Meet Our Sponsors: Washington State Dairy

dairy farm- cow

“The cow is queen.”

I don’t know how many times I heard that sentence the day I visited the Werkhoven family dairy farm in Monroe. As six women who write food websites walked through the farm — brought there on a sponsored press trip by Washington State Dairy — we saw cows just after birth, adult cows placidly eating, and cows being milked. Everywhere, it was clear: the comfort of those cows was top priority of this farm.

I’ve drunk milk and eaten butter all my life. My friend Cheryl Sternman Rule has written a book about yogurt (Yogurt Culture: A Global Look at How to Make, Bake, Sip, and Chill the World’s Creamiest, Healthiest Food), which I’m eagerly anticipating. I’m still a fan of cottage cheese, which puts me in the minority in this country. Luckily, I’m one of those people with celiac for whom dairy is not a problem. I celebrate that with cheese.

And yet, I had never been to a large dairy farm to see where my milk comes from before last week.

I’m so glad I went.

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