Little Flower Sea Salt Caramels

Little Flower sea salt caramels

Every time I go to Los Angeles, Sharon and I traipse around the corner from her apartment within the first hour of my being there. We’re headed to the Silverlake Cheese Store, of course. Perhaps we want some aged gouda, or a handful of olives, a wedge of soprasseta. Who knows what fancy will strike us?

But one purchase is certain. A bag of sea salt caramels, made by the Little Flower Candy Company.

Ay god, I love these. Chewy, with a faint sweetness, a tug like taffy on the teeth, and then a small wave of saltiness, like ocean water that pierces through pursed lips. I adore sweet and salt, and these candies hit that magic balance better than any one I’ve tasted.

It’s worth a visit to Sharon just to eat some. Luckily for us, you can also order them online.