few days for me, and a lot of “tuning out the shift nurses” to discover that for myself and the minute I did– Sage started improving by leaps and bounds.
    May every single solitary moment with your new family be one of peace and joy, discovery and bliss.
    Congratulations again!

  32. stacieknits

    What wonderful news to start my day, Shauna! Good job, Lucy! I knew you could do it ;o). Can’t wait to read that you are home. Congratulations, again, Danny, Shauna and Lucy!

  33. Leigh

    How absolutely wonderful!

    I love that she’s so pensive and just taking everything in.

    She’s a beautiful little girl!

  34. Sally Jo

    As I read the comments I would like to add my relief and joy to the community of others as well. I hope you both are able to rest and take care of yourselves a bit more now that Lucy is getting so strong and healthy.

    THANK YOU for sharing with all of us. She is such a cutie!!!


  35. Gina Perry

    oh, hooray for lucy! i was thinking of you all this morning — hoping you would post something just like this.

    beautiful girl. beautiful family.

    when you first announced that you were pregnant i was trying for my first and just eating up (pun intended) all your food/pregnancy/celiac posts for their charm, heart, and information. i’m now at the end of my 1st trimester and will be pouring over old posts, soaking up your stories once again.

    i’m so happy for you all, congratulations.

  36. Karen

    Hallelujah! What wonderful news. Savor each moment; they pass so quickly. Homecoming will be such a blessed event, and we pray that it’s soon. Thank you, Lord, for Lucy! She is a precious gift.

  37. cath

    I’m so delighted for you — I’ve just found your blog recently, and love it. And your story brings back the memories of my wee chickadee, who spent a week in the NICU as well — almost 2 years ago now. You’ll never forget those first few days, but they will become co-mingled with the sweet and sharp delight of all the normalcy and craziness of babyhood. Wishing you all good things.

  38. sarahk

    Oh, I’m so relieved and happy for you. I was praying a lot, and yesterday at work I thought about the three of you all day. Yay for Lucy!

  39. Anonymous

    First of all, Whew! Congratulations.
    Second of all, everyone says babies are beautiful but, you know, they often truly aren’t (even though their parents always think so!).
    One can grow up to be the most beautiful person in the world but chances are he/she still looked like a shrunken old man right after birth.
    But I have to say, with total objectivity, that Lucy is the most beautiful little child I have ever seen.

  40. sweetpea

    Whew! In the work I do with families and their sick children, I never cease to be amazed by how we are simply paralyzed by fear, and how mobilized and empowered we are when we can finally look forward. Oh bright new world — greet us all with smiles. Stay present, stay with her, stay with each other!

  41. kate

    I couldn’t be happier for you all! I stopped by here yesterday, but wanted to pause and contemplate a response before leaving one. And I come back today and read the fabulous news that Lucy is progressing wonderfully. I knew she would do exactly that, but sometimes, hearing a stranger say so can come across as insincere, so I stopped myself from saying so yesterday. I think what I really wanted to say was that though I have never been in your exact spot myself, I know far too many women who have trod a similar path to you, and it breaks my heart each and every time. Of course, it makes my heart sing each and every time when little ones come out the other side of the NICU footloose and fancy free (well, tube-free, at least)! And they do always seem to come out the other side just fine. Medical science is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and I just know that in no time at all, the three of you will be home and happy and loving and thriving and living as a sweet family (not that you aren’t already happy, loving, thriving, etc.- soon you’ll just be doing so in your own home!). You are all truly blessed. I just know it. I couldn’t be happier for you all.

  42. Sho

    What good news!

    Of course, you will not worry about her! There is no reason to worry. She will learn to eat, just like she learned to breathe.

    Her baby picture is beautiful!


    Take care,


  43. Anonymous

    Ah wonderful news and thank you for sharing. Your blog has meant so much to me as I’ve learned to eat well sans gluten, correcting years of headaches and malaise. Who knew it could be so much fun to eat well? You guys are the best. I have a 4 year old daughter — her birth and first week were NOTHING like I expected — but we turned that around into so much joy. Best wishes from a supporter in Ohio. Lucy is a doll!

  44. Peyton's Mom

    For starters — way to go Mom & Dad — you have a BEAUTIFUL little girlie!! Sooooo cute!!

    I thought it kind of fitting that this post came on 28 July 08 — you see, on 28 July 88, our precious bundle (baby #2 & our only son) was whisked away to NICU due to circumstances of which I will you spare you ~ but as we celebrated his 20th, we also celebrated Little Lucy’s strength & fortitude!!

    Love, light, prayers, & positive thoughts ~ all these in a continuous flow, from our hearts to yours.…

  45. Zoomie

    Hey, Lucy, ditch those docs and get on home with Shauna and Danny! That little yellow house beats the heck out of ICU! My Beloved and I are super-thrilled for you!

  46. kt

    yah!!!! I have been checking in daily, having de-lurked myself a few posts ago. I was crying when I read about Lucy’s dilemma, and finding myself saying “damnit Lucy, breathe” during my day which made no sense at all. Now I wake up early to go in and cuddle my giant 13 year old boy before he can wake up and look at me with that particular brand of contempt only a 13 year old is capable of.
    Lucy’s cute!!!! and she’ll eat. They are all a little lazy about it at first. Then they turn into ravenous vacuum cleaners.

  47. Anonymous

    A good friend’s first grandchild had a similar experience after a cesarean birth. The doctor’s comments frightened the dad so much that he was unable to speak for a while. Everything cleared up and the baby is at home gaining weight and thriving just as Lucy will. Hang in there, you will all be healthy, happy, and home again soon. Shauna, remember to care for yourself as well as for Danny and Lucy. Hugs to all of you from Texas! Gkateri

  48. Jack

    Yay — I knew Lucy could do it! She just needed a few more days to figure things out on her own. Love the “thinker” pose!

  49. Anonymous

    Your post made my day! Hurray for Lucy Bean! She’s adorable. I wish the three of you all joy.

    Monique in TX

  50. Anonymous

    Delurking here to offer Congratulations! I just knew with the Beatle connection the name of the baby had to be either Jude or …Lucy.
    Enjoy every moment.

  51. Stephanie

    Simply adorable. I have two daughters and a little boy myself so I know the endless love of motherhood. Congratulations. May your joy and happiness last forever and ever!

  52. beastmomma

    Hooray! That is wonderful news. I look forward to reading how it feels to bring her home.

  53. Anonymous

    Lucy is gorgeous! A really soulful look for a little baby. I am so so glad to hear that she is doing better. I was so heartbroken by your first post, and not because I didn’t believe that she would be fine, but because I couldn’t imagine how frantic the two of you must have been. Good luck to you both in these first weeks and I hope you can take her home soon!

  54. 4ddintx

    Congratulations–on Lucy’s birth, on her health, and on getting to take her home soon.

    Now you and the Chef can enjoy your babymoon with your sweet little Lucy.

    I’m so happy for you all!

  55. Pam

    Congratulations to all of you! She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing a little of her story with us and I’m so glad you are all well and will be going home soon.

  56. Jenna

    Wonderful! Lucy should have no problem with her last hurdle — learning to eat! Best wishes your way.

  57. Brooke

    You’ve gone and cloned yourself! So cute! Good luck with getting her a bit fattened up so you can get the heck outta there!

  58. vegetablej

    Congratulations to you, family Ahern! Glad to hear all is well. Just a little diversion:

    Job description: Baby

    What is breathing? What is breath?
    It’s noisy, that’s what.
    I didn’t have to breathe last week.
    Why now?
    Sleeping, swimming,
    dreaming, kicking
    those were my job
    last week.
    Now you add breathing to the list.

    Don’t you know I am already
    practicng to focus my eyes,
    figuring out who these big faces are,
    Trying to understand, full-time,
    what they are saying?
    And why they are saying that same thing
    over and over?
    What IS Lucy?

    Aren’t you aware that I have to squirm,
    try to lift this huge head
    make faces
    suck food
    and how much energy that all takes?

    YOU try breathing
    on top of all that.
    I want overtime.


  59. jbeach

    Hooray!!!! I am ecstatic for you upon reading this post.
    ‘Shauna, Danny, and Lucy’ has such a beautiful ring to it! ?
    A heartfelt hug to your precious family.

  60. Amy

    Miss Lucy is so beautiful. I’m so glad to hear that she is doing well.

    Congrats on this new blessing in your lives.

  61. Dale

    Blessings and Joy! I’m so happy for all three of you! Enjoy your baby girl. It’s the most wonderful experience ever.

  62. Lora

    I have been obsessively checking your site since last week to see what has been going on and I can’t tell you the thrill that raced through my body just now, reading that Lucy is well. Oh, happy day!

  63. Liz

    Oh, I am so happy to hear this wonderful news! Welcome Lucy, you’re already a fighter!


  64. Melissa

    I would spend all day staring into that face, too!

    Beautiful, beautiful little girl!!

  65. Samantha

    Aw, thank you so much for the update. You were all in my thoughts, and I am so very happy for you. Enjoy every moment, as I know you will.

  66. Tiara

    Oh yes! I’ve been watching for a new post telling us all of Lucy’s better days. I just happened to check before going to bed tonight, what a lovely thing to end my day on. It’s 3:30 am in New Zealand right now and you know, I don’t mind the insomnia so much when I get to read such beautiful things!

    May you all be well…

  67. observes&musings

    Have been checking your blog each day — before and after Lucy arrived. So glad that all is fine.


  68. observes&musings

    Have been checking your blog each day — before and after Lucy arrived. So glad that all is fine.


  69. observes&musings

    Have been checking your blog each day — before and after Lucy arrived. So glad that all is fine.


  70. Michelle

    Congratulations on the move out of the NICU!! Lucy looks like she’s doing great. I’m glad everything is going so well.

  71. Paulie

    Every birth seems a miracle but you got a 2nd one when Lucy turned the corner! Glad to hear she’s feisty — a sure sign she’s on the mend.

  72. Jenn

    Yay Lucy!!

    She is so sweet, however, Shauna, I have a feeling that sweet little girl is always going to make her needs known … lol.

    Enjoy holding, cuddling, kissing and hugging and all that great baby stuff .… the time goes way to fast.

    *hugs* to you all!

  73. Trig

    Congratulations. Now get to work on developing that palate, as quickly as you sensibly can.

  74. Laura Sue

    My youngest son just came to visit me. He’s 26 years old, engaged to be married, out of college, has a job. In his first year of life he was hospitalized 3 times. Nothing life-threatening, nothing permanent. Just–scary stuff. It’s such a dim memory now. He’s so healthy. So happy. So interesting. So smart. Oh, the years will pass and hospitals will be a dim memory. Sing for joy now. It’s time.

  75. Katie - a.k.a. Mommy

    Wonderful news! Thank you for updating us on your sweet girl. May you be out of the hospital soon.

  76. ren girl

    She looks utterly gorgeous! I am so happy to hear she’s doing well now. :)

    Also, I should mention that my own mum has knitted a couple somethings for you to use eventually (when Lucy’s a little older I think, they’re a bit big for baby).


  77. Gina

    Oh sweet, sweet girl and happy, happy family! So relieved to know that Lucy is figuring it all out and that you will soon be on your way home!

    I read once, when I was newly pregnant that having a child meant having your heart live outside of your body for the rest of your life. I have revisited that sentiment many times over the years and expect that you and the Chef know the truth of it, too!

    Happy home-going!!!

  78. nightswimmer1129

    I’m so happy to read that your baby is healthy! Makes me believe in the power of prayer and positive thought (from this large community and from you two of course). Wishing you all continued health and happiness!

  79. Nicola

    Callooh, callay!! Wonderful news. Enjoy your beautiful baby and take care of yourselves. With much love.

  80. Cathi

    Wonderful news! My heart has been in my throat just waiting for another post from you. What a beautiful daughter you have. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! Even though my kids are grown — my fave thing to do still is to stare at them when they are sleeping…it’s just amazing…enjoy the crazy lovely world of parenting…there is nothing else like it!

  81. milhan

    Wonderful news!

    It sounds like Miss Lucy is quite the individual, who will just do things on her own time frame :)

    My son, as a baby, used to look around and quietly take everything in also — he was an observer. Even now, at 11, he can walk into a room and notice immediately when the most insignificant thing is out of place.

    Enjoy that beautiful little girl!!

  82. I am a Tornado ~ proven fact!

    Oh beautiful Lucy.


    The world turns completely upside down and backwards — but its ALL good and “all is [still] right with the world” even after the flip!

  83. Leslie

    Hi Shauna and Danny,
    I am so glad to read your last post today. I have been waiting to hear when Lucy would be out of the woods. Always knew she was strong.
    I really felt better today, walking around with a smile on my face. Good Luck, and she really looks like the Chef! Leslie

  84. I am a Tornado ~ proven fact!

    Oh beautiful Lucy.

    Your world turns upside down and backwards … but ‘all is [still] right with the world’, even after the flip.

    Congratulations (you will never sleep as sound as you once did — that is not a threat, mind you … )

  85. Tay

    Oh, beautiful girl & sweet Mama and Papa! I am so happy and relieved to read this news…*whew*

    How good to be getting to the laughter part and getting to the holding her all the time part. Enjoy each unfolding moment…I know you will…

    much love,

  86. EatPlayLove

    what wonderful news! As you have come to learn, newborns are incredibly resilient, so glad things are progressing. Welcome home.

  87. JC

    How wonderful that your Lucy is doing well, I like so many others have been keeping “watch” and sharing your blog with friends as well. My children are all grown, but I remember how quickly the time went…cherish each moment…

  88. Valerie

    Yay! So glad to hear about this hurdle being jumped. Lucy looks like both of her parents!

  89. Kinderhook

    What a beautiful girl! She’s got that determined look that says she’s going to be just fine. You’re so right to treat her as a healthy normal kid. Law of attraction rules. This post left me teary again and I couldn’t be happier for you two (three, actually).

  90. Brooke (or Whimsy or HP)

    That’s fantastic news!! I’ve put her photo with those deep eyes on the healing alter here at Golden Bridge in LA and we will send you lots of healing prayers from our Mommy & Me yoga class today!

  91. StylinGirl

    Yeay– SO relieved! This was the first place I wanted to be this morning, hoping for good news. Mazoltov!

    NOW let the fun begin.
    Celebrate life– celebrate your love– celebrate Lucy!! YES!!!!!!!

  92. karen ussery

    Whew! You all have been on my mind and in my heart. Thank you so much for making space to give us an update. And, she’s a knockout! (But you knew that, right?) Congrats!!!

  93. Little Read Hen

    Oh, deep, deep sigh of relief.

    Thank you for updating and congratulations again!

  94. Elise

    Oh Shauna,

    I’m overjoyed for you and The Chef.

    A million blessings to you, little Lucy. Breathe, breathe, and breathe some more.


  95. Marusya

    OK, I am not the type to vicariously live through a blog (or at least I hope not!). But I have been following your baby story and last week I actually dreamed you had a huge celebration party (it was by a pool and I lost my shoes, but you don’t need to know all the details). So there, go celebrate. And, step away from the computer! We need to live our own lives…and so do you. Best of luck!

  96. Kristen

    Oh wonderful news. Touch and go for a bit, but this is such a blessing! Congratulations!

  97. Homesick Texan

    What a relief to hear she’s out of the ICU. Welcome to the world, Lucy! She’s beautiful.

  98. katiemae

    This is fantastic news! She is absolutely beautiful. Seeing her picture and reading of her healthy, wonderful progress made this an especially wonderful break from work.

  99. ChronicBabe

    i’m so happy to hear lucy’s on the upswing — i knew she would be a tough chick! and you’ll be home soon. she’s so gorgeous and it’s wonderful to hear that you and the chef are back to laughing and snuggling. i think of lucy every day and i’m so proud of you all. kindness and hugs, jenni

  100. Jamie

    What a beautiful, perfect little girl!

    Congratulations to you and the chef on little Lucy’s arrival — albeit a little bumpy in the beginning — it looks like everything is going to be ok :)

    Enjoy her tiny-ness — her cuddles, her smells, her fuzzy head, her little fingers and toes as it’s only a fleeting moment in her life … they grow very fast :) A year from now, you’ll look at her and say “Wow, I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown!” (and every year after that .…) As a Mom of two girls (one is now 6 and one 4) I know this is something I think every birthday of theirs.

    Congrats again and I’m so happy to hear she’s doing well and will be home in a few days.

    Enjoy her :)

  101. Joannefromcanada

    Wonderful news. I’ve never felt so happy for a total stranger than after reading your recent post. Everything’s gonna be alright. Enjoy every second with her. Best wishes Joanne

  102. Anonymous

    Oh how wonderful! I can’t WAIT until you get to take her home and have her all to yourself.

    Sarah in Missouri

  103. Reeni

    What a beautiful, precious little bundle of joy! She’s gorgeous. So happy to hear she’s Ok.

  104. Hapamama

    Lucy! You’re beautiful (of course!). What good news to hear that you’re improving and that your parents are feeling better too! We feel honored to be witnessing these first days with you Little Lucy! WELCOME!!!

  105. Diana

    Hi Shauna, I just finished reading your book (I adored the parts about you and your husband) and decided to go on to your blog. In doing so, I discovered that your baby shares my birthday:) Best wishes in everything, and especially for my little birthday twin.

  106. jen

    Wonderful, fabulous news. You have all been in my thoughts for a few days and was sending good energy your way. I am sooo happy for you all and wish you good health and much happiness always.

  107. Stephanie/Idaho

    So glad to hear the good news! I will continue to pray, for everything.…. These are wonderful times, and because you seem to be a person who ‘revels’ in every detail, I know that you will enjoy every detail of being a mommy, and so I encourage you… To continue to find joy in the beauty/exhaustion/concern of being a mom. What a wonderful journey you are beginning…

    Congratulations…again…Your daughter is blessed. As are you!

  108. Jennifer

    I have been checking frequently to find out how little Lucy is doing. It is as though you are family that I am praying for and waiting to see the prayers answered. They were!!

    I am so happy for you both and your new family. I admire how even through a post I can sense the love between you and Chef. I am newly married with no children and I just so admire how even with this new life, this new dependent the two of you are cute as could be as husband and wife. Well done!

    She is oh so beautiful and she looks so much like the two of you. A little bit of both! Congratulations!

  109. Daphne

    Caloo, calay! Such fantastic news. Congratulations! She’s lovely!! You must be so relieved and so proud.

  110. Kathryn

    What wonderful news! So glad to hear that Lucy is breathing on her own.… What a determined little girl you have!


  111. tarambarker

    Oh hooray!!! I got goosebumps when the page loaded and Lucy’s beautiful face looked out at me, and my relief and excitement caught me a bit by surprise — I didn’t realize how much I’ve already come to care for a little girl I’ll never meet! I am so, SO happy for you three, and I know that things will only continue to get better for your precious family as the days progress.

    Keep her close, and enjoy your babymoon. :)

  112. Anonymous

    This is truly joyous news! As a new mother (and one with Celiac to boot), I am thrilled beyond words for you both. I found myself holding my breath for you when I would click on your site for updates. Bravo Lucy! Bravo!

  113. danikaw

    Oh, what fantastic news! I have been checking often and thinking of you all. What a huge relief. Now that she’s breathing, I am sure she’ll start eating soon.

    Maybe our two Lucy’s will meet one day, as we are Seattle-based too. Next time I see you from afar, I won’t be so shy and will come say hello. Best wishes and hope you get to go home soon.

  114. kerrie

    yay, what great news! she looks beautiful.
    i have my little lucie as well, and she lives up to the name — very feisty and a fighter too:).

  115. theater simpleton

    Add my crowing of CALLOOO, CALLAY to the chorus, friends — (we’ll get in harmony, eventually.)

    Glad to hear that things are better , upswinging and stare-able. Our hearts all swelled and shrank with her every imagined breath with you, I think.

    Lots of love from across the Seattle hills — from both of us to the three of you…

  116. Kelly

    “Oh good” were the words that came out of my mouth when I read the title of your post after reading your last one. I’ve been sending warm thoughts from Michigan since then.

    So glad everything is okay. Welcome to the world Lucy! You’re a lucky gal to be part of such a loving family!

  117. Anonymous

    So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been checking in often for updates, and am thrilled to see a photo and hear the wonderful news. Congratulations.
    Rachel in Idaho

  118. coastofcalifornia

    Oh, Joy!

    Sweet Lucy is here. And breathing. And dazzling in her tiny loveliness.


  119. Mia

    Oh thank goodness. I was looking every day to see what the scoop was…I’m SO happy. She’s a beaut.

  120. swirlingnotions

    Hallelujah, hallelujah! I am so proud of you, Lucy, for learning to breathe. It’s something you’ll need to remember to do through all that life throws you in the years to come. And I’m so proud of your parents, for not wanting to escape the terrifying moments they’ve gone through over the past few days, but instead–as is so indicative of who your parents are–chose to slurp down all each moment had to offer, as painful as it may be, so that they could learn as much as they could from it, and, in turn, become even better parents to you. We all look forward to welcoming you ALL home!

  121. BealcA's Pad

    Look what happened, I got so busy that I forgot to check and I am thankful that she is going to be ok.
    U — 3 will have a joyous time getting acquainted with each other.

    God bless

  122. julie fuller

    She is so beautiful, congratulations baby Lucy! Keep up the good work so you can get home soon :)

  123. Maria

    Way to go Lucy! Well done Mamma and Poppa! I’ve been thinking about you a lot, even though I don’t know you. Weird?! Nope, it takes a village, even a virtual one to raise a kid ;-)
    Plus, I had a revelation in my own life this past weekend. Life is fragile, but I’m not, neither are you and your family. Enjoy falling in love all over again with Lucy!

  124. Jenn

    Like everyone else here, I’ve been checking in often to see if there was an update, and am so thrilled, tears glistening on my cheeks at your happy news!

    GO LUCY! Keep breathing and eating lots so you can go home!

    Many blessings to all three of you, and thank you for sharing this journey with all of us. Know that you uplift us everyday, and we are glad to return the favor to send light and love your way.

  125. Seanie!

    What fantastic news!

    She is such a little sweet pea!

    Congratulations again, and more love and light and all that goodness to see you all home soon!

  126. Ms. Jan

    What a sweet little girl! The medical vortex for newborns can be fierce as both of our grandsons experienced. Hang in there and take that dollbaby home and enjoy!

  127. Lacey

    My heart jumped with joy when I saw an new picture of Lucy. What a beauty. I am so glad to hear that she is out of the NICU and that you will be able to return home soon.

  128. Mary

    I am so happy for you all! I am so glad she is doing so much better. I hope you are all at home soon. Your post brought back so many memories of when my son was in the NICU (we were really glad to leave too).

    Lucy is a beautiful baby!

    Take care of yourselves,

  129. Courtney

    First time poster here, but love your writing. It is almost poetic!God bless baby Lucy! Welcome to parenthood…you will do what you need to do and that will last a lifetime with Lucy. It will never end. To be sassy here…ya’ll are feeling the love! Take care, you already are a precious family!
    Best wishes,

  130. Anonymous

    Dear Lucy,

    WELCOME! You are mere days old, yet you have a world full of friends!

    What joy you bring!

    Best wishes to you, and your mother and father!

  131. Cate

    I was holding my breath for this post, and I am so glad to hear that she’s doing better … hoping you all get to go home very soon. :)

  132. Vickiemarie

    Oh oh oh! I’ve been WAITING for this post! Lucy is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so happy that she’s doing much better. Enjoy your new days together as a family, and know that you’re surrounded by a whole virtual village of people who care deeply for you.

  133. Anonymous

    I am so thankful she is okay. Ever since I read your post about Lucy I have been praying for her and you two alot. May God continue to pour blessings into your lives.
    Michelle H

  134. Odetta White

    AWESOME! So glad to see a lovely little face and to read that she is coming along so well. Being her parents will bring you and the chef to a whole new level of partnership. Enjoy!

    Odetta (Isaiah and Todd)

  135. glutenfreeforgood

    Savor every minute of this magical journey you’re embarking on. Love to you all!
    P.S. My son and I are hiking the Colorado Trail. We just finished the Denver to Breckenridge segment a couple of days ago and it made me think of you and the Chef as we dropped into Breckenridge from over Georgia Pass. I immediately checked your blog to see if sweet baby bean had arrived. Congratulations!

  136. Caitlin

    Callooh! Callay! I am so relieved! I was worried and was so glad to see such a glorious post about Lucy’s health and safety. Much love!

  137. Gluti Girl

    Praise God! I’ve been praying off and on since I heard the news of her rough start. Having a daughter myself, I know the love you feel for her and so does she!

  138. looksgoodinpolkadots

    She is amazing and beautiful. Keep making that MamaJuice for her and she will grow stronger everyday!

    You won’t look back at this as a bad memory… a difficult time, yes. But a time that was the first precious days of life with your new angel. A time that will always hold a bittersweet place in your hearts and minds. A time that you will never quite forget, but you will learn to live in spite of and not allow this time to live for you!

    Life goes on. For you and for Lucy. Isn’t that a grand and marvelous thing!

    Congratulations to the three of you! A baby is such a joyous and wonderful thing to share with the love of your life!


  139. mama o' the matrices

    Hooray for Lucy! And of course, it’s the feeding tube that’s holding her back. But I’m betting that this doesn’t become a bad memory — it becomes a touchstone.

    Sometimes, our children take time out of their lives to remind us how to hold them, how precious they are and necessary. It surprises me not at all that Lucy wouldn’t want to waste time on this one — clear it out of the way, and then get down to the business of living life.

    clever girl, that one.

  140. Christine

    She is lovely! Many, many congratulations! It really hit me when you used the phrase “medical vortex” to describe what happened to little Lucy. Something similar happened to my daughter right after her birth (she is now a happy and healthy 13 month old), and it was such traumatic experience for us, something that you obviously cannot prepare for, but something that you just get through, somehow, because you simply have to. I am so, so happy that she is doing well and wish you all a wonderful homecoming as a family of three! Hugs from Portland!

  141. Angielala

    Words cannot express how happy I am that your daughter is safe, doing better, and your family can soon go home to start your lives there!

  142. Gaile

    oh what truly wonderful news to come home to. Over the moon for you both, for all three of you. Your lovely family will all be home soon. Yes. :)

  143. smallbluebird

    Dear Shauna..you have posted some beautiful photos on this blog. Scrumptious food, lovely vegetables and stunning fresh fruits but they all pale next to this photo of your beautiful little buttercup.
    Get home soon Lucy, I hear that there are some red cowgirl boots that need growing into!

  144. Anonymous

    Fantastic news re baby Lucy. Congratulations. With heaps of love and prayers to you from Sydney, Australia.

  145. Kate Tereza

    I am so happy for You both and Your little girl. I am sure that she is going to be the happiest girl in the world. It can’t be otherwise. She has such wonderful.… really, really wonderful parents.

  146. Jen

    Phewww! Miss Lucy, you gave everyone quite a scare, esspecially your mom and dad — don’t do that anymore! OK??? Just enjoy being a baby while wrapping daddy around your little finger and conspiring with mommy.

    My thoughts and prayers are still with you to keep that sweet little girl gaining weight. Through the trials and tribulations of friends throughout the past 15 months, I have learned how truly miraculous babies can be! Enjoy your little miracle!

  147. einat

    I have just returned from abroad, and thus read the posts regarding Lucy’s birth and the following days a little late. I’ve been inspired by you and your radiant personality and writings so much, that I just had to write immediately and send my deepest congratulations and blessings for the birth of your beautiful daughter. I am so happy that she is recovering quickly and beautifully, and not surprised at all that she has so much inner strength and feistiness in her — it seems she just takes after her parents…
    I believe she is a truly blessed baby to have such a close, warm and loving family — many wishes for health and hapiness to you all.

  148. Gemma

    I am so happy that she is doing fine now, she is a beautiful baby girl. Many congratulations to you all.

    Gemma x

  149. Janel

    Congrats on your beautiful, baby girl!! She’s got great karma to land such wonderful parents as you guys.

    Your 1st post had me crying in worry and then the 2nd had me crying from joy. My heart and soul sing now that things are looking up for Lucy.

    My first daughter had a feeding tube and had to be in the NICU just like Lucy. Sofia was so strong she pulled out her nasal feeding tube. A nurse told us the same thing they told you — the fighters survive.

    Now, Sofia will be 2 years next month. I occasionally look at photos of her when she was first born to remind me how precious the gift of life truly is.

    I’m now pregnant with our 2nd and due in December after losing a pregnancy last year and this one having a high risk for Down which thankfully turned out negative after testing.

    Many blessings!

  150. Debbie

    Shauna and the Chef,
    Praise the Lord! I am go glad that she is out of the woods and doing well. Soon you will go home and this experience will be part of the past.

    As they say, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” You have learned lessons about life that most of us have not had the privilege to learn. I hope that you will share some of those lesson with the rest of us.

    May you continue to be blessed.

  151. Ms. George

    She chortled in her joy upon reading this post, “How brillig!”
    (Sorry, this English teacher can’t resist a quote)

    Wonderful news! What a beautiful picture of a sweet little face…the prayers are still going strong for you, Ahern family.

  152. carmencooks

    I’m so, so glad. I was sending good thoughts your way and am happy to hear she is doing better. Continued good wishes to you and your family.

  153. mommykatt

    Callooh! Callay!

    So wonderful to hear things are once again well in your world. May they only continue to improve for all three of you. Enjoy your babymoon!

    Sending nothing but good thoughts, healthy vibes, and healing wishes you way…


  154. Vanessa

    Hooray, Lucy, keep it up! Think of all the wonderful food adventures that are ahead of her, this is just the first!

  155. Tamara

    There’s nothing that shakes you to the core like the fear of losing a child. I am so thankful to hear that baby Lucy is out of the woods and getting close to going home. What a blessed day that will be!

    I love the name btw…my youngest is a Lucy. I read somewhere that it means “light”, which seems so fitting. Congrats again on a beautiful baby!

  156. Ana

    She’s GORGEOUS!!!

    SO glad she’s out of NICU and back where she belongs –in your arms. Glad to hear she’s getting mommymilk, hope you get to BF too if that’s what you want.

    Enjoy the baby watching, we too couldn’t stop staring at our baby girl when she was a newborn. Its like your own baby TV! ;)


  157. Penny

    Welcome to Miss Lucy!

    She will learn and will grow. Many years ago, I spent 98 days in NICU after I was born (I was early, as I always am). A nurse helped me break out of there (her thumb may or may not have rested on the scale) and I’ve heard how joyed my mother was when I left that place and moved on to be a normal baby (albeit little).

    {hugs} you are parents and enjoy every minute with your daughter.

    may she bring you much joy and happiness.

  158. Kelley

    What a beautiful little miracle Lucy is! My thoughts and prayers continue for all three of you.

  159. Anonymous

    Staring at your baby is the absolute best thing to do in the world. I still have very vivid memories doing that with our son; we could just stare and stare for hours on end. And sometimes, we can still do that nearly 5 years later (but now also with his little sister :) ) Of course, at this point they have to be sleeping, though :). What a miracle — in so many ways!

    Lots of love and light to all three of you — and now let the real fun begin!


  160. Terri

    This news made my day! She is beautiful.

    I just had my first baby myself and I never knew I could love someone so much.


  161. Layne

    Oh how wonderful, I am so glad to hear the good news. My daughter was there, and it was incredibly scary. But look how well you have done! Each step in a child’s life is a treasure.
    She is a fighter just like you momma.

    You are surrounded by love and light, all of you, I wish you health and happiness, love and joy.


  162. Rachel

    Oh I knew she would want to get home soon! :-) I think you prove again what wonderful people you are by declaring you won’t be fretting and fussing too much when she comes home, that is the medical team’s job and if they think she’s fine to come home then she’s fine at home. Enjoy every single day with her, I look forward to hearing when she’s finally sleeping in her own bed!

    Congratulations on another milestone. Best wishes to you all, Rachel.

  163. Mary

    Very first and foremost, Congratulations to the new family!

    I’m breaking my lurking status finally because I just had to offer my own wishes for a happy, blessedly beautiful baby and to say that all three of you were in my thoughts all last week; hoping that the creation of the new family was going just the way that it needed to be. My own lil lady was born on the 21st of April, and the last three months have been a whirlwind of sleepy love, wonder, captivation and utter and true thankfulness. I can only hope that your next three months, and the three months after that and after that…are just as wonderful as these.

  164. rebelgirl7

    Congratulations Shauna and Dan on such a beautiful daughter. Such terrifying times for you both, we have all been holding our own breaths here in the blogosphere for Lucy. I am happy to hear that she is improving. Children are amazingly resilient creatures.

  165. Christan = )

    Oh I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. So splendid to hear!
    And yep, her cries will change and so will her needs. It’s a constant guessing game for new and old parents!
    Welcome to parenthood, where your heart will forever walk outside of your body.
    She’s just beautiful, of course!! She has the same color hair as my new niece welcomed on July 29th.

  166. Nava

    Dear dear Shauna,
    I hadn’t had a chance to check your blog this week. So basically when I opened it, I started reading the last post, with the cute photo of your baby (or little Lucy I may say) with that tube, and my heartbeat went up. And by the time I finished reading both posts, I felt like praying for all the three of you, to be strong, and get better and stay healthy.
    You will get through this, as healthy and happy as ever, and we’ll soon see more photos and hear more stories about your daughter. :)
    My prayers (and I’m sure hundreds of other people’s prayers) are with you.

    BTW, if we were close, I could have prepared for you the special dish that we make for the new mothers in Iran, “Kachi”, which is a sweet and full of energy dish made with sauted flour (Glu-free of course!), sugar, saffron, and rose water. Such a shame we have a time difference of 3 hours…but I’m sure it will have nothing to do with my prayers :)
    Be strong, healthy and happy Lucy, Shauna, and dear chef.

  167. Stephanie

    The wonderful news has led to an epidemic of deep breaths around the world! I know I took one, and I’m glad to know Lucy shared it!

    Whether our babies are born knowing how to breathe or learn it in their first precious weeks, mothers learn to identify our children’s breaths. To this day, I listen over a bed or at the door for the breath of each of my little ones (3 and 5) before I go to bed. If they’re in the same room or in the car, I can tell which breath belongs to which child.

    You’ve been introduced quickly to the reality of motherhood: you will never again have a moment without some worry. But neither will you have one without some joy.

    Wishing you all restful sleep when it comes and, of course, lots of love.

  168. jbeach

    Hooray!! I was so ecstatic for you all upon reading this.
    “Shauna, Danny, and Lucy” has such a beautiful sound to it.
    Heartfelt congrats..
    (P.S. My posts never come through the first time around: I don’t know why.)

  169. Jo

    I held my breath and prayed from the moment I saw your first post about Lucy. Thank goodness she’s doing better! Take care of yourselves and take time to yourselves and all will work out for the best. What a beautiful little person you’ve brought into the world.

  170. DrB

    Beautiful, just beautiful. That tube will be out before you know it. As you predict, it will all just be a bad memory. Congratulations to you all. :)

  171. Gluten Free Boy

    I’m so happy everything gonna be allright,Lucy is gorgious! She brought more love into this world!
    Thank you for sharing it. Parenthood is the biggest adventure of all. Take care.
    Congrats from rainy Dublin.

  172. Cynthia

    Oh, congratulations! Lucy is just marvelous! I love how she is breathing better with your help. I love how aware she is, looking at the two of you when she hears you.

    As a mom who has been through this too, I understand the strange world that NICU/PICU is, truly suspended and isolated from the rest of the world. I’m glad that you are out, and I am looking forward to hearing that you are home and enjoying beautiful Lucy.

    I don’t think I’ve commented before, but have read your blog for a while now. I owe you many thanks for showing me the possibilities and love in food as I helped my son regain his health.

    P.S. The Peanuts cartoon was perfect!

  173. caitlin

    We are all thinking about you right now, the entire gluten-free community. I have had multiple conversations about Lucy’s arrival in my local coop (in Vermont) with others, like me, who for some reason through this website feel like you are one of our best friends. We are obsessively reading your posts to make sure everything is O.k… You have given so much to us, and we are all thinking good thoughts for you and your family right now. Sounds like everything is on track now, Yay Lucy!

  174. JmF

    Shauna and Danny—Congrats on your beautiful daughter!!!! I am thrilled and moved to joyful tears reading this post and seeing such a peaceful picture. Many continued blessings for you all :)

  175. melissa

    Hi Shauna,

    Just a reader of your website here. I just wanted to say that your daughter and your family has been in my prayers since you posted that your daughter was in the ICU last week. Even though I am a stranger, I am so glad to hear that she’s doing well now. Enjoy the many wonderful moments ahead.


  176. Melissa

    one more thing :-)

    Here is a poem I used to think about when my mom was very ill in the hospital.

    By Yoko Ono:

    “Let’s Piece I”

    500 Noses are more beautiful than one nose. Even a Telephone no. is more beautiful if 200 people think of the same number at the same time.

    a) let 500 people think of the same telephone number at once for a minute at a set time.

    b) let everybody in the city think of the word “yes” at the same time for 30 seconds. Do it often.

    c) make it the whole world thinking all the time.

    1960 spring


    It used to make me think about all of the people thinking about her, praying for her, and buoying her up on their hopes. You seem into John Lennon so I thought you would dig it.

  177. Anonymous

    First time commenter (I like Kathy’s term “delurking”…)

    Just want to say — Welcome to the world Petit Lucy! What joyous news that you’re Mom and Dad’s prayers have been answered and that you’re OK.

    Mazel Tov!

  178. KatyBelle

    Shauna, Chef, your daughter is absolutely beautiful.

    Congratulations, and I’m SO happy for you both that she’s doing better now. My first niece was born three weeks ago (I finally get to meet her on Saturday!!!), so I feel your excitement, relief and joy completely.

    Best wishes

  179. renee

    I’m so glad Lucy is out of the ICU. When you bring her home your joy will unfold more and more each day. Just when you think you love her all you can, the next day, you’ll love her even more. You’re about to have the best eighteen years of your life.

  180. Anonymous

    Isn’t it amazing, this worldwide web of love surrounding sweet Lucy, catching breaths for her and you and the Chef, weeping with your pain and laughing with your great joy. Shauna, you have opened your heart and welcomed us in and now we are your family too. Thank you so much for your honesty and willingness to let us share the journey with you.

    Dear Lucy, you are welcome here!

    Love from Virginia,

    PS — Sorry if you received this post multiple times. I haven’t been able to tell whether it was going through.

  181. andrea

    shauna danny and dear sweet lucy…

    so so so happy and releived to hear the news. I have been checkng every day waiting to hear. what an adventure, and what grace under pressure. our daughter is one now, so I remember the early days of starting to feel like a parent, but I cannot imagine living the experience under the cloud of uncertainty and worry that you have been going through.
    I know it wasn’t your original plan, understandably, but I do hope you will keep us posted a bit longer…
    wishing you all the best,

  182. Mandy McMahan

    My own little Emma spent 10 days in the NICU after she was born this January. I am so familiar with what you said about being able to see Lucy’s “whole face.” I remember those things all too well.

    Emma was taken to the NICU barely two minutes after I had her; I didn’t even get to hold her for the first time until 24 hours after that. We are so blessed; she is now more than six months old … beautiful and healthy and the memories of the NICU are just that — memories.

    But the lumbar punctures, the blood draws, the PIC lines, tubes, constant vital signs checking … I remember we used to look forward to the day when we had a “wireless Emma.” The day we could walk around the hospital room (and even run away if our legs felt compelled) without being attached to the monitors was SO AWESOME.

    Congratulations, little Lucy. She is a strong fighter. My little girl also had a rough start, and though it’s still hard to look back and remember what it felt like at the time, I look forward to telling her how tough and how brave she was those first two weeks.

    We’re praying for Lucy and can’t wait to read the post when you say you’re all home.

  183. Erica

    Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl! Hooray on getting to take her home soon! Sending much love and light to your sweet family…

  184. Pavlina Ortiz

    Congratulations and welcome Lucy to the world! She is beautiful!
    I am so sorry to hear about the dramatic entrance into this world. She’s a fighter!
    Birth can be very traumatic (especially c-section) for every baby. Great homeopath is a wonderful thing to have! Homeopathic remedies can heal the worst traumas. (Aconite for example is great to give) Breathing difficulties can be also caused by traumatic experience.
    This is great site: http://www.healingdownloads.com
    Wishing you all speedy recovery and beautiful life together. You are amazing parents. Lucy has so much to fight for :o)

  185. meplus3

    so glad to hear that everything is going well. Being out of the ICU is wonderful, and I hope you get to bring her home with you soon.

  186. Shirley

    Oh this news just made my day! She is so beautiful. I am so very happy for you all. Next thing you know, you will be home with all its magic and comfort. Will continue to send you all the best to make that next step one that happens soon!

  187. EB of SpiceDish

    What a beautiful little person. I’m so happy for her progress! And for your utter happiness.

  188. shannon_burkert_sullivan

    Wonderful news!
    While I’m a stranger to you, and Lucy, we have been there. I just posted to my preemie’s blog with 2nd birthday photos. He was in the 5th percentile, and had “failure to thrive.” At his visit today, the doctor told me to switch to low fat milk, because he is tipping the scales at the 95th percentile.

    It gets SO MUCH SIMPLER, and better.
    You’ll appreciate it so much more than other moms, who just love their kids with all their hearts. You will have more…God Bless.

  189. The Giraffe Head Tree

    I’ve read your blog for months but never commented until now. Just sending my congratulations on little Lucy!

  190. Anonymous

    Best wishes and congratulations to you and your family, and a big welcome to this world for the little one.
    I’m so happy that everything is going in the right direction.
    She is an angel.
    All the best in the world for you guys!!!!

    From somebody with celiac disease also…

  191. momcan'tdance

    After all the prayers for Lucy to breathe…it feels wonderful that we’re all breathing sighs of relief! Truly wonderful news!

  192. jennifer in tx

    Oh, what GOOD news! I just can’t resist the urge to want to kiss that little round head! Soft little baby skin is the sweetest.

  193. shady charbonnet

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl!

    I know it’s hard to believe right now, but it will not be just a bad memory.… somehow the most trying time of your life will still hold precious memories. I know from personal experience that this will make you love and appreciate every little hair on her head even more. I bet you will also fondly look back on your tiny cozy cot!


  194. Anonymous

    Glad Tidings & Blessings, Lucy and my 1st grandbaby,Julia,born just a few weeks apart gave us all a bit of unrest…to say the least!!Amazing how quickly they grow..looking forward to hearing about all the wonderful joys you are sharing. To You, Chef & Lucy..Cheers!

  195. Julie

    Lovely Lucy.

    (I still miss my 2 year old baby when he’s sleeping. You’ll never get enough of her. It’s wonderful.)

  196. liz

    Thank goodness for your post.
    I was checking up on the 3 of you often. What a relief for you all!
    She is insanely gorgeous.
    You and Danny are such loving parents, I can see it in your posts and faces. Rest, eat, ask for help and enjoy that little one!

  197. CHristineS

    Praying for you and your family. Been loving your blog, being inspired by love AND food. And look forward to hearing about many more happy times.

  198. Julie

    She’s beautiful and I love her name. Congratulations to all of you. (Crying as I write this. Wow! What a story.)

  199. Jen

    Oh, I’m SO glad to hear she’s doing better! My niece, Lucy, also had breathing problems and jaundice at birth, but is now a lively, bossy little 3 year old that keeps her younger and older brothers in line! I think there is something in a name ;-)

  200. kasey

    Ahhhh… (long, deep breath out)…

    Hello, family.

    I’ve spent the last week camping and hiking through some pretty rough and amazingly beautiful terrain. And as I was doing all of this — carrying everything I needed on my back, sleeping under the stars and cooking delicious gluten free camp food with a plastic spoon and one pot — I thought of 2 things: 1. Never, ever, in a million years could I have had such an adventure if I still ate wheat. Now, I’m healthy and it feels pretty fantastic to breathe in cold, clean mountain air. And 2: Lucy.

    Seriously? The worst part of the whole trip — worse even than the grape-sized mosquitos, smelling incredibly, well, ripe after 6 days without a shower, and very nearly getting squashed by a mama moose just protecting her little one — the worst part was not having internet access to check the latest news from you.

    I am so, so, very, very happy to hear you’re headed home soon.

    And thank you.

  201. Alena Belleque

    Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! I am so happy to hear that she is doing so much better! You’ve been and will continue to be in my prayers.

  202. Rachel

    Your baby is beautiful! I just got your book in the mail today and started reading it almost immediately. I have already learned so much more about celiacs disease, how to avoid gluten and appreciate good, fresh, foods. I cannot wait to share the knowledge, wisdom, and good advice of your book with my mom and grandmother. Thank you for this book, and I wish your family and baby lucy my best.

  203. Glenn+Jenn+Owen+Ian

    I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but in case not, there is a baby monitor on the market (bebesounds/angelcare) that will alarm if a baby stops moving/breathing for 20 (?) seconds…we have it for my son because he is a stomach sleeper and that increases risk for SIDS. We don’t use it all the time, because we too feel it’s good to not be too paranoid. You’ll find your way and it will be beautiful!

  204. Lynn Barry

    So glad you are seeing the light through the trees and Lucy is going to be fine…HUGS

  205. Holli

    All three of you have been in my mind and heart since I read your last post. I cannot express how wonderful it is that Sweet-Pea Lucy is “kickin’ a** and taking names”.

    As a long-time reader (and fellow Celiac who hopes to have children of her own someday), I feel I know you all at this point, and I can’t say I am surprised that your doll has faced this challenge and come out on top.

    I wish you every blessing and joy. YES!

  206. Melissa

    Thank you, Lucy!!! God sent me your story today to inspire my cynical heart. You are already inspiring people, and you’re not even 2 weeks old yet! I’m so proud of you, little fighter, and praying for you, your mommy & daddy. Thanks to all of you, for fighting & believing.

  207. Juliet

    Just discovered you at my local library yesterday.
    I am loving the book, and although not strictly gluten intolerant I am very interested in your take on things.
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family x x x

  208. andree caron

    hello Shauna. It feels odd writting to you directly, but afterdevouring your book this weekend (not QUITE literally), I received Friday afternoon and just finished it! I feel I just HAD to write back and thank you from the bottom of my heart. My eldest daughter was diagnosed in august 2006 at age 21 months. It was hard for me, but her little body throved on the new very restrictive diet. Restrictive, and only now I know, because I truly didn’t KNOW then. Your book has opened my eyes and I think we’ll all be justfine now :)
    I have quite a few questions, but in light of your very new and fantastic arrival, they can certainly wait.
    Speaking of which, the most heartfelt congratulations to you on your beautifull baby daughter, and many thoughts going out to her for many more perfect breaths and ‘niffings in all of your near and far futures :)
    (I hope there arenn’t too many typos, I’m typing on my DH’s iPod touch while both my girls are teetering on chairs at their worktable either reading or drawing. ;)
    Again, thank you for being you and sharing it. Now off to try some new recipes.

  209. julie m

    What joy and smiles this brings to my soul. I am so pleased to see wonderful Lucy and know her mom and dad’s hearts are so full of love that she will never know a moment of not knowing she is loved and a treasure! You have all been in my prayers and thoughts. She is very beautiful and in another few weeks after some power eating will look great in her boots and red onesie. Please know while most of us have not met you yet, we love you all three and feel a connection that is hard to explain. I wish you all three a joy filled summer and fall. Welcome to the world Lucy we are better for you being in it.

  210. The Wooden Spool

    oh happy day! We’re sooo happy for the three of you! What a sweet, sweet, baby face! Good luck with everything.….Lucy has the best parents!
    Love reading your blog, Shauna! LOVE all the foodie talk/advice.…hang in there.….rest while you can.

  211. jesi

    so amazing to hear the story…so wonderful that Lucy is out of the woods…she is beautiful…many blessings to you 3!!!!

  212. sarahliz444

    I’ve read your blog every once in a while for the last few months, just had to say congratulations about your beautiful little one! Also, I made a t-shirt once that says “O frabjous day!” it’s fun to see who knows where that comes from.

  213. Anonymous

    “And, has thou slain the Apnea?
    Come to my arms, my beamish Girl!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!‘
    he chortled in his joy.

    =An altered version of my favorite poem ever :) congratulations on her birth, you have my best wishes.


  214. TK Kenyon

    Dear Shauna, et al,

    I’m sending positive energy your way. Please take care of yourself, because the best thing you can give Lucy right now is mother’s milk, if you can. Good luck to you all.


  215. The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet

    Congratulations Shauna!

    This is wonderful news…

    I hope your Lucy brings you as much pure joy as ours has brought us.

    Enjoy this…it goes fast!


  216. LB

    Another longtime lurker here: I was born one of triplets: my mother was so big that she couldn’t see her own toes at 7 months in. Needless to say, we were all born via-C section. All of us needed oxygen, and more than a little coaxing to learn how to make our very small lungs work. Today? All three of us are singers, and can have lungs that can belt prodigiously with the best of them. Our thoughts and prayers (and songs) for you and the Chef and Lucy. Congratulations!

  217. Kathy G.

    She’s beautiful. I’m sorry you’ve had a difficult start, but it sounds like all will be we well very soon.

    All my best to you.


  218. plum

    So happy to hear this. Good luck to all three of you, may you find your family life together blessed, joyful, thankful.

    All the best Plum

  219. Cynthia Samuels

    Oh Shauna I’m so happy for you! Lucy looks just lovely and you don’t look so bad yourself. I’m so sorry I haven’t been around your blog enough to know all this was going on — but I know how wonderful and blessed you must feel now! Give Ms. Lucy a kiss for me…

  220. Anonymous

    Congratulations! Reading your experience brought tears to my eyes… I experienced the same thing with my son.. born healthy until they noticed that he would randomly stop breathing… tubes, alarms and a spinal tap and then he finally went home with us after 7 days in ICU. I am grateful and proud to be the mother of a very handsome and intelligent fourteen-year-old young man.

  221. Angela

    Congratulations on your beautiful girl! I just saw her picture and recognized that nasal tube. I just brought my triplets home from the NICU on Sunday after 3 1/2 weeks. They are in perfect health now, but our little boy gave us a scare as well, struggling with his breathing. It was such a relief to finally have them home, and to hold them for the first time free of wires and tubes and monitors.

    I’ve never posted before, but I’ve been eagerly reading your blog for the past year, and can always count on your words to lift my spirits. Thank you for sharing.