It’s snowing!

the Chef in the snow, originally uploaded by shaunaforce.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post about gluten-free foods and various baked goods to inform you of this fact: it’s snowing!

The news reports said it would only be freezing rain. We girded ourselves for the return to drizzly grey, incessantly. Instead, about 8 pm, the snow started swirling under the street lights. I called the Chef. He slipped outside. They closed the restaurant early, and I drove to pick him up, slowly.

On the drive home, he guided me. I had never driven in real snow before. But with him by my side, I feel like I could do anything.

At home, we danced in the snow, stuck our fingers in the street to see how much snow had accumulated (about two inches, or up to our middle knuckles), and threw snowballs at each other. He made the mistake of saying I threw like a girl. He got it in the chest. We giggled.

We can’t help it. We’re so giddy hopelessy in love, little kids and fully adults.

I’m convinced of it — living a life of food, where we dwell in our senses instead of the theoretical part of our brains makes us feel more alive. Everything tastes good.

Now, we are inside, after taking these goofy photos of each other. There is chicken roasting in the oven, sizzling in its own juices behind me. Red quinoa bubbles in chicken stock, with mustard and red wine. Baby bok choy, pumpkin seed oil, and a good bottle of wine.

See what the snow brings?

7 comments on “It’s snowing!

  1. Kimberly

    Hooray, snow again! One of the pleasures of being an adult is that the little kid is still there, too, and love just seems to bring her (or him) out to play. I love the pic of Dan. Where’s the silly photo of you?

  2. Anonymous

    Lucky you. Snow is a rare occurance here and Ben (aged 6) is still waiting for his first play in the snow. Last Christmas we were in England and there was snow and blizzards everywhere except where we were.So near and yet so far.

    Fingers crossed for this year.

  3. Anonymous

    Glad you enjoyed your winter wonderland experience. There are many times I wish I found snow to be such a novelty. Sadly, Cleveland gets snow quite regularly in the winter, and that storm that hit you is quickly closing in on us. I will try to see it as something to enjoy, and to let it make me feel alive, which is going to be easier this early in the year as compared to February when I will surely have had enough of it all :)

  4. Shauna


    I absolutely agree with you. And silly pictures of me? Oh, there have been plenty of those here.


    Ooh, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I grew up entirely without snow, since I lived outside of LA. I haven’t lost sight of how magical it is. I’m sure your son will see it soon!


    The Chef is happy to hear updates about Colorado! Good luck to with your fundraising.


    Thank you. I never thought I would ever be this hopelessly romantic, but it’s a much bigger force than my former cynicism.


    Oh, I remember the days in New York when the snow was blackened and crusty. I can imagine that an entire winter of it grows weary. But here, it being so sporadic, I couldn’t help but smile about it.

  5. Anonymous

    Ah, snow in the Pacific Northwest. I remember it fondly. Being 12 years old in Oregon was fantastic. A half an inch of snow and school would be closed. Now I live (and teach) in Chicago. Your snow storm hit us on Friday. While school was in session, I played hookie and baked gluten free cake. :) I feel my time was use better that way, instead of sitting in traffic for a two hour commute.

    Glad to see you were able to get out and frolic in the snow a bit.